Geert Wilders: “Where is the Outrage Here in Parliament About the Loss of Our Country?”

The following video shows excerpts from Geert Wilders’ remarks during the recent debate in the Dutch parliament about the budget memorandum.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The complete debate is available on the PVV’s channel (subtitled in English, different translator).

Video transcript of the excerpt:

00:00   Madame Speaker, what Dutch people also deserve, is that the Netherlands remain the Netherlands.
00:07   That our beautiful country not be given away by the followers of the multicultural society.
00:14   That islam be pushed back.
00:17   That we don’t serve up the Netherlands on a tray to opportunists, to all comers.
00:25   We see it every day, that lying and cheating asylum seekers are given a residence permit.
00:33   We see it every day. That years of open borders result in more islamization.
00:40   That our sovereignty, our identity are flushed down the drain.
00:44   The Netherlands is no longer the Netherlands.
00:48   And I’ve warned about this, Madame Speaker. I warned about this.
00:55   Fourteen years ago I left the VVD. For many reasons.
01:01   But an important reason was that that party wanted to start negotiations with Turkey,
01:07   as the Netherlands, as EU, to make Turkey member of that EU.
01:12   An historical mistake that I didn’t want to take responsibility for.
01:16   And I said it then in 2004, and I say it now. Turkey is an enemy of Europe.
01:21   An islamic dictatorship under the leadership of a very dangerous man called Erdogan.
01:26   And many Turks in the Netherlands support him, vote for him, even.
01:30   And also the cabinet is trying to be friends with the regime of that man
01:34   who only last year called our people fascists and Nazis.
01:38   Madame Speaker, fourteen years ago, from this same lectern, I asked for mosques to be shut down.
01:45   Like the al-Tawheed mosque in Amsterdam, and the al-Fourqaan mosque
01:49   in Eindhoven, and so many other hate-palaces.
01:52   And I’ve warned parliament. I’ve participated in countless debates,
01:57   filed questions, but nothing happened.
02:01   And now it has come to light that the al-Tawheed mosque housed ISIS fighters, and terrorists.
02:07   The al-Fourqaan mosque allegedly financed the terrorist organization al-Shabaab.
02:12   And Madame Speaker, almost every day, for the last fourteen years,
02:16   I warned about the terrible dangers of islam.
02:20   It cost me my personal freedom, for almost fourteen years.
02:24   I warned with conviction for the consequences of open borders, of immigration.
02:32   Our party had reports written about the costs.
02:36   And, Madame Speaker, the conclusion is that islam does not belong to the Netherlands.
02:42   That islam equals loss of freedom, intolerance, hate and terror.
02:49   I had already said it, but nobody listened. And in all those years,
02:54   all but nothing has been done to stop this islamization.
03:00   Not a single mosque was closed. Not a single imam was deported.
03:04   No funding from abroad was blocked. The borders weren’t closed.
03:09   Nothing was done at all. Quite the opposite, islamization has only been facilitated more.
03:15   The financing of mosques by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states has even been
03:19   covered up for years, brushed under the carpet.
03:22   And the government looks the other way, when it is preached in a mosque in Tilburg
03:26   that anyone who does not see sharia as the one and only legitimate legislation is an apostate.
03:32   Who should be put to death. That’s being said in a mosque in Tilburg!
03:35   And the response is silence when a preacher in Utrecht says
03:40   that stoning adulterers and throwing them from rooftops is good for society.
03:46   This is being said in a mosque in Utrecht, and nobody does anything.
03:49   Everybody thinks, well, OK, let him say that.
03:52   Terrorists, Madame Speaker, those who went to Syria. This government
03:56   lets them return to the Netherlands just like that.
03:59   How foolish can you be? How many times did we warn about this?
04:04   And thousands of jihadists, and their sympathisers, are freely roaming our streets.
04:11   And, because of open borders, tens of thousands
04:14   can enter our country to commit terrorist acts here.
04:17   We warned about this a thousand times. How in heaven’s name is it possible that this still happens?
04:24   And now, Madame Speaker, it has become known that the Dutch government
04:29   even actively supports terrorist groups in Syria, despite our request not to do this.
04:34   How is it possible that we, or you, as the Dutch government, supports terrorists in Syria?
04:40   [government] Rutte III turns out to be Terror I.
04:44   The terrorists’ biggest friends are sitting over there, in the K section.
04:47   And Madame Speaker, almost every week, innocent people are stabbed in Europe, by muslims.
04:56   I’ve lost track of the number of attacks in Europe by followers of islam
05:00   over the last ten years, let alone the number of innocent victims.
05:05   And nobody does anything. More islam is being imported every day.
05:12   And I say to everybody in section K, and all the others who’ve stuck their heads in the sand:
05:18   You bunch of weaklings! You bunch of weaklings!
