AfD Representatives Accused of Being Nazis, Yet Again

I wish I didn’t have to post this video. It’s necessary, but I know it will serve as chum in the water for the Jew-haters out there. And I know I’ll have to mercilessly squelch the Jew-fight that will inevitably try to germinate in the comments. Ah, well — so it must be.

The story concerns the reaction of representatives of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) in the Landtag (state legislature) of Bavaria, when they were yet again publicly identified as Nazis. The speaker who smeared them as such was the chairperson of the Council of Jews in Germany

This is annoying for a couple of reasons. First of all, it slanders the AfD — they are not at all anti-Semitic, and never have been. They are probably less anti-Semitic than the average German, and certainly far less anti-Semitic than the Greens and the Socialists, who manifest Jew-hatred frequently, especially in their alliance with Muslims.

The second reason is this woman’s obdurate refusal to consider the greatest danger to Jews in Germany, which is Islam. What does she think the situation will be like for German Jews twenty or thirty years from now, when Muslims rule the roost?

In this the Jews of Germany join the atheists, the feminists, and the gays in their insistence on keeping their heads in the sand about what Islam intends for them.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Here’s the accompanying article from Politically Incorrect, also translated by Nash:

Bavaria: AfD Representatives Walk Out after Hate Speech

A veritable scandal unfolded Wednesday in the Bavarian Landtag [state parliament]. There, a commemoration service for the victims of National Socialism took place, to which the current president of the Israelite religious community for Munich and Upper Bavaria and the current chairperson of the Council of Jews in Germany, Charlotte Knobloch, was invited as a guest speaker. But Knobloch did not use her speech to address growing anti-Semitism in Germany by Muslim migrants; she used the opportunity to attack the AfD.

First Knobloch moved the AfD and its representatives close to right-wing extremism, then she accused them of belittling of National Socialism, and she also accused them of rejecting Democracy. Then she denied the AfD Constitutional conformity, when she said: “This so-called Alternative for Germany is building their foundation on hate and exclusion, which has — not just in my opinion — no standing on the base of a democratic constitution.”

Clumsy Holocaust Comparison

The president of the Israelite religious community carried it to an extreme when she indirectly considered the possibility of a new holocaust in connection with the AfD. She said: “It is the responsibility of all of us that the unimaginable can never be repeated.” That was the moment when the AfD representatives, including Katrin Ebner-Steiner, had enough, got up and left the room. Only when Knobloch’s speech came to an end did the representatives return. Naturally this incident is blamed on the AfD in the media. Regardless of Knobloch’s clumsy verbal attacks and belittlement at an official NS Commemoration ceremony.

Ebner-Steiner: Knobloch’s Speech Passage About the AfD Was Hostile

“We do not have to let ourselves be treated in such a disrespectful manner, void of all objectivity. We are sad to realize that Frau Knobloch has chosen to engage in this uncalled-for way of arguing.” But, she adds, they are also optimistic that the relationship could relax a little bit with the representative of the Jewish community in the long run, once she’s actually met the representatives of the AfD personally.

“The derogatory way in which the hostile speech was formulated by Knobloch about the AfD was absolutely uncalled-for during the commemoration ceremony, and we do not accept being called a party whose platform is based on hate and exclusion, and that it is anti-constitutional,” emphasizes Ebner-Steiner. It is, after all, especially the AfD that sees itself as a violence-free party of law and a defender of democracy. Opposing accusations were an expression of “party-political-motivated contempt for an uncomfortable political competitor.”

Bystron: Islam is the Real Threat for Jewish Lives in Germany

The Bavarian AfD Bundestag representative Petr Bystron accused Knobloch of warning the wrong people: “Frau Knobloch should better talk to those who are responsible for the rise in anti-Semitism in Germany. And that is with certainty not the AfD,” Bystron told JUNGE FREIHEIT. He adds that in the meantime it has been statistically proven that immigration from the Islamic culture poses a growing threat for Jewish lives in Germany: “And Frau Knobloch knows that. But she’d rather not touch that hot iron. Apparently it’s too hot for her.”

Video transcript:

0:01   Several representatives of the AfD suddenly stood up
0:04   and walked out to protest in the Bavarian Landtag [state parliament].
0:07   The reason: At a commemoration for the victims
0:10   of National Socialism, the president of the
0:13   Israelite Religious Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria,
0:16   Charlotte Knobloch, criticized the right-wing populist party sharply.
0:20   This so-called Alternative for Germany,
0:23   is building their foundation on hate and exclusion,
0:26   which has — not just in my opinion — no standing on the base
0:29   of a Democratic Constitution.
0:33   The parliamentary party leader Katrin Ebner Steiner was among
0:36   the AfD representatives who left the room.
0:40   The other parties gave Knobloch a standing ovation.
0:48   After about ten minutes the AfD representatives
0:51   came back in the room.
0:54   President of the Ministry Markus Söder (CSU) called their behavior
0:57   disrespectful, he said that real democrats would never act like this.

