Islam Wants to Reverse the Battle of Tours — Hence the Mosque in Poitiers

The centuries-long struggle of Europe against Islam is no longer well-understood by most Westerners. When I was young, we still studied the Islamic conquests in school to a certain extent. However, I’d wager that nowadays all pedagogical discussion leaves out this important aspect of European history, which lasted from the conquest of Iberia in the early 8th century until the Second Siege of Vienna in 1683. Whenever the interaction of Islam with Europe is mentioned, I’m certain that all our children hear about are the evil Crusaders, and maybe the later colonization of Islamic lands by European empires.

Muslims, in contrast, are well aware of their martial history. They celebrate their victories over the infidel, mourn their defeats, and burn to avenge the loss of previously held Muslim territory.

The following report from France is a perfect illustration of this dichotomy of historical understanding. Muslims know perfectly well what happened at the Battle of Tours, and why they are building a large mosque in Poitiers.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Why did you call this mosque; “Paved with Martyrs” (Muslim name for Battle of Poitiers)?
00:04   Did you name it for the battle which took place here?
00:08   Yes, thanks to Allah, this place is on the main route taken by the Islamic army.
00:13   It was a road paved by the Romans. The Islamic army used this road.
00:17   So, thanks to Allah, this place is next to that main route.
00:21   This is why we named it: MOSQUE PAVED WITH MARTYRS.
00:25   When did you begin construction? We bought this place in 2003.
00:29   We got the license and then construction began.
00:33   But the Muslim community doesn’t have sufficient financial capacity.
00:38   Unfortunately the construction halted years ago.
00:42   What we were able to build is thanks to Allah and with the help of the Qatar charity organization.
00:46   The minaret, as you can see, is four stories high.
00:50   We want this center to be a mosque and a center of cultural radiance.
00:54   There are two stories at the bottom,
00:58   one floor for the school, and one cultural floor with an exposition hall and a large library.
01:02   We will probably visit it later.
01:07   Muslims fought against the Franks in a battle hundreds of years ago.
01:11   The point of this center is to create conditions for meeting Islam
01:15   and for talking about this holy religion,
01:19   and that it become a center of preaching, insh’Allah.
01:23   Have the official authorities accepted this?
01:27   Of course! The mayor, thanks to Allah, is my colleague at the university.
01:31   He encouraged the construction of this center and
01:35   we were able , thanks to Allah, to obtain the license.
01:39   The problem is that the license is valid for ten years and it expired in 2013,
01:44   but thanks to the relation of fraternity and friendship between the mayor and me,
01:48   he keeps encouraging me to accelerate the completion of the project. May Allah bless us,
01:52   insh’Allah. Yesterday we had a reunion with the Interior Minister here in Poitiers.
01:56   We had a private discussion. He asked me if we were progressing with our project.
02:00   Because, unfortunately, in France right now, right-wing extremists are becoming stronger.
02:03   Their energy is directed against Muslims throughout France and against us,
02:06   because of this center and its historical importance.
02:09   The Interior Minister and the mayor are asking us to finish the project as soon as possible,
02:13   in order to prepare for the opening [ceremony], and to move on after the construction
02:17   and to benefit from this center, insh’Allah.

22 thoughts on “Islam Wants to Reverse the Battle of Tours — Hence the Mosque in Poitiers

    • It all goes back to the Cold War and Russian campaign to demoralize the West through overt brainwashing and asymmetrical psychological warfare, imo.
      Watch the Yuri Bezmenov videos.
      The campaign was designed to influence young minds to hate their culture and heritage and put them into positions where they could influence new generations of useful idiots, such as media, education, entertainment and politics.

      Other players also seem to have an interest in the destruction of the white middle class and Western Civilization; I’m convinced that there really is a hidden hand creating a lot of mischief behind the scenes(Deep State, Illuminati, Freeemasons, Communists, all of the above?).
      God only knows what their endgame plan is.

      • At us too recently do not like to speak as Russian tsars have conquered the Volga region, Central Asia and the Caucasus. This silence is considered the intrigues of London and some mysterious liberals
        Probably, soon the paintings of Vereshchagin from the Tretyakov Gallery will be carried out.

      • Speaking of Yuri Bezmenov I have come to believe that the primary reason why the media and government have suppressed much news is they are paid for in some way or another. If you are ideological at what point do you break and say, I still believe in whatever but this is messed up? It is easier if you can look into the audience or viewers or constituents eyes with your “angelic eyes” and lie. True believers will turn on you when they realize you are lying to them.

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  1. Ha! We are historically self obsessed with our own achievement and tend to sideline the losses and costs. This is our own tailoring of history, meant to glorify but that has its vengeance in the ignoring of the reality of the foe, leaving the door wide open to revisionist interpretation of following eras. This rewritting, whether more complete or just with a denegation of triumph or glory, shames as biased those who hold a traditional view.

