The Green-Antifa Synergy, Part 2

The following video is the second of two parts (part one is here) showing excerpts from a Green Youth rally in Germany in the summer of 2017, not long before the September elections.

Two leaders of the Green Party, Cem Ozdemir and Katrin Goering-Eckardt, were in attendance at the event. Their faces are circled in the screen cap above, as is a logo with the Antifa (“anti-fascist”) flag — the event seems to have been a joint enterprise for the Green Party and the Antifa groups.

Watching this video (and editing the transcript) was excruciating. MissPiggy said having to listen to it while translating was “like fingernails on a blackboard”.

I can imagine a special chamber in the inner region of Hell that looks like this venue: a dingy brick wall spray-painted with graffiti, the Antifa banner, and earnest speakers spouting the multicultural multigendered multimaniac Green ideology, on and on and on, FOREVER.


Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Our second most important topic is: “Live as you want”, which means everyone has the right to a
00:03   self-determined life without fear and that anyone is permitted
00:06   to live in society, no matter how different.
00:09   So Cem, what do we mean by the term open society?
00:12   We throw this term around a lot. What does it mean for us
00:15   as The Green Party? How do we fight for and defend it? —Jamila has already
00:19   said a few words about this, and it means a society
00:24   where you are not judged on the basis of where you are from.
00:28   None of us can influence that. No one asked me in the delivery
00:32   room before my birth where I would like to be born. I arrived in the world
00:36   as I arrived. The goal has to be that we are judged
00:40   by where we want to go and not where we came from and
00:44   not according to our skin color, hair color, religion, confession,
00:48   or because of the language you speak or anything like that.
00:51   The goal must be to develop into a society like that,
00:54   and not just in our country, but in Europe. I want to emphasis the connection with Europe.
00:58   Especially since what we are seeing now, despite our
01:02   justifiably high standards for becoming a member of the EU.
01:06   My impression is that countries like Hungary and Poland
01:10   just do what they want as soon they are in the EU.
01:15   Particularly on topics concerning the independence of judges or dealing with refugees,
01:19   it is important that in the EU we practice
01:23   what we preach elsewhere. I know that I always have all of you
01:27   standing at my side. So, my wish is that we might have a society that
01:32   doesn’t ignore fanaticism or fundamentalism. That means in school,
01:36   at your place of employment — bring up these topics
01:41   and talk about it openly. In that way those who are racist,
01:45   xenophobic or anti-Semitic won’t get the feeling they are speaking
01:50   for the silent majority. That kind of specter appears now and again.
01:54   It can be found at the very tip of a nation,
01:57   and goes right down into every corner of our society.
02:01   The second question concerning the AfD — that’s a difficult question.
02:05   For a long time there were controversial discussions with the
02:08   Right-Wing Extremist Commission about whether to have a dialogue
02:11   with them or not. The majority agreed that we shouldn’t
02:15   do them the favor of making them into martyrs, and that it would be better to confront them from
02:20   the podium. I totally agree, but I can tell you emphatically: It is with no pleasure. And there
02:24   I think I also speak for Katrin and anyone else who has ever had to do it.
02:30   We won’t be doing ourselves any favors if we give in to them.
02:34   We can’t let them win the narrative that they are the only
02:38   alternative. They say that the media and all other political parties are cartels —
02:41   all one and the same. That’s why we need to force
02:44   them to have discussions and stop them from telling lies.
02:49   We need to manage a balancing act. Those committing hate speech
02:54   against minorities and would trample human beings
02:59   should not be able to hide. This has nothing to do with our constitution.
03:02   At the same time, we need to help those jumping on that bandwagon or those in danger
03:05   of jumping on that bandwagon, by reaching out to them and engaging them in conversations —
03:09   in order to win as many as them as possible. —As Green Youth,
03:14   with our “Family Contract” proposal, we want
03:19   to make it possible for anybody who wants to be a family to have
03:22   the legal right to do so. We’ve talked about this
03:25   as the Green Party, and you have agreed that families should be pluralistic.
03:29   One thing that I think that is very important
03:35   to remember when it comes to discussing marriage is that we have just reached
03:39   a very important milestone: Re-defining marriage as something for everyone.
03:43   We can’t turn around now and say marriage is a bad thing, but instead need to capitalize
03:46   on this positive momentum. We need to emphasize that we finally achieved
03:49   the legal equality for same sex-marriage
03:52   and the end of the prohibition of same-sex marriage.
03:55   This is a great step, but we can’t stop there. There are other battles to wage.
04:02   For instance, patchwork families with three parents
04:09   living legally together. It should make us proud that the AfD
04:14   has us as their bogeyman, because we represent
04:20   everything that the AfD hates. We want to fight the climate catastrophe,
04:24   we stand up for a society where everyone
04:29   is permitted to be different and for humane care for asylum seekers
