AfD: The UN Migration Pact Will Destroy German Sovereignty and the Welfare State

Corinna Miazga is a member of the German parliament for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following video Ms. Miazga discusses the UN migration compact — what it will mean for the national sovereignty of Germany and the rest of Europe.

Unfortunately for Germany, the Bundestag just voted in favor of the migration pact, and Chancellor Merkel will sign it next month in Marrakesh.

The presentation has been broken up into two parts. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Today my topic is the Global Compact on Migration — the whole story.
00:06   I will explain how the so-called migration pact actually abolishes borders,
00:10   the welfare state, and what the agenda behind it is.
00:14   All of these topics, and it will be fascinating, so stayed tuned.
00:23   Leading — Corinna Miazga — A Message from the German Parliament
00:31   The migration pact has already been a topic in the German Parliament
00:35   twice before. This was of course an initiative by the AfD.
00:38   And even the slug-like BILD newspaper has unearthed the topic
00:42   and bothers to report on it by asking the Federal Foreign Office
00:45   a few questions. We’ll cover those as well, but first things first.
00:52   Migration Pact, not Refugee Pact! …That’s still to come.
00:55   As early as March 2018 the European Commission wanted the council of ministers
00:59   to sign the Global Compact on Migration
01:02   in order to govern development co-operations, above all
01:07   to govern migration policies for the entire EU,
01:12   and bind all member states to this agreement.
01:16   I would like to emphasize once again that the Global Compact on Migration
01:21   is about immigration. It has nothing to do
01:26   with the topic of asylum or refugees. This topic has a separate pact,
01:30   called The Global Compact on Refugees,
01:34   and we will have a look at that later. Right now
01:39   we are discussing migration, and not the asylum system or refugees.
01:44   This will become very clear after we take a look at two answers
01:48   the BILD newspaper received from the Federal Foreign Office.
01:53   Let’s have a closer look. BILD asked: Will the Global Pact
01:57   remove the cap set on family reunification that was decided
02:01   by the coalition agreement? The answer was very clear. Foreign Office: No.
02:06   The above-mentioned cap only applies to asylum.
02:12   The migration pact is not about those seeking Asylum.
02:18   Simply put, there is no cap on family reunification in the migration pact.
02:22   When we allow migrants entry, when someone applies for entry,
02:25   then the entire family could come because it a completely separate topic.
02:28   Beneficiaries of protection [a.k.a. asylum seekers] is a term used in the
02:31   asylum system and has nothing to do with the issue of migration.
02:36   The entire situation becomes even clearer when we have a look at
02:39   the answer to the second question posed to the Foreign Office. BILD asked:
02:42   Will the Global Pact treat “Climate Migrants” the same as refugees?
02:45   The answer is very clear. Foreign Office: No. The Global Pact
02:48   does not focus on the legal status of refugees at all.
02:51   Once again, there is a completely separate pact for that, and we will examine it in a few moments.
02:56   This is only about the topic of immigration. Ultimately, this global migration pact
03:02   partially replaces or overwrites existing immigration laws
03:09   on the EU level as well as on the national level. What do you think?
03:15   How early, how swiftly, and more importantly, in what
03:22   detail was the German parliament or better yet the parliamentary members informed about
03:26   the European Commission’s plans? That would have been the best time
03:30   to inform members about the Migration Pact topic.
03:35   Migration Pact = An EU Project!
03:38   Let’s be honest: Given the scope and content of
03:42   the Global Migration Pact, it would have been appropriate
03:47   for the parliamentary groups or their members in the German Bundestag
03:51   to be informed about the essential elements thoroughly,
03:54   but above all in a timely manner. It was omitted, and the reason it was omitted
03:58   was due to the Parliamentary administration’s
04:02   classifying the Global Migration Pact topic under the so-called “B” priority list.
