8 thoughts on “Political Turn to the Right a Consequence of Terrorism

  1. Can you ask Dr Turley why Victoria voted for socialists and communists in greater numbers after our recent terrorist attack? Is it because Victorians are stupid or was the money and benefits a sufficient bribe for them to sacrifice their safety and the lives of some members of society, “expendables” to vote Left? I can’t understand it.

    • Let me take a stab at it, just for fun.

      There’s a theory in psychology called the Theory of Cognitive Dissonance. Cognitive Dissonance is caused by holding two beliefs which are contradictory, or holding a belief which seems contradicted by experience.

      The theory says that people are uncomfortable holding contradictory beliefs, so they will change one belief. Or, they may discount their experience through some rationale.

      Leftists generally hold all people are the same, except for experience. The reason Muslims are violent is because they are discriminated against.

      So, your belief is, Muslims treated equally will be the same as non-Muslims.

      So, when you get a violent Muslim who has been admitted to citizenship, has a job or lucrative welfare benefits, you’re holding a belief that contradicts reality. You can either change your belief, and conclude that Muslims are violent because they’re Muslims, or you can double down on your evaluation of the situation, and conclude that they simply weren’t given enough consideration to offset their fury at being discriminated against.

      Incidentally, if you’re surrounded by people holding the same beliefs in equality, you tend to reinforce each other and decide that the treatment received by the Muslims wasn’t sufficient to offset their earlier “persecution”. Hence, you’re more likely to vote socialist or communist. The socialists will be more likely to treat everyone “equally”. The socialists thus maintain their cognitive structure, giving reality a different interpretation so as to have their beliefs consistent with their perceived reality.

      So, why do the French and Israelis turn more nationalist while the Victorians turn more communist? I would guess the French and the Israelis tend to experience Muslim violence first hand, and the Victorians mainly just read about it. So, the French and the Israelis give more credit to their own physical experience to the detriment of their abstract belief in “equality”.

      • This would explain why white collar, college educated areas with few, if any, muslims or large Mid-East or African immigrant populations tend to vote socialist / liberal.

        These limousine liberals simply do not experience on a personal level the daily low standards of behaviour of the muslims and other layabout immigrants.

      • The state of Victoria in the Commonwealth of Australia. Has long been a hotbed of communist, labor and greens (watermelon) voters. The general IQ level of the state population has been dropping since the influx of a great deal of third world immigrants. Also the headquarters of the more militant unions who own the labor party and its parliamentary candidates.

        • It’s odd how people from the same genetic pool – in this case, the Lebanese who immigrated West – can be so different. I grew up among Lebanese Christians and they were pillars of the community. Prosperous, family-oriented, and they assimilated by the second or third generation.

          When I read about the Lebanese who’ve since invaded Australia, they are not a culture I recognize. Very sad…of course, not all of Oz’s problems are from Lebanon. As it is here and in Canada, some of the misery is self-inflicted.

          • The Lebanese form of Catholicism seems to be the factor.

            In Canada also the Lebanese who consider themselves Christian tend to be quite peaceful and hard-working.

            A friend of mine worked in a Lebanese owned pita bakery filled with what must have been muslims. He said all they talked about and read about in their magazines was guns, guns, guns. They were too crazy for him he said, so he quit.

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