The Death Rattle of Identity Politics?

UPDATE, edited.

There is a gofundme collection site to pay for protection for the kids who are being threatened, particularly Nicholas Sandmann. The amount of money raised to pay expenses for security will determine how long the boys will have protection. From the page:

…threats to Nick and his family are in the thousands to the point where Covington Catholic school disabled incoming calls and canceled school. This boy was a target and I am calling for Americans to help funding for his security and well-being.

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Dr. Turley thinks the attacks on Covington Catholic spells the end for identity politics. This is his most recent video on the subject of the Covington boys.

As I said in his comment section, he was right to point to 1984‘s felony, “facecrime”. That’s what the loony lefties, who often descend to 1984 dystopian levels, are claiming the boys committed.

However, the loons are sprouting ‘leaders’ like Occasional Cortex and Elizabeth 1/392% Native American Warren. They make Bernie Sanders look sane but their “popularity” numbers are YUUGE. Never misunderestimate stupidity.

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Here’s the Covington School’s choir singing a by-now classic anthem. At my request, her brother sang this at my daughter Shelagh’s funeral. It always moves me, no matter which verses are chosen.

[The wiki about Leonard Cohen’s struggle to write the song is here. Given the number of verses, it’s not hard to imagine Cohen as described in that write-up – i.e., by the end, “[at] one writing session at the Royalton Hotel in New York […]he was reduced to sitting on the floor in his underwear, banging his head on the floor…”]

Covington High School’s choir has lots more music on its channel.They’ll probably close comments as some ugly stuff is sliming in. One such example – I don’t remember which song now – had the beginnings of flame trolls, a sure sign they need to close. It was from The Gruniad. And suddenly a lot more downvotes are appearing.

Hate never stops, especially when it can be so easily anonymous.

7 thoughts on “The Death Rattle of Identity Politics?

  1. Let us hope and pray it is the death rattle of the vile and divisive identity politics!
    God bless those Covington boys and their families.
    Lovely song!

  2. The chord progression in this song was designed by an intelligent being beyond humans just like the Golden Ratio. Such beauty has a creator, a creator of everything, not just random luck or chance. Sad that man can’t see that all beauty comes from God because of his love for mankind.

    • I agree: the chord progression is pure spiritual genius. Leonard Cohen, an observant Canadian Jew, brought his love of Scripture to his music, even as he banged his head on the floor.

      • There is a fine line between genius and insanity. Pain keeps most from crossing that border. I don’t know what I would do if I was given such inspiration.

        • Poor Cohen was obsessed with women. It was so severe that I’ve often wondered if satyriasis might not be a brain disorder, a chemical imbalance. John Updike suffered from it, as did the theologian, Paul Tillich.

  3. I live with a genius who is slightly crazy and making me slightly crazy as well. All I can say is to be very aware of being sapiosexual. It sounds so wise but can laundry you in a world of trouble

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