05:22   Your PC inactivity has brought the Netherlands nothing but trouble.
05:26   Because you’re afraid of so-called politically incorrect but firm measures.
05:31   Because you have no guts, the Netherlands, the Dutch, are in danger. While they long for security.
05:41   And let’s be honest Madame Speaker. Who asked for so much islam in this country?
05:47   Who ever asked for one million muslims? For almost 500 mosques? For halal slaughter?
05:54   For an uncountable number of headscarves in streets and shops, for islamic terror?
05:58   For Moroccan street terror? For tens of thousands of asylum seekers every year?
06:02   For billions of expenditure on foreigners, for open borders?
06:06   Who in the Netherlands ever asked for that?
06:11   And Madame Speaker, when the issue is abolishing that dividend tax,
06:14   which wasn’t in any party program either,
06:17   then there’s somebody here [at this lectern], and rightly so,
06:21   to ask where the secret memos are; are there mysterious letters?
06:25   But remind me, in what election program did it say we’re going to give away the Netherlands?
06:31   And where is the outrage here in parliament about the loss of our country?
06:38   It seems to me no Dutch citizen asked for the loss of our country, but still it happens.
06:45   But what kind of fake democracy are we living in if something happens that,
06:50   in the end, absolutely nobody in this country wants?
06:56   Madame Speaker, a while ago I had the honor to visit Urk. A wonderful Dutch community.
07:05   With an impressive monument of a fisherman’s wife who lost her loved one at sea.
07:11   Unveiled exactly a century ago this year, by our then Queen Juliana.
07:18   Hundreds of names of fathers and sons who gave their lives for their families.
07:23   The real heroes of Urk. But, Madame Speaker, also the real heroes of the Netherlands.
07:28   And these kinds of men have made our country great and prosperous.
07:33   But I wonder, for what did they die?
07:38   For what did all those generations toil, struggle and suffer?
07:44   For what did also our parents work with blood, sweat and tears?
07:49   Not, I hope, to throw away our country and prosperity?
07:53   Not, I hope, to make our country an ATM for muslims? Not, I hope, to import islamic terror?
08:01   Not, I hope, to let the Netherlands be a province of the EU?
08:05   No, Madame Speaker, they toiled because they wanted the Netherlands
08:09   to become more beautiful and better, and because
08:12   they wanted to leave their children and grandchildren a better and more beautiful country.
08:18   And look what the PM did with this fantastic heritage! He threw it away,
08:22   he squandered it with his open borders.
08:26   Dutch people, many people who are watching now, feel less and less at home.
08:34   They feel more and more like strangers in their own country.
08:39   Madame Speaker, the Netherlands isn’t the Netherlands anymore.
08:43   In our three major cities, of young people under 25 the majority are non-Western.
08:50   In Amsterdam, our capital, just one in three young people under 15 is of Dutch descent.
08:59   It won’t take long before we ourselves will have to integrate into our own country.
09:05   And Madame Speaker, meanwhile, as if that weren’t enough, Mr Rutte
09:09   let 400,000 non-Western immigrants into the country over the last five years.
09:17   Often people who harbor anti-Western sentiments. 400,000 non-Western immigrants
09:22   Mr Rutte let in over the last five years.
09:27   That’s a city as large as Utrecht with only non-Western immigrants.
09:32   Have you gone totally mad, Prime Minister Rutte?
09:35   What is the purpose of facilitating this invasion? And Madame Speaker,
09:40   it only gets worse in the coming decades.
09:43   Because the population of Africa is exploding, and the consequences
09:48   for the Dutch people will be dramatic.
09:51   The population of Africa will grow from one billion people now
09:55   to four billion Africans by the end of the century, according to the UN.
10:00   And many of them will of course want to come to Europe. And many will be from islamic countries.
10:07   And partly because of this prime minister’s policy, the Netherlands
10:11   has let itself become one of the most popular destinations for opportunists.
10:14   Madame Speaker, you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to see
10:18   that this would mean the end of Europe, the end of the Netherlands.
10:22   If we let that happen, we will become that minority in our own country.
10:27   And many people know exactly what I’m talking about.
10:31   Because many people, especially in our large cities, already feel like a minority
10:36   in their own streets or neighborhoods.
10:39   And therefore, Madame Speaker, if we want the Netherlands to remain the Netherlands,
10:43   that the Netherlands will belong to the Dutch again,
10:46   then it’s time for serious measures, for big steps.
10:49   Then we’ll have to start to get out of that totalitarian EU a.s.a.p., and,
10:54   as a sovereign country, become masters of our own borders again.
11:00   Our own immigration policy. So we can close the borders to asylum seekers
11:04   and immigrants from islamic countries.
11:07   But the most important thing, Madame Speaker, is that we have to de-islamize our country.

