We Love the European Lifestyle! We Want the Borders Open!

The following video features interviews with some of the culture-enrichers who have gathered in Bosnia and are attempting to get into Croatia, and thus the EU. From there they hope to make it to (where else?) Germany.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   How are you able to speak German so well? —I lived in Austria for 10 years.
00:09   You are from Afghanistan too? —No, from Pakistan. —Oh, from Pakistan!
00:13   Why are you here now? —I was deported.
00:17   How much does it cost to reach Europe from Bangladesh ? How much money do
00:21   you need? —€9,000 Euro. —€9,000 each? Every person? —Every person.
00:27   Could you imagine going to another country in Europe? Especially because you speak
00:31   German so well? Yes, I might go to Italy.
00:34   Our final destination is Western Europe.
00:38   Do any of you want to go to Germany? —Yes, all of us. —You all want to go to
00:43   Germany? —Why don’t you stay here in Bosnia, for example? That is also a
00:47   possibility, isn’t it? —Bosnia? What are we supposed to do in Bosnia? There’s
00:52   no work here. —How about looking for a better life in China? Or Korea?
00:56   in Asia? Isn’t that an idea?
01:00   Did you work in Austria? —No, I didn’t work. —You were there 10 years? —Yes, 10 years.
01:07   We love the European lifestyle, so we are fleeing there. —The lifestyle, really!?
01:14   The German and the French, the people who live in Germany and France, are they
01:20   happy that you are coming? —Yes, of course. They are happy, yes, of course.
01:25   What was your job and what kind of work would you do in Europe? —Mechanic.
01:29   —Mechanic? —I can work in a hotel or in a restaurant. —Me too.
01:36   —Construction site. Construction worker. —Do you want to help bring your families
01:42   and friends to Germany and France? —Yes, of course. Yes, of course. I want to be with
01:46   my family. —And you want to bring them here to Europe? —That’s right.
01:51   I want to live in Europe. Once I am there, I will try to bring my family here.
02:00   We want the borders open! Good luck, Angela Merkel!
02:05   We love you, Angela! We love you all! —Thank you. Good-bye.

19 thoughts on “We Love the European Lifestyle! We Want the Borders Open!

  1. 9000 Euros = 848,004.61 BDT (Takas). PPP adjusted income per capita is 382,185.86 BDT in Bangladesh. How are these people able to find 9000 Euros? Why is no one on the Left interested in this question?

    • adjusted to my annual income, I would have to raise about 100.000,00 $ just to travel a few thousand miles.
      I leave it to your educated guess if I have those means in the bank or rather not.

    • Likely that the trafficking organisations that have £billions will no doubt fund many of these people, mainly as loans to be paid back by working or by integrating to become to become irritators to those countries that take them in. The whole object is to destabilise the community, to cause as much trouble as they can get away with, to use their ideologies to their advantage, to eventually damage that community, enabling them to worm their way onto the councils and whatever will increase their stance in that country. The traitorous parasites are opening the Gates and the doors with welcome signs. The dogs of war are gathering.

    • I am a working class American who lives in a decent apartment, pays my bills but I have not had $9,000 in my bank account in twenty five years.

      • Berserker: If you haven’t watched Dave Ramsey’s tutorials on budget, etc, I recommend them. The You Tube videos are free.

        For “fun” I took the Pew test for which category our household falls into. I was sure it would be the lower middle class but it turns out, according to Pew, that we’re poor. Who knew?

        Hmmm…maybe I’d better darn my winter socks after all.

        Fortunately, organic oatmeal is cheap and filling. So is canned salmon. All Alaska salmon is wild-caught so it’s a cheap safe protein. Wish I liked mackerel; it’s even cheaper.

    • I lost track of how much money these people get in benefits even before they’re accepted but I suspect a large chunk of this money goes to paying for more friends and family to come.

      People like Soros are funding them too of course but it’s not unreasonable to claim that drug cartels are also financing them in return for transporting drugs either now or later.

  2. What do these culture impoverished morans expect a bum to say? It’s not difficult to understand how the average Jewish conservative saw things in Germany in 1933. He got his family out.

  3. It’s horrible to see these poor wretches , all women and children trying to run away from all those crazy wars in Pakistan and Bangladesh with nothing but brand new smartphones and UN prepaid MasterCards. It was especially touching to see that poor 16-year old boy who lived in Austria for 10 years and never got a chance to become a part of working force, probably due to racism

  4. Good grief! At least this Pakistani is honest about his origins, history and intentions:

    “Did you work in Austria? —No, I didn’t work. —You were there 10 years? —Yes, 10 years.”