04:33   and refugees. We also want a society
04:37   that doesn’t discriminate against people who love each other.
04:41   All of this ennobles us, because the AfD says
04:45   all that we stand for is bad and making us into the enemy. We need to take advantage of this
04:51   and that is why our narrative for the campaign is “Stop the slide to the right”,
04:54   as you can see here so nicely
04:57   on our banner behind us. We need to focus on that and take it seriously.
05:01   We need to convey the message
05:05   to people that our society is standing at a crossroads. We need to decide
05:09   in what direction we want to go. Are we going to the right or not?
05:12   Another thing is that we need to escape the mindset of thinking that
05:15   criticizing police violence legitimizes rampages or something.
05:20   It must be permitted in a constitutional state to criticize the
05:25   misconduct of police from the standpoint of civil rights and democracy.
05:31   This really worries me. So I think it is really important for us as
05:38   Green Youth as well as The Green Party to make it clear in our campaign
05:42   for the national election that we have no desire to
05:46   live in an authoritarian society. We need to motivate people
05:51   to fight against it, against this tendency. —So Katrin, perhaps
05:56   you would like to share which topics are most important for you
06:00   concerning fairness? —Y’know, I have been doing this a while.
06:04   Don’t laugh. There is this one thing that really fills me with shame,
06:11   even though I haven’t held a governmental office that long.
06:20   Basically, child poverty has remained constant. There are now just as many
06:24   children who are poor and have fewer opportunities.
06:29   For them, it is particularly relevant who they have as parents,
06:33   the educational level of their parents, how much money they earn,
06:36   what kind of name they have and even which part of town they live. If I had to pick out one point,
06:42   which no longer can be ignored, overlooked or beaten around the bush about,
06:46   with a couple of tweaks to the governmental child benefits,
06:51   it is the issue of child poverty that is the most important to me.
06:54   I just want every child who is born in this country to receive
06:57   a German passport, first of all. That would be the first step in the direction of fairness.
07:01   Secondly, equal opportunity for them just like for every other child.
07:05   This point is really central. It is about money
07:09   on the one hand, of course. That’s why one focus of our campaign is the 12 billion we want to use,
07:18   which is a huge sum of money, to support families. Above all,
07:22   to stem child poverty. This investment will provide them
07:26   with more services, and public infrastructure such as day care centers
07:31   and so forth. That’s why I think it is great to meet with you,
07:36   because you say education should be free. This is a central point,
07:40   but not just free from costing something.
07:43   It also must be free of discrimination. We have to make sure
07:46   that in those places where children have the most problems,
07:49   those places get more teachers, more counselors and
07:53   more social workers. Only then will we achieve that
07:57   underprivileged children have opportunities equal to those of children who get everything
08:01   from their parents, who own properties everywhere and have to think about
08:05   what their third hobby should be and so forth.
08:09   You all know what I am talking about. So at the top of my list
08:12   is child poverty, which is highly emotional.
08:15   I just can’t stand it anymore when I meet children and young adults
08:19   who say that they don’t have any chances.
08:22   When you ask them what they want to be when they grow up, they answer: Be a welfare recipient.
08:26   This needs to end. It is not just a crucial issue, but an ethical one, by the way.
08:31   Where we do agree is that mobility is a part of that.
08:36   It is a part of securing livelihoods. I asked just before, where do the poorest people live?
08:40   Answer: On the most polluted streets.
08:43   So, obviously for me, urban development belongs to social justice. We want to pave the way
08:49   so that cooperatives can be organized. We want to bring back social housing that ensures that
08:55   there are mixed residential areas. Not that certain children live there and go to that
08:59   school and unfortunately other children live over there
09:02   and have to go to that school where they have less opportunity. —Europe is also a topic.
09:05   Here we stand for refugees being treated with equal rights.
09:09   We don’t want to see people drowning in the Mediterranean.
09:12   We demand legal escape routes to Europe, and that is something we do on a daily basis
09:15   through our public relations. We call for an end to these endless agreements that are devised
09:22   to stop people at the borders. Or these pacts forged
09:28   with authoritarian regimes, such as in Libya. There the coast guard is being trained,
09:33   more like a militia, to threaten people with weapons.
09:39   They aren’t any official authorities. We agree with
09:43   the FYG [Federation of Young European Greens] there.
09:46   We want a completely different Europe. One that is humanitarian,
09:50   equitable, and a community of solidarity. When speaking about
09:55   an open society, we are also speaking about racism — not just the family contract.
10:02   It is about all people regardless of their
10:09   origin or skin color having the same right to be respected and to find their place in this society.
10:17   We talk about this during the campaign and bring it to the streets with our initiatives.

