Marcel de Graaff: Support Tommy Robinson; Down With the EU

Marcel de Graaff is a member of the European Parliament for the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands. In the following speech in the European Parliament, Mr. de Graaff spoke out in support of Tommy Robinson, and called for the end of the European Union so that Europe might be great again:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

4 thoughts on “Marcel de Graaff: Support Tommy Robinson; Down With the EU

  1. Good speech, though I imagine it will have been to an empty assembly, unreported by the media and ignored by the Euromandarins.

  2. True great speech, everything he said is spot on.

    The EU and those running it must go to prison also; the death penalty must apply to Juncker, Merkel, the whole lot of these Soros paid-off architects of European annihilation.

    Hitler never succeeded, but the jackboot thugs running the EU are trying.

    [Intemperate language redacted]

  3. Read the Barcelona Declaration now re-named Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) to find out what they have done. Signed in 1995, implemented in 2010, the EU’s dirty little secret is that it is the European leaders who are the traitors, and the leaders who have followed them – elected by Europeans – are bound by the same ideology. It is they who – for the past 23 years – have worked against their native populations. Read the link (the culprits are all named) and see what they promised to do. In secret deals they gave away countries, cultures, histories and children’s futures with the stroke of a pen and made sure no-one knew what they were doing. The news media was and still is complicit. All under the guise of a better future, cultural diversity, peace and stability.
    Know their names.

  4. From day one, I have been against the EU, so it warms my heart to know all these years later that it has failed. Sounds kinda sick I know, to say that
    This was a truly fabulous speech for us hardcore Anti-EU people to hear, but it will not gone down in the history books as such, I’m afraid.

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