04:07   (The migration pact was deemed insignificant!)
04:12   This might seems a little boring to learn about the inner workings of
04:15   the German Parliament’s administrative process,
04:18   but it is important. All the documents that the European Union produces
04:22   are so varied and extensive that is not possible to process
04:27   all of them. Of course it is important to inform the German parliament about relevant matters.
04:32   So the German parliamentary administration does nothing but prioritize and submit
04:38   such items. However, the members of parliament may be involved
04:45   in the process, and have the right to say, as in this case, that the lowered prioritization for
04:50   the Global Migration Pact was recognized and placed in a parliamentary committee on the “A” list.
04:59   That is exactly what happened. The time around,
05:02   the parliamentary administration did not give the necessary
05:05   importance to the migration pact and placed it on the “B” topic list.
05:09   Here we can see clearly in the document on display.
05:13   We need to thank our resourceful party colleague Martin Hebner,
05:17   who sits with me on the committee for European Affairs.
05:22   We owe it to him that we were finally able to put this topic on the “A” list.
05:26   He knew about this topic from meetings
05:30   of the European Council. From there, he brought the topic
05:34   to our committee agenda and then to the “A” priority list.
05:39   From there in April of 2018 it was presented to the German Parliament.
05:44   The development of the so-called Global Compact
05:49   for Migration, or in German Global Pact for Migration, is now in its final phase.
05:54   It is expected to be signed in 2018 by the German government.
05:59   Just the day before yesterday, this past Tuesday, there was a debate
06:03   and a decision made in the EU parliament.
06:08   In agreement with the Union of CDU/CSU, and I quote, “Migrants and refugees,
06:14   regardless of their legal status, should be accepted,
06:21   and member states are obliged to respect them,
06:25   including the fundamental principle of non-refoulement.”
06:29   — As I told you at the beginning, this was an EU project from the first attempt.
06:33   Regardless of the issue with the prioritization
06:38   or non-prioritization in the German parliament, the question remains:
06:43   Would the Commission, Council of Ministers or
06:48   ultimately the institutions of the EU have the authority to oblige
06:52   member states to sign the Global Migration Pact?
06:56   Yes, they do, and you have the establishment parties to thank for that, especially in Germany.
07:03   Those who signed the agreements for the transfer of our sovereign rights
07:08   to the European Union. What comes to mind
07:13   is the Maastricht Treaty in particular, but also the Lisbon Treaty.
07:17   Two of the most important agreements. This means the EU
07:20   has been legitimized, but it still must operate according to rules.
07:26   Certainly, the hurdle for signing such so-called agreements
07:32   is particularly high because contracts and agreements are legally binding documents.
07:36   That brings us to the field of legislation.
07:41   In the field of legislation there is something called a subsidiary procedure.
07:45   This topic deserves a video of its own, because
07:48   it is fairly complicated. To save time, I will give the short version.
07:53   This agreement that obliges the member states to take in large numbers
07:58   of migrants from non-member countries is NOT
08:03   recognized by the EU as a legal act. This is according to the assessments
08:07   of the responsible departments or ministries.
08:12   We can see that the European Union, in incorrectly classifying
08:17   the Migration Pact by not recognizing it as a legal act, can skillfully
08:23   circumvent all inspection, especially subsidiarity tests
08:28   and deadlines. So it was just by accident that —
08:34   we in the AfD call it a happy coincidence — this document received any attention at all.
08:38   As I said earlier, thanks to our party colleague
08:43   Martin Hebner. But I have good news! The complex plan
08:50   of the EU or the commission failed. At the end of April,
08:58   according to documents from the Federal government of Germany,
09:02   there was no agreement at the ministerial level.
09:07   I can only speculate which neighbors I have to thank for this, and I keep thinking
