Denmark Leads a Paradigm Shift in Western Europe

Scandinavia is [in]famously fractured. The deep divisions are becoming more apparent by the week.

Now comes Dr. Turley to describe a surprising move by the Danes to consciously re-create a more cohesively Christian cultural outlook:

Even though polarized and secular Sweden is just across the bridge from Copenhagen, it might as well be on a different planet. It’s difficult to picture the Integrate-or-Leave program Denmark is setting up for those immigrants receiving state benefits ever filtering over to multi-culti Sweden.

[Poor Sweden — or rather it will be poor and increasingly lawless unless there are robust policy changes that allow it to move into the 21st century. Yes, I know: about as likely as it is that Minnesota might suddenly become reality-based. Both Minnesota and Sweden share the shmoo gene. That’s the fN gene — not just “nice” but fatallyNice. Can you say “cloud cuckoo land”?]

I doubt this move toward a more Christian-based culture will threaten Danish atheists/agnostics because it is clearly being led by their Queen, Margrethe II. Besides, a culture based on “Christian ideals” is not the same at all as a “Christ-centered culture” — which would lead, eventually to a theocracy of another sort. In her autobiography, M II revealed her personal regrets regarding the ways in which Denmark failed to limit immigration and then failed again to integrate into Danish culture those aliens who did arrive. As I recall, she labeled her own behavior as “lazy”.

Ahead of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 theses nailed on the door of the Wittenberg church, the Queen, the titular head of Denmark’s Lutheran state Church, traveled to Germany to participate in the celebrations. She planted a flowering ash tree in the church garden and donated her own needlework (a year-long project) to the newly renovated Castle Church. Scroll down the page to see images of the beautiful antependium she designed herself and then embroidered for the altar. Notice the white rose, an especially meaningful symbol of Lutheranism: it was used by the group of Germans, including the martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who rebelled against Hitler. As usual, the Daily Mail has the best pictures of her work and of the church.

I don’t agree with some of the details in Denmark’s enculturation project. For optimal outcomes — i.e., cheerful, creative and compliant children — mothers and infants/toddlers to age three are best not separated in order to avoid attachment disorders. Indeed, if anything, these mothers need as much “culture” as their children do, if not more. A wiser alternative would be to make attendance for mothers compulsory also, thus removing the burden of responsibility from the women’s shoulders. Their excuse to their compatriots? “I’m doing it for the money”.

[I wonder what Nicolai Sennels had to say about this mother/child separation? I find his ideas about developmental psychology to parallel my own, so if anyone has a link to his thoughts on this project by the Danish government please leave it in the comments. I’ll bet his reservations about this plan are much the same as mine. Unless, of course, the Danish “secret plan” is to chase as many immigrants as possible over the bridge. Just sayin’…]

45 thoughts on “Denmark Leads a Paradigm Shift in Western Europe

  1. Great, and after we reestablish big families, and get rid of the declining population problem, I wonder if its gonna be the Christianity that follows Jesus Christ, with Sabbaths and Passovers, and bread and wine, or if it’s gonna be the other Christianity, with Sundays and Easter eggs, biscuits and the Yule?

    • Many families celebrate both religious and secular versions of their religion. So the Christianity which wants to follow Jesus Christ with Sundays and Holy Days (Sabbaths and Passovers being Jewish observances as are dreidls at Channukah) aren’t incompatible with Easter eggs and Yule cakes (French and English), not to mention Christmas trees (German), and Santa Claus (Dutch and Flemish). Stockings, anyone?

      Not sure about those biscuits, though. In the southern U.S. biscuits are a staple food – stuffed with ham or sausage and eggs. McDonald’s serves a version of this breakfast.

      I used to love St.Lucy’s Day celebrations in Sweden before it all went haywire. No doubt some immigrant yout’ (male at that) will wear the crown of candles…just before he sets everyone ablaze.

      Please, B.S., lighten up.

      • Yea well I am trying to lighten up, I just don’t understand how can people claim that they are “Christians”, but not say a word about Jesus Christ and observe different holidays than Jesus Christ: I am pretty sure Jesus kept the Sabbath holy, and celebrated the Passover – not the Easters, Christmas, and Sundays and so on.

