The Crap Is Out Of The Bag

The latest op-ed from the popular German columnist Hans Heckel concerns the growing ranks of countries that are refusing to sign the UN’s migration pact (Bulgaria declared against it today, if I’m not mistaken).

Many thanks to JLH for translating this piece from Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung:

The Crap Is Out Of The Bag

How the Austrians are messing up Berlin’s plans; Why foreigners are racists; And why the Italians need to be knocked for a loop.

The Week in Review, with Hans Heckel

November 10, 2018

It’s really annoying. The plan was to be quiet and secret, under the radar: sneak the “Global Pact for a Secure and Regular Immigration” into position with no attention paid publicly. No debating! That would answer questions that can only be answered evasively, if the cat is to be kept in the bag.

Now this plan is in tatters. Is anyone surprised that that it was those devious Austrians again? They pulled the plug, and a flood of unpleasant questions spewed into German public attention.

To be sure, the USA and Australia had already rejected the “Immigration Pact” that was to be signed on December 10th in Marrakesh. Hungary followed suit, and doubts grew in Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia and Switzerland. But who are they really? All rightist populists!

Austria is more complicated. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is considered a fellow party member of the German CDU/CSU. As is Hungary’s Viktor Orbán — at least officially.

Only when Kurz formally rejected the pact did Berlin really get nervous. Then, the first CDU politicians found things a little too hot. The Interior Affairs expert Marian Wendt does not want the federal government to sign the pact. Instead, he asks for a “factual debate.” A “factual debate” — that would be something new. He offers the best of reasons for this daring stroke. Because otherwise the rightist populists would set the tone of the debate. The title of this situation should be: If the “rightists” hadn’t created the opportunity, no one would be asking about it at all.

The Foreign Office under Heiko Maas intends to take the field against “false claims” about the pact. One such false claim is that the pact contains obligations. Well, sure, some persnickety analysts searched the text and turned up the words “obligate” or “obligation” used 87 times. Which, however, in no way obliges Heiko Maas to admit such obligations. And in a sense, he is right. Rather than an obligation, the UN Immigration Pact is more a kind of chute on which the countries of Europe and North America will slowly slide into accepting anyone at all, en masse.

What is the great objective? The late Immigration Commissioner Peter Sutherland divulged it years ago: The national cultures of Europe are to be overcome — that is, semi-hollowed out and flattened (as PAZ reported). Since not everyone wants to hear that, the slide path has been chosen for the Immigration Pact.

It will be crucial to keep the “factual debate” free of critical objections. That’s the way to go. According to the AfD’s constitutional expert Dietrich Murswiek even using the expression “overwhelmed by immigrants” could lead to being accused of anti-constitutional actions. So be careful of what you think out loud, when you have not heard a single German word on the march through your own city district.

Murswiek is consciously over-cautious. “Overwhelmed by immigrants” may still pass. But if so, it doesn’t have to stay that way. Security Chief Hans-Georg Maaßen is finally gone now. Let us hope that someone succeeds to the post who brings the necessary rigor in dealing with deviant analyses of the situation. That, at least, will be the end of talk about “overwhelmed by immigrants” and there will remain only enrichment, diversity and multiculturalism. Or perpetual damnation. Everything could turn out splendidly after the complete annihilation of wrong-thinkers. Unfortunately, our worst enemies in the battle will not give up their ubiquitous racism. We all know who these enemies are — foreigners!

Amis or Hungarians, Poles or Czechs, Russians or Italians, Croats or Danes — wherever things are not German, they are waltzing out of the multiculti dance lines. When will this intractable mob realize that only we are right, and they should take our lead?

They aren’t dissuaded from their shameful course even by the pious activities of worldwide NGOs. In Central America, the group “Pueblo sin Fronteras” (PSF) is vigorously accompanying the so-called “caravan” of immigrants on its way through Mexico. PSF passionately denies being supported by the foundations of US billionaire, George Soros. Soros supports the Democrats and it is a happy coincidence that the “caravan” is popping up in time for the US congressional elections. So President Trump and his Republicans must necessarily look like monsters. Naturally, the US media is awash with pictures of poor immigrant children, familiar to us Germans from 2015. But something has gone wrong. Many Amis reacted differently than hoped and expected. Naturally, they were sympathetic with the people down there. And yet, many too many US citizens were happy to have border controls, and the sense of having them has become clear again in view of the mass immigration.

