Meet the New Government — Same as the Old Government

Four months ago a general election was held in Sweden. The major parties lost ground, and Sverigedemokraterna — the Sweden Democrats — posted big gains.

For four months the larger parties met and discussed and negotiated with only one purpose in mind: to keep the Sweden Democrats out of any coalition government. Any combination of parties would have been acceptable, as long as Sverigedemokraterna was not included. That’s because SD opposes mass immigration and Islamization, which is considered an absolutely unacceptable and forbidden political position in Modern Multicultural Sweden.

Two days ago a deal was finally struck, and a government was formed: a coalition of the Social Democrats with the Greens. That’s exactly the same as the previous government that was formed in 2014. The only difference is that the two parties fared so poorly in the election that the new government is a minority one — 116 seats out of 349 in parliament, slightly less than one-third of the total.

It’s one of the weakest minority governments in Swedish history, but at least it doesn’t have any of those evil Nazi WAYCIST Sweden Democrats in it!

The video below shows the first speech given in parliament by Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the Sweden Democrats, after the new government was installed. Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Mr. Speaker, about four months ago
00:06   the Swedish people voted in the elections of September 9, 2018.
00:12   For, among others, the parliamentary elections — this assembly.
00:17   We then voted out the Red-Green government which consisted of the Social Democrats and the Green Party.
00:25   Probably the most evident manifestation of the elections we had on September 9 was
00:31   that the voters didn’t want the government we had had for four years.
00:39   Then it was followed by four months of government formation.
00:46   I have not been involved in politics during all the years in which Sweden has been a democracy.
00:53   Nevertheless, I have been involved in politics at various levels for a relatively long time.
00:58   I must say that at least since I have followed politics, I haven’t seen a process
01:05   stranger, more absurd,
01:11   a more… bizarre government-forming process,
01:18   in which it seems like the entire process was about confusing everybody as much as possible,
01:24   so nobody would actually understand what is going on.
01:28   And now we have Stefan Löfven [PM, Social Democrats], Gustav Fridolin [Education Minister,
01:31   Greens] and Isabella Lövin [Deputy PM, Greens] maintaining power for another four years
01:34   This is a bizarre development that I didn’t see coming.
01:39   And the reason behind why we ended up like this
01:43   is not political; in the first place
01:47   it is not because the representatives in this Chamber, the majority, believe that
01:53   Stefan Löfven is indeed the best prime minister.
01:57   Nor do they think that Social Democrats are the party which should lead this country.
02:02   That is definitely not the reason why Stefan Löfven will be granted another four years.
02:07   But the reason is
02:11   the Left Liberal parties in this Chamber,
02:16   which stated that they will do everything they can so that
02:21   a couple of parties will not have any sort of influence in [Swedish] politics at all!
02:28   And those are the Left Party, and my party, the Sweden Democrats.
02:33   That was indeed the crucial part of this entire process taking nearly four months.
02:42   And how did this end, Mr. Speaker?
02:46   Just now Jonas Sjöstedt [Left Party leader], who is a representative one of these
02:50   parties which were not supposed to have any sort of influence —
02:53   The settlement script between the left-liberal parties
02:58   that would prevent the influence of the Left Party has been,
03:03   according to Jonas Sjöstedt, and I quote, “pulverized”.
03:07   He has “pulverized” it.
03:13   And still, the Liberal Party leader just stood here and acclaimed the settlement.
03:20   This is an absurd development!
03:24   Mr. Speaker, I also notice that the Center Party leader,
03:27   who almost always dresses in green [the party’s color],
03:30   has dressed in red today to honor the settlement.
03:37   The government which will most probably get approved today has overwhelmingly, badly failed
03:44   to carry out everything they promised in that four-year term they had.
03:48   They failed to deal with the load-bearing goal,
03:52   which was the foremost election promise for the voters.
03:56   Namely, that we will have the lowest unemployment rate in the EU by 2020
04:01   It is not 2020 yet, still about a year to go.
04:08   But the development has gone in a contrary direction.
04:11   We dropped in the ranking of unemployment among EU countries.
04:17   They have miserably failed!
04:20   They thoroughly failed with school policy, which
04:23   The Green Party’s spokesperson ‘would solve within 100 days.’
04:29   The [medical] care waiting lists are twice as long.
04:33   They have serious integration problems and exclusion — not a little bit, but to catastrophic levels.
04:43   They didn’t see the actual reasons behind the integration problem when they ran the government.