        He even celebrated the Passover on a different day than the Jews.

        It all boils down to that I value my “religious” freedom, and am afraid of getting back to mandatory festival attendance and jailtime for different beliefs.

        My guess is that the Muslims are just a vehicle to get rid of our religious freedoms. What else are millions of incompatible religious believers good for, but to destroy the freedoms of movement and religion that we enjoyed in Europe so far?

        PS: This is, I believe, the Bible talking about Christmas:

      • Well, it may come to that when all other solutions have failed but it will be a crusade within Europe, not without.

          • We saw an attempt in Bosnia but it was not a united pan Eutopean one. In fact is was European and and US forces that that came to the ‘rescue’ of the Bosniaks who were being armed by the Muslim world, particularly Pakistan, as they continued their eternal jihad.

            From my perspective it was a time of suicidal infamy on our part in the West and for which we continue to pay the price as our ethnic cleansing continues and the establishment of a Euro-Caliphate draws nearer.

    • They are just doing what they do. Kind of hard to blame a snake for being a snake. I am more interested in obstructing and destroying PC snowflake & leftist/multiculti culture. Attacking them with ridicule and humor certainly works. But the root of their power is their control over the education system from kindergarten through university.

      I don’t pretend to know the answers; too many interrelated problems. Homeschooling helps but isn’t the answer for most who have to work multiple jobs for economic survival. Delegitimizing the value of a college education is a step in the right direction but has a long way to go before it becomes mainstream.

      • I agree with you regarding the obstacles we face but it’s important to remember the sudden (to us) changes that have been happening in the last few years. The return of “culturalism”, the world-wide revaluing of one’s own folk group – who’d have thought some of the reversals of policies we’ve seen would ever happened?

        Not to say we don’t have a long way to go, but it’s vital to celebrate what has taken place so far.

        • Dr Turley has such an engaging personality and his positivity – it makes a nice change from the doom-mongers. It’s interesting that this rise of Christianity is occurring as predicted in Spengler’s great work…

  2. Off topic Dymphna – apologies and I hope for forgiveness: You may recall a while back I referred to an article in the local (Dewsbury) newspaper The Press that I thought you may find interesting. This week’s copy (Sept 21st) provides more food for thought – publisher Danny Lockwood was arrested and spent hours in police custody and questioned about ‘hate crimes’…

    • Thanks for the ‘off topic’ item. This is the first I had heard of this. I have met Danny Lockwood and also wrote a review of his book ‘The Islamic Republic of Dewsbury’ for GoV.
      Last year their was a long article about the Dewsbury suburb of Savile Town * in the Daily Mail by Sue Reid. She admitted in the article that she had met Danny and it was obvious from the background info in the article that he had given her an extensive briefing.

      * Savile Town was the area where the National Census reported a population of just over 2000 Paki Muslims and just 48 White inhabitants

  3. Return to appreciation of national culture is important for Europe, but unless Danes have more babies the demographic prophecy will still defeat them.

  4. I think that cutting benefits to those whose children don’t attend is too little punishment. Deportation would be more effective.

    Also immigrants from Muslim, South Asian and African backgrounds should have to pass a language test before being allowed to settle. That measure alone would cut third world immigration by more than half.

    But it is a beginning and we don’t see anybody else in Scandinavia doing much, so good for the Danes.

  5. Dymphna, I can’t believe you seem to still think that Muslims can “integrate.” Programs promoting “integration” are just one more way of avoiding the only solution that can work, namely deportation. After all these years of reporting on Muslim crimes and incompatibility with Western culture, you’re worried about mother-child separation? How about deporting Muslim mothers and their huge broods of children together?

    I think you’re a liberal at heart. And if you suppress this, I’ll know it.

    • I believe Denmark is on the right track here in demanding integration. They also have other rules long in place about chain migration which demand that families have a certain amount of money (I’ve forgotten what it is, but it’s not a trivial amount).

