Syrian Attempts Rape, Gets Six Months. Then Violence and Mayhem — Five Months. And Still No Deportation.

Here’s yet another grim story of culture-enriching violence — sexual and otherwise — from Modern Multicultural Sweden.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Swedish dissident site Fria Tider:

The rapist smashed his cell: “Smoke now (cigarettes) — otherwise blood!”

A large group of officers were forced to storm the 23-year-old’s cell with shields after he broke the TV and the radio and threatened to kill the staff. The Syrian was released only six months later after being sentenced for attempted rape

July 12, 2018

The 23-year-old man from Syria was convicted recently for attempting to rape a woman at knifepoint after complaining about how she dressed. Just six months later he was released, and now the man has again been convicted of breaking up his cell, assaulting and threatening to kill (officers). Even this time, the 23-year-old will not be deported.

Fria Tider wrote in October about the sentence against the now 23-year-old Ashraf from Syria who back then tried to rape a woman in Skåne Lönsboda.

For a time the Syrian had harassed the woman and, among other things, said that he “rapes boys and children,” stated the victim. At the last moment she was rescued by a janitor, who was able to disarm the man who had managed to get into the woman’s apartment.

According to the janitor, the Arab had earlier complained about how the woman dressed.

In the district court, the 23-year-old was sentenced to a year and four months in prison for a long series of crimes — but escaped deportation. In April of this year he obtained conditional release.

Because of his misconduct during the release he was detained by police on June 5, and when he was detained in prison in Kristianstad he committed the new crimes he has now been convicted of.

On June 7 the cops were alerted that Ashraf’s cell was messy. When they opened the door, the 23-year-old threw a thermos straight at them. He then started throwing other objects at the staff and broke the TV and the radio in the cell.

“Come in here, I will kill everyone!” shouted the Syrian.

When he refused to obey the staff, they pepper-sprayed him through the door. A group of seven officers with shields then stormed into the cell to overcome Ashraf. He still managed to get in kicks against two of the nurses, in the leg and the stomach.

When the Syrian was then moved to Malmö, he also threatened the staff there when he did not immediately get cigarettes.

“Smoke now, otherwise blood!” he screamed, and then threatened to kill the prosecutor.

Ashraf is again been judged by the city of Kristianstad, for property damage, violence against officials, threatening officials, violent resistance and minor drug offenses. The sentence this time will be only five months in prison.

Nor did the current prosecutor even demand that the Syrian be expelled, so he may stay in Sweden after serving his new short sentence.

4 thoughts on “Syrian Attempts Rape, Gets Six Months. Then Violence and Mayhem — Five Months. And Still No Deportation.

  1. What Sweden wants, it will get.

    The country has been run on the basis of having had, and continuing to have, elected representatives who, presumably, debate and decide upon its affairs on behalf of the people who elected them. The Swedes themselves, the people, said “yes” to those who brought and continue to bring this horror upon them.

    The Swedes tolerate, too (or wish for, I don’t know), this kind of legal system, so are themselves to blame. Do I feel sympathy? I used to. Not now.

    The Hungarian people, on the other hand, are wiser, more aware, whatever it is, don’t want horror so vote for a different kind of representative.

    So goes it. What a country wants, it gets. If Hungary is strong enough, can stand up to unelected globalists in Brussels and beyond, she can survive.

    Bye bye, Miss Scand’ian Pie,
    Drove my camel to the wadi but the wadi was dry.

    (With thanks, for part of these two lines, to Mark Steyn.)

  2. A judiciary that dysfunctional calls into question whether there is some facet of the human psychology that yearns for chaos and destruction, even of the self. Perhaps we ought to search literature for an insight into this facet of the human character. I’m brought to mind of the killer Raskolnikov in “Crime and Punishment”, who killed a woman for vague, shifting, and even for philosophical reasons.

    In any case, it’s perfectly legitimate to feel sorry for the Swedes. They have some small control over the election of officials, tempered by the all-powerful bureaucracies and the rigidly-controlled press, which limits their actual political choices and the information they receive on how destructive the immigration really is. The ones who really want to dig can get it on the internet, but their MSM is totally false.

    But, and this is a big but, any other country ought to think twice before accepting native Swedes as refugees. The more people you import from a country, the closer your own country comes to the country of the immigrants. So, do we wish to have our own country develop an even stronger bureaucracy (Deep State), more rigorously-controlled media, and even more judges internally compelled to commit evil? Just import the Swedes who allowed this to happen in their own country.

  3. another colonist doing exactly what the leftist Swedish politicians brought him to Sweden to do. but don’t worry every thing is great in Sweden they have the dole.

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