30 thoughts on “The Green-Antifa Synergy, Part 2

  1. The German Green Party was part-founded by Herbert Marcuse and as such they must be regarded as far,far, far left. Greens are known as water melons, green on the outside but red on the inside. All this holier than thou bunk about human rights is just leftist untruth.
    As for Anifa. my sympathy lies with MissPiggy who had to translate this garbage.

    • This seems a bit far- fetched to me. He spent only few months in Europe after the war and died here on a visit.
      His intellectual impact should however not be underrated.
      I did not find any hints that he co-founded the greens.

    • “must be regarded as far,far, far left. Greens are known as water melons, …”

      Correct — today. In the seventies there was also a rather conservative wing; environmentalists, often with a science background (myself included; I was a sympathiezer). My impression was, the left jumped on the bandwaggon: there was a topic to engage people …

  2. Sorry, I forgot to fill in the appropriate blans. The previous comment was not anon, it was me.

  3. Oh dear, this part is extremely cringy even compared to the first one…
    “It doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters where you want to go to” yeah right. While I agree that it should be possible for a person to emigrate if they want to become a fulfledged member of a different country (let’s say a Frenchman falls in love with Brazil), that doesn’t mean it works the same en masse. In my hometown we have a rising number of Eastern European workers (predominantly Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria, many Slovaks too) and the number of violent crime is on the rise at the same time. Now there are different subjects responsible for that and I don’t wanna go too deep into it, but bottom line is: mixing of cultures doesn’t work. Maybe it’s normal to stab eachother in Ukraine or Romania, but it’s abnormal in Czechia (it’s never been common in all of our history, as far as I’m aware). If relatively close cultures clash like that, how could a person from India, Senegal or Peru fit in? That sounds nearly as impossible as having an Amazon Indian or a traditionally living Aborigine put into Paris and say they’re gonna do just fine. Unless that person is provided exceptional support (on the costs of the host population) they have no chance of fitting in EVER. And that’s the difference between mass migration and individuals comming in. Because an individual that began to love a foreign country enough to want to move there will have studied it’s history, customs, culture, language, and and and. He or she will be prepared to join the society there and it’s still gonna be harsh.

    What’s even more disturbing is their claim that marriage is something good, but not exclusive to straight and now gay couples, but needs to be accepted even in polyamorous…urhm…groups? Or how I should call it? No wonder such people are besties with muslims, they already have polygamy there!
    Remember when LGBT+ activists got appaled when others said they’re not gonna stop at their rights and always want more? That’s what this is! They got their rights, registered partnership, now marriage, I don’t know if adoption by gay couples is legal in Germany, one would think they already got all there is, right? And suddenly it’s “we need rights for groups of people to be able to marry”. Yeah, they’re never going to stop, unless they are stopped by the majority.

    The rest is just as bad. Ideas that sound nice, but when further developed are all at the cost of those earning more, without inspiring those with less to work harder.

    • AK47,
      sorry to disappoint you, but stabbing was a regular thing in central Europe in the middle ages.Hence the law in many german cities that students( yes, you read right) had no right to carry daggers and swords into towns.
      Since then, the so- called process of civilisation developped, described by the eminent Norbert Elias.
      This happened through public policing( constables in England were the first i.m.h.o) and centrally ruled military forces in the emerging nation states as opposed to tribal structures.
      As we all know, some parts of the world did not share this evolution, giving over private feuds to state authorities, or even consanguin marriages which are a token of the mistrust in anybody you are not related to.
      Trust in you fellow human is the root of modern civilized organisms and behaviour. The other thing is just being reimported, though nobody missed it.

      • I suspect within AK47’s lifetime, stabbing was less common than now.

        From what I have read, part of the reason for weapon restrictions for students was due to the occassional attacks from student groups against the townsfolk and farmers.

        Apparently, much like today’s left-wing socialist students, these students of the middle ages were full of angry notions of how evil were their parents and other hard working citizens.

        • That is, that a form of early left-wing socialism was rampant in the middle ages among university students.

          Armed conflict between ‘Town and Gown’ was often and bloody enough to insitute measures to control armed gangs of students.

        • Indeed in my lifetime stabbings only ocured among gypsy populations and were rarely aimed against the majority population. I remember one such case from the early 90’s, it’s a bit of a funny story, really.

          Historic reenactment is fairly popular across the country and there are several “medieval fairs” in town through the year. During one of them (they generally take place in the city center and in the 90’s that area was the gypsies’ turf) a gypsy attempted to steal the cashbox from one of the stands. The neighbouring blacksmith noticed it and whipped the gypsy, making him flee. But he came back soon with a friend, this time to beat the blacksmith up. He whipped them again. A little later they came back again, this time two cars, each stuffed with maybe seven people, armed with knives and machetes. And they went after the blacksmith. This time he didn’t stand a chance, but his wife came running to the reenactors who just finished a play and they went to help the blacksmith with swords and everything.

