Viktor Orbán: “Hungary Will Continue to Avoid of the Fate of Becoming a Migrant-Accepting Country”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán recorded the following video report early yesterday morning, after a grueling all-night session of the emergency EU summit on migration. Mr. Orbán reported that the dissident member states — primarily the Visegrád Four, Austria, and Italy — had managed to prevent the imposition of mandatory migrant quotas and other pillars of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s preferred immigration policies.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Now it’s 4am and some minutes in the morning.
0:04   We just finished our work; we started in the afternoon.
0:08   Then, after a couple of hours of sleep,
0:12   we will continue. We are tired, but
0:16   satisfied, too, because the Visegrád Four have achieved a great victory!
0:20   There was a danger that from those “refugee camps”
0:24   they would distribute the migrants to all European countries.
0:28   We were able to counter that suggestion
0:32   by demanding the acceptance of our suggestion, which clearly states
0:36   that from those camps that will be created in the future, nobody
0:40   may be placed in another country without the agreement of the receiving
0:44   side. So Hungary will continue to avoid of the fate of becoming a migrant-accepting country.
0:48   Hungary will remain Hungary. That is the result of the battle from
0:52   yesterday (or dawn today ). We will continue tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán: “Hungary Will Continue to Avoid of the Fate of Becoming a Migrant-Accepting Country”

  1. We are lucky to have Viktor in the fray!
    We have to keep hammering on why Islam is not a true religion. This is the seminal question.

  2. From Charles Hugh Smith ‘One Minds blog via ZeroHedge … when we passed through the Sudetenland last year in Czechia the highway billboards openly proclaimed “No Islam – No Terrorism”.

    Europeans going populist to save their countries.

  3. Immigrants are the greatest thing in the world! They improve a country beyond belief! But…uh, we don’t want anymore, so you better take them.

  4. Orban said they achieved a great victory by persuading the EU to not distribute refugees to unwilling countries such as Hungary.

    The question is, had the EU actually acted to distribute the immigrants, on what legal basis would Hungary refuse them? Or would Hungary recognize the law of the EU at all?

    Like any good lawyer, Orban put off the tough question through maneuvering. I’m sure he’s thinking about it, though, as is the EU politburo.

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