09:12   of the Visegrad Group. So, thank you, Mr. Orbán,
09:17   and your colleagues. Why couldn’t the ministers of the Council of Ministers
09:21   agree? That could be due to the content
09:25   of the migration pact, and I would like to present that now.
09:29   We will start with an assessment of the Research Services
09:34   of the German Federal Parliament, and I quote as follows: “Through the migration pact,
09:40   all migrants will benefit from same civil, political, economic,
09:46   social and cultural rights to the same extent as its own citizens do.”
09:51   In case that was too abstract, let’s take a look at
09:57   the individual points. The migration pact allows all future migrants
10:02   access to social systems to which they contributed nothing, and
10:07   most likely will not contribute to in the future. In addition,
10:11   the migration pact only mentions the rights of the migrants
10:19   and the obligations of the destination countries. Those countries
10:23   that are obliged to take them will be required to provide
10:26   for them for years as well. Duties of the migrants in regard to
10:30   the countries that accept them and provide them
10:33   with support perhaps for their entire life — are non-existent.
10:39   There is no profile of requirements in terms of integration capacity,
10:45   education or qualifications — as you can find in the 2009 Blue Card EU directive,
10:51   for example. The reason is quite simple.
10:58   The migration pact is not a plan to promote so-called labor migration
11:03   or to recruit professionals from non-member countries.
11:08   It is simply about poverty migration. Blue Card? What did she just say?
11:15   Blue Card? Maybe you just asked yourself that.
11:22   For all those who still claim that the EU has no regulation at the international
11:26   level on the issue of labor migration
11:31   from non-member countries to countries in the EU, you are in for a surprise.
11:36   Since 2009 there has been a directive which is dedicated
11:41   to this topic. This directive has a list of requirements for those migrants
11:45   looking for work in the EU. However, it seems as though
11:50   the requirements were too high. The AfD disagrees, but unfortunately
11:57   the benchmark isn’t being set by the AfD. It is being
12:05   set by groups or parties like the Green Party. This, I could say mockingly,
12:09   is exactly the loophole where the migration pact
12:14   slips through. It applies to all those who are not eligible
12:18   to receive asylum or don’t qualify for receiving a blue card.
12:23   These individuals will now have the so-called “collective” paper,
12:27   the collective agreement, the migration pact, and will soon have
12:30   the legal right to cross our borders. Another important point
12:34   concerning the migration pact is the following:
12:37   The migration pact completely eliminates any potential danger to homeland security
12:41   from immigrant criminality. In addition to that,
12:46   the problems of integration with people from very different cultures
12:53   are not addressed. So I ask you: Is that right? Is migration
13:00   essentially all enrichment, enrichment, enrichment, like a carnival fair
13:04   in heaven, which we can be happy about all the time?
13:07   The BILD newspaper brought up the subject while asking questions
13:12   of the Foreign Office. The answers will give you pause.
13:17   BILD asked: “Why does the Global Migration Pact tell us that migration
13:21   is a source of wealth, innovation and sustainable development?
13:26   The answer from the Foreign Office is as follows:
13:30   The aim of the document is precisely to the promote positive aspects
13:35   of migration and to combat negative ones —
13:40   the optimistic formulation was agreed upon by the 192 states
13:45   involved in the negotiations.
13:51   Did you see that? That is a ruling about language.
13:55   The language rule says, “There are NO PROBLEMS with migration!”
14:00   The BILD newspaper asked a further question:
14:06   The Global Pact does not address the negative effects of migration. Why?
14:13   The answer. Foreign Office: The Pact assumes that migration
14:17   is a worldwide fact that we need to deal with.
14:22   Do you want to know what I think about these two answers, and what they reveal
14:26   about the Foreign Office? We are being taken
14:29   for a ride. You are being fooled. Migration is good;