          Back then we also didn’t have a municipal police force, but we had the so-called “black sheriffs”, who were essentially individuals trained by the German military (but Czechs ethnically). Their stay was just across the square, so someone alarmed them too and they joined the battle. So you had this group of gypsies, medieval knights and sheriffs battling each other, it was remarkable. Eventually, the attacking gypsies were arrested and sentenced for assault.

          The icing on the cake is one of the reenactors, who was a gypsy too, he got arrested and his reenactment group had to go to the cell one by one and confirm he’s one of them, otherwise the sheriffs would’ve kept them there with the attackers.

          But I drifted off, haha.

          It seems whenever a certain group is doing too well they will start acting like the far left. The only modern difference is probably the victimhood idea. And the fact that those lib[erals]s have no fighting skills whatsoever.

      • Czechia was never a part of Germany though, aside from both being members of the Holy Roman Empire, and the cultural differences were already there back then (or rather they were even bigger back then). Anyway, I am not aware of any such law from our history and I dare say we more developed back then and richer for sure (partially because we were always one country, while Germany was crumbled into many tiny states). Not disputing stabbings never happened though, especially among drunk lower classes, I’m sure. But as I said, that’s only as far as my knowledge goes, so I’m not going to argue any more than this.
        According to Wikipedia, the first police in the modern sense was established in Paris in 1667, though I’m sure proper Englishmen would despute that 😀

        • Hi AK 47,
          I checked again and found out that violence in the days of olde was closely related to excessive drinking, mostly of beer in the northern countries. But even in Renaissance Italy, there were violent street gangs composed by upperclass brats who fought with knives.( Philippe Ariès)

          Students today do still have a reputation for binge drinking. And here Czechia has its undisputed merits, thinking of Pilsen brews and others. Nothing to be blamed for.

  4. This Islamic Greens are useless idiots big time , just look at this faces !!, no borders and no limits of this savages, !!, disgusting traitors..nothing else ..

  5. As idiotic as the policies being discussed, at least there was no discussion of violently attacking opponents. In fact, they talked of engaging their enemies in public debates.

    Other than that, the case for free pot continues afire. She wishes to get children off welfare by giving them more public benefits. She wishes to make neighborhoods safe for children by sabotaging the efforts of families to move away from crime-infested neighborhoods through the tactic of moving the criminals into housing next to where the families flee.

    She wishes to sand over the differences associated with color, nationality, sex. She needs to give her position on differences caused by IQ. I would love to refer her to an affirmative-action doctor for heart or neurological surgery.

    It seems a bit counter-productive to me to assign responsibility to multiple people for raising children. I’m a strong supporter of extended family assistance, but I think a parent couple should be the gatekeeper: they decide who is and who isn’t responsible for the raising of their children. And they take the responsibility as well. When you get 3 or 4 or 5 people legally assigned parenting rights, what do you do when the arrangement goes south, and no one wants to take responsibility by themselves?

    As far as open borders, that dog has been beaten thoroughly to death. Open-border advocates are unable to learn and not susceptible to rational arguments.

  6. “the case for free pot continues”

    This is one of the ridiculous aspects of this.

    I know that pot use is a tradition among young socialists but if they actually thought it through with intelligence they would see that it is another form of ‘opiate for the masses’.

    I am quite against legalisation of pot but I’m beginning to think that if it helps to keep the socialist, unemployed, bored, violent video game playing youth more calm, then by all means – let them get stoned and stay that way.

  7. I do not believe that civilization in any sense of the word that I recognize can exist if the attitude expressed by these Greens prevails.

    Moreover, I think the average person has little sense of the precarious nature of civilization.

  8. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
    Where have I heard that before? And I’m an atheist!

      • Wiki says it was Aleister Crowley, the early 20th century English magician and, according to some, satanist.

        • Shows how ignorant wiki is. I learned the whole quote from Augustine when I was about 12. It’s from his sermons, some of which managed to survive the Islamic invasion of North Africa after his death. Hippo wasn’t spared destruction.

        • BTW, thanks for your response. I checked it out to be sure I had remembered it correctly and found a link to a book by an Italian that’s just right for Gaudete Sunday (next one up in Advent). Now that was serendipitous.

          BTW, Crowley probably knew he was borrowing it and didn’t think it would be necessary to point to the obvious for his audience…back a hundred years ago when people read books.

          • Thank Dymphna. Ellie’s original quote is as Crowley is supposed to have said it, but I daresay he was paraphrasing Augustine.

  9. “Trust in you fellow human is the root of modern civilized organisms and behaviour.”

    One of the most important points here on the site today. Along with this:

    “Moreover, I think the average person has little sense of the precarious nature of civilization.” Or its fragility.

  10. ““Moreover, I think the average person has little sense of the precarious nature of civilization.” Or its fragility.””

    And we conservatives are now the new thin line separating the citizenry from complete collapse of civility.

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