18 thoughts on “AfD Representatives Accused of Being Nazis, Yet Again

  1. What a staged act.

    She used the exact words and phrases that are considered the very worst insults in Germany.

    If the average German feels greater suspicion or hatred for the AfD because of this speech, they are just goose-stepping to mamma Merkel’s new Triumph of the Will.

    • leCanadian, Merkel is a tried and true die-hard communist and always has been despite her new western credentials. Those bloody Nazis, as bad as they were, would have never in a million years, have allowed Merkel and her communist nation destroyers to do what they are doing now.

  2. Charlotte Knoblich is 86 years old, born in Germany unlike most Jews there today, but seems out of touch with the new reality. Petr Bystron, quoted in the article above, is a leader of Jews in AfD. He claimed, rather, that she is afraid of telling the truth about Muslims in Germany. So, it appears that German Jews are being bullied by both Muslims and Germany’s consensus-mad political establishment into blaming anti-semitism on the AfD and its constituency. Play ball or else!

  3. Those standing and clapping were absolute fools.

    The idiot making the speech doesn’t know who her friends are. Perhaps she should speak to the IDF on the Gaza border. Then she would know what the realities are. She obviously doesn’t have a clue.

  4. I think what is happening is the Jewish people broke into 2 groups. The conservative and nationalist (and religious) ones mostly living in or support Israel. The other group became rootless in time, lost its religion and country and found a new cult for themselves: the left and cultural Marxism. (Most atheist person with Jewish heritage ends up in the Left in overwhelming numbers) This second (Marxists) group even tries to destroy the first one… However when someone criticize a member of this Marxists group the Jewish people with a well trained defense mechanism comes to the “help” of the person. The liberal/leftists (that is without any heritage in question) use whatever excuse they can to attack their critics when they lose an argument. The gay ones will blame homophobia and the Jewish Marxists will scream antisemitism to hold it as a shield.

  5. What is the biggest threat to Jews in Germany – the AfD or the Muslim ‘migrants’?

  6. GoV contributors so far do not appear to be conversant with the aims of official Jewish bodies. Their loyalty is to Israeli foreign policy and not to that of Jews living in the respective countries.

    This can be shown by reading their policy statements and monitoring their political behaviour over time. There are many books on the topic.

    First, Israel aims to weaken all Arab neighbours by breaking them up into their ethnic components. It is aided in this by various western countries for their own reasons. Libya is a good example.

    This policy in the Middle East has caused Arab flight from Syria to Germany. That flight of (also) the Syrian intelligentsia incidentally weakens Syria as a Russian ally, a fact much welcome in Washington.

    Secondly, Israel encourages Jews to make aliyah and hence become olim, with generous social welfare benefits. It has done so since 1948.

    Now the more anti-semitic a country becomes due to Muslim influx, the more Jews will want to leave it and go to e.g. Israel.

    But the German AfD opposes the population replacement of Germans with the fallout from Israeli and US-UK-French-German foreign policy. It thus wants to make Germany safer for Jews.

    Hence Knobloch, who likely wants to make Germany less and not more safe for Jews so that they will make aliyah, attacks the only political force that opposes her and smears them as Nazis.

    • What a profoundly stupid old woman, along with the mindless stooges who gave her a standing ovation.

      • Well it’s up there with De Niro getting a standing ovation for yelling out F Trump while giving a black power salute. So par for the course in modern identity politics where every group that isn’t straight white and christian is a victim and every group that is, is an oppressor or owing compensation for past crimes.

  7. Such a perfidious speech must have been a staged provocation. Any fool can detect the ” double- bind” pattern: in the press you could read”AfD rebukes criticism, can not go with rules of democratic procedures etc”. Accuse me of being a wife- beater and I will beat you up and end in court as the evildoer.
    Same pattern is applied when State- Security services refuse to ” observe” the AfD because this operation has very high legal bureaucratic hurdles. Instead it is spread in media that the party will be ” checked on”, which means legally nothing, but suggests that they might be into illicite activities.

  8. The Jews at my university worship Muslims and have “Workers World Party” flyers everywhere.

    I’m just a regular dude from Baltimore.
    A city ruled by communists and muslims.
    So is New York, DC, PA, and VA.

    I got kicked out of class once for writing a paper criticizing Islam.

