An Unauthorized Tour of Paristan

The following cell-phone video was recorded by a French mother driving her kids to school. With undisguised disgust she narrates the cultural enrichment of her neighborhood, with its mosque, hijabs, and an imam.

This footage was originally posted on YouTube, then later removed, presumably for violating YouTube’s “community standards” — which, like “community cohesion” in Britain, is codespeak for “slavish submission to sharia.”

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   Voilà rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud, a stone’s throw from rue Saint-Maur, which you can see.
00:08   It’s simply a catastrophe. It’s Chador & Co. Run for your life!
00:12   Voilà, the most radical mosque in France is here. But it’s
00:16   a horror! Let’s look for a French person: there are none. No French
00:20   on the horizon! It’s a catastrophe! And it’s really two minutes from rue Saint-Maur, all right?
00:24   I’m on my way to my children’s school, we’ll be there in two minutes, OK?
00:28   It’s a nightmare, a nightmare. Ah, [those] females they all have their rugs
00:32   under their arms. It’s a catastrophe! Long live France!
00:36   Long live France! Voilà! [unintelligible]
00:40   Voilà, nice colors, it’s very beautiful, it’s fashionable,
00:44   a little turquoise, a little bordeaux,
00:52   [unintelligible] — If they see you they’ll tear you to pieces.
00:56   Look at that: an imam.
01:00   And there, I would like to turn in that street, usually, [but] sometimes it happens that — quiet! —
01:04   it happens, that in the street, they are, voilà, they’re on the floor, praying, on the floor,
01:08   and they’re blocking this street.
01:12   No, it’s all right, not today. Now, we’re turning onto rue Saint-Maur.
01:16   Catastrophe! Catastrophe!
01:20   Catastrophe!

16 thoughts on “An Unauthorized Tour of Paristan

  1. Willingly concentrating themselves into ghettos, and not making any attempt at integrating through style of dress will make them very easy to identify and deal with when the majority of French have had enough. What form that any action to “deal” with the infestation finally takes will depend on the level of provocation that is given before Marianne loses patience.

    • Precisely. On that bright, shining Friday morning when we decide to tke our countries back we shall know where to find them.

    • Not just identifiable through custom dress.
      They also congregate, making for a wonderful target rich environment.

  2. Community standard no. 1: Do not record the community on video.
    Community standard no. 2: Do not speak of the community.
    Community standard no. 3: Join the community. Or else.

  3. I have witnessed similar scenes in Paris myself. Why oh why did they not vote for LePen. It would have been a herculean task to remedy the mess even then, but the globalist puppet who holds office makes things worse by the day. This isn’t a migration. It is WW3.

    • Left-wing brainwashing is what keeps a lot of votes away from Le Pen.

      I imagine that some also stay away because of her less-than-desirable economic ideas.

      I’d vote for her despite her economic ideas, as I figure that that can be fixed (eventually), unlike what is going on now.

    • Elections are rigged. They did vote for her – do you not think there was something fishy about Macron’s new party winning?

    • If it were your country you would not be giving it away, so obviously it isn’t yours and you have only been fooling yourself, as demonstrated by current reality.

      So don’t be a miser, you have to give before get, and can only keep what you give away. I should think current circumstance is your punishment for being selfish – at least those giving away “your” country are doing you the favour of reminding you what it once was, so appreciation is in order I think.

      May the “new owners” have pity on you when you finally discover “your” country no longer exists and you then have to go begging them for one, that they provide a place for you that you find impossible to reject.

      (Poetic licence please, before anyone turns on me – the comment is to raise thought)

  4. You are mistaken if you think this can only be seen in Paris. You can find similar scenes even in small villages in Alsace Lorraine and in many cities in the south.

    In Paris, however, I have seen much worse. There are areas where you don’t dare to step out of your car.

  5. The time to have fixed it was when there were very few Muslims inside France, and keeping it clear of Muslims would simply require a bit of police effort.

    Now, any action to fix the problem, or even limit the problem, would require a massive bureaucratic effort, including changing police, military, security and welfare bureaucracies. The bureaucracies are going to push back against anything requiring them to make any effort or to change the practices they’re used to.

    The US elected a “change agent” in the form of Trump. The Washington bureaucracies, including and especially the FBI, were rabidly against Trump, probably mainly because they knew that he would change their comfortable lives.

    Looking ahead, once a region “tips” to the point that Muslims can determine an election, the government will sooner or later lose its representative quality and become a dictatorship. This holds whether the Muslims wrest control from the native population, or the native French take charge of the government. El Ingles has proven, almost conclusively to my view, that once enough diversity in values and aspirations has occurred, a representative government literally cannot govern.

    Stefan Molyneux makes the point very strongly that if you maintain a welfare state, you’ll continue to draw massive illegal and legal immigration. The incentives are so great, again, the legal warfare will overcome all bureaucratic movement, to the point where only the strong hand of a dictator will be able to overcome the legal safeguards that are so reasonable for a stable population, and so devastating for a nation under siege.

  6. I’m from Birmingham, UK which is set to see white people become a minority after years of cultural enrichment. There are no-go areas everywhere, especially near mosques. I went to college in Wolverhampton in the late 80s, even then I was warned about muslim patrols which were basically vans full of baseball bat-wielding muslims stopping and beating anyone who looked too white.

    I strongly believe most governments with instructions from the EUSSR are complicit in our demise. Our culture has been constantly stripped from us but I’m sorry to say that we are close to losing this war against the invaders because the media, colleges, universities, and government tell sleeping people that they are here to make sure our economies are stable and we mustn’t be racist, nazi bigots which is a common leftist label. Our freedom of speech has been taken away so we can’t question our own genocide. I’m scared to death of what type of life my Grandaughter is going to have and how brainwashed she will become at school, leaving her walking blindly into a violent dystopian world.

    • The tragedy you describe is how it looks to outsiders: the social mayhem caused by those who use England but have no intention of becoming British but every intention of harming ethnic Brits. It’s been a downward slide that pols admit was done on purpose to garner votes for Labor.

      The politicians promising to give citizens a vote on joining the EU and then cynically just by-passing them and following the primrose path to Brussels is another grievous harm.

      London has positioned itself as a leading financial center in Europe. That sector isn’t productive (except for the elites); it produces no true value. This decision has been in question since Anthony Trollope noticed the phenomenon.

      If you haven’t read it, Dark Albion: A Requiem for the English is worth your while. We used to have a chapter excerpt, the future tale set in 2066, when an old and sad King William surrenders to Islam. I can’t find it now…

  7. For those of you who are in despair, and maybe think the fight is lost, here is a great video circulating on certain websites and blogs in the USA. Please know that thanks to our President Donald Trump, the game has changed. People are rising up and fighting our globalist/communist/fascist “masters”. Come on you guys- never give up! Join us. If we could get Trump elected, there’s hope for you too. Good luck to our friends in the UK, France and everywhere else that is suffering from these offenses against civilization.

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