Woman Heckles Trudeau; RCMP Tries to Arrest Her

During a talk at a recent rally in Quebec, Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau was interrupted by a woman who repeatedly demanded answers to questions about reimbursement for the cost of illegal immigrants. She was loud enough to get Mr. Trudeau’s attention and divert him from his prepared remarks.

The first half of the following video shows the interruptions by the impertinent woman, with English subtitles. The second half (untranslated) shows her being approached by an undercover cop for the RCMP, who takes hold of her by the arm and tells her that she will have to come with him. She resists, and eventually manages to get her arm loose. She’s a very spirited woman, and upbraids the cop vigorously for bruising her arm.

Apparently he tells her that she was threatening the prime minister, which she derisively denies. When asked for her ID, she says she’s doesn’t have any with her, and no, she’s not going to tell him her name.

If more Westerners were like this woman, it would be a lot harder for our mendacious leaders to foist off millions of third-world immigrants on us and still get re-elected.

For a version of the second half with a close-captioned translation, see this YouTube video.

Many thanks to the anonymous translator, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   When will you repay the $146 million to Quebec?
0:05   Madame… —When are you going to? The $146 million to Quebec.
0:09   I appreciate your support. —I want the answer.
0:12   I’m an elderly person and I want an answer.
0:16   Madame, we provided… —The $146M we paid to welcome them —…for the elderly.
0:21   We increased the GIS to $1,000 a month to $1,000 a year [sic]
0:24   for the most vulnerable and single seniors…
0:28   It’s not what I asked you. We need our $146M for our Quebecers.
0:35   We’re asking about the $146M for Quebecers that you gave
0:39   to illegal immigrants.
0:43   Madame, in politics, we listen. My friends, we’ll listen to her.
0:47   We’re here to exchange and dialogue.
0:54   But you’re not answering me. Answer me.
0:58   To dialogue, we must have exchange. —Answer me, Mr. Trudeau.
1:05   Answer me. You must know. Give us back the $146M that
1:09   we paid for YOUR illegal immigrants.
1:14   Madame… —We’re the ones who paid for it. —…your intolerance towards
1:18   immigrants isn’t welcome here in Canada. It’s intolerant.
1:23   Such intolerance toward diversity… your place is not here this evening.
1:30   Hey, Trudeau, Trudeau. —Madame, Canada was built on immigration…
1:34   HEY, US! US! —…that First Nations welcomed. They paved the way to a strong society.
1:38   People who come here, from generation to generation, build even stronger communities.
1:42   It’s what makes us stronger as a country.
1:46   Madame, your intolerance is not welcome here. [Pointing at her]
1:50   You should know that strength is us together uniting here
1:56   and not Madame’s intolerance. [Pointing at her]
2:00   And you Madame, your intolerance has no place among us here tonight.
2:07   Thank you very much, my friends.
2:11   Thank you for being here.
2:22   Mr. Trudeau, are you tolerant toward the Québécois “de Souche”?
2:26   Are you tolerant toward the Québécois?
2:33   Yes, Madame. I am tolerant…
2:38   And you [Pointing at her] are intolerant.
2:42   And you all who are here, you are tolerant and Liberals [uncertain but very close to what he said].

10 thoughts on “Woman Heckles Trudeau; RCMP Tries to Arrest Her

  1. Trudeau was wrong to hurl the charge of racism against this woman in response to her question about the costs of the flood of illegal immigrants being allowed to cross into Quebec. He was quick to insult her and call her intolerant; he also slyly changed the characterization of the subject from her wording of “illegal immigration” to simply “immigration” and labelled her a racist for purportedly questioning it. In fact, her question was about the costs, an economic issue.

    This incident is having a huge response across Canada, despite the media’s initial reluctance to cover it. Now, everyone seems to be voicing an opinion, with most, even staunch leftists, agreeing that this woman has the right to question our prime minister, albeit loudly and persistently. Her name is Diane Blain and it’s being reported that she’s a member of Storm Alliance. I’ve heard of that group, but that’s about all I know of it. It’s being described as a far-right (what else?) nationalist group. So, we shall see what the next few days bring as more is being uncovered.

    In this incident, several torrents of hither-to downplayed Canadian issues are converging (a “perfect storm” courtesy of Storm Alliance?). Ms Blain is said to be a Quebec separatist; she brought up the question of “old stock” Quebecers, putting Trudeau in a difficult spot—he once praised Quebecers as being better than other Canadians, but now must walk-back his bias and promote his diversity mantra exclusively. But he must also uphold the special treatment Quebec has received for many decades from the federal government, or face the wrath of Quebecers, most of whom are Liberal. There’s the issue of his encouraging so-called asylum seekers from the US to enter Canada, where they are welcomed, cared for, and off-loaded to the provinces. Seventy percent of Canadians don’t agree with his policy, and he’s showing his touchiness here. Trudeau doesn’t like to be challenged on policy and often reverts to insults as rebuttal, as he did in this instance. There’s also the issue of his aggressiveness: he walked out into the crowd to directly confront this woman in a belligerent way. So, here we have a dog’s breakfast of causes and issues: racism, intolerance, white nationalism, Quebec separatism, Trudeau’s inability to handle criticism, politics of division, illegal immigration, provincial distaste for paying for federal initiatives, and, of course, diversity, and as Trudeau made sure to invoke with his reference to Liberals, partisan politics. And then there’s ageism (all those references to grandma), and sexism … At one point Diane Blain took exception to being called hysterical by the RCMP plain clothes officer. Her response was quick and set him back a bit, but can’t be repeated here … That lady has spirit.

