Drunk With Tolerance

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this op-ed from Contra Magazin:

Open-Minded and Drunk With Tolerance

There has been a dramatic change in the general mood in Germany, stronger in the east of the country than in the west. The drunkenness of tolerance has given way to sobering reality.

by Michael Steiner

The recent incident in Chemnitz shows that more and more people in Germany have had enough of the country’s political elites who are in over their heads pursuing a migration policy that massively endangers internal security. After the stabbing (police still refuse to mention the nationality of the suspects, but it is said that they are asylum seekers) with one dead and three injured, there was an enormous wave of protests — especially in Saxony.

The mood is shifting. After tens of thousands of “isolated cases” in recent years, during which people were murdered, raped and/or mutilated by immigrants, discontent is growing in the country. Resentment, for many people, is becoming rage, because politicians downplay the current situation and the police — ordered from above — are condemned to inaction. Especially when it comes to the “pieces of gold” living in the “colorful republic”, who enjoy the absolute jester’s freedom, because no one dares to expose themselves to the charge of “racism” and “xenophobia”. But this policy is racist towards its own people, and reverse discrimination.

And it’s not just the criminals who come to Germany with the immigrants, but also the Islamists, who are becoming an increasing threat to public safety. The policy is so twisted that even the former bodyguard of Osama bin Laden, a designated threat, is being brought back to Germany after his deportation to Tunisia. How many more dangerous individuals should we have returned? Is the goal to establish the total police and surveillance state?

A cosmopolitan attitude isn’t actually the problem. The self-destructive migration policy currently being implemented in the leftist political circles allows countless people to be granted asylum, who according to the Geneva Refugee Convention (which contains obligations for asylum seekers as well —by the way) would actually have no right to it. Cosmopolitanism manifests itself through international behavior, by dealing with people of differing nationalities and cultures, and developing tolerance for other ethical standards and values. Migrants are expected to respect the way of life in their homeland, in the same way they should also respect and accept the lifestyle here. However, the trendy tolerance-drunk locals do not count.

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  1. It’s well and good that native Germans are upset by rampant immigrant crime to the point where they may (or may not) actually vote the open borders parties out of power.

    But, from 1992 and before, the problem of ethnic defense has been internationalized. In 1992, NATO planes relentlessly bombed the Serbian and Bosnian Serbian forces fighting civil wars against the Muslims and Croats. What this signifies is that any successful internal resistance to Muslim forces is at risk. It was Bill Clinton, an avid lover of money (the Saudis have oceans of money), who spearheaded the intervention.

    Merkel has firmly embedded herself in the EU nexus, along with the International Court of Human Justice, and NATO. The International Court of Human Justice is completely capable of ordering the repatriation of bin Laden’s driver, on the grounds the proper procedure to expel him was not followed. Any sane government would ignore the ICHJ. But, a case is always being built up that any native resistance in Europe is carried out by racists intent on genocide.

    So, in my opinion, the picture of howling mobs pushing Muslims back into fenced enclaves is dangerously narrow-sighted. Anyone reading the history of the Israeli movement for independence will realize it was the culmination of a decades-long push for international recognition, if not support. Any movement that does less is likely to fail.

    • Sorry Ronald , I must disagree . The Jews have been widely scattered around the world for the last 2 000 years , always maintaining their identity against , at times , great odds . There are few cultures in the world who have that strong sense of self preservation and also who have outside sources of help , namely other groups of Jews , to back them when in a corner . In South Africa we want our own independent enclave namely the former Cape Province , but the world just laughs . We dont have expatriots outside who have influence in foreign governments to bring such a plan to fruition.
      If it took the Israelis that long , then it will be forever , or never for others.

      • I’m well aware of the Sudlanders organization and wish them every luck. I need to send them a contribution.