14:36   migration is never bad. There is not even a hint of ambivalence.
14:44   The agreement has been reached. And now even the media have to pay attention,
14:48   which is the next point. It’s about the media.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   The Migration Pact calls on the media to report on the benefits of immigration
00:06   in terms of “enriching society”. The BILD
00:13   newspaper, for its own interests, wanted to know what this meant, and asked the following question:
00:20   Will the press and other media be censored in their reporting
00:25   because of the Global Pact? According to information, the BILD
00:30   newspaper received the following answer from the Foreign Minister:
00:37   The Global Pact does not change the legal situation in Germany.
00:40   Article 5 of the German constitution guarantees the freedom of
00:43   press and freedom of expression. It states: Censorship is banned.
00:47   The constitutional law is valid unconditionally.
00:50   Super! What a relief; but Mr. Maas, please explain
00:54   the following passage from the Global Migration Pact:
00:59   It states… that public funding or material support of media
01:05   that are systematically intolerant, xenophobic, racist or practice other
01:12   forms of discrimination against migrants will be discontinued.
01:17   I would really be interested in the answer from Mr. Maas and I am
01:22   especially interested in who will decide what is “intolerant, racist and xenophobic”.
01:26   I sure hope it’s not Mrs. Kahane, who belongs to
01:30   a certain foundation which we have learned to appreciate so much these days,
01:34   especially during the federal election campaign.
01:38   It remains to be said, in my estimation, for the time being any journalists
01:42   who dare to hold a critical position on the issue
01:46   of migration should seek new employment in the future other than journalism.
01:52   (Nations Against The Global Compact for Migration)
01:58   The points that I have presented to you are the real reasons why the
02:02   Council of Ministers did not sign the pact
02:05   at the European level. Fortunately, we are also hearing similar criticism
02:10   from abroad and from our European neighbors.
02:16   These include the U.S.A., Australia, Japan, and Israel. Among our European
02:23   neighbors we have, of course, Hungary, Croatia,
02:30   the Czech Republic and Austria. We are expecting similar reactions from
02:35   Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, and also Denmark
02:41   which has recently been very critical on the issues of asylum and refugees.
02:45   Switzerland will certainly not participate in this
02:48   agreement and will dig in its heels. And the AfD is the only
02:53   party in Germany that doesn’t want this, and
02:58   has positioned itself accordingly. Just the fact that Saudi Arabia
03:02   wants to sign this agreement makes it a farce.
03:06   Especially if you consider their record when it comes to human rights.
03:10   We should just take this with a bit of humor.
03:13   Maybe Saudi Arabia just thinks, “We’ll just sign the thing; in the end
03:17   no one actually wants to come to us, anyway.”
03:21   Let’s sum up the facts about the migration pact. One of the most important points
03:26   is that the planning for the migration package
03:32   has been pushed forward for years. Without public awareness,
03:36   and avoiding any form of debate, it has been incrementally
03:40   implemented by organizations that have no democratic legitimacy.
03:45   For example the United Nations, also know as the U.N.,
03:51   is a non-governmental organization. Abbreviated — NGO. The U.N.
03:55   introduced the New York Declaration back in 2016,
04:02   and before that Agenda 2030 in 2015. In addition to that,
04:07   the EU published a very interesting study back in 2010 called
04:13   “Study on the Feasibility of Establishing a Mechanism for the Relocation
04:17   of Beneficiaries of International Protection.”
04:22   This study found that in the already densely populated nation
04:26   of Germany with around 80 million people,
04:31   it still had enough room for 200 MILLION more people. We just need to squoosh together a little.
04:40   The poor French, since they have more space, will have to
04:44   cram in even more. And for every single member state,
04:47   it has already been calculated how much space is available in order to
04:50   squeeze as many “new citizens” in as possible.
