Merkel Must Go! The Crawl Ribbon Agrees!

The following video shows an excerpt from the live-stream coverage of a protest during a recent visit to Dresden by Chancellor Angela Merkel. A large crowd of anti-immigration demonstrators — supporters of PEGIDA and AfD — gathered alongside the route to greet Mrs. Merkel with banners and shouted slogans.

Irony of ironies, while all this was going on, a breaking news report appeared on the crawl ribbon at the bottom of the screen about an Afghan with a knife who was terrorizing downtown Dresden (see “The Knife of Peace Comes to Dresden”).

Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   StudioK Dresden presents — Chancellor Angela Merkel’s visit to Dresden
00:20   “Merkel must go! Merkel must go!”
00:32   Blue banner: AfD — Courage for Truth
00:36   “Merkel must go! Merkel must go!”
00:44   White banner: GIRLS ARE DYING, MRS. MERKEL!
00:57   Participant to mainstream News ZDF: “The state TV news are better liars! Yup!”
01:11   Blue banner: AfD — The people’s voice is our programme
01:37   Blue banner: Kretschmer and Merkel united against Germany —AfD
01:49   When injustice becomes justice,
01:53   resistance becomes an obligation — B. Brecht
01:59   “Lying press, lying press, lying press”
02:04   “Get out! Get out! Get out!”
02:18   “S.O.S. Europe! Close the borders now!”
02:33   “Send Merkel to Siberia, bring Putin to Berlin!”
02:51   White banner: Hypocrites! (Merkel/Kretschmer)
02:58   Hello ____,Hello ____, please gather at the black, red, and gold banner.
03:09   Hello ____,Hello ____, please gather in the area of the black, red and gold banner.
03:31   Crowd member: “Take that thing away”
03:49   Blue sign: Merkel operates unconstitutionally/Merkel must go!
03:52   German flag banner: Pegida works
04:04   Attention! Please gather at the black, red and gold banner now.
04:22   AfD! AfD! AfD! AfD! AfD! AfD!
04:39   Media interview with a participant. Her sign says: “Deport (get rid of) Merkel!”
04:46 16.08.2018 at 14:12pm on Thursday (during this demonstration)
04:57   Terror Alarm in Dresden: An Afghani (23) was running in the city center
05:06   armed with a knife, screaming in Arabic.
05:32   Poster: Compact (magazine) Terrorists Welcome. Merkel gives murders Asylum.
05:36   Police: According to information I have received, Mrs. Merkel will be arriving at 4:30pm.
05:46   Merkel must go! Merkel must go! Merkel must go!
06:00   It is not foreseeable by us which entrance
06:04   she will use to enter the Saxon parliament building. The fact is that from 5pm
06:12   she will be participating in the joint parliamentary group meeting of the CDU.
06:15   The parliamentary meeting of the CDU takes place in room A600.
06:21   If you look at the Saxon parliament building —it is the top floor.
06:26   Crowd participant: “Everyone in there.”
06:31   Afterwards there will be a press conference at approximately 6-6:30pm
06:37   in the new building.
06:40   Update on Afghan with knife: Witnesses heard words resembling “Allahu Akbar”
06:47   as he ran from a language school, waving a 25-cm [10-inch] kitchen knife.
07:29   The police took the situation seriously, sending all available units.
07:50   The perpetrator tried to flee
08:06   Special forces of the “Lebel” unit
08:13   (Life-threatening operational situations)
08:20   finally overpowered the Afghan. He was disarmed, arrested and taken away.
09:09   Thank you! Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Merkel Must Go! The Crawl Ribbon Agrees!

  1. For me, it’s sad to watch them lose their country and culture, but many Americans don’t have any sympathy for the Germans today, for what that country and culture did to the Jews.

    • [I disagree with you.]

      There was a time Americans hated Germans for what they did to Jews.
      That was a long time ago.
      Today Americans hate Germans for what they are doing to themselves.
      They hate Germans because Germans hate themselves.
      Because Germans have lost their will to live.

      • Historically, you are right, but I am not sure if emotionally, the Americans were so compassionate with the Jews. It is a phenomenon I can not fathom, but why is it that Jews were and still are not welcome in many country clubs?
        Where they would never apply, according to Groucho Marx.

        • I know many people who love and hang around Jews, and they still don’t like the Germans after all these years. Ask the Jews in the US if they feel sorry for the Germans right now and you’ll see.

          • It depends on how far left they are. American radical Jews don’t differ from other American radical leftists. In fact, they support BDS policies. Suicidal.

          • Yeah, I’d be a “radical Jew” too, if my whole family had been wiped out. I don’t care how long ago it was.

          • So you’d be in favor of the BDS against Israel, often promoted by radical American Jews? Can you elucidate the consistency of your position in this suicidal activism?

    • We cannot let Germany fall…The German people have no voice…if they speak out against the invasion they are called NAZI…

      Is it so wrong to want to protect your own culture

      We are suppressed … those that want to speak out

      Keep suppressing and we will react against the states…

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