Representative of the Yellow Vests: Macron is Incurable

The following video from French TV shows a panel discussion about the current crisis in France. The featured speaker, Christophe Couderc, represents the Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes).

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   We talk about dialogue. I think that trust has been totally broken, and there is no possibility
00:04   of dialogue with this administration and with this president,
00:08   because he lied to us far too much. He lied in particular
00:12   about the pensions during the presidential campaign. You can have a look on YouTube:
00:16   he went on all the TV shows: “I won’t touch the pensions! I won’t.”
00:20   What did he do? The first thing — he smashed them. And everything is like that. In reality
00:24   this administration and this president were manufactured, and they have a single mission:
00:28   which is the ANNIHILATION of France. So they still can take measures and they can
00:32   always make us believe that they will increase the minimum wage, all while they subtract from
00:36   social security, which is the deferred salary. So voilà, all that.
00:40   I can see very well the turn this so-called “dialogue” will take, and for me it’s total crap,
00:44   and of course, just like all my friends, the
00:48   Yellow Vests of France, I’m calling for the “fifth act” [fifth weekend of rallies] next Saturday
00:52   in Paris, as many people as possible in Paris, peacefully, but we’ll
00:56   have to do that on all weekends from now on,
01:00   and I also think that it would be great if people everyday… —Until achieving what? —Until
01:04   achieving, I think, that Macron is unable to finish this five-year mandate. He cannot finish
01:09   this five years’ mandate, because he betrayed We the People. He wanted to do it all by himself.
01:13   He wanted to bypass all the intermediary bodies [institutions] . He considers himself a monarch
01:16   He has the temerity NOT to address the French people for the last 3 weeks, in the very situation
01:20   France is currently in. Do you imagine for one second that people like
01:24   [Jacques] Chirac, [Nicolas] Sarkozy, or [François] Hollande, our recent presidents,
01:28   would behave this way? What is that supposed to [be]…? He’s adding even more disdain.
01:32   He’s adding more contempt. He still doesn’t get it. —I agree concerning… —So I think…
01:37   A dialogue, a dialogue… —I think that he is INCURABLE. Therefore
01:40   you don’t have a discussion with an incurable.

6 thoughts on “Representative of the Yellow Vests: Macron is Incurable

  1. “I think that he is INCURABLE.
    Therefore you don’t have a discussion with an incurable.”

    I love this !!

    “Incurable” as a severly mentally ill patient.

    This is the France I like to see !!

    • [redacted, misspelled rudeness]

      Trump laughed that off as he continued to promise the wall’s construction, saying “tremendous amounts” of it have already been built.

  2. They vote for that [orifice] , so they have it now , And He loves Merkel too, so that explains everything..

  3. When he says, “We the People” a cold dark acidic secretion spreads from the pituitary gland of every globalist. The virus of fear.

  4. The sad thing is that neither ‘side’ in this contretemps recognizes that this argument is not about freedom vs. socialism. This argument is about who will reap (rape) the producers of wealth. This is not about upholding individual rights, is not about protecting property rights; at the core this is about who gets reamed and who gets the swag.

    It is true that the French ‘common folk’ are getting reamed even more than previously, through direct taxes, indirect taxes (inflation and deficit spending, sources of their social welfare spending) and through EU immigration policy. The solution according to M. Couderc? More deficits, more minimum wage!

    France is lost; without the economic muscle, and the will to maintain its independence, France will not be able to sustain the fight against Islamic invasion. Without societal, cultural, and legal recognition and acceptance of property rights and all that goes with it, it will not have that needed economic muscle.

    La belle France est perdu. C’est plus-que dommage!

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