      Do I think this will work? Not in the long run. And that’s the point: make legitimate requirements of those in “ghettoes” (as the Danes call them) and if they don’t meet the requirements, then no more benefits.

      Look at the geo-political reality: Germany and Sweden are on Denmark’s borders. In other words, migrants can either learn the language and make sure their kids are forced to learn Danish, or they can choose a geographic cure.

      As for my political leanings, here’s the Political Compass test (it’s been around for many years and is used by teachers/academics):

      I took it again and I seem to have moved a tad to the right and up, a bit above Milton Friedman’s forehead. I’m labeled a “right libertarian”.

      “A liberal at heart”?? BWAHAHA.

      • Dymphna..I’m a libertarian at heart but a staunch rule of law advocate. My 80 year-old father died from rule of law erosion!!! Ohio, like many states, require vehicle liability insurance during registration. In July 2015, my father was t-boned by an American, uninsured driver. My dad’s steering wheel airbag activated, hitting him in the forehead. He was bruised but seemingly okay. He took his accident report to Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to have the uninsured driver jailed, fined and/or license revoked. They did absolutely nothing…stating too many uninsured drivers exist in Ohio to search, arrest, and jail. No room in prisons for petty criminals. My father died six months later from an undetected blood clot!!

        He will not be officially counted among the innocent victims of lawlessness.

        Allowing open borders and economic migration will continue to erode rule of law!!! Mainstream press writes daily narratives about ICE raids and the “unfortunate migrants in seek of better lives”. There is little or no mention of the numerous crimes committed with fake names, stolen identities, stolen SSNs, uninsured motorists, and numerous drivers licenses issued to kill, maim, and commit voter fraud. Poor Mollie Tibbetts fell victim to Christian Rivera, alias “John Budd” who committed multiple crimes before murdering Mollie this year. Iowa gave him a license to drive, stalk, kill, and transport Mollie’s body (to a cornfield) in a Chevy Malibu – probably was uninsured as well!

        • I didn’t know Ohio was that eroded. Your poor father!

          I do know that in California unlicensed, uninsured drivers are a plague. Victor Davis Hanson has written extensively on the problem where his family has lived for many generations.

          • Thanks for that info.It made my ( rainy) Sunday. In Germany, you do not get a license plate without previous confirmation of your insurance company. So there is at least something good to mention.
            How is it possible in a nation of the law that totally irresponsible persons with no licence and insurance can be out on the streets?

          • How is it possible in a nation of the law that totally irresponsible persons with no license and insurance can be out on the streets?

            Here, such chronic offenders are called “scofflaws”. They are largely illegal immigrants or underclass petty criminals in larger urban areas. But not always – sometimes they’ve had their insurance canceled for drunk driving offenses. When you apply for your car registration/license plates they ask if you’re insured; the scofflaws don’t bother getting registrations and avoid, if they can, being stopped by police.

      • I got left leaning libertarian, which seems rather strange to me because I cannot stand what leftists are doing to our western culture.

        • The left-leaning is merely descriptive; it’s the libertarian aspect that defines your political/economic philosophy. Look at some of the definitions they apply and the point they make that left-right isn’t helpful in the long run. It’s a quadrant for a reason…

          …another thing: view where you are on the quadrant for a fuller look. Are you close to the middle in your left-lower quadrant or further to the outside? How close? Look also at the people who inhabit your quadrant. Are there any you admire? I like Milton Friedman – my little circle used to be smack-dab in his forehead (that was some years ago) but now it’s moved up and to the right, a tad closer to Gary Johnson now. Even though I didn’t like Johnson’s platform, I’ll have to look at what he says since we seem to share some of the same ideas.

          Not all the questions allow for nuance. Such compasses don’t have the flexibility to permit that. For instance, the abortion question limits your choices…I wanted to say “yes, but” in addition to the one I finally chose.

          BTW, Ann Rand is on the extreme right side, almost off the quadrant in the one assigned to me. I can’t imagine anyone I agree with less, besides those in the authoritarian parts of the compass.