7 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: “Where is the Outrage Here in Parliament About the Loss of Our Country?”

  1. How, indeed, can ANY nation’s government call itself “democratic,” when the least-tolerant, most oppressive and most murderous group on Earth is invited to invade, given aid as it positions itself to wreck that nation’s social and political framework and impose its own totalitarian tyranny over the resulting chaos, and even afforded protection from the FREE SPEECH of that nation’s patriots, simply because it claims (thinly but stubbornly) to be a religion?

    • Good question. One that de Tocqueville also brought up, though in a different context:

      Democracy in America, Volume I and II

      Reading his two books, you realize how right he was about the dangers of “universal” suffrage – and he wasn’t even considering women when he said (more or less) that the danger in “democracy” lay in people eventually voting themselves total access to the treasury. In other words, the welfare state is the condition to which democracy will devolve. Europe has proved him right in country after country; able-bodied men and childless women become dependents of the state.

  2. Is it as simple as Europe’s bigwigs, like Rutte, having been bought by Saudi and Gulf States’ money? Never underestimate what motivates the powerful.

    • I believe that’s EXACTLY what’s been happening. Also, I think that if a political “leader” rejects that bribe, he or she is told to either leave office, or live in fear of assassination for self and family for the rest of their life.

  3. Right on Joe! Democracy ceases to exist when citizens are not allowed to vote or decide upon pertinent issues like border control and immigration. Votes are the new currency. Term limits could go a long way in nulling one’s ability to stay in power indefinitely. Democracy has been sold out for votes in Westen countries!!! The best interests of a sovereign nation has been kicked to the curb! Unless indigenous people & legitimate citizens riot the streets in protest, all may be lost in a decade or two… especially in Europe, Canada, and Australia!

    • And how are you going to get the passive, controlled, over-regulated, feminized population of Western Europe to riot?

      Trying to look objectively, the best hope seems to be that the Muslims will overplay their hand and try to overtly assert control prematurely and trigger a response by those Europeans still able to assert their own interests.

      The biggest danger in that approach would be the intervention of the EU military or NATO on the pretext of protecting civilians. Any EU military would be a cut-out for German forces, but the German government isn’t about to send German troops as such into other European countries…at least, not yet.

  4. The perceptive know and understand that knowledge and work devoted to Lord Almighty avail. Otherwise Satan rules. Media has deprived people understanding the reality of truth. The world is a sinking ship, escape cities with your family into self sufficient small communities in the countrysides” or else the ship is doomed.

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