Giorgia Meloni: “When You Are a Slave, You Serve the Interests of Soros”

Giorgia Meloni is the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. In the following video she directs her remarks to Laura Boldrini, the former President of the Chamber of Deputies, about the UN migration pact (which has since been signed in Marrakesh, but not by Italy).

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   Yes, so, Mr. President, we know that the positions in this chamber,
00:08   especially between us and the left, are very diverse, but I, as always
00:11   shall we say, I would like, if I could just a moment, be a little serious
00:15   when they maintain their own positions, because, you see,
00:18   to maintain positions as my colleague Boldrini has just done,
00:21   to go to the Migration Pact means combatting racism…
00:30   Colleague Boldrini, pardon me, but you, with this statement
00:35   label as racists all the nations that have said no to the Migration Pact.
00:40   Question: Is Israel a racist nation? You tell me,
00:44   because if you maintain that Israel is a racist [unintelligible] I (understand) you
00:48   I (understand) you, and I also respond to Colleague Scalfarotto, because you see,
00:51   Colleague Scalfarotto, I am a little fed up to always hear myself say when I try to
00:56   talk about concrete questions that “You don’t know what you are saying,
00:59   you don’t read, you don’t know how to read.”
01:02   Then I am retarded, go figure, it is a huge problem.
01:06   We don’t know and we never understand anything, OK. But there is a problem,
01:10   Colleague Scalfarotto. What we say in this chamber
01:13   has also been supported by governments in half of the world.
01:18   They have supported… and therefore, nobody reads (it) besides you.
01:21   The governments of half the world, nobody has read the Migration Pact besides you.
01:24   So I because I… like… I am a person who studies,
01:28   because having a retardation problem (from birth), I at least have to study; if not, I’m lost.
01:32   I am a person who studies, and do you know what I say?
01:35   The United States has withdrawn from the Global Pact,
01:40   declaring that in the words of the American ambassador: “Our decisions
01:44   on immigration should always be made by the Americans and only by Americans.”
01:49   Austria, which [unintelligible] at the end of October, declaring:
01:53   “Immigration is not and cannot be a fundamental human right.”
01:58   Just think, the same thing as I understood, but the Austrians and I don’t understand anything.
02:01   Australia says, in the words of the Australian interior minister —
02:05   Australia doesn’t seem to me to be such a racist government:
02:08   “We will not sign any document that is not in our national interests,
02:13   and it is not in our national interests to delegate our policy
02:17   of the protection of our borders to the UN.”
02:21   Poland says, “It is very probable that Poland, (following) the example of others,
02:24   will not take part in the Global Pact because our rules and
02:28   our sovereign principles concerning the protection of our borders
02:32   are a priority.” I say the governments of half the world
02:35   have understood everything… —Honorable Scalfarotto, Honorable Scalfarotto.
02:39   Honorable Meloni. Are you addressing me? Honorable Scalfarotto, …silent because
02:43   you have already (spoken) —We have understood, half the world has understood.
02:48   And the point is? They also understand. They understand well
02:51   that the Migration Pact is exactly that which serves those
02:56   who have used illegal immigration in recent decades to
03:00   crown the grand design of financial speculation
03:05   to deprive the nations and peoples of their identity.
03:09   Because when there are no more roots, you are a slave, and
03:12   when you are a slave, you serve the interests of Soros,
03:15   and these people, unfortunately, look at that, and therefore
03:18   we have read the Migration Pact well, and
03:22   we will continue to ask the government to take a clear position.
03:25   We ask that the government say publicly: “No.”
03:28   It is not enough for us that the government not go to Marrakesh.
03:31   We want a vote in this chamber, and we ask those who share
03:35   with us the defense of (our) identity and borders
03:39   to vote against Italy’s signing onto the Migration Pact.
03:44   I do not understand the position of my friends in the League,
03:48   who also on this order of the day will vote, as I understand it,
03:51   against, but will not vote as they already have,
03:54   because, frankly, it is not very clear, the position of going public to say we are against
03:59   the Global Pact, but not to want to confirm with an official vote
04:04   inside this chamber. I am sorry. We will continue the battle
04:07   to the end because we believe — and I close —
04:10   President Rosato, we believe in a legal, managed immigration,
04:15   based on the interests of the national states. Remember Colleague Scalfarotto when he says that
04:20   the Italians were a people of migrants, that when we immigrated,
04:23   nobody supported us with 37 and a half euros a day.

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  1. Soros must not be criticized or even named by haters. From The Jewish Chronicle:

    Tory MEP Daniel Hannan sparks anger with George Soros comment during BBC Brexit debate

    One Jewish audience member immediately raised his hand to protest

    The Vote Leave campaign founder then used the names of former Labour leader Tony Blair, and Mr Soros, the billionaire who fled the Nazis as a child and went to found the Open Society Foundation. Comments about his influence in global politics are a common and growing antisemitic trope.

    Audience member Richard Phillips told the JC: “I put my hand up and immediately said I knew what the name Soros meant when used in this context. “Nick Robinson then sought to clarify my remarks to the audience suggesting this was actually about accusations of antisemitism. Afterwards two or three people came up to me and told me they agreed with what they said. Although interestingly one individual who I would rather not name turned around and said to me ‘You should not have said that. Daniel Hannan is a great friend of Israel etc.’

    “I then said he had no right to say that to me and I argued that everybody knows what the use of the name Soros means. There is no way Daniel Hannan could not have known what he was saying.”

    • Soros is no more Jewish than he is Hungarian. Ask him. In fact, he was “adopted” by a Hungarian godfather to save him from being sent to the camps – at the request of Soros’ father.

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