04:52   Therefore you continue to apply an extreme,
04:57   terrible, and irresponsible migration policy,
05:00   which deteriorated into even more problems of integration;
05:03   exclusion, criminal gangs, and other problems followed
05:07   as a consequence of the unaccountable migration policy.
05:11   Mr. Speaker, I can stand here and keep piling up all their failures
05:15   The failed Red-Green government consisted of Social Democrats and the Green Party.
05:21   But everything indicates that I have four more years to continue criticizing it.
05:26   I will take every single chance to do that.
05:29   When I stood on this platform last time I said that I am not,
05:33   actually, surprised by this development.
05:38   The liberal parties in the Swedish parliament lean to the left, to the Social Democrats,
05:46   to the Green Party, and the former Communist Party
05:50   This is a natural development because of the given issues we currently have today,
05:56   due to the political agenda we have in 2019.
05:59   Given the tangible problems normal and real people have every day in 2019
06:07   there is no “center-right alliance” [anymore].
06:10   In this context, in the reality we have today,
06:14   there are two new blocks, constellations in Swedish politics.
06:18   They are the Left-Liberal block, which is now going to lead in the new government,
06:25   and a right-wing conservative opposition.
06:30   I am aware that the other two parties that are in this opposition
06:34   have not yet landed in the reality.
06:38   They have to comprehend this development, that this is an actual reality.
06:44   But they will be forced to land during the next term.
06:49   This is a natural turn. My ambition, since we couldn’t form a conservative government,
06:58   is to be part of a strong conservative opposition.
07:06   A strong opposition against this Left-Liberal government,
07:11   which will continue to commit the same mistakes they did their last four years in office.
07:17   Which, in particular, will increase immigration to Sweden even more!
07:24   This issue was the most actively discussed,
07:28   the most serious, the most important issue for voters during the largest part of the last term.
07:34   Because of Stefan Löfven, the Green Party and Social Democrats failed
07:38   with their unaccountable migration policy,
07:41   which injured Sweden for real and very deeply.
07:44   And now we return to the same policy! Just as if they didn’t understand anything!
07:49   And that is what I guess, Mr. Speaker: they indeed didn’t understand anything!
07:53   The Social Democrats are an explicit power-clutching party; power is above anything else.
07:59   I remember when I had a party leader debate with Stefan Löfven few years ago on TV,
08:03   And I said that only one out of five foreign rapists are deported from the country.
08:10   Stefan Löfven countered this in two ways
08:13   The first was by denying it.
08:16   Stefan Löfven said, “According to the law,
08:19   if a foreigner is convicted of rape, he should be deported.”
08:22   Yes, that is one out of five.
08:25   And the other argument was by saying that “it is important that we not make exceptions
08:29   to the Employment Regulations of Sequence and Priority,
08:33   because that would increase the rape rates.”
08:36   What is Stefan Löfven doing now?!
08:40   He is continuing with the “exceptions to the Employment Regulations of Sequence and Priority.”
08:48   Stefan Löfven’s mantra during the entire election campaign and a big part of the last term said:
08:55   “The horrible center-right-wing powers
08:59   are just aiming to destroy the welfare society
09:02   by cutting taxes for the rich in the society.”
09:06   What is Stefan Löfven now? He is prioritizing tax policy!
09:10   “(General Social Security Contribution) tax will be cut.”
09:14   Stefan Löfven is cutting taxes for the richest!
09:19   Hanging onto power is above everything else! I am impressed by how you can succeed
09:24   in holding onto power even if you don’t apply your own policy.
09:30   My ambition is that [the policy of] the Sweden Democrats will be applied during the coming term,
09:37   and to be a dominant power in a new conservative block, or
09:42   a new conservative constellation in Swedish politics.
09:47   Mr. Speaker, I will be working on it, and I look forward to it.
09:53   It will be exciting to encounter this extreme left-liberal government!
09:59   Hopefully with other right-conservative powers in this chamber
10:05   We will vote ‘no’ today — just in case anybody understood me differently.
10:10   For the sake of clarity: The Sweden Democrats will press the red button
10:13   and will be in a strong offensive opposition role in the next term,
10:17   [which lasts for] four years or maybe even less.
10:22   Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

11 thoughts on “Meet the New Government — Same as the Old Government

  1. Well said!

    A crazy-quilt emerges when the main purpose of governance is to hang onto power, the needs of citizens be damned…I hope we’ll be kept informed as to how much of the Sweden Democrats’ ideas and policies will be cribbed by the ruling elites in the coming years.