        I’m not saying doing international organizing would be easy. I’m saying it’s necessary, that without it you’ll get more international interventions like that in the Serbian wars. Simon Roche is doing heroic efforts to bring the plight of South African whites to international attention. If the Sudlanders ever implemented their emergency plan, I believe they would be militarily successful in setting up a white enclave, at least in fighting against armies composed of African blacks and leftist sympathizers. The real danger would be that globalist organizations like the EU would send in “observers” whose job would be to make sure the whites didn’t actually win the conflict.

  2. Common sense has left Europe! If a migrant commits one crime, deport him/her immediately. In the 56 Muslim countries of the OIC, a thief loses a hand for stealing! They come to Europe and nothing is done to them for breaking laws. Guess what, they will continue breaking laws and escalate the amounts of crime committed!

    When New York City major Rudy Giuliani took office several years ago, he instructed NYPD to arrest subway turnstile jumpers and pickpockets. Low and behold the crime rate went down drastically across the board including felony offenses! The same group of petty criminals (gang members) were also committing forgery, assaults, murders, robberies, etc.

  3. Calling it “trendy tolerance ” is missing the point .Europe and the Middle East are awash with unnecessary human beings-overpopulation ,increasing automation -and are adopting the usual solution ,which is war on a massive scale .This is setting the scene .

    • The grapevine has it that today Thursday, another showdown is planned in Dodge… oops I mean Chemnitz. How big this time I don’t know.
      If muslims stage a large scale armed counter attack than Germany could be on the brink of a civil war.

      • Latest news is that tonight 18:00 hours ( German time) a new demonstration will start in Chemnitz.

        • Mood picture;
          On the flowers for the victim in Chemnitz lies a piece of paper scribled on it „Nehmt ihnen die Messer, sonst nehmen wir euch die Ämter“
          (Take away their knives or else we will take away your positions)

  4. What was it ole Socrates once said over 2,000 years ago? Oh Yes, Tolerance, apathy and appeasement are the last virtues of a dying society.

  5. Last question of second to last paragraph:. YES! That is the goal for the current rulers to maintain power. Only then can they abolish freedom and integrity of the individual.

  6. Let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that the German authorities are correct and it was some ‘far-right’ elements who fueled the riots in Chemnitz with misinformation campaign over social media. The basic facts in the aftermath are nevertheless:
    1. Some native German was murdered by some Middle Eastern Cultural Enrichers.
    2. The citizens of Chemnitz were easily being erupted into pretty visible and aggressive riots.
    A normal, non-dictatorial government would of course do whatever it could to calm the situation. But it would also realize that it sits on a barrel of explosive gun powder and it needs to actually go to the roots of the problem. And, no, lying to the populace and accusing some ‘far-right’ elements is NOT going to the roots of the problem.
    Moreover, the ‘far-right’ elements will continue to fuel such riots and will get more and more attention. Not a good idea for a ‘Democratic’ regime. And suppressing the ‘far-right’ elements will only make them to martyrs and freedom fighters.
    A democratic regime would listem to its populace!

    • I suggest that “suppressing the ‘far-right’ elements” will also make their numbers increase — to such an extent that the appropriate label for them will move to center-right then center, or what they actually are, the mainstream.

      Far this and far that pertain to outliers specifically, not to a majority-held position. And I’d say the majority are pretty much at their limit of what they’ll tolerate from a government that privileges foreigners over its own people, a government that protects criminal foreigners and prosecutes citizens for daring to notice, much less comment on their new-found second-class status.

      And these second-class citizens are still expected to pay through the nose for the “honor” of being dispossessed of their birthright, and all the humiliations and physical assaults that go with it.

  7. Germans have previously shown that they are capable of truly vicious acts.

    I am beginning to despair of this situation sorting itself out BEFORE they get to that point again.

    I know that I sound like a broken record, but I keep on seeing the same outcome: genocide (or at least “ethnocide”). I just don’t know whom the perpetrators and whom the victims will be, this time around. I just know that it won’t be good.

  8. Imagine Eastern Germans dismay, to start living more or less freely just for some 3 decades when the Iron Curtain crumbled only to be showered with all this 3rd world [dreck]. No wonder they are angry.

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