A Line of Horrors in Berlin

Last weekend a demonstration was staged in Berlin to speak out on behalf of Germans who have been slaughtered by migrants since 2015, or who have been traumatized by cultural enrichment in other ways.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating the video below, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The translator includes these introductory notes:

An event called the “Line of Horrors” was organized in Berlin on Saturday January 19th memorializing all the victims of migrant crime since 2015. It took place at 11:30am in front of the federal chancellery.

The woman reading victims’ stories is Brigitte Poisson. The other man speaking is named Jürgen Richert.

The man being interviewed at the beginning goes by the name Robert V., a.k.a. Robert Einzelfall (“Isolated Incidents”).

More information about the Line of Horrors:

A note from the translator:

“Und Täglich Grüsst der EINZELFALL” is a reference to the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. The title of the movie in German (rough translation) is “The groundhog says hello every day.” So… “The Isolated Incident says hello every day”

Video transcript:

00:00   “The Line of Horrors in Front of the Chancellery”
00:06   Murder, robbery and manslaughter in all its fullness.
00:25   So, Robert, what’s happening here? —Today we set up “The Line of Horrors”
00:29   in its full splendor and enormity, in front
00:33   of the Chancellery. We have managed to gather 200 meters (656 ft)
00:36   of newspaper reports on robbery, murder and rape
00:39   within eight months. If you think about it,
00:43   this number currently represents the crimes committed in Germany by asylum seekers
00:48   in just three days. It shows the dimensions of what we are faced with,
00:51   and what is actually happening in our country.
00:54   Is everything being suppressed? —Not everything.
00:58   It is difficult to find these articles. Of course I prefer to show the official figures
01:02   from the Federal Criminal Police. Everything remains limited to what is legally possible.
01:08   And the estimated number of unrecorded cases? —Your guess is as good as mine.
01:12   I think the real figures are extremely high,
01:15   and much larger. That’s why I always say
01:24   we are currently in an asymmetric civil war. Have a look, and you will see.
01:39   We’ve had an increase of group rape by 82.1% according to
01:43   the police crime statistics report. Remember that something
01:47   on this scale didn’t exist in Germany previously. For 2016, I have
01:51   the official figures with me. The number of German suspects decreased
01:56   by 3.4%, while the number of non-German suspects increased by 4.6%.
02:00   The number of people without German citizenship has thus
02:04   increased by more than 40%. In 2015 we had approximately
02:09   270,000 crimes committed by the so-called sanctuary seekers.
02:14   In 2016 we had approximately 293,470 crimes committed by the so-called sanctuary seekers.
02:24   In the first half of 2018 we had 133,902 crimes committed by asylum seekers.
02:32   That is 773 crimes committed by asylum seekers — EVERY DAY!
02:38   We’ll have to wait for the rest of the tweaked statistics from 2018.
02:46   The line behind me corresponds to crimes committed in just three days.
02:51   That’s what asylum seekers do in Germany — every day.
02:57   Your dream is evaporating. The enormity of your lies becomes ever clearer.
03:01   You leftists. You Greens. You dreamers..
03:07   You reality-denying fascists. Listen very carefully.
03:13   Those with ears should hear. Those with eyes should see.
03:24   Berlin-Pankow. My name was Melanie and I was 30 years old.
03:29   It was a sunny spring day and I went to the railway embankment
03:34   as I usually did during my lunch break to enjoy the nice weather.
03:38   Suddenly a homeless Bulgarian man was standing in front of me.
03:41   Everything went so fast. He grabbed me and I tried to defend myself —
03:45   punching and kicking in every direction
03:49   with every bit of strength I had. I didn’t have a chance.
03:54   Since he wasn’t able to rape me, he just strangled me.
03:59   He then dragged me to the park nearby and threw me away
04:04   like a piece of garbage. I was useless since I was dead.
04:09   Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. I was 84 years old. I was born in 1934,
04:14   the year after Hitler came to power. I survived the Second World War,
04:19   lived through the cold-war tensions and watched the reunification
04:24   in 1989, but changes that happened after 2015
04:29   sealed my fate. One morning, in spring, my doorbell rang.
04:34   I unsuspectingly opened my door to a 24-year-old asylum seeker
04:39   from Cameroon. Coldblooded, he hit me without warning and used my walker to kill me.
04:47   Berlin. I’m 10 years old and was so excited to go on my class trip,
04:52   but as soon as I found out who my roommates
04:57   were going to be, I felt worried. I tried to convince myself everything would
05:01   be fine. It started once it was time for bed.
05:06   At first they just pulled the pants off another classmate,
05:10   but he resisted loudly. When the teacher came, he demanded to be moved to another room.
05:14   He left, and I thought if I were just to pretend to be sleeping, nothing would happen to me.
05:18   Maybe my Afghan classmate would just forget about me. Far from it!
05:23   His two buddies, who were already 11 years old, held me.
05:28   Then my 10-year-old Afghan classmate raped me. A friend of mine
05:32   who knew this happened to me told a social worker,
05:36   because I couldn’t. The school then told my parents and the police.
05:40   How was I supposed to explain something like that
05:43   to my parents? Berlin-Charlottenburg. I was 54 years old,
05:48   and a Catholic priest in a French-speaking congregation in Berlin.
05:53   I loved being a priest because my greatest wish had always been
05:57   to help others. One night, a new German citizen
06:01   from Cameroon stormed into my office. Without warning,
06:04   he hit me over the head with a flower pot and then with a wooden figure.
06:07   He shattered my skull. As if that weren’t enough,
