All Hail the Europe of Regions!

The trans-nationalists who run the European Union intend to abolish the nation states of Europe. To accomplish their purpose, they need to erode, weaken, limit, and ultimately eliminate the traditional cultures of the member states.

Bringing in millions of alien and hostile immigrants is obviously one strategy to serve that purpose. But other means are being used. One of these is to impose a new structure of “regions” within Europe, and then treat them as the component units of the new administrative regime in Brussels.

The map of the NUTS regional classification system (yes, it seems nuts to me, too) gives an overview of the way the member states have been divided up into regions, which do not always coincide with traditional provinces, counties, departments, states, etc. The plan is to group these regions together across national boundaries where it seems economically and administratively useful to the mandarins in Brussels. For example, before Brexit put a spanner in the works, the managerial superstate proposed a super-region that would include parts of the Low Countries, Denmark, Northern England, and Scotland. In other words, a division that made sense for bureaucratic reasons, but ignored the distinct nations and cultures caught up in the regional web. And, not incidentally, an arrangement that would further weaken the nation states involved.

The treaty that was just signed in Aix-la-Chapelle / Aachen is the latest iteration of the above process. An MEP named Bernard Monot (formerly of the Front National, now a member of the Debout-la-France party) is onto their game, and calls it out in the first part of this video. The second part shows the grand official ceremonial process in Aachen, where Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel got all lovey-dovey for the cameras.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

By the way: the regions covered by the treaty seem to include FR4 in France and DEA and DEB in Germany (see the wiki for further information).

Note: This video is a composite of two separate clips. The transcript below is in two sections, each of which has the times from the original clips.

Video transcript:

00:00   The Aix-la-Chapelle Treaty [Aachen in German]
00:04   A new betrayal of the Nation. Dear friends!
00:08   In this first bulletin of the year, I wish you a happy New Year,
00:12   to you and your loved ones.
00:16   Today I’m going to talk to you about the newest utopia of the Euro-Federalist leaders:
00:20   the Aix-la-Chapelle Treaty [Aachen]. It’s a new Franco-German treaty
00:24   of cooperation and integration, which will be signed by Merkel
00:28   and Macron January 22 2019 in the German town of Aix-la-Chapelle [Aachen]
00:32   This German town is highly symbolic, since it was,
00:36   in the ninth century, the capital of the Carolingian Empire — founded by Charlemagne,
00:40   the Germanic Emperor — which today constitutes
00:44   France and Germany. The objective of the Aix-la-Chapelle Treaty
00:48   is to project a reinforced convergence between France and Germany.
00:52   All areas are involved: economic policies, external security policies,
00:56   education, culture, research and technology, climate,
01:00   environment, and also cooperation among the border areas and among civic organizations.
01:05   Question: “Is Germany the best partner for France?”
01:12   Let me just remind you that German management of the Eurozone
01:16   is an economic and social disaster for everybody. The Germany of Madame Merkel is
01:20   the largest polluter inside Europe, with its coal power plants.
01:24   For France this is the downgrading of our social protection system
01:28   based on the German social model, meaning a progressive return
01:32   towards a proletariat worthy of the 19th century, which would
01:36   additionally exploit economic migrants. But for Emmanuel Macron
01:40   Germany is, in fact, only a pretext to bend [the knees of]
01:44   this French people, whom he hates. A pretext for more rapidly wiping out
01:48   France and its identity. This pernicious treaty will be used to
01:52   remove those French border regions from the bosom of the national territory,
01:56   to increasingly deconstruct its labor law,
02:00   its social protection system, and worse: its national defense.
02:04   Of course, you never heard about this Aix-la-Chapelle Treaty on the TV news.
02:09   It’s like the with the Marrakesh Treaty: we are all being shown smoke and mirrors
02:13   by the pseudo-Great National Debate, and all the while, behind our backs,
02:17   Macron is secretly preparing a new putsch against France.
02:21   This treaty will therefore introduce [factual] exception clauses in relation to the
02:25   law of the Republic, in the Franco-German trans-border regions:
02:29   the Euro-districts, based on the model of German States.
02:33   French law will be terminated in those Euro-districts. In a way, Alsace
02:37   will go back to German administration and the official language will be
02:41   German. Why is this veritable treason by Macron?
02:45   Because the president is the guarantor of the unity and the indivisibility
02:49   of the French Republic. Just after we celebrated, in November,
02:53   the 100th anniversary of the armistice in the Great War, a terrible
02:57   conflict during which so many of our ancestors gave their lives,
03:01   for our homeland. Mr. Macron, like a Judas,
03:05   will hand over Alsace and Lorraine to a foreign power.
03:09   Mr. Macron is continuing his work of the destruction of the French Nation.
03:13   Mr. Macron, the president legally elected 18 months ago, is totally
03:17   illegitimate today, has never been given mandate to engage France
03:21   in a voluntary submission of France to Germany. This is high treason
03:25   against the French people. Dear countrymen,
03:29   the hour is very grave. This new, infamous political act, is, in reality,
03:33   a surrender of France to Germany. I call all French people,
03:37   and especially the Yellow Vests, on the Saturdays of January 13th and 20th,
03:41   to forbid Macron to sign of this Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle,
03:45   which was negotiated so slyly. Demand a debate and a referendum
03:49   on this subject. President Macron is to serve the French people,
03:53   and not Merkel and the Germans!
00:00   Chancellor Angela Merkel has termed the new German-French friendship treaty a common answer
00:05   by these countries to strengthening quote “populism and nationalism”.
00:10   In this quote: “In special times there is a need for decisive, unequivocal, clear, and
00:15   future-focused answers” said Merkel on Tuesday in Aachen [Aix-la-Chapelle] during the ceremony
00:20   of the signing of a new German-French friendship treaty. “The Aachen Treaty would give a great push
00:26   towards [further] European unification” said Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia
00:30   Armin Laschet at the beginning, in his welcoming speech
00:33   in the Coronation Room of Aachen Town Hall.
00:36   The agreement is intended to amend the Elysée Treaty of 1963, which Chancellor Konrad Adenauer
00:41   sealed on the same day exactly 56 years ago, together with President Charles de Gaulle.
00:46   A German-French economic zone is planned with no bureaucratic hurdles.
00:51   Additionally, Berlin and Paris want to develop — for the first time —
00:54   common rules for arms exports. Citizens’ initiatives
00:57   and town partnerships are meant to be promoted with the help of a citizens’ foundation.
01:01   “We decided today to raise our German-French cooperation one level further,
01:06   even though it’s almost impossible anymore,” said Heiko Maas, the federal foreign minister,
01:11   to Saarland radio. “This way both countries could become role models, also because of their history
01:16   shaped by a long enmity. In the meantime we are the closest partners in the world, because,
01:22   added the foreign minister, this is also part of the treaty. It’s not only about Germany and France
01:27   but we would also like to invite others to cooperate”, said Maas.

