Angry Germans Confront the Lügenpresse in Chemnitz

It really seems that the incident in Chemnitz — in which a native German was set upon by a gang of culture-enrichers and stabbed to death — may be the flash point for mass unrest in Germany. It had to happen someday; the only question was what would set it off. Chemnitz is in the former DDR, whose citizens are less sheep-like than those in the West, so that’s part of the reason why it’s happening there.

The following video shows an encounter between a news reporter and ordinary citizens on the street in Chemnitz (at least I assume it’s Chemnitz). The reporter is clearly hostile to the “racists” and “neo-Nazis” she interviews, and they react to her with extreme anger.

Vlad Tepes uploaded this video, but I don’t know who did the translation and subtitling. NOTE: Since this is not one of our productions, the naughty words in the subtitles have not been redacted with asterisks:

28 thoughts on “Angry Germans Confront the Lügenpresse in Chemnitz

  1. Now there is the Germans that I must be related to! Finally! This idiot reporter had her “Nazism” thrown back in her face.

    • The reporter in this video is not Dunja Hayali. Ms Hayali is the daughter of Iraqi-Christian immigrants while the woman here obviously is a native German. Right now there are several videos around showing angry citizens of Chemnitz with more or less helpless mainstream journalists.
      But despite all that I fear those protests will come to nothing. People are very, very angry at the moment and Eastern Germans are indeed much less sheep-like than us “Wessis”, but I don’t think there will be any real change. Not like ’89.

  2. Yes, this long haired blond woman is the type, the sjw, supporting these muslim killers and hating her own countrys people. Creating propagnda and labelling ordinairy germans who are speaking up, as nazis.

    The internet and smart phones, and social media apps have opened a giant pandoras box, created a worldwide legion of sjw zombies, poisoned with left wing marxist ideology, so now anyone with a gripe can become a part of the leftist outrage industry and destroy us all.

    We must fight to the death to dyop these zombie do gooder leftists, snd we must tske our countrys back away from communist political traitors.

    Its time to go after leftists, and confront them face to face.

  3. They were very polite and restrained in their responses. I can imagine the situation in reverse with a mob of antifa animals. The reporter would have been lucky to escape with her life.

  4. “Yes, it’s talked about, but you deny it!

    Can these media types not see ordinary people who are really, really angry for good reason.

  5. Wasn’t Chemnitz called Karl Marxstadt under the Communist regime–and when the wall came down the first things the citizens did was vote the name back to Chemnitz?

  6. Germany is already a failed state, in relation to the mind-set and way of thinking by the crowd. The media are guilty, as this woman in het white (!) jacket proves to be the living example. As soon as you don’t think and behave like ‘they’ do, you are called a nazi. In two fields the elite shows her big lack of knowledge about history: first) nazi’s ware national-socialists (and so leftist fascists, nowadays replaced by international socialists – mark the abbreviation…) and second) mohammedanians have been violent rappers and murderers since the seventh century after Christ. By importing these young Jew-haters in huge numbers, antisemitism is what you can expect to ‘flourish’. The nazi’s killed six million Jews in the fourties, seventy years later the equal number of arabic nazi’s come instead into this country.

  7. Yes, Baron, those citizens are not as sheep-like than the Westerners. They have been fooled by 12 years of Nazi reign and over 40 years of stalinist rule with the media marching in lockstep.They are trained to read and listen in between the lines.
    There is one aspect I would like to add: Saxony always had the reputation of being ” red” , a stronghold of socialists and a skilled working class historically.
    All the hightech industries in the prewar times were located there, like Audi or Zeiss, just to mention some still top- notch firms.
    Maybe there are some vestiges of a rebellious spirit left over( 1989).

  8. East Germans have ‘been there done that’. A lot of them are staunch friends of Hungary, Poland and the Czechs in fighting being ‘replaced’ in their own countries. Population replacement was one of Stalin’s great achievements.

    • Daniel Hillig (the murdured guy) was born in Germany (East). His mother is german, his father cuban. Cubans were invited to work in communist East Germany for making the GDR to look a little more “colourful”.

      • I hope the Cubans were treated better than students from black African “third world” countries in the USSR, some of whom were murdered by racist gangs.

        The European Enlightenment doesn’t always get a good press here, but its beneficial effects can be seen in the relatively tolerant attitude of (mostly) Protestant Europeans to people who are different, as opposed to Catholics and Orthodox Christians, whose countries (except perhaps Czechosvakia) were less affected.

        • I doubt the Cubans got better treatment for they are largely (though not entirely) a mix of Spanish and black slaves. But the ancient practice of sorting by light skin tone persists there as it does anywhere blacks and whites form families. The Creole society in New Orleans has a knowledgeable “eye” for skin tones. Those who can “pass” for white are at the top of the pile.