This was not according to plan — a classic propagandist misfire. PSF is struggling to create the impression of being purely humanitarian and not being such political-ideological shock troops as the Trumpists describe. The name of PSF translates into German as “People without Borders”( inviting comparison with mottos like: do away with all borders; no borders, no nations; no person is illegal; etc.). Were the poor people who went walkabout here cannon-fodder enticed into a political election campaign?

Blah! To prevent any such thoughts, the fight against “hate speech” must be even sharper. But how does it help our German steadfastness if the foreigners out there are increasingly bold in leaving our ranks?

The Italians (yeah, them again) are beginning to create serious problems. Apparently they have had a bellyful of the rule of the euro and will not recognize that mass unemployment, devastated industries and unenforceable regulations are the proof how ordinary Italians have profited from the common currency. The populist demon growing within them says that their own currency, which can be devalued as necessary, would make them more flexible in the world market. The ominous news from Rome now is that a second, national currency is to be established alongside the euro. This would logically prepare the way for the step-by-step, total abandonment of the “project of the century.”

We can only hope that — after expiration of the ultimatum next week — the euro zone will institute the most severe measures. Fortunately, we have in Heiko Maas a Foreign Minister who already demonstrated as Minister of Justice that he shows no mercy to political deviants. In the confrontation with Rome, the social democratic lead diplomat of the Federal Republic will assure that respect and affection for Germany will reach new heights.

14 thoughts on “The Crap Is Out Of The Bag

  1. This looks interesting too, from the same source:

    “A Germany without Germans, a goal of own-country-hating anti-nationalists”

    Deutschland ohne Deutsche
    Die Werbung für mehr Einwanderung birgt bei manchen Protagonisten finstere Ziele gegen das eigene Volk
    Das eigene Land soll untergehen: Anti-AfD-Demonstration in Hannover 2015
    [placard: Deutschland, Du mieses Stueck Scheisse! = Germany, you lousy POS!]

  2. And are the German people buying this? To have a supra-national bureaucracy dictate how many should settle and go on welfare in their country?

  3. It’s called “Communism”…. aka spending other people’s money and taking over all private property….”Theft”.

    • This is slightly off topic, but you reminded me of a play from a small Czech comedy theater group that somehow managed to stay active back in the days despite criticising the regime (perhaps the officials were too dumb to understand the humour, the group is still active today btw, they’re mostly very old guys now, though). In one of their plays, set before the communist era, there’s an old guy that reads the future from his furnace and a wealthy mine owner steps by. Asked about his future, the old guy replies “your mine is going to get stolen from you.” The miner laughs hysterically “mister, do you know what a mine is? It’s a hole in the ground! How is anybody going to steal that?!” Little did he know 😀

      • It also occurs to me that there is a literary-historical backdrop to the name “Ami” namely, according to Wikipedia:

        “Bel Ami is the second novel by French author Guy de Maupassant, published in 1885; an English translation titled Bel Ami, or, The History of a Scoundrel: A Novel first appeared in 1903.”

        It also gained notice as a film in 2012. Although I find no reference to it, I saw a much older film by that name in the 1960s or 70s.

  4. Keep in mind bureaucrats are overpaid, underworked, permanently funded, and totally unaccountable. The bureaucrat has plenty of time, sometimes a lifetime, to pursue their overweening goal: more personal power, influence, and advancement. Jobs in bureaucracy attract leftists and socialists (I repeat myself) because it is a way to accrue power without actually having to accomplish anything.

    I am going to the position that the ploy to open borders is not simply a proposal that is exposed, debated and discarded or accepted. It is a central tenet of the leftist-socialist bureaucrats and will not go away. They can win by exhaustion and they have long lifetimes. It may not fly while Trump is President, but in 2 years or 6 years there will be another President, one who supports a globalist agenda and the use of NATO troops to enforce internal European security.

    It is dangerous to belong to any mega-national organization that has any independent legislative or regulatory powers. What will happen is that the “non-obligatory” obligations will be passed, and then enforced on the weakest members, likely Greece or Italy. In this way, they will step up precedence. The present debacle is not a long-term defeat for the open-borders communists, or a long-term victory for nationalists, certainly not while they’re members of the UN or EU.

    • While you are right in your line of thought, if nothing changes, in “2 years or 6 years” Europe is going to be in the middle of a civil war and then good luck to any bureaucrats, they’re gonna be the first (ok, probably second or third, but high up the list) to fly outta windows.

  5. From my perspective, that banner in the presence of those muslims holding it, is a pleonasm.
    When they hold that banner, it is a pleonasm. The only problem is….if you open…you die fast….if you don’t….we will take care to make you die slow, in extreme pain.

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