10 thoughts on “All Hail the Europe of Regions!

  1. By flooding Europe with people of different culture and religion and with no loyalties to any European nation or European culture, it will be easier to create new regions. The idea is to create one common culture across the Western world so that nationalism and all other loyalties which would interefere with the implementation of this plan, will be removed. It is believed very deeply within our governments that the West will collapse unless such massive changes are made.

  2. Takes me back to English Literature at school, and Robert Browning’s “How they brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix- only in this item it’s not so good!

    Briliant onomatopaeic (?) poetry though:
    “I sprang to the stirrup, and Joris, and he,
    I galloped, Dirk galloped,we galloped all three…”

    You can just hear the horses’ hooves, and it all seemed very heroic to my teenage self in the 1960s.

  3. I have always dreamed of retiring to a local administrative unit somewhere in the EU, with pleasant weather and excellent services for bureacratic data collection and statistical analysis. What would you suggest?

  4. They seem to be hiding the fact that the effort to unite all EU armies under the control of unelected Brussells is in overdrive. They talk about cooperations and so on, but they are arming themselves with French and German soldiers and equipment.

  5. An article appeared in the French newspaper L’Figaro on Wednesday saying that a number of sections in this treaty violate the Constitution of France and the writer of the article plus other commentators and oppostion party leaders are seeking to have this treaty referred to the French Constitutional Court.

    These two ‘dear leaders’ keep banging on day after day, week after week their total opposition to ‘populism’ and their determination to fight it – so they continue to do things like this treaty, completely ignoring the mounting problems in their societies; so their actions lead directly to more ‘populism’.

  6. The suggestion of the super-regions overlapping national boundaries is horrifying, even if it’s postponed at the moment. Not surprisingly, I haven’t seen any mention in the MSM. However, I can’t find any mention of it on Google either. Can you provide a link, please?

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