      • Interestingly, as a “right authoritarian” I seem to have landed on Mutti Merkel’s left shoulder. Somehow I doubt she would listen to any suggestions I might whisper in her ear.

        • I wouldn’t have figured you for an authoritarian. There are some quite’interesting’ people in that quadrant; do be careful 😉

          • Well, with scores of 1.75 Economic and .77 Social I’m not too authoritarian. I was a bit surprised though, as I would have expected to land closer to Milton Friedman.

      • So the Denmark’s solution for the worst cases would be to dump them on Germany or Sweden? Isn’t that generally known as migrant distribution? Yardstick is right, Muslims will never, can never integrate and what’s more, the UN has declared that they should not integrate, they should keep their own cultures!

        • No, Denmark isn’t trying to “dump” their immigrants. They want to enculturate them, starting at one year of age. A consequence of that enculturation may be that those refusing to comply will flee elsewhere. Their flight is not Denmark’s fault, and it wouldn’t be a problem if Germany and/or Sweden were making the same basic demand of those it permits to come in.

          There are other options, earlier on, like walls to keep out those who simply want to live at taxpayer expense. Hungary is a good example.

          The UN can “declare” the world is flat but that doesn’t change the reality. Many of the UN’s declarations are nonsense.

          • I took the test, and came out in the bottom right quadrant but almost at the cross-hairs!!! I’m never calling myself far-right again!!!

          • Once the refugees are on European soil, some way has to be found to deal with them. If they are removed from Europe, they have to have a country willing to receive them. The Israelis paid off some black pooh-bah warlord to receive blacks without an identified country into his jurisdiction. What knows what happened to them after they arrived?

            Europe has a calcified system of international courts, bureaus, and common laws, such that any European willing to take the actions that are necessary to move the migrants out of Europe would likely be wanted by dozens of countries and have international arrest warrants out for him.

            The national and international bureaucrats, not wanting to open that can of worms involving some personal risk for them, are trying to forestall any decision-making by trying to spread the “refugees” out. Better to degrade Hungary than to be yelled at by a Muslim identity group visiting your offices.

            We’re at the point where you either have machine guns, land mines and barbed-wire at your borders, or you do not have a coherent country. Representative government is highly susceptible to identity politics, and at some point, probably much closer than is apparent, the tipping point will be reached and the immigrant problem will not be solvable through normal government processes.

        • One of the problem with them, besides them not integrating, is that they want to spread their many Oriental Islamic inferior culture onto our already advanced Western civilization. They expect us to live with all the harsh inconveniences that their societies imposed in their predominantly Islamic countries and when they migrate to the West, they will still expect and (eventually) demand that we live with all the harsh inconveniences that comes with their migrant communities harsh culture.

          • Why is Islam “oriental”?? Not being snarky, that’s a real question. I’ve seen “asian” when it is really “paki” and that doesn’t make sense to me either. What am I missing here?

          • Like it or not, Islam is part of the wider Oriental culture that has many subgroups that some people may term it as Asians, Pakis, etc. That means they mostly share similar Oriental traits, though superficially some of them may appear to be Westernized.

            Generally speaking, Oriental refers to mainly predominantly Eastern cultures while Occidental refers mainly to predominantly Western culture.

      • Thanks for that info. Did the test, came out as Economic Left/Right 0.13; Social Libertarian/Authoritarian 1.18 – in other words as near as dammit dead centre! Nah, don’t believe it!

      • Fascinating; I came out left/libertarian, but not by much: around -3 or so. I thought some questions required more nuance, and wanted to leave the answers blank, but wasn’t allowed to.

        We can agree not to want to be in the same box as Ayn Rand! The “heroes” of “Atlas Shrugged” are so smug I wanted to give them a good slap, and the Morlocks*- sorry, workers- are caricatures.

        *Speaking of Morlocks, HG Wells would have identified as a socialist. So of course would George Orwell, but as has often been remarked, he would have said that “1984” was intended as a warning, not a manual.

    • I agree Pretzel Yardstick that integration doesn’t work.