    The European identities have been pitted against each other to an oblivion, we no longer hold a respectful separate view of each other, instead have entered a confused morass where nationality has to shout to be heard where it dares, where to search out past meaning beyond what is spoon-fed and on display is to be considered misguided.

    You have to admit, if the video is taken as true sentiment and not propaganda, that there is a depth to the Arab perception that is now lacking in the west, and what is funny is that I really cannot figure out exactly where the Europeans lost their own appreciation . It isn’t just schooling, apart from older generation and the few with real interest most people are completely lost to the meaning of their history, even purposefully avoid it.

    Anyway, in Spain the Islamic chapter is remembered much better than in the north of Europe, with “moros” or moors being a common blanket term for Arabs or similar, usually spoken without any open contempt because the meaning implied is so widely understood that no exageration of tone is needed for emphasis. Most recent trends however are progressive attempts to reintroduce the Arab theme as part of Spanish culture, so you will find screenplays of the local muslim court affairs on tv for example…I think the rapid modernisation of the country, increased nationalities of all kind, and the appearance of affluent north Africans, is also catching the more traditional side out.

    Apart from a traditional smaller resident north African population, Spain is the highway between Morocco/Algeria and France, so at the start and end of summer you have the “paso del estrecho” operation of families returning to Morocco in old vehicles laden with northern goods, or visting France in old vehicles laden with Moroccan goods, something the Spanish put up with rather than welcome.

    People should really study, or just look up about, the history of where they live…I mentioned I enjoy metal detecting, there it really brings home the past, when you find items as they were left a hundred, a thousand, two thousand years ago… a lot of effort for the reward, but very worthwhile.

    • ‘It isn’t just schooling, apart from older generation and the few with real interest most people are completely lost to the meaning of their history, even purposefully avoid it’

      No it isn’t just schooling, it is about ‘faith’. Most Europeans won’t ever touch the Bible, although it’s been maybe the most influential book in European history. They also forsake their ancestors as savage wild men, because the TV said so, and never read real records from the middle ages, that clearly show high quality arguments, and reasonings. Then, in the end, big corporations put young Europeans through heavy artillery of advertising, so that new iPhone becomes more important than ones own history.

      ‘The children of the Kingdom shall be thrown out into outer darkness…’

      • It’s about culture – IMHO, primarily that. The taste for history comes later in life, one cannot expect teenagers digging it …

        Our history is intertwined with Christianity. Ergo, our history, the culture history has developed or at least witnessed, is a Christian one – like it or not.

        Plus, this all is basically Communism 2.0 – old Marxism regrouped, with a face lift of multi-kulti and genderism(s), moved to academia and mass media, thus poisoning young minds who never had first-hand experience with socialism as we have.

        • I, for example, was a fan of history even before I became a teenager, so why not? 🙂

          The problem is that history repeating: I mean if people can’t use their brains to recognize the trends and avoid bad outcomes based on historical experience, then the people are no better than animals, for animals don’t have free will like people (thats a bit of Socrates in there)

      • Have to agree with you there, it is a loss of compass replaced with a barrage of progressive ideas and tempting distractions. Even though the bible is not deeply historical in an academic sense (i.e. it is not a full historical account), from the point of view of values it represented (or did) a main reference for near two millenia of legal, cultural and social evolution. Ironically it does not mention Islam because it was written before Islam came to be, nor does it address the Arab people much, who in any case were maybe minority in the northen levant region at the time. Instead it sets an example of moral conduct, warning about the false paths . That seems to have been clearly foresaken as reference in the last century, the last fifty years even.

        • Yes well the ‘modern society’ is hell bent on progress, and what used to be the norm during the age of collonialism and industrial revolution is condemned as ‘obsolete ancient customs’.

          The Bible teaches that who spares his rod hates his son, meaning corporal punishments are ok…

          Or that males and females are two different types of beings…

          Or that we should not use diviners, mediums, horoscopes, and that we should not call upon the dead for they are dead and know nothing…

          …yet these Bible truths became politically incorrect and even offensive, and those who believe that we are better off this way are probably in for a very big surprise.

          The ruling class is full of occultists calling up ghosts and making decisions according to stars and numbers… The male-female interaction has been reduced from 0-1 to 0-0, for they are both equal… And children grow up without guidance, and are being spoiled because – well because they are such lovely beings, who dares to tell them they are actually weak, stupid and inexperienced?

          • You cannot provide guidance that you yourself do not set example of, and unfortunately the tendency is towards self reward and carelessness.

            Add to that, how difficult it is to grasp what example is needed to confront a society that changes like a chameleon. There was a link here a little while back on how academia became overtaken by progressives, the conservative proffessor realising finally that he had become a lone voice on a committee that had over time replaced all previous conservative proffessors with progressive ones, who could outvote him every time.