  2. I think most left wing politicians of the entire Western world are highly influenced by the mission of Agenda 2030. I don’t think this can be overstated enough. This is a framework for a new and re-organised western world in which nations are now to be thought of as ‘regions’ of the larger whole. Loyalty is no longer to a single country and its people but to the ultimate fulfillment of the mission of creating, piece by piece, this new structure.
    Loyalty and concern is now not to be for only those people living in your ‘region’ (ie. your current country) but for all the people who will be future citizens of the future new ‘union of regions’ (for lack of a better term).

    So, political concern for the good of the people remains but is now given to a larger realm of people and the current needs of the people in your immediate area are viewed as secondary to the needs of the new project or mission. There is a very strong focus and sense of mission among many now to implement the vision of Agenda 2030. Having opportunities to meet and speak with politicians and some political educators and policy influencers, I notice immediately their deep sense of being part of a ‘brave new vision’ for the world, or at least the Western world. It excites them. Their desire to be a part of this process of re-forming our world is very strong and seems to be an over-arching force in their minds that seems to make regional or local needs of secondary importance. There is also an arrogance based partly upon the belief that this UN vision is all that now matters and that all like minded form a sort of network that will uphold and defend its members. It is somewhat intimidating, in many respects, to speak with such people as it appears that there is an almost mafia-like mind-set and network involved. Sacrificing some safety and comfort for those citizens directly under their care appears to be of increasingly lower importance compared to the step by step attainment of the larger and over-arching international goals of the EU and the UN.

    • I remember Trump talked during the electoral campaign (should be in 2016 if I am not wrong) about exit (or maybe stop the funding) from the UN. As far as I know UN is still there in New York. I heard many politicians talking about not to sign the last UN migration pact (as if this treaty was the only thing that matters), but nobody wanted to do a step further, like ending the support to this international institution (with all of its thousand od subsidiary organizations).

    • “So, political concern for the good of the people remains but is now given to a larger realm of people and the current needs of the people in your immediate area are viewed as secondary to the needs of the new project or mission”
      This kind of encapsulates the present mindset of the Swedish people so I believe it will be a lot easier to implement this agenda there. I find it so sad that the Swedish people were all for higher taxes and looking out for one another, and held a strong belief that when their hour of need came that they would be looked after. That is not to be now as tragically, they imported a culture that had zero comprehension or compassion for this ideal and were just out for what they could get from this system without contributing a single thing. However, I do believe that even the Swedes will cotton onto this con-job by their government and the tide will turn.

      The following is a video of a very brave mayor of a town in
      Southern France letting Macron know what life is really like.

      The shocking thing about the following video is that you can literally duplicate this scenario in thousands and thousands of towns all across Europe. I believe the reason Merkel and Junker are pushing for the European Army is not for any external threat but for their own European citizens, who will refuse to just take what is bestowed upon them by the elite and just lay down and give up without a fight. Somethings gotta give!

      • Very inspiring woman. We need many more such women.

        Agree about the Euro Army. It cannot be overstated that the UN Agenda 2030 calls Western leaders to quickly put more structures in place to combat opposition.

    • Pardon. A correction:

      “Sacrificing some safety and comfort for those citizens directly under their care appears to be of increasingly lower importance…”

      I should have said: “Protecting the safety and comfort…..”

  3. I see one positive thing about Löfven government II: Disaster will come quicker, and warn others, especially Swedens neighbours.

  4. To finish your quote, Baron (from The Who, “Won’t Get Fooled Again”): “Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss”- only in this case, it seems to be the old boss again. A bit like May’s plan for the UK’s “withdrawal” from the EU!

  5. Victor Orban’s approval of an EU army has troubled me. The fact that Germany, France, et al can’t get out of their own way regarding any kind of defense of their territory and yet, they think an EU army will help seems nonsensical.
    Why would Mr. Orban want an EU army?
    I think the 1st nation to be suppressed by an EU army would be that loud mouth Hungary.
    As for Sweden, what can be said? They are circling the drain and can’t seem to pull their heads out of the toilet…
    I guess the last person to drown in filth wins.

    • It is an analytical question: Hungary is too small to fight off Russia or the new Ottoman Empire: They need “backup” should SHTF. That is why they are for EU army, just like our current Czech leadership.

      Yet, IMHO, they didn’t learn from history: That in the SHTF scenario, the big powers behind our back, especially France, tend to do nothing, and ultimately, we are on our own.

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