Rasmus Paludan on Parliament Hill — With No Antifas

Rasmus Paludan is a Danish lawyer and anti-sharia activist whose videos have been featured a number of times in this space. He’s well-known for going into culturally enriched neighborhoods in Denmark (for example, Nørrebro and Vollsmose) and saying provocative things about Islam and Mohammed. Needless to say, his appearances usually require police protection.

The first video below was recorded on Parliament Hill in Ottawa last Saturday during the rally in opposition to Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau’s immigration policies. Mr. Paludan’s talk required police protection this time, too, but not so much from culture-enrichers as from the antifas, who showed up in force to Bash the Fash.

The second video shows officers of the Parliamentary Protective Service confronting and then ejecting the antifas, who were unable to restrain their kinetic enthusiasm in their encounters with the police. They were removed before the English-language portion of the rally started.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading the first video.

Rasmus Paludan’s speech:

PPS vs. Antifas:

7 thoughts on “Rasmus Paludan on Parliament Hill — With No Antifas

  1. As a Canadian I am grateful and touched that someone from so far away would come here to help us fight.

    Canada is worth saving. It truly is a peaceful and beautiful place.

  2. “unable to restrain their kinetic enthusiasm”: haha! a future entry in the Annals of Euphemism

    1:50 “just a bli{m}p in history”

    A good speech, marred a bit by the raucous hooting of the audience. Anybody have a suggestion for a less vulgar way to voice emphatic agreement?

    • Yes. Get an audience which hasn’t just come from a hockey game.
      Hard to do in Canada.

      I have to admit that we Canadians have little experience with political rallies. Such things are viewed as a silly hobby.

  3. Biggest problem is that normal people are too busy with daily problems…work, family, food…This is why normal people don’t react to retards screaming their retarded slogans. Slowly, retards are taking control of societies because they scream, because they are aggressive. We will regret the fact we were too busy to pay attention to events and smack retards at the proper time and keep them in their right place.
    All retards, perverts, idiots are imposing their rules over the rest of us. They are a minority and yet we are so stupid to accept the unacceptable just because we don’t want to be called racists, fascists, nazis and other words without meaning. We will regret it.

    • Yes, you got it!!! I spend a lot time these days, getting in confrontations with these left-liberal neo-nazis, feminazis,


      We all need to stand up to these brain dead leftist nazis.


      (From Admin: No violence, no CAPS. We do hope you’re having your “confrontations” online. In person, they’ll break a bottle over your head and use the shards to scarify your body.)

    • You hit the nail on the head there. The antifa droids are for the most part trust fund babies, rely on government relief, or are criminals whether in the employ of Soros or freelancers. Normal people don’t have the time to pay attention and don’t want to get involved for the reasons you listed. I don’t know how to fix that. It is the affluence our society has created that allows so many idle hands time to work for the devil.

      • Perhaps some enterprising conservatives could infiltrate the ranks and get them a supply of free or cheap weed.

        Keep them all stoned. Then they will all just sit at home eating snacks all day, completely apathetic to the world around them.

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