06:11   he rammed the shaft of an umbrella in mouth. He laid waste to me like a tornado,
06:15   and I had no chance of survival.
06:18   We could go on forever. There are now so many victims and this is the reason we stand here.
06:25   We stand here because we can’t do otherwise.
06:28   We must do that which must be done for the victims. For those who survived
06:32   and for the families of victims who didn’t. They suffer for life because of these crimes.
06:37   Lifelong pain, permanent loss and the daily reminder of what happened to them.
06:47   This Line of Horrors is a mobile memorial of shame.
06:52   A memorial to prevent us from forgetting the victims
06:57   of collective political failure. This line documents the violence perpetrated against
07:03   The German people by a treacherous government.
07:09   The headquarters and rhombus bunker behind us is the capital of the self-proclaimed “New DDR”
07:20   — The Deutschland Dismantling Republic — which is directing,
07:26   allowing, and caused it all. We read the names of victims,
07:33   and many more names are known. They are listed here as well.
07:40   All these victims are victims of war. This memorial of shame
07:48   is a memorial to war victims. These victims were and are
07:55   part and parcel of the community of our people. They are victims
08:03   in a war. We are at war. A war that began over 100 years ago and never stopped. This war has found
08:20   permanent sustenance and is offered easy targets through
08:26   politically prescribed self-sacrifice and the learned cult of guilt
08:32   and self-loathing. This war is being waged differently from previous wars.
08:41   Not by carpet-bombing entire cities, not with
08:50   well-organized hunger camps for hundreds of thousands of prisoners of war.
08:55   Not with systematic mass rapes by those wearing
09:01   the uniforms of the victorious, and not with forced, murderous displacement from entire regions.
09:09   Today, all that is needed is culture-enriching gang rape by uncivilized hordes.
09:20   Today, it only takes knives being stabbed into unsuspecting torsos.
09:27   Today, it just takes thousands upon thousands of so-called “lone wolves”
09:34   in order to administer permanent blood-loss to our people.
09:41   Today, in our own country and in our own cities we are
09:48   driven out, hunted, hounded and assassinated.
09:55   All these victims, all of these victims of war — we will remember.
10:00   The young and mature lives we will remember. Those lives that this war
10:04   has torn out of the body of the community of our people.
10:11   We remember those who died today, those who died yesterday,
10:15   and those who died the day before yesterday.
10:20   All those who were ravaged. All those who were martyred.
10:26   All those who were trampled and cut up deserve our commemoration.
10:32   That includes these four victims of war against Germany, who also deserve
10:37   our commemoration. Their names and destinies are
10:42   all documented here in Berlin. Lieutenant Reserve Officer Karl Eschke
10:51   would have turned 124 years old last week if his life
11:01   hadn’t ended at the age of 20 on Monday the 30th of August 1915
11:10   in a field hospital in the Ukraine. The soldier Wilhelm Hasse
11:19   died at 21, at the beginning of spring in the year 1917.
11:25   The day before yesterday he was born, 123 years ago.
11:33   Private First Class Fritz Hecht would have been 105 years old
11:37   three days from now, but he died at 28 on Sunday the 22nd of June 1941,
11:53   in Pranskabudis, Lithuania. And Sergeant Kurt-Georg Turner,
12:00   who died in Kostrzyn (Poland) on the 19th of February 1945,
12:07   just five weeks and two days after his 29th birthday on January 3rd 1916.
12:16   He was born in Berlin-Neukoelln. All of them are
12:25   our forefathers. All of us owe it to them to stand up for our country
12:31   and its people. For the well-being and future of our country,
12:40   because they gave their lives for it. All of them deserve our promise not to
12:47   rest until this war gives way to a contractual peace
12:56   which allows our people to live and our land to flourish again.
13:02   This must end. The holocaust of the Germans.
13:09   The genocide of the German people. That’s what we stand for
13:14   and that’s what we live for. We also live for those who
13:20   had their lives taken. We believe all this
13:28   in the name of unity and justice and freedom for our beloved German people and
13:37   our country. In the name of all the victims, I thank you
13:45   for your attention today. I also thank all of those watching globally
13:54   on their computer screens. I want you to know that when I bow my head,
13:58   I am not doing it to honor this building or the user of this
14:01   building. I do it for these victims that we lament and remember today.
14:07   I invite you to join us in a moment of silence.
14:13   Take a few moments to reflect with your eyes closed
14:18   and feel the ground beneath your feet because it is still our home.
14:24   Let us take a moment to remember the victims of war against Germany.
14:48   Men from Eritrea, suspects in attack on woman (56) — 4 refugees in court for rape.
14:52   The 2017 crime caused outrage and anger. — Deadly knife attack Hamburg
14:56   What happens to the victim’s children? The world changed for four boys. Mommy is dead.
14:59   Train knife attack: Policewoman shoots Mahmood J (24)
15:02   On the train from Cologne one dead, two badly wounded.
15:05   In Bonn-Siegaue: Man menaced and raped a woman while she was camping.
15:08   Police find weapon involved. — Sorrow and rage after 15-year-old is gang-raped.
15:11   “Dark-skinned” men rape girl in Tulln. Austrians full of anger and hate.
15:15   Homicide case Susanna: Iraqi tortures 14-year-old for hours — What the State Prosecutor’s Office
15:19   didn’t want to confirm. — Hussein K. — Maria’s Killer in Court —
15:22   Freiburg — The suspect (refugee) in the killing of student Maria L. (19) finally in court.
15:26   Group rape in Freiburg: Up to fifteen men ravage the victim? —For a girl (18),
15:29   a Techno party at a disco ended in a nightmare. — Isolated Incidents —
15:32   Category: Refugee Criminality

