Oz and Russia to Welcome Besieged South Africans

Good news! The white population in South Africa has been under the gun (and the machete) for far too long; a murderous heritage from Nelson Mandela to his people. But that legacy is about to turn.

That Russia is smart enough to offer experienced white farmers land to put into production shows how shrewd is the Bear. Heaven knows it needs people who are willing to be fruitful and multiply.

Meanwhile, Australia will have some balance for its leftist leanings, and some ballast for its ship of state that will eventually have to turn toward China.

25 thoughts on “Oz and Russia to Welcome Besieged South Africans

  1. Years ago a suggestion that Australia open its doors to South Africa’s unwanted white people was howled down as racist. I could never understand why, since it’s effect would have been to give the country to those who remained there, which was what they wanted.

  2. White farmers in South Africa! Do not be idiots!
    The Kremlin betrays and throws. He threw hundreds of thousands of Russians in Bantustans of the former USSR. He betrayed the Russians in Chechnya. People who fled from the genocide have still not received compensation.
    In the southern regions, Russians are replaced by Muslims, and the Kremlin does nothing to stop it.
    The Kremlin invited Russian Old Believers from Latin America to Russia and deceived them. Officials robbed them and left without means of subsistence.

    The Kremlin will unload you into a clean field among snowdrifts and will leave it.

    Once the Russian farmers believed the government. And now Putin’s oligarchy does not allow them to develop and select land and property.

    • So Russia has invited the Boers merely to deceive them? What’s the point?

      • And this is such an Asian mentality in our government. They like to show off. For the West – the saviors of the world and an enlightened person. For Russian – the whip and the totalitarian snout.
        This is clearly visible on the RT channel-how different the content is for Russian and English-speaking audience.

        Putin wants to seem nice and show off to the West. I don’t think anyone really wants to hurt Boers. But I do not think that they will be comfortable in Russia, as promised. There will be terrible paper delays and other obstacles.

        By the way, this story with Pro-Putin propaganda in South Africa has long been going on.

        A few years ago I was very interested in the subject of Boers in South Africa and I looked in their press. Imagine my surprise when I saw an article praising Putin and the patriarch Cyril.
        I left my comment that at Putin’s way, Russia degraded and plunged into obscurantism.
        And they began to argue with me!

        • putin is willing to pass in history books as the saver of the civilised people and christianity. And he also wants to use this story as propaganda in this ideological war against the antichristians. of course there are many back and dark sides (and in russia they let to be built a mosque in every mayor city). but what better is left for the boers ? (who have been sold by the IMF to an ideological progressive dream world, where apartheid is gone, but the south africa gov is letting people kill them just because they are of different ethnic group.)

    • You are disinforming! Even English, Dutch and French farmers came to Russia and have been alloted arable land in square kms what they used to farm back home in ha, and they are mostly doing very well. Russian grain production is now the largest and best quality in the world.

  3. Interesting. Part of my family descends from Germans who fled Ukraine after WWII. Among the stories, I haven’t heard of the Russians opinions of Germans. I have read elsewhere that they formed the bourgeoisie in the towns and cities along with Jews. My own people were farmers, so expendable by all factions.

    • Welcome Dymphna. Not sure why that is on the format, wikipedia is not perfect but on historical topics I find it is a good place to obtain a basic outline to work/cross reference/expand from without having to read a whole book, as at the least it tends to mention the various points, even if they are still contested by other sources sometimes.

      Ilia – the whole period from mid 1800 to mid 1900 is still very poorly understood at certain levels, it is incredibly complex, not just re. Trotsky . Previous events, say the French revolution, are not too hard to relate to at a base level, but from mid 1800 onwards there was such a concoction of inputs, from colonial empires disintegrating, new forms of politics, different financial formats, a mini sort of globalisation mixed with every sort of local and national current , that to pick out who and what was at play at any point is an immense task. Russian history of the time is still shrouded in a mystery to most people in the west, maybe that is relic of cold war dismissal , the remaining monarchies of Europe being caught between US republican democracy as bulwark to the soviet approach, and so not actively expressing on the questions. WW1, which I think could be said to have been the point of disintegration of the old order, also highlighted the failure of that older monarchic order, the western remains of which chose to simply disassociate or barrier itself as much as possible from the ensuing reality. So our non participation kind of explains the lack of any great depth of sentiment from which to understand from. This attitude still exists regards Russia – a sort of “We don’t too much know, nor want to”.

      Amazing how powerful and enduring public sentiment is once formed.

      Anyway, that is just my small view on it all.

    • For anon:

      Your first reference “History of the Jews in Russia” is by far the best summary and analysis of Jewish history in the area that I’ve read. That’s not saying much, but my earlier religious education presented Russian history on the level of “Fiddler on the Roof”.

      I did see a plausible dynamic as to why the Ashkenasi Jews were more intelligent. This is the section “Forcible conscription of Jewish cantonists and strains within the Jewish community”.

      The Jewish community, beginning in the early nineteenth century, was required to provide a certain number of conscripts for the Russian army, essentially a lifetime commitment. Since the selection was left to the community leaders, they naturally chose the deadwood: males who never married, underachievers, unemployed, those not smart enough for religious study, etc. In other words, the outliers were culled out of the community.

      We know that outliers, including atheists, have a significantly greater genetic mutation load. So, the effect of the conscription was to maintain the genetic coherence of the Jewish population, including intelligence and the instinct for reproduction.

      I should emphasize this is speculation on my part, but it does accord with what we know of genetics, particularly the effects of mutations.
      Mouse Utopia

      I haven’t read the second two references yet. What a way to spend a Saturday.