      It sounds great in theory but in practice it means pandering to hostile foreigners who hate you ,despise your belief system ,way of life and cultural practices and principles.

      If we believe in equality before the law than we cannot accept sharia law which states that:

      a woman’s testimony is worth less than that of a man,

      that five male witnesses have to attest to rape or the victim is lying ,

      that little girls must be genitally mutilated and can be married off to adult men at the age of nine and and that the marriage can then be consummated,

      that religious courts are the only courts that matter,

      that a woman cannot divorce without an imams’ agreement,

      that men must always be awarded sole custody of children ,

      that thieves must have their right hands amputated

      that adulterers must be stoned to death

      that apostates must be executed,

      that any child born to a Muslim is automatically a Muslim and subject to execution if they choose another faith..

      that Muslims are superior and their testimony is superior to that of non-Muslims.

      It goes on and on.

      You cannot integrate oil and water.

      In practice Western civilization(in Britain and Western Europe) has capitulated unconditionally to Islam.

      The Muslims will not give an inch and Western civilization ,women’s and children’s rights are under threat.

      • Integration and immigration into Western countries should be strictly discouraged and made impossible when they are so very different, in their outlook, in their way of life, their totally separate law/privileges/nation for themselves, etc, much as they would like us to believe otherwise.

      • I once posted something on FB that a “friend” objected to. I explained my reasoning, and backed up my response with a reference to an article from The Gatestone Institute. Her response? “I simply can’t read anything from Gatestone. Right-wing anti-Muslim think tank. I prefer to not read “facts” from organizations that are anti any religion or people.” This, despite the fact that every educated person knows the reality of the list you posted above.

        How do we combat such idiocy?

        • You cannot reason with anyone who didn’t use their faculty of reason to arrive at their point of view. FaceAche promotes lemming-like “thinking” so don’t even bother posting anything besides cute pictures of kittens or kitschy aphorisms.

          How do we combat such idiocy?

          Definitely not by persuasion. I would join a group – if such existed – to eliminate the Department of “Education”. It should be left to individual states to decide what their policies will be.

    • Libertarians.

      Here is a plank from the 2018 Libertarian platform:
      “We support the removal of governmental impediments to free trade. Political freedom and escape from tyranny demand that individuals not be unreasonably constrained by government in the crossing of political boundaries. Economic freedom demands the unrestricted movement of human as well as financial capital across national borders.”

      In other words, libertarians favor open borders. There should be no restriction on Muslims, Mexican, Somalis, Syrians, Afghans, etc coming across the border into the US.

      Yes, I know the libertarian argument. If we took away all government benefits most of the immigrants wouldn’t come here, or would leave very soon. Of course, suppose they were getting supplements from George Soros or the Saudi multi-billionaires to stay here and do their thing. Then it’s perfectly ok?

      Libertarians have built a house of cards on a self-correction mechanism that isn’t there. If you import the Italian mafia, the Sicilian mafia, the Corsican mafia, the Chinese Tongs, the Muslim rape gangs, you have a group identity problem that can’t be solved by individual gun ownership or private security firms.

      You don’t have to be a libertarian to agree that government-paid, tax-funded services are vastly more expensive, inefficient, and worse in quality than services provided by voluntary exchanges. You also don’t have to be a libertarian to agree that gays should not be prosecuted or persecuted for being gays. Whether the government should allow a gay pride parade on public land is a different question. Does the government have a role in protecting the public display of the existing culture? If yes, you differ from libertarian philosophy.

      When the Constitution was created, the states were made subordinate to the federal government in certain areas. This was called federalism. Federalism was instituted to solve at least two major problems:
      1) the country was being threatened by foreign aggression and needed a unified response;
      2) Relations between some states were deteriorating to the point of armed conflict. We needed a recognized, overriding authority which would not always be correct, but at least was authoritative and decisive.

      Libertarianism attempt to derive all decisions from an a priori set of principles. The Constitution attempts to set up a framework for making decisions in changing circumstances.

      • that definition of borderless libertarianism is left-libertarians. Right-leaning liberts want borders but not a lot of crippling regulations.

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