04:53   It is important to note that the AfD was the only party that took the initiative
04:57   to bring this migration pact to the awareness of the public.
05:01   This was done in the interest of German citizens as well as to defend
05:05   the German Parliament, which should be the only
05:09   authoritative institution of this nation. Initially we demanded
05:14   an immediate parliamentary debate on the subject in April 2018.
05:19   Then on November 8 we introduced a motion on the subject,
05:25   which was a motion to reject the Migration Pact.
05:32   Are you aware of the reception we received? Let’s have a look. The reactions
05:37   were once again unintentionally amusing.
05:43   A member of the SPD, a woman, her name is Claudia Moll, and she expressed herself as follows:
05:50   I did not attend an academy. My academy was life. —Yes, that explains
05:54   a good deal. —I am beyond ashamed for you.
05:57   I am so absolutely ashamed of you. —Yes, well, I am of you, too!
06:01   This is being broadcast on German television.
06:04   Doesn’t Ms. Moll know that? But that wasn’t all; let’s watch a few more reactions,
06:07   this time from our friends in the Green Party.
06:10   Several petitions have been gauged as profoundly anti-Semitic.
06:14   These petitions need to be made public because they are
06:18   profoundly anti-Semitic, spread conspiracy theories, anti-Semitic…
06:21   I would like to make you aware the nation of Israel
06:24   will not be signing the Global Migration Pact. — Neener-neener!
06:28   Is all I can say! —Whoever votes against this pact is acting
06:32   contrary to the national interests of Germany. Thank you very much.
06:36   Do you know who that was? No, it wasn’t the quota
06:39   token man for the green party, but this is actually a lawyer
06:44   for the Union (CDU). His name is Stephan Harbort, and
06:49   if media reports are correct, he is to be the appointed successor of Mr. Vosskuhle
06:54   on the Federal Constitutional Court in 2020.
06:59   That should be fun! But joking aside — when you place an ideologue
07:03   as judge on the Federal Constitutional Court,
07:07   then you shouldn’t be surprised when ideological rulings are the only result.
07:13   So back to our motion. Of course, it was returned to the committee,
07:17   and that’s where the decision will be probably made after
07:22   the agreement has already been signed in Marrakesh by Ms. Merkel.
07:27   So that’s how it is in politics. It is a bit like soccer, there’s still
07:32   a chance to save the game in the prolongation; instead of just showing their colors and saying
07:36   they agree with the motion by the AfD to reject the Migration Pact. However,
07:41   we all know that would have potentially torn the CDU and the CSU apart.
07:46   And as a thank-you for informing the citizens, the public, and the media
07:50   about this disastrous project, which was shrouded in
07:54   secrecy, and the entire process hidden — we now are being accused by
07:58   ministries and the federal government of creating
08:03   a disinformation campaign. And according to Ms. Merkel, for this
08:09   we should be sanctioned. —We also want to create guidelines
08:16   for dealing with parties that are actively involved in disseminating information
08:20   through their campaigns, and that ultimately means
08:24   considering financial sanctions in such cases as well.
08:28   And there you have it, the Chancellor is pretty much announcing
08:33   the introduction of her Ministry of Truth, and reveals their own desperation.
08:37   She knows for certain that it is only a matter of time
08:40   before all her plans blow up in her face, and then
08:44   she won’t just be leaving her seat as party chairman,
08:47   but the chancellery as well. Since we are on the topic of spreading false information
08:52   and fake news, we should maybe focus on another
08:58   protagonist. Not the colleagues from the AfD, but
09:02   the handsome Mr. Habeck from the Green Party. He recently said
09:05   there is no such thing as a German people/nation. —There is no German people/nation,
09:09   and therefore there can be no betrayal
09:12   of the German people/nation. There is no German people/nation. —We really
09:15   need to ask Mr. Habeck if he has ever had a look at the German constitution,
09:18   or at least had a look at the Reichstag building.
09:21   If he had, then he would know. It is obvious that