    • She was smart and very composed
      She played well when the rcmp took her arm
      She should sue him and she would win

  2. Good summary by Jen L. Jones, above (5:08 p.m.).

    I was disappointed, but not surprised, to hear the majority of the crowd booing the protester, and cheering Trudeau. But Les Quebecois know where the money comes from.

    On the other hand, the Liberal party has been winning elections in Canada for a long time, by being ruthlessly cynical, and knowing that the only thing that counts is _winning_. I would not be at all surprised to learn that the crowd was largely stage-managed, or assembled from a list of known partisans. (Like Hilary’s campaign staged-events.)

    Another thing I found quite interesting was the stark contrast between the tongue-tied Trudeau, when he faces (occasionally) quite pointed and specific questions from the Parliamentary Press Corps, in the House of Commons, and the glib Trudeau out on the stump, talking to those he regards as a friendly crowd of rubes, in his home province, in his native tongue, where he works himself into full demogogic eloquence, not at a loss for words at all. He can spout any nonsense at all, trot out all his formulaic cliches, without fear of contradiction or challenge.

    Until he can’t … and is challenged by a surprise like this lady. In no time his autocratic streak comes to the fore, inherited from his father, and indulged by himself all his life.

    I must try to find what sort of Oath of Office RCMP officers take, upon joining the force. (I am thinking here of Matt Bracken’s exploring the theme in his novels, of the FBI and U.S. military swearing to defend the Constitution … NOT the political party in power. Bracken wonders how they will choose, if the civil authority proves to be one of the _domestic_ ‘enemies’ of the Constitution.)

    The provincial police in Quebec do not have a good reputation, historically. The RCMP are, of course, the ‘federal’ police … but drawn in Quebec from the same stock. I think in too many countries police will side with their paymasters, perhaps until things really break down.

    • I think in too many countries police will side with their paymasters, perhaps until things really break down.

      I agree. The change will come when they can no longer depend on a paycheck or a pension. Up until that point, many of them will think they *must* go with the flow to keep a roof over their children’s heads.

    • Frank, I’m amazed too at Trudeau’s remarkable ability to talk eloquently and effusively, slipping effortlessly from one cliche to another, without actually saying anything at all.

      The crowd booing the protester and cheering Trudeau, acted like sheep: follow the leader and all will be well, be content, don’t question anything, and keep your mind locked shut.

  3. She asked the wrong questions. Trudeau ( and all the rest of them) should be asked to explain why he thinks it’s a good idea to import thousands of people who have as their ultimate role model a mass murdering warlord “prophet” who kept sex-slaves. Especially as they’ll try to kill anyone who criticizes, mocks or depicts their barbarian hero. All you can guarantee when you bring them in is that you’ll get religiously sanctioned mass murder and a religiously sanctioned rape epidemic. It really is blatant madness to let them in. Arguably, even Charles Manson fanatics would be less of a risk.

    • Her question was relatively benign, and worded without swearing or insult. Trudeau reacted with passionate anger (he was once a drama teacher, after all) at her “intolerance.” Can you imagine his reaction if she’d even broached any of these hard-hitting questions? Yikes!

      It’s been noted that Trudeau’s anger flares to dramatic heights when anyone comes close to criticizing Islamic practices, or even questioning why Canada should allow ISIS fighters to return here, with no charges or punishment of any kind, yet he remains unemotional and aloof when confronted with actual murders with a strong possibility of an Islamic connection such as were perpetrated on the Danforth in Toronto recently.

      • Jen L. Jones – I agree … and that’s why I thought it ominous that, in the sub-titling, we saw that some people (the RCMP undercover types) were justifying their heavy-handedness by saying she was making “threats.” Complete nonsense … but makes you then wonder:

        Some reports tried to suggest the protester was affiliated with Storm Alliance. Let’s see the evidence for that ! Where did it come from? Seems to me a stitch-up and hatchet job on the poor lady, a la the treatment given to Tommy Robinson – pure lies, to discredit her. Exactly the sort of thing the Liberal Party has never been above resorting to.

        Trudeau’s sensitivity and flaring anger on this particular subject (his pandering to Islam and the Muslim vote) may indicate that it is here that his conscience – what’s left of it – accuses him most acutely of hypocrisy and treason.

        • Frank, I think you’re on to something here: Me thinks Trudeau doth protest too much!

          As for the protester, Diane Blain, it’s now being reported that she’s a 74-year-old retired nurse who says she’s never been a spokesperson for Storm Alliance. Now, this wording seems a bit odd and leaves a few doors open, but given the sorry state of the reporting on this incident, I’d guess there’s nothing to see here.

          Also, there were reports of someone shouting (in French), “This was never Mohawk land.” It was insinuated from this that the shouter was a racist responding to the “Land Acknowledgment” which was pronounced at the beginning of this event. (For those who aren’t familiar with this practice, it’s an act of “reconciliation and acknowledgment” that these lands were Aboriginal, and is often recited at the beginning of events in Canada, with reference to the particular historical tribes which inhabited the area.) However, it now seems that what was shouted was more to do with Moroccans than Mohawks, which makes sense when the subject is illegal immigration.

          So, it’s a bit of a muddle, with all these issues converging and the media putting its own spin on it. As you say, a stitch-up and a hatchet job indeed.

          • Peoples have been replacing one another since Cain kicked up such a fuss with Abel. But the cultural marxists just got to have them some victims to parade about while shouting about “social” justice (what other kind of justice is there??)

            The ground on which our home sits is part of a long plateau where the Woodlands Indians lived circa 3,000 years ago. We’re always finding broken arrowheads, etc. Years ago, when we had to have an addition put on the house to accommodate my ailing mother, the builders found a beautiful, intact spear point when they dug out the clay for the footers. They told us the find was a good sign for our endeavor. And so it was.

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