Which Does Marine Le Pen Need More: A Shrink or a Lawyer?

The French government employed a vintage Soviet strategy against Marine Le Pen, the leader of Rassemblement National (National Rally, formerly Front National): they demanded that she undergo a psychiatric evaluation. This came on the heels of her being charged for displaying photos of ISIS atrocities on Twitter, which was in response to someone who compared her party with the Islamic State.

In the following MSM clip from French TV, the interviewer attempts to get Ms. Le Pen to admit that displaying the ISIS photos was indeed likely to stir up hatred.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   I’m being charged for publishing photos of ISIS,
00:04   for answering a journalist who was comparing ISIS
00:08   and the National Rally [National Front]. I found this contemptible! I therefore said this is ISIS
00:13   [in the photos], and I’m being charged. Following that [act] they want to make me undergo a
00:16   psychiatric evaluation. —There as well you were charged, because you published…
00:19   I publish the psychiatric evaluation, to point it out to the French people, because I think
00:22   it’s not absolutely insignificant that the leader of the main
00:25   opposition party in France is forced to undergo
00:28   a psychiatric evaluation. And I’m being charged for publishing the psychiatric evaluation!
00:32   Marine… Marine Le Pen. —Don’t you have a feeling that there’s harassment?! —Do you
00:35   understand, though, that a quidam [a nobody] could perhaps publish, PERHAPS, the pictures
00:41   of ISIS, but you? You have, responsibilities, though…
00:45   You are being watched, I mean. —I have no right to denounce ISIS?
00:49   I have no right to show the reality? —Yes, but isn’t it stirring up hatred, precisely, when
00:53   publishing a picture? No, it’s a question that is being asked. —Well, I take responsibility,
00:57   I mean, if it’s about pushing our countrymen to hate
01:01   this barbarian organization, I totally take responsibility.
01:05   It’s not a problem for me at all. But at some point we have to get back on our feet, though,
01:09   all right? and find out, where Good and Evil are, all right?
01:13   And if we don’t dare say what Evil is, then we cannot combat it
01:17   successfully. So I’m saying: “the Evil is ISIS”, and for that I’m the one
01:22   who is being charged. But do you know that it shocked the foreign media?
01:26   In Germany, in the UK, in the US
01:30   they fell off their chairs, asking, how can you charge a political representative
01:34   for denouncing the actions of ISIS?
01:38   Nobody can understand that.

8 thoughts on “Which Does Marine Le Pen Need More: A Shrink or a Lawyer?

  1. “in the UK (…) they fell off their chairs, asking, how can you charge a political representative for denouncing the actions of ISIS?”

    … and then they remembered that in the UK, you can charge, and incarcerate, a journalist for denouncing organized child sex slavery… and sank quietly into their soft cushions again… burning with shame.

  2. Typical of Soviet Socialist regimes, that Europe has now become. I warned of this twenty years ago. Read Solzhenitsyn’s experiences in the gulags. Next step is mass incarceration and mass murder of dissidents. Tommy is but the first of millions. Many of us are now regarded as mentally ill because we don’t buy into the EUSSR claptrap. I have even heard David Cameron accuse us “Brexiteers” of being insane. That is always how it starts.

    People do not want to live in and experience the Socialist “Paradise” thankyou and so the elite look for reasons why we refuse to see matters their way. So out comes the accusations of insanity. A very old Soviet style ploy and don’t forget the enforced anti-psychotic drugs they will use to enforce compliance. God I hate the Left and everything it stands for-pure evil.

  3. Perhaps we should ban photos of Holocaust victims, as it could stir up hatred against Nazis?

    • “Founded in 1984, the Dallas Holocaust Museum/Center for Education and Tolerance is dedicated to teaching the history of the Holocaust and advancing human rights to combat prejudice, hatred and indifference. ”

      Question: do you hate Nazis?

    • Addendum to my earlier post: my question was directed at the Holocaust Museum, not at “anonymous”.

  4. I have maintained for a long time that entertainers should not be evaluated on their political opinions. Their purpose is to attract interest, not to provide reasoned analysis. Yet, the resolution comes under some pressure when the entertainer is in the situation of playing a newscaster or news reader.

    The interviewer has not a clue as to the substance of the conversation she’s in, but her clothes, makeup, and stance are immaculate.

    The William Hurt character in the movie “Broadcast News”, who plays the entertaining but shallow news anchor, is a model of virtue and rectitude compared to the abominably ignorant and shallow “news” people of today’s main stream media. The Albert Brooks character, who represents the real reporter, would not be found in the corporate news organizations at all, but would be out on a shoestring with his own YouTube channel, constantly looking over his shoulder for arbitrary banning by YouTube.

    I don’t think there’s any argument that the population as a whole has dumbed down in the past two centuries. One need only reflect on the fact that the Federalist Papers, and the anti-Federalist papers, were actually debates published in the newspapers of the day. Can anyone imagine this sort of rhetoric and depth of logic being published in any mainstream newspaper today?

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