A Vote for the Greens is a Vote for the Abolition of Germany

The video compilation below is a sardonic response to idiotic remarks made on German TV by a politician from the Greens.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Dumbland votes for: Alliance 90/The Greens — The immigration report shows
00:04   immigration to Germany as a success story. With 1.2 million immigrants,
00:12   as a modern country we profit from it! We profit from the fact that people come here
00:18   and contribute to our economic success.
00:22   Particularly conspicuous are 50 youths from Morocco and Algeria,
00:26   especially North African criminal groups.
00:34   “The police have nothing to say here.”
00:38   In the beginning, it was just handbag theft, robberies…” Hey, f*** you! Hey!”
00:47   In the last six months crime has exploded. Here we have drug dealers and pickpockets.
00:51   They steal anything they get their fingers on.
00:55   We arrest the same people a second, third, and fourth time
00:58   and they’re released sooner than our shifts are over.
01:02   Especially in those cities with many immigrants, like Stuttgart, Frankfurt — they are BOOMING!
01:17   More than 50 percent of the criminals, according to the Casablanca analysis, come from Morocco.
01:22   To be repatriated to their homeland, these criminals need to be convicted to a minimum
01:26   three-year prison sentence — in theory. In the first half of last year alone, 5,500
01:38   North African criminals required deportation. The actual number deported was 53. Most of them
01:46   disappeared and could not be discovered by police.
01:51   To put it simply, after the result of today’s report, these immigrants will be paying the pensions
01:55   of those protesting in the streets of Dresden against immigration and Asylum seekers.

14 thoughts on “A Vote for the Greens is a Vote for the Abolition of Germany

  1. From one disaster ( Merkel) to another big disaster Islamic Greens !!, Germany wake Up !!!, they destroying Your land and Europe in the same time ..

    • Greens are worse than Merkel. Far worse… full-flung Generation 1968 west-haters, aiming for nothing less than the destruction of our civilisation. There’s no comparison.

    • Rconquista, we’ll likely never know. Can such distinctions on the basis of national origin be known ? In any case, for many in Germany, to make this distinction would be entirely non-pc: they define being German, if they’ve thought about it at all, merely on the basis of passport.

  2. So far no German analyst has addressed the question of whether the vote for the Greens to the detriment of the SPD is merely or mainly Erdogan-loving Turks who have the vote in Germany shifting their allegiance. Because the SPD used to be the favoured party of German Turks.

    • Possible. The Greens’ co-leader was (is?) a German Turk by the name of Cem Ozdemir.

    • nothing to worry about:the ones with a right to vote are statistically a quantité négligeable.

      • @Herb and Joe Creho:

        it is not true that the Turk vote in German elections is trivial. SPIEGEL carried a story after 2003 that Chancellor Schröder had not got Germany overtly involved in the US invasion of Iraq in that year because of how it would badly affect the German Turk vote for the SPD.

        I have always been pleasantly astonished how one can analyse US election results (even though routinely faked since the introduction of non-auditable computerised voting machines ) by seemingly any demographic: black, white, hispanic, income, rural, urban… how is this possible, given voting anonymity? are exit polls with interviews used to generate such information?

        But for Germany, I have the impression that one only gets told which voters shift from one party to another, e.g. 400,000 Linke voters moved to the AfD at last Federal election.

        So for Germany, I don’t know if demographic-type voter data are available or even collected.

  3. At least some of the new Greens votes have to arise from disaffection with SPD no longer being perceived as left enough.

  4. Merkel MUST Go NOW! Not on 3 years […]. She must be arrested and held in jail, who […] is still voting for this nazi woman and her nazi accomplices???

    Merkel has destroyed Germany!

  5. All the green female politicians are dreadful – well, the males as well, but she is special. Especially sanctimonous and stupid.

  6. Something much more ominous came to the light of the day with these local elections in Bavaria and Hesse. Aside from the fact that out of those numbers who went out and voted against current regime which they obviously did, although still not enough to change things, is the number of those who skipped voting and this pretense of democracy altogether. Huge number of people who feel, correctly if you ask me , that they have no dog in the race. Who feel disenfranchised from the whole dog and pony show. Many times you can hear(learn) things from observing “silence”. It speaks louder than words

  7. I’ve actually misspoke before by saying voter turnout was low. It was actually quite high. I guess nothing really at this point can stop this train called Germany from going where it looks like it’s going. And only God knows what Mutti Merkel has left in her bag of “goodies” as a parting gift for Germany and Europe as a whole. I’m sure it will be breathtaking.

  8. 1870 Germany attacks France
    1914 Germany attacks Europe
    1939 Germany attacks the world
    2018 Germany commits suicide
    I’ve read this plot somewhere

  9. 01:51 To put it simply, after the result of today’s report, these immigrants will be paying the pensions
    01:55 of those protesting in the streets of Dresden against immigration and Asylum seekers.

    Well in a democracy couldn’t they (immigrants) just vote to elect people who will not pay their (elderly) pensions? That would be like a reverse jizya.

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