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    • He still does not look at full strength, even if he says he’s rarin’ to go.

      Look, Tommy is not the most articulate of men, he is not the most insightful or knowledgeable of people. But I think he has remarkable courage, is a man of integrity, and shoots straight. In other words, he has no future in politics.

  1. Nearly scared to write this….But, I know he tells the truth. I live in ENGLAND and we are right to be English and so are the Welsh, cool to be Welsh..and so to the Scots, good on ya! And do not forget Our Irish friends. We have no problem with each other. The Supposed Elite are trying to make us weak by diminishing our strength.

    We know what is going on, or at least try and raise the alarm. I live in hope…maybe the tide is turning?

  2. Thank you for posting this. He’s an amazing man, and more fearless than I can even believe. I hope that more Americans learn about him.

  3. Tactically I think it’s a worthwhile plan to make the authorities and media defend themselves in court. He may not win, but it will certainly make them more careful in what they say about Tommy and how they treat him in the future. The authorities have hit him repeatedly with legal action. Be good to turn the tables make them explain and justify their actions in front of the public.

  4. While I understand why Tommy wants to let his followers know what his plans are, he is simultaneously giving his enemies a heads up, which gives them the opportunity to strategize more then they have already done. I also think that it’s unwise of him to talk about monetary amounts, because his enemies will just find ways to make that money run out sooner than later. I realize that it’s always a balancing act for Tommy. He has to stay in touch with his followers, but giving away too much information could hurt him more then he already has been. I urge Tommy to exercise caution when making these videos. To his enemies, Tommy’s even more dangerous because the world knows about him. Why give those evil people trying to silence and destroy his life, the advantage of knowing what his plans are? I hope that GOV gives Tommy some important advice, and urge him to apply the principle of loose lips sink ships.

    • I believe he mentioned that his lawyers were sending out letters of notifications that same day, or the next day. So it’s not much of a heads-up, even assuming that everyone at the BBC legal department watches Tommy Robinson videos the moment they come online, and is willing to admit it to his boss.

      What I found encouraging was the amount of money he was able to raise. It seems he got hundreds of thousands of pounds, which speaks to the level of international support he’s earned.

  5. The police are currently investigating 420 (yes, 420) suspects in the Rotherham (UK) Muslim paedophile rape-gang case. Tommy’s money would be better spent on funding compensation claims for the victims of the British establishment’s wilful failure in their duty of care.

    • As important as it is that those victims receive compensation it’s a separate issue from that of defending Tommy, to which so many donated. But if Tommy proves successful in this, the grooming gang victims will be in a better position for launching their claims.

      By taking on the police, the media, and the prison authorities Tommy is fighting back against a system that is determined to silence him. Let’s hope that he successfully sues them all so that several precedents are set. In the future these would be hugely advantageous to both Tommy and others of his ilk who dare to speak out on verboten subjects, especially relating to Islam. The authorities and media might then act with a good deal more care than we’ve witnessed so far in their treatment of Tommy.

      If Tommy is successful it would also help open up the way for compensation claims for the Muslim grooming gang victims. Those girls deserve financial recompense for the horrors they suffered while social workers, teachers, police, and local council officials failed abjectly in their duties.

  6. We are wasting precious time.

    Islam has killed tens of millions of Christians, Jews and Hindus. God won at the Gates of Vienna in 1529 and 1683. God won in America in 2016. These were not expected victories. They belonged to God We cannot expect to get out of this alive but we can at least get out of this with the reputation that we are God’s people. People who love their children, families, Churches and Communities.

    We need to close schools and put traitors in prison. We need to put those who wish to use Democracy against us in Prison on the basis that they committed voter fraud. They did not use Democracy against us; they indoctrinated our children to hate their families, their Churches and their communities. Arresting them will cost us lives. Our lives as well as others but at least future generations will be able to say, “This was their Finest Hour!”

    The Courts are more of the same farce. Lawyers, Judges and Politicians are the most indoctrinated of our societies. Lawyers hare at the forefront of deception. To them Saul Alinsky is a hero. They are deception on steroids.

    Stop wasting time.

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