  4. Purely based on geographics Australia looks like the better option, those people are gonna be very cold in Russia. It’s a shame Australia already called this attempt off once, so chances are it’s gonna happen again – Russia won’t worry about liberal critique though, so that’s point for them. Too bad the Netherlands won’t welcome its people back or give them protection, but at least there are still countries that care. Though obviously, the better option would be to rid South Africa of invaders – they’re gonna die of famine once the white people are gone anyway, we’ve already seen that plenty of times in Africa…

    • Maybe, after hundreds of years, there are some big differences between the Boers, which speak a kind of different language (Afrikaans) and have a kind of different culture, and the today Netherland (which if I am not wrong, has welcomed in the past 50 years, hundreds of thousands of muslims (something that would have been unthinkable at the time the Boers left Holland)). The Boers seem to me they are not asking for refuge or to live on welfare state, they want the land they have lost; but it is not easy to find a lot of lands today. It is hardly impossible, because the world is overpopulated, especially the western countries, maybe in Russia they can retry to colonize another time Siberia, or Australia seems better option to me, but agriculture is not my field. Maybe the only way would be, (if you have tons of gold and control some of the biggest banks in the world), like the jews made with israel in the XIXth and XXth century, buying the land first and then build your own state there, when you have enough people, claiming you are persecuted by the rest of the world. The Boers have been cursed by the IMF sanctions, but they cannot go back now. South Africa gov. will destroy them, as they say, because they are considered as invaders and you cannot do anything about it.

  5. May also lift the standard of Russian Rugby with all those Afrikaaners. Watchout World Cup.

  6. Very sad the direction South Africa is heading. Mandela wouldn’t have approved as he had the brains to realize prosperity depended on the white population remaining. Zimbabwe under Mugabe followed the socialist line and confiscated the farms owned by white people that provided food for the country and export income. The result was an economic disaster for all. Supermarkets with no food on the shelves. This is where South Africa will end up if they follow those same mad policies (that US Democrats are getting excited about). Not even the mineral wealth will help them if the country descends into chaos. That’s clear from what has happened in the Congo.

    • Mandela was a full blown Marxist and didnt care about the long term . Only the image created by the international press and the hundreds of millions of Dollars donated to him as a consequence . Furthermore he killed tens of thousands of blacks , mainly zulus who were an opposition tribe who didnt agree with communism, in 1992-93. Do your homework.
      As you see now , the ANC ( Mandelas party) is nationalising everything , all land included and if you owe money on your bond for property then bad luck , you have to pay it off and rent to the government for the house you once bought but dont own anymore.
      Foreign investment is leaving as well as anyone who can establish a second base overseas as PLAN B for a backup later.

      Any South Africans who want to move to Belize can contact me.

  7. About 1 million refugees from the conflict in Ukraine fled to Russia in 2014-15. They were integrated into society in months. Most are now employed and get on with their lives. Thousands of homosexuals have fled Chechnya, where they are being rounded up by islamists and beaten to death… and have also settled in (non-Muslim dominated parts of) Russia. I am happy that the farmers will find sanctuary too.

    As Elena warns, they should not expect the kind of financing refugees get in the West to get a comfortable new start: they will (probably – I’m guessing here) be in a situation more akin to the pioneers in Northern America. Have to build up their farms from scratch, and have to adjust to the tough climate. But if they can do that, they’ll be okay. The Russian people are friendly and helpful. And the Russian government usually treats (profitable and educated) foreigners better than they do their own people. The greatest hurdle will be learning the language. But if I were them, I’d go tomorrow. After the threat they are currently facing, Russia will be a safe haven indeed. It is one of the only places in the world where being White is 100% OK.

    Good luck.

  8. How wise of President Putin to give aid to white South African farmers to help Russian Agriculture. Very clever to rescue them from those Black Fascists of the ANC who are typical of Left Wing Fascists of the Mugabe and Mandela kind. Originally inherited from the old USSR.

    These two terrorists have been responsible for the murders of thousands of whites in Zimbabwe and in South Africa where the undemocratic ANC government are still in power as indeed they still are in Zimbabwe, a Dr David Owen and Harold Wilson creation. These guys did so much damage to the former British Commonwealth by dumping tyrants on to their peoples.

  9. I bet a Bob Geldof is already planning another live aid concert to swindle millions away before watching the African population explosion.
    The EU will no doubt give millions more to Africa once the leaders realize the people that fed them have either been slaughtered or left in fear of the land grabbing mobs hell bent on hacking people to bits.
    Maybe it will also cause another stampede to Europe.
    These people bring their woes on to themselves and expect the white man to pay for it.

  10. If S. Africa’s white farmers leave the agricultural sector will end up resembling the subsistence agriculture of the rest of black africa.

    • Precisely. And the price of mangoes, among other exports, will rise precipitously.

      When the last few white South Africans are left behind, they will die horribly. Then those in charge will turn on the various hues of the colored, on down the line. When they are starving because everything is gone, they’ll turn on one another. A Malthusian country.

      • But the population of the local population will come to its historical norm.

        Residents of Bantustans of the former USSR like to blame the Russians for genocide. But if you look at the Wikipedia dynamics of population growth in these countries, then since 1916 it has grown 8-12 times

  11. Russia may save these farmers for now, but I don’t believe they have a future as farmers in Russia. As for “people who are willing to be fruitful and multiply”, these South Africans have failed to do that in S.A. and will not be any more fruitful and multiply in Russia.

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