18 thoughts on “A Line of Horrors in Berlin

  1. All this looks very pitiful.
    They need to turn the cobblestones out of the pavement and throw them at those whom they consider to be the culprits.
    The Germans, like the Russians, are ideal slaves.

  2. This is, indeed, a war, a slow-motion war: Europe is Dar al Harb, the Realm of War.
    “The m0sques are our barracks, … the faithful our soldiers”.
    Al Azhar teaches that Islam is in a “permanent state of war” with all kuffar.
    “Go after them in every stratagem of war” Koran 9:5

    “..militant Islam is at war with the people of Europe…”
    Jean-Claude Juncker

  3. Couldn’t be more clear the disgusting state politicians have created for Europe ,Britain ,America Canada

    • May be but the press hid it. They are the bigger culprits. Every one of them deserves a public tarring and feathering. They don’t fear the public; that is the problem.

  4. The germans like us all must enmass simply storm in huge numbers the hiding places of these political traitors, capture them all, and street justice on the spot for them, and there familys also.

    Merkel has seriously lot of enemys who want her terminated.

    I hope germans overthrow merkel and destroy german goverment entirely.

    No mercy for any german beauracrats, gov, political scum

    They all must be swept away asap.

  5. “We are at war. A war that began over 100 years ago and never stopped.”

    These are the most significant words in a powerful demonstration.

  6. From 10:32 to about 12:40 there is a derailment, the key phrase is at 8:03:

    “a war that began 100 years ago and never stopped”.:

    German WW1 and Hitler’s WW2 soldiers, in uniform and able to kill at several hundred yards, are equated to current grandmas and smartphoning teenies falling victim to the hijra in dar al-harb.