09:25   there is a German people and that all of the activities of the German parliament
09:29   and German government, especially the Chancellor,
09:33   work in the service of the German people. Maybe
09:37   the Constitutional Protection Agency should investigate Mr. Habeck
09:40   in the future, based on his statements, instead of the nonsense
09:44   being spread over social media about the AfD. It wouldn’t
09:49   hurt in general to have a word with the Green Party on the topic of
09:53   the German people, especially since they seemed to have lost
09:58   them and have trouble locating them. Then again,
10:01   it could just be that they are looking on the wrong continent.
10:04   Dear Green Party, the German people live in Europe
10:09   as part of the European people, and NOT in Africa.
10:14   Another important aspect is the issue of the binding nature
10:20   of the Global Migration Pact. In the document, it is repeatedly
10:26   underscored through the wording that “we commit ourselves”.
10:30   We really need to determine whether this international treaty involves
10:33   a so-called “Soft Law”, which can become binding. Besides, I must ask
10:39   every reasonable mentally healthy person, why is it
10:45   so important to go to Marrakesh to sign a contract or a piece of paper
10:50   that will never take effect in the end anyway?
10:56   When was the last time you signed a contract that you knew
11:01   wouldn’t be valid anyway? And by the way, when was the last
11:06   time the German government was really concerned about
11:10   the topic of the law, the or rule of law? What about the Dublin Regulation?
11:15   The Maastricht Criteria? These are being violated constantly,
11:18   every single day. Since when are you so concerned with the issue
11:21   of the rule of law and legal validity? That brings me back to the topic of censorship,
11:26   and specifically concerning the AfD petition against
11:32   the migration pact. The petition submitted by the AfD against
11:36   the migration pact was censored by the parliamentary administration,
11:40   because it was never made public. The office of the committee on Petitions
11:44   informed us that our position on this migration pact
11:47   a) favors migration to Western countries and
11:53   b) is capable of blurring their national identities and c) would create
11:59   a multicultural society that d) has never functioned anywhere in the world,
12:05   and we could thereby strain the intercultural dialogue.
12:12   Since we supposedly violated an internal directive,
12:16   the parliamentary administration claimed our petition was not
12:19   permitted to be published. To conclude, we should remember
12:23   what Milton Friedman said: One can either have a welfare state or
12:28   open borders, but certainly not both. In light of that, I must say
12:33   that citizens of this country and citizens of all the other countries
12:39   that sign onto this migration pact should be prepared to say goodbye
12:44   to their social welfare system, if they have one. Ultimately,
12:49   this migration pact will only lead to the borders of countries
12:54   being virtually eliminated. Another wise man named Peter Scholl-Latour
13:00   once said, “The solution must be to fight the causes of migration and not to
13:05   migrate poverty into the western world, because this
13:10   benefits no one.” And of course, like so many things in life,
13:16   this is a long-term project that does not happen overnight.
13:47   Last but not least, this pact lacks any democratic basis. If you, as a German citizen
13:52   who is sovereign, see and understand, as it is also
13:57   enshrined in the constitution, then you should be against this pact
14:02   and especially the manner in which is being introduced.
14:07   Unfortunately, I must also inform you that the establishment parties
14:12   all support this migration pact without exception.
14:17   Even the CDU. Whether under Mrs. Merkel, Mrs. Kramp-Karrenbauer, Mr. Spahn or Mr. Merz.
14:23   Mr. Merz, who incidentally has praised the Green Party recently
14:26   as being potential partners. Every one of them will forge ahead
14:29   with this migration pact. Only the AfD will defend against it,
14:33   and we ask you for your support in this struggle.
14:36   Everything is on the line. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “AfD: The UN Migration Pact Will Destroy German Sovereignty and the Welfare State