            Doesn’t mean not to set a good example either, but I can understand how it is easier for most to just give in as the tide is definitely not in their favour.

            Your example reminds me of how land transactions used to be carried out in the past, before written record in UK. A child (hence with longest memory) would be present to witness the agreement, and as the transaction was taking place would receive a strong slap across the face, or similar, so as to remember the moment. A bit crude maybe but it worked, and sealed the child a long future position in that society.

    • My beloved and I were in Andalucia last October; the museum in Cordoba glosses over the negative side of the Muslim occupation, though the Cathedral (previously a mosque) has artefacts from the original Visigoth church on the site.

      • Not too too much is known about how life was during moorish rule , some paint it very civilised for the time, others not so. I don’t think we will get to know exactly.

        Spain had been ransacked after the western Roman empire fell, the Allans and Vandals stormed a path through and dissapeared into Africa, the Goths settled for a couple hundred years before doing each other in according to some… the moors met little resistance . A fair amount of research has been done on the Gothic presence, and they reckon the Goths were a smaller minority, maybe 10%, that sort of settled into the ruins of the country, got on with and married into local culture, and were basically accepted as rule without great forced conquest. They did build some, not too much…they have this thing in Spain about building on previous centers of worship, so the muslims often built on the gothic and jewish, the reconquista saw mosques converted into churches ( many that had not been churches before) and so on. The french consulate in Seville has some funny history, was site of a Jewish synagogue that saw a massacre by muslims, then the muslims were later massacred there by conquering forces also. The dead bury the dead, equality fraternity and liberty for them or something I suppose?

  2. A provocative and insensitive construction that should never have been approved. Let’s remember the muslim armies were invading and the aim was conquering and subjugation of the Christian Franks. Also a major cathedral of Tours dedicated to popular Saint Martin would have been sacked and plundered. That puts the mosque construction (funded by those helpful Qataris) into perspective. The defeat of the Moors by the Franks under Charles Martel ranks as saving Christianity in Western Europe, it was that important. It’s always interesting that Muslims know intimately the details of these historic clashes with Christian nations, while the descendants to those nations know almost nothing. The West will be lost for failing to recognize an old enemy with an old agenda to finish.

  3. Nobody appears to have mentioned the role of leftism in the re-writing of European history. Leftists are spiteful and mendacious.

  4. If you live and work in various countries over time and speak the local languages you see that the bulk of locals seem to take their opinions and beliefs from the narrow range of what is respectable/conveyed in the national mass media. That range can and does change radically over even a short time as the needs of the rulers change.

    Hence Hungary or Poland are radically different from France or Ireland; Switzerland differs from Germany, in spite of cultural similarity, which is why German anti-invasion writers eg Prof Bassam Tibi (ex-Damascus) can be heard/read/seen in Swiss mainstream media since 4.9.2015 but not German ones.

    For example, attitudes in Germany among ordinary Germans to the Greek debt crisis took their cue from the moralising (thrifty Germans; indigent Greeks) and envy of Greeks (sunny weather in S. Europe; tasty retsina, ouzo) peddled by the German media shilling for German creditor banks at the time.

    After all, there is repeated agreement for some years now among conspicuously childless/impotent/barren EU leaders on the “need” to import millions of Africans to the EU. Cf. the recent agreement at Marrakesh.

    This “need” gets conveyed

    1. using various fake arguments (appeals to self-interested alleged securing of EU retirement pensions through young and vigorous immigrant labour; pity for telegenic black/Arab children on rubber dinghies, etc.)

    2. via the mass media to the public. Partly due to media scribblers wanting to retain their proximity to Power and hence their jobs, partly due to media ownership/advertiser structures and hence economic interests (higher property prices and retail sales and consumer debt levels, caused by mass immigration/colonisation).

    People are reluctant to dissent from the Accepted Wisdom at any given time; as Marx said, the ruling opinion is the opinion of the rulers. Macchiavelli had a similar take on it 500 years ago when he wrote that in The Prince, Ch. 18:

    “….for mankind in general judge more by what they see than by what they feel, everyone being capable of the former but few of the latter. Everybody sees what the ruler seems to be but few really feel what you are and these few dare not oppose the opinion of the many, who are protected by the majesty of the State…”

    And the connivance of Zuckerberg and Google and Twitter.

  5. The left is always screaming about how western civilization is bad because of “colonialism” but doesn’t seem to grasp how Islam spread to the rest of the world. It was never invited….until now.

    • Looking forward to the reciprocal arrangement allowing
      A cathedral to be constructed near Mecca, or should I
      Stop holding my breath?

  6. This mosque would not have been finished if it had not been for foreign funding. Countries must stop foreign funding of mosques and Islamic education. Muslims are dependent on extremist countries for their mosques and immans, making it impossible for them to assimilate and moderate (or leave) Islam.

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