          Mark Twain wrote a funny story about “Puddin’ Head Wilson” and the treachery of appearances.

          Here’s the Kindle version for sixty cents:

  9. My family came from Chemnitz 120 years ago. We visited there before the Mohammedan invasion I 2015. It was one of the towns in the east set aside for renaming after commie “heroes”. They called Karl Marx Stadt and they have his giant head statue in the main square. They were polite to my family and put up with my poor German.

    Who would have thought you needed to learn the words for recycling deposit?

    • I stopped reading the telegraph when it stopped comments in response to online articles. If they are so ahead in the game one wonders why they took that line. They’re not as secure as they’d have us believe.

      • Of course they are not secure and they are pushing their propaganda. I agree with that. Still, it would have been difficult for them to have made up this march of political correctness out of whole cloth. The empire (political correctness) strikes back.

  10. p.s. It looks to me that Europe will not wake up until long after they have passed the point of massive bloodshed. Very unfortunate.

    Of course, things could change in a flash. But they appear to be a long way from that now.

    • There isn’t an effective way for Europeans to “wake up”. The EU is a globalist enterprise, much like the Catholic Church, i.e., the mechanisms for local rebellion don’t exist and that lack is a feature of both, not a bug.

      • Then the only way they could wake up would be to vote the current politicians out of office?

          • As WE did in electing Donald Trump! That (Not a politician) is why we voted him in, and the very reason why the Left hates him so much!

          • I don’t think it’s the only reason they hate him. He has that ‘dreadful’ Queens accent which the elites hate almost as much as they despise Southern accents.

            They also despise him because he is attempting to dismantle the permanent bureaucracy, or at least cut it down to manageable size.

  11. American Brittany Pettibone gives an eyewitness account of the third protest march (silent, White Rose) in Chemnitz Germany 🇩🇪 and the message behind it…plus on the street interviews with Deutschland citizens:

  12. Raw anger is what we need on the streets of all the cities where Islam has a foothold. If everyone protests – they can’t imprison us all – and the Muslims need to see that we can stand up to them. The snooty political elites need to feel fear in their marrow.

    For those violent Muslims, the threat of violence is the only language they understand. Their brains are reptilian.

    For the sophisticated elites, they need to be shown that the very foundation on which they stake their ‘superiority’ ie their self-appointed ‘intellectual sophistication’, is a very stupid form of self-delusion. They are idiots!

  13. The clip by Brittany Pettibone offers a little more more, quite revealing, context at the start than the clip at the top. Pettibone’s clip shows the Blonde German News Lady attempting to distract and placate the angry citizens by an appeal to Macro Economic interests, because that is what really matters to Davos man and their representative, the Blonde German News Lady. Making appeals to economic interests and only economic interests has always worked in the past.

    Blonde German News Lady: “Us Germans everyone is doing badly..” meaning, we are doing economically badly. Trying to build the narrative, “It’s the Economy, Stupid!!, and we, Davos men/women are here to save you, so just shut up about Muslim migration/invasion

    We see here the typical leftoid/Davos appeal to strictly economic interests, as if culture, nation, country, life itself hardly matter.

    German Man with glasses: “Who is doing badly?”
    The German man understands that the News lady is trying to elide the real issue

    Blonde German New Lady”……..But we can’t accuse refugees…..”
    The sentence isn’t finished, but we can infer from the context that the News Lady is attempting to move the focus away from Migrant Muslim degradation onto the Economy (Stupid!). Rape, stabbing, menacing, contempt. They are not economic issues so why bother with them.

    German Man with glasses: “I’m not doing badly….Why am I supposed to be doing badly?…..I have worked for 40 years…”
    He is not allowing her to elide the issue. Economics is not the problem. Neither he nor his fellow citizens are talking about the economy here. Violent, murderous Muslim rapists are the problem.

    Blond Germans News Lady: “OK, what is your problem then…”
    She thinks that she is going to catch him. If you don’t have any economic complaint why are you opening your mouth. And for decades this tactic has worked for the left/Davos man. We give you bread and circus, keep your damned mouth shut.

    Then the exchange proceeds with the German man ripping into her, detailing the sexual abuse that his wife endures from Muslim youth just walking into downtown. Blonde German News Lady has no response to this. She shakes her head with dismissive contempt. In the old days that was enough to end the dialogue. Not anymore. The old German lady to her left rips into her, admits a chorus of denunciations from others. The times have changed. You don’t direct the narrative anymore, Davos lady.

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