Muslim Street Prayers in the Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud: The Message is That Faith is Superior to the Law

A couple of days ago we posted a cell-phone video taken on the Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud in Paris, a brief tour of a street that has become so culturally enriched that it is no longer recognizable as part of France.

The following brief clip discusses open-air Muslim prayers on the same street, which block traffic regularly in repeated and unpunished violation of the law.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The dimension which I can additionally see is that today the question
00:04   of the visibility of this type of manifestation. First there’s
00:08   all this discourse that is being put forward, we can see plainly that there is a place of prayer,
00:12   therefore there is no need to occupy the street. But why occupy the street? It’s important.
00:16   The case already happened, in fact, rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud… —In Paris — it was said
00:20   by Geraldine Smith, a journalist, who recounts how — all while the mosque
00:24   is half-empty— the street is being invaded par people who perform their prayers in the street.
00:28   Because the point of the game is to mark the APPROPRIATION,
00:32   because the point of the game is the VISIBILITY. There is clearly a form of
00:36   TAKEOVER, and the third message is to show that
00:40   THE FAITH IS SUPERIOR TO THE LAW and that the determination of the faithful
00:44   allows them at the same time to occupy the public space and it is limitless, since
00:48   the public authority, the politicians, don’t put an end to it,
00:52   even if it’s completely illegal. And when it lasts
00:56   for eight months, it wreaks havoc.

19 thoughts on “Muslim Street Prayers in the Rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud: The Message is That Faith is Superior to the Law

  1. My in-depth suggestion for clearing our streets of this human detritus is really not appropriate for a family blog but I must admit to having visions of Flail Tanks hard at work followed by mobile scoops, open topped 40 foot containers and high pressure detergent hose units.

    • “My in-depth suggestion for clearing our . . . etc.”

      That’s my dream. They have done that to 57 countries ( so-called OIC – Organisation of Islamic Cooperation )

      Either we do it to them or they will do it to us. There’s no middle way as Jack London says in his Call of the Wild.

      A call of the wild ‘s descended on the Cowardly Stupid moraless faithless country.

      Could Europe – without faith- have been able to defeat itself against Saracens in 1683?

      • No.
        Disastrously, the secular humanist disease which is the precondition for the transition of a given society into a full-blown socialist/communist — and concomitantly Islamist — hellhole, manifests daily the squalid, freedom-killing, and praise-of-rape culture we’re witness to: Thank God for us in the US we have not abandoned God, nor behaved as if He is dead.

        Exceptions to the rule, Maxine Waters, Hillary Clinton, BHO, et al., duly noted.

        • Yes indeed, Anonymous. We secular humanists are so diseased and depraved that we are quite incapable of any kind of responsible moral judgement.

          (Well, maybe some are, but that’s because they followed the wrong substitutes for the Judeo-Christian ethical code whose spiritual message was no longer believable.)

          • Honestly, this is dismaying, that to be a good lad he, and so many the likes of him, needs a big daddy in the cloud threatening with a fiery pit if he does not behave.

    • I am surprised that GoV draws the line at swearwords and demeaning terms for opponents (which I fully support, even though I have strayed from the staright and narrow myself on occasion) but allows sadistic, murderous fantasies like this.

      Further clarification of the house rules would be appreciated.

      • I didn’t sit through that whole YouTube video – usually, you can tell from the first two minutes or so if it’s acceptable. I saw some paranoia and historically questionable stuff, but didn’t find anything “murderous”…maybe I wasn’t paying close attention.

        NOTE: Our usual practice is to review the first bit of a video and if it seems okay, to let it through. If it is questionable, it goes into the circular file. My bad, for not watching the whole thing.

        And now the discussion you and I have just had is going to drive traffic to the video…unfortunate.

          • Dymphna – I was referring to Seneca’s comment above about the maceration of human detritus.

            By the way, I applaud your insistence on civility. I only visit this site now because there is real discussion here whereas other unmoderated sites I can think of have become mere fan clubs or sinks of fulmination.

  2. The message to me is: How stupid are the French people and how stupid is their so called leader.

      • Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. In my divided country they once elected Lincoln. A serendipitous choice as he more or less grew into his office. FDR shrank in his.

  3. No one better than Israel knows the Pirates and the havoc they have caused over 1400 years, and are about to cause in the west. The irony is the west hates Israel because of that. Likewise anyone who alerts westerners to the looming danger coming from the Pirates is hated as Israel is hated.

    “palestinians, you are not going to be forgotten” No of course money is being poured on palestinians from everywhere, especially after committing atrocities. Always exonerated and praised for “their contribution to world civilization and building Towers.

  4. “… is the VISIBILITY. There is clearly a form of , TAKEOVER, and the third message is to show that THE FAITH IS SUPERIOR TO THE LAW.”

    Yes, the gradual signs of invasion and permanent occupation.

    Not only did all western powers lose their muslim colonies, but they were kicked out of their 57 usurped muslim countries with insulting big kicks in the [fundament]. Why do western countries provide them with everything including girls?

    Talk about equal reciprocating treatment.

    Did westerners learn anything from muslim treatment when occupied?

  5. IMHO every carefully calculated move, provocation or incident by these ‘pious’ practitioners of the ‘Religion Of Peace’ is an in you face expression of Islamic supremacy.

  6. Let’s paint plenty of pigs on the street. They will not stand on them !

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