    “Do you want to help bring your families and friends to Germany and France? —Yes, of course. Yes, of course. I want to be with
    my family. —And you want to bring them here to Europe? —That’s right. I want to live in Europe. Once I am there, I will try to bring my family here.”

    There is a limit to his honesty, as always. Asked why doesn’t he want to stay in (substantially Muslim) Bosnia he answers: “Bosnia? What are we supposed to do in Bosnia? There’s no work here.”

    Given that he didn’t work in Austria for the decade he was there, his answer should have been: “There’s no welfare payments for me to live off in Bosnia. Germany is richer” He will of course, nonetheless, be officially deemed a “refugee” despite plainly being an (illegal) economic migrant.

    I caught a taxi home from the city last Friday night. My driver’s appearance caused me to ask, casually and politely, as I always do: “Are you Pakistani, Indian or Bangladeshi?” He answered “Pakistani”. Hmm, I must strictly stick to my policy of only hailing cabs driven by Chinese. My standard follow-up question to this answer was “Did you support Zia Al-Haq?” As this was the army general cum president who steered Pakistan into the hard-line Islamic ethos that prevails to this day, it’s a useful question to get one’s bearings. My driver’s answer was a solemn and firm “No. No, I did not.” The trip home was going to be nicer. “Why not?” “Because I am a Christian.” Much nicer.

    My driver informed me that he was the sole Christian in his school class of 70 students and that he was persecuted every single day as a student. Variously physically attacked, verbally abused and confronted with demands that he convert to Islam. I remarked that he was very fortunate to now be in Australia and he agreed. I urged him to spread the word to his Australian passengers about Islam, his reaction was muted: he was obviously afraid to do so because “Australians don’t understand”. It was pretty clear that he had been deeply traumatised and not cut out for the role of proselytising.

    The conversation got around to Asia Bibi, the Christian Pakistani woman who was for eight years on death row for “blasphemy” (she was an agricultural labourer who, on a hot day, drank some water from the same vessel that was used by her Muslim co-workers) and has now been freed. One of her early lawyers was assassinated. The next day I read that Asia’s lawyer had fled Pakistan in fear for his life. The day after that I read that Britain had refused Asia Bibi asylum for fear of “disrupting community cohesion”, ie Britain has submitted to the usual blackmail of its Islamic community.

    So, in the wake of the disgraceful (and hugely portentious) upholding of the “hate speech” conviction of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolf by the European Court of Human Rights (thereby legally entrenching sharia law in the European court system as regards what one cannot say about Mohammed – the mendacious Austrian female judge held that it was factually incorrect to claim that Mohammed was a pedophile for having consummated his marriage to Aisha when she was nine years old because … wait for it … he continued to have a sexual relationship with her until he died nine years later), we now have Britain’s Islamic community effectively dictating Britain’s asylum policy. And not a peep from Britain’s Christian clerical leadership.

    Yesterday I read that the newly appointed head of Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service, one Mr Hill QC, refuses to use the expression “Islamic terrorism”; he prefers to use “Daesh-inspired terrorism” instead! Just imagine how bad things will get if Jeremy Corbyn gets into power.

    • good analysis, but is here anything really new about this welfare migrants ? Not a lot, this was maybe a news 10 to 20 years ago or maybe even 40… What the hell are doing kurz and company in austria ??? Were they not supposed to cut this taxpayers scam ? Or shall we wait all “populist” parties take over in all eu (which unfortunately I do not think will ever happen soon because electoral power does not equals institutional power, or at least is not immediate) without doing nothing at all then ? I understand there will take time to changes all the mess done by the multi-culture fool ideologists, but sometime I think just too slowly. I learnt that we have to wait until the germans change their politicians, like merkel and others, because they have the biggest stake in these zeropean policy decisions. But who said we have all this time to wait until the power shifts for real ?

  5. You love Angela , yes of course they love Her , she allowed them raping young girls and children, How disgusting traitors thus politicians are , I guess she must hate own country and people, Europe You are done , finished , tragedy with no borders, ..

  6. It just keeps getting worse every day. I see no bright spot on the horizon. There are forces at work much greater than we realize that enable these savages to pay their way to Europe from their own s-hole countries.

    I am an American citizen, I work hard, pay my taxes and my bills. It’s very expensive to live in NY so I rarely travel even within the US. Yet these unskilled barbarians seem to be able to afford to travel all over the world with no problem. It absolutely sickens me and I can’t imagine what the native people of Germany, UK, etc. must feel when told that they must accept these invaders who are destroying their culture and civilization.

    • You talk like about a nation overloading with feminized and muslimised sausages. Remember the name ‘Cloud Cukooland’ ?

  7. They are going to Germany to milk the benefits system – and, of course, to undermine the legal system to impose sharia law.

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