    Now there is a common belief among Anglo paleo-right and alt-right, especially ex-military who admire the German army of WW2, that it was “just fighting for its country”, the baddies being Waffen SS and Gestapo and SS. But see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clean_Wehrmacht.

    So is it expedient, ie is it useful for Germans trying to build opposition to population replacement (white genocide: check Lemkin’s 1944 original definition of genocide, Lemkin having invented the word), to invoke WW1 and WW2 as well?

    I think not, not least because the geopolitics of the Middle East especially since the first Likud government around 1977 and mediated through e.g. AIPAC and ADL and hence via CONUS mass media to US underling countries, have created a certain mindset not conducive to revision of 20th century history in favour of Germany.

    Now Macgregor and Doherty have shown in their 2 recent books:

    “Hidden history; the secret origins of the First World War” and

    “Prolonging the Agony: how the Anglo-American Establishment deliberately extended WW1 by 3 1/2 years”

    that the speaker at 8.03 seems justified. The speaker would doubtless add that Hitler was a natural consequence of the Treaty of Versailles.

    However, even the large number of Germans in 2019 willing to state, and the large number of Anglos willing to admit, the unwiseness of Versailles will not then go on to say that Germany was a mere victim in WW2.

    So it seems tactically unwise when coalition building for ethnic survival to refer to WW1 and WW2. Because doing so leaves the “Nazi flank” open.

    • Perhaps you understand this issue better than I do.

      But when I saw this video, I thought that they were invoking the idea that Germany, with its immigrant policy at home and forced upon most of Europe, is another act of war upon its own citizens and upon Europe, to dominate them. I see it as anti-nazi.

  7. Maybe I did not understand something because of ignorance of the language. But after they “created” in the 20th century, it is extremely indecent to call themselves victims.
    Or did I miss something? Or did they actually say that they were the victims of their own morally unscrupulous politicians? Then yes, I agree. Despite the fact that the most enlightened nation of Europe enthusiastically picked up the idea of ​​”racial superiority.”
    As we say: do not confuse the God’s gift with scrambled eggs.
    What is happening now and what happened in the 20th century are completely different things. Historically illiterate to bring them together.

    • Madam I hope to god that you are never a victim of these horrendous migrants who care not how young or old a woman is and to blame people for being victims is absolutely disgusting

      • I sincerely sympathize with the Germans. I just do not understand how Merkel’s anti-German policy is connected with the affairs of 1916.
        Perhaps these are just translation difficulties.
        But as far as I understood, the Germans are portrayed as victims of a hundred-year war against them.
        But the historical chronicles of the first half of the 20th century point to the opposite.
        I reject collective and historical responsibility and do not think that modern Germans are related to the German military expansion of the 20th century.

        I wonder why they expose themselves not only to the politicians Frau Merkel’s victims. That’s all.

        By the way, I think that they, portraying the victim, have chosen the wrong path. Anger sublimates into weeping and self-pity.

  8. Reconquista and Elena are largely correct. There is no hundred-year war of genocide against Germans. If this belief gains traction, then the ethnic nationalism of many European peoples will return, and Europeans will be fighting each other over disputed borders and territory. The real threat of Islamism will be forgotten, and the West will so weaken itself through the fighting that the Europeans will be easy prey for Islamists to pick off.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

    • When I was a little girl, horrible war movies were shown on TV. I even had dreams, as I run through the swamps, and the fascists with sheep-dogs run after me, giving orders in German.
      I remember the stories of my grandmother, she told about the beginning of the war in Ukraine. My grandmother’s family was Belarusian, and therefore the Germans, setting up their famous Ordnung, sent them to their historic homeland. The Jews left in a different direction.

      My daughter grew up without it. When she read Remarque as a teenager, she cried and said: “How kind people are, these Germans”

      I have two schnauzers, I think that only angels could bring out this breed, and not the Germans that I was shown on TV as a child.

      Why am I writing this? Because politicians, instead of taking care of people and bringing up the best features in them, are occupied with the opposite. They are again throwing people on the brink of brutality. I am afraid that the Germans will soon begin measuring skulls again.
      Why do this? Ask Frau Merkel.

      In our country, too, terrifying migrant crime and similar processes are underway. Russians, who have never been a nice people, also become very angry and it makes me afraid that they write in social networks. But if the authorities had not brought into the country millions of migrants with an alien mentality, this would not have happened.

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