    I deployed to Baghdad in 2008 and returned 12 months later.

    I can care less about the “Jews” (AKA Christian hating Commie trash). Those worthless people are years(months?) from being caught between a Civil War, Pogrom, and a race war.

    Which they earned. Wholly.

    Israelis are the only real Jews in my profession, academic, and warfare opinion. Those people are awesome. My favorite past time is drinking wine and talking about what TRASH Muslim arabs and Muslim blacks are. My two favorite GFs were Israeli. One of them worked at the Embassy in DC and the other was a genius who was a Full Bright Scholar. I only wish they were interested in having kids, or else I would have proposed.

    I hope you understand that many of the people who claim “Jewish” heritage are far from Jewish by any stretch of the imagination. Also, the endless caveats regarding any discussing of Jews is ridiculous. Its like I live in the novel 1984…

  9. Charlotte Knobloch should be deeply ashamed of herself, for a moment of publicity for a regional Jewish community leader she appallingly impugns the only German political party that acts to make Germany a safer (or less unsafe) place for Jews.

    The Baron correctly observed that one would find a vastly higher proportion of Jew-haters in the Green Party (I don’t know enough about Germany’s Socialist Party to agree with him about that party) than in the AfD. I would go further: if the attitude to Jews in Germany’s Green Party is remotely like that of Australia’s Green Party members, and I’d warrant that it is, one wouldn’t find a single German Green Party member who isn’t profoundly anti-Jewish (even if they are of a Jewish background themselves).

    Ms Knobloch is doing Germany’s Jewish community a huge disservice; one that will prove literally fatal in the long term. She’s 86 so she can afford to grandstand; her children and grandchildren (if she has any – one suspects she doesn’t), however, will likely be forced by Islamic hostility to emigrate to Israel within 20 years.

    • good points, Julius.
      As a matter of fact and with utmost reserve towards the greens and socialists, I never witnessed serious antisemitism among those. However, their critical attitude to Israeli policy is ” Ersatz” in the sense of Freud.
      All those present and former lefties have longtime lost their favourite pet, the blue- collar working class ( never inclined to their protectors) and then chose another oppressed minority threatened by extermination( hear the bell ring) which tenfolded in the process of being exterminated, the palestinians.
      I heard one person say ( tenured professor of psychology) to what extent he was shocked about the wall in the Westbank territories. I have never heard a leftie complain about the berlin wall, the deadly trapped border, let alone about the casualties who tried to leave.
      It is just sickening and unfortunately very hard to argue with. I geared up with few mostly cynical arguments as:
      why don’t you move to Ghaza? Californian climate and the life of a millionaire with your pension.
      It is too overcrowded! Then why do you go to visit Paris, NY or Berlin? Those places are more densly populated.
      Lefties can never admit to racism, but deep down, being enlightened dogooders, they hate muslims and never travel their countries- like I did.

  10. PS. I just Wiki’d Mrs Knobloch: she has three children. Which makes her even more of a reckless fool for being critical of the AfD – the only party that will act to protect the welfare of her offspring.

  11. Just for the record, this Jew here would 100% support the AfD if I lived in Germany.

    I find that the “organized” Jewish communities in places like North America are also stuck in the past, to a great degree. The more religious ones less so. Israeli-origin also less so. Russian-origin ones even less.

    • They are overwhelmingly liberal, in favor of the pro-Muslim immigration policies of the Democrat party. Also in favor of anti-conservative censorship by Silicon Valley (eg Zuckerberg). Then there is the vile Soros and the insane Anti-Defamation League. Jews have played a big role in the immigration disaster since enactment of the 1965 Celler-Hart-Kennedy law.

  12. It’s amazing how people such as Ms. Knobloch feel at liberty to toss around the charge that others are haters. I gather it is completely unacceptable for whites to have feelings of unhappiness about or disapproval of some invading foreign group that rise higher than “a bit grumpy.”

    An analysis of actual behavior of those making such charges of “hate and exclusion” might lead to the conclusion that they are, in point of fact, in favor of “hate and INclusion.” How is working tirelessly to import hostile, arrogant, parasitic Muslims and freeloading, useless Africans not an example of seething malevolence toward the white people of Europe?

    It takes a special kind of fiend to work for a new reality that necessarily involves public swimming pools and private gardens used as latrines, spoiled Christmas and New Years celebrations, streets turned into stinking encampments, huge drains on public resources, hand grenades thrown at police stations, carbeques, hostile enclaves, capital cities ruled by foreigners, slashed air lines of semi trucks, and smashed and disemboweled bodies in theaters, stadiums, and publishing offices.

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