“You Daft Bint!”

Paul Weston has plenty to say about the “Fake News Media & Tommy Derangement Syndrome” exhibited by the middle class, particularly one Janice Turner, wife of The Times’ executive editor. This couple demonstrates the problems inherent in nepotism: want to bet he didn’t fact-check wifey’s snarling rant?

The Times was forced to retract the “girlfriend beater” part of the smear after Tommy threatened to sue the paper. Here’s the item from our newsfeed the other day.

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  1. Well hopefully Tommy Robinson will take the Times to task, and it would be doubly pleasant to see him back a crowd funding exercise to secure compensation for the victims of the Muslim paedos gangs and those that through their inaction aided them.

    • He did. He threatened a libel suit over it.
      Times removed remark on the “QT” but made no editorial comment. Proper practice is to note the removal and offer apology in “errors and corrections”.

  2. The Times is also the paper which admitted that they’d known about the Muslim grooming/rape epidemic a long while back but sat on the story for years because they thought that revealing it would mean the BNP would gain support. They waited until the BNP was a spent force before publishing the story…and in the meantime thousands more girls were raped. Shameful.

    • The BNP tried to expose the paedo gangs in Rotherham years before the Times expose.

      • I used to read the newsfeed on their website and the BNP broke the grooming story around ten years ago. I don’t recall Rotherham being mentioned, it was Keighley and I think Bradford that were mentioned back then.

        The BNP were attacked by all and sundry for ‘using the victims of crime to further their agenda’. They were regarded as disgusting for trying to talk with the mothers of the victims. The whole thing was portrayed by the mainstream media and authorities as taking advantage of a couple of one off crimes.

        What vile people those media and others were, still are because they still refuse to do exposes on why these crimes were committed almost entirely by Pakistanis. Of course no negative press has ever been directed at this group and now one of them is mayor of London.

        • A lady from Rotherham, Marlene – I can’t remember her surname – drew the BNP’s attention to the situation in her town.

  3. Anyone notice her call to “deplatform” Tommy? Anyone? Because deplatforming is what they’re doing to Alex Jones in the US. To the snobbish elites there’s little difference between a Tommy Robinson and an Alex Jones and who’ve already deplatformed Alex from their favorite platforms and are calling for him to completely ‘deplatformed’. That means to completely silence him from every public venue. This is exactly what the socialists of Germany did to their selected unfavored in the 1930s. Janice Turner is just jumping on the bandwagon to deplatform their most formidable enemies. Maybe we should all heed the warning of Martin Niemoeller more seriously this time.

    • Alex Jones has a work-around to de-platforming for those with smartphones. He has an app for his show and he’s ahead of CNN in number of viewers. Will his app be cancelled by whomever is in charge of that? If so, then the chokehold is truly universal.

      There will be a big reaction to all this “de-platforming” – at least in the U.S. People will push their senators and representatives to address the monopolistic behavior of Big Tech. They can be reined in if the wider political will exists to do so. The same political will that got Trump elected. It’s a bred-in-the-bone orneriness which refuses to give in to gun control, the same one which is ignoring CNN to death.

      • Thank you for your response. I see two men, Alex and Tommy being treated in similar ways. It’s worse for Tommy in Britain where he doesn’t have the wherewithal to legally defend himself and his family. And at least here in the United States of America we have a thing called a Constitutional Republic which at least theoretically still exists as our form of government whether anyone in state or federal governing bodies think so or not. Because you see we are endowed by our “Creator” (not the government) with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Some of the most important being codified in the Bill of Rights. The two most important being the first two. Without the second the first can’t be protected. Which is why the collective left are constantly attacking both. Our governments are supposed to be protecting those listed rights and especially the first two. If they no longer protect them then that governing body is null and void and without any right to govern anyone. That’s the way it is here in the fifty states whether a small and young segment of the population know about it, believe in it or not.

        What Americans are witnessing is the overt betrayal by that collective left who are calling for the complete deplatforming of anyone giving out a message that’s counter to their agenda of totalitarian tyranny over everyone. A vehement anti-free speech stance to be sure. So anyone who exposes their lies is right now being targeted to be shut down, silenced and put completely out of the business to objectively inform the public. What most are seeing now are the heads of these monopolistic corporatist monsters participating in treason against our fellow Americans. Even though it may even be driving most of the country against them. It would be very, very interesting to see who they’re getting their marching orders from. Yes indeed it surely would.

        And if you get a chance you might take some time to read a little paper by Mike Adams who was recently completely purged from his video channel. It’s entitled “THE CENSORSHIP MASTER PLAN DECODED (i.e. “The Adams Report”) The blueprint for how tech giants covertly silence online speech, and how America can fight back against corporate tech monopolists”. You can find it in PDF form on his website or use the lookup for ‘Censorship-Master-Plan-Decoded’. It provided me with a fine educational experience too I might add.

  4. “You daft bint”

    Thank you, Paul, a perfect ending and I’m still laughing!

    Pints on me next time we bump into each other. 😊😊😊 😉👍👍👍🍺🍺🍺. T.

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