  1. In the name of God this is madness! This is simply a global scheme to steal the countries and property of sovereign states and peoples. This is an open Act of War! How and why are we allowing this? Does nobody care any longer?

    We built and worked to form our own cultures and properties but now we are expected to hand it all over to every parasite in the Third World??? Our “crime” is to be European and successful. For God’s sake May is about to sign this into Treaty???? That “woman” is a demon in female form.

    • I, like no doubt many others, have watched for over 40yrs the enslaving supressive regime of the EU. The design of the EU from the beginning in order to have a one European State was firstly to tear away all sovereignty from the joining nations, to engulf them in and under a one order state-verging towards Communism. This UN Migration Pact will likely ensure the complete collapse of Europe.

      I am English and voted to Leave the EU in our referendum. Even though I have worked and lived in Europe I never considered myself continental. If Britain does leave without a deal preferably then we might just have a chance of keeping the hordes out of our Island. For you in Europe I grieve; it is no good saying that something should have been done earlier-the die is cast with such evil leaders, uncaring of their peoples future as there are in Europe.

      • I fear the EU has got the UK by the short and curlies, and that it will get the choice of either crashing out of the EU or else accepting a “deal” in which it is worse off and effectively does not leave. I hope that I am wrong.

        • Honestly, I would go for a crash, johnf. I feel Britain will stand a better chance outside with no deal than inside. It is known what the founders of the EU wanted and have prepared and developed over the past 40 odd yrs, however, a superstate is really not for us so we have to ensure by whichever means that we leave the European Union. Of course, it is quite probable that our Politicians et al have been propositioned with bribes to sway the vote in parliament for rather than against that monstrous agreement thrown at the feet of all Brits as if we are dogs after a bone.

  2. Kill welfare state now and save Germany tomorrow. Invaders will just pack and leave.

  3. Excellent, Corinna Miazga, nothing could be more scarring and or more dangerous to Europe’s future than the UNMigration Pact. Merkle should not be allowed to sign this pact.

  4. As I have already written here variously over time, the destruction of German sovereignty and the welfare state is indeed beneficial for some, contrary to what the “small capitalist” AfD maintain in their apparent naivete.

    Because tens of millions of black and West Asian welfare migrants create Demand on a huge scale for numerous sectors of the German and other advanced economies, with the US already having much experience in catering to failed multiculturalism:

    Demand for apartment and house mortgages, for automobile loans, for white goods loans, for childrens clothing (mean number of children per Nigerian female = 6), for the construction sector; for all landlords and all persons who hold shares in companies in any and all of the aforementioned sectors ; for private fee-paying private charter schools that can extort huge fees from terrified white German parents once the public schools descend to the level of (presumably) NY or Chicago; for private security firms once the German police is so occupied by violent and impulsive non-Europeans looking for bribes in broken rudimentary German that it ceases to function; for IT software and personnel to automate the increasing demand for surveillance as the murder rate rises from currently 1/100,000 through Chicago’s 5/100,000 ( I believe) to e.g. that of Ecuador (10/100,000)

    It has been possible since 2015 to trace occasional statements by German banks on this subject.

    It is however true that overall, the globalists feel no need to deliver an economic rationale for the hijra to dar al-harb, nor are they questioned by the Lügenpresse about it.
    This is why many “experts” do not understand why Merkel has such a loyal following in the Bundestag.

  5. The euro peoples have to rise up now, and overthrow uk gov, merkel, macron, the eussr commie nazis, is there any groups otganising this??

    Afd? Tommy robinson pegida dlfa? Gen identitaire? Le pen NF? Ukip batten?? Trump??? Sweden demcrats??

    It hAs to be stopped!!! Theres been mo vote asking the peoplr if they want sign up to un compact migration treaty???

    This is treason, the euro nations, peoples, must now stop all of this madness,
    Bec se are now being signed up for our extinction, slavery, and white mass murder at hands of leftists, muslims, and africans and third world invaders.

    We knew it all along.

    Merkel still sits in power, signing our death warrants.

    Rise up europe, rise up, go on streets, join enmasse now with all orgs who are against the leftist mob and traitor politicos.

    The eussr are the New NaZi party!!!

    The Time is now or never

  6. This United Nations pact towards German cultural suicide will only continue if not expedite the eradication of German Western Culture. I’m reading about the exodus of ethnic Germans to countries that refuse to participate in their own national destruction. Countries such as Hungary, Poland and I wonder if those countries will allow German ethnic enclaves there or will they be forced to integrate into these other cultures? I have German and Swedish ancestors but they were able to escape in the 19th Century before Europe went into self destruct mode beginning in 1914. I can’t thank them enough.

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