Arrested for Objecting to Sharia in the Royal Parks

Last month we posted a video taken by a courageous woman in Hyde Park, London. In it she confronted the police about the fact that Muslims were holding group prayers in the park, which no other groups were allowed do because it was against official park rules.

Now we know why the police sergeant kept demanding the woman’s “details”: she has been arrested. She wouldn’t give her details that day, but the cops managed to find her anyway.

The following cell phone video was taken in her flat in the few minutes just before the police entered and arrested her. At first she refused to let them in, and only talked back and forth with them through the door. I kept rooting for her not to let them in, but she eventually gave in and opened the door. At that point she was arrested.

If you ever wondered what an English-language police state looks like, this is it:

Hat tip: Bishop Guy Leven-Torres TOACC.

51 thoughts on “Arrested for Objecting to Sharia in the Royal Parks

  1. and you wonder why Jay Smith Ph.D. left England and now lives here. Look him up and you will understand why, and he is a respected scholar.

    • No need for mystery.

      Jay Smith is a very brilliant evangelical who cites chapter and verse in historical research casting overwhelming doubt on the existence of Muhammad as a person and on the existence of Islam as a religion born of inspiration.

      Smith is not refutable. That is, the Muslim scholars simply have no way to rebut his assertions, as any historical or archaeological evidence supports his claims.

      The hallmark of a totalitarian state is that it uses force, rather than discussion, to settle issues and controversies. I figure Smith is too smart to waste his time and intellect on dealing with stupid police bureaucrats who wouldn’t care what his reasoning is, and probably wouldn’t understand it either.

      By the way, a powerful government, just like a regulatory agency, offers an extremely handy pathway to total power: simply capture the government or agency, and most of your work is already done for you. The Muslims obviously are following this road in England, with blinding success.

    • Born and bred Lancastrian and thought I was now unsociable but that is truly scary.
      She should have asked them to identify themselves fully including collar number and station.
      These two officers need a refresher course on ‘PACE’.

  2. This is worrying. All she has done is to insist that park rules are enforced and that there are no special privileges for moslems.

    • The Irish cops were training a Pakistani Muslim when he discovered to be an illegal. Another creature playing on the Ireland vs Pakistan cricket team sponsored by Turkish Airways was arrested on the field mid -match for being in the country illegally and for being involved in a Paki benefit marriage scam. After seven days in the slammer he was flown back to Pakistan. Can only imagine what’s going on systemwide. This is insane. Something must break out somewhere.

  3. Hair-raising to watch as practical Islamo-Communist dictatorship builds up in Western Europe and Britain (not Great anymore by any measure).

  4. I caught this on Vlad . For a long time now I have refused to permit myself to get angry about what is happening to my beloved homeland because anger clouds the thinking processes and leads to fatal errors, but this one is really bugging me.

    I’m simply not going to say what must be done about it in detail at this point in time other than to point out that Police State thugs always go for weak and the isolated first, and if we remove those two elements from the equation by becoming strong and united – out of many, one – we will be well on the way to recovering our country.

    We outnumber the thugs tens of thousands to one – we must use that advantage.

    • May I remark that a necessary component of your program must be to weaken the government and eliminate the bureaucracies. The genius of the Magna Charta, the lodestone of British liberties, was that it gave the individual (noble) rights against the power of the king. But, by disguising government programs as individual rights (right to freedom from poverty, right to a free education, right to medical treatment, right to not be insulted, right to view historical buildings), you destroy the basis for individual liberty.

  5. That video reminds me of my grandmother’s stories of Nazi Germany. It is clear that the UK has become a totalitarian police state where fundamental human rights have been suspended. Beyond chilling.
    I hope that lady retains a good lawyer.

  6. This needs to be publicised far and wide. It’s so shocking, so frightening that it’s difficult to recognise this is happening in my country. We are living in a police state that persecutes normal innocent people while protecting the violent and the criminal.

    That these young people in uniform can behave like this towards their fellow citizens is the worst aspect of what is happening. They need to remember that when they are eventually held to account, the Nuremberg trials dismissed the excuse of only obeying orders for what they have done.

    • The Brits have long had a fascination with Islam, multiple wives, buggery etc. And backstabbing their subjects and allies.

      The US no longer hold the “special relationship” nonsense with the Brits which was drummed up in the 1980’s.

      The spots on them haven’t changed since 1776. You blokes in the UK – figure out what to do by reading the US Revolution history books, unless they’ve been censored as well.

  7. She should have phoned for her solicitor to come to the house and not opened the door.

    • No disrespect to you, but not everyone has a solicitor on call. One of the features of a totalitarian state is, it can operate outside the framework of existing laws for most people who don’t have access to lawyers. That’s exactly what happened to Tommy Robinson. The British police planned to murder him (I’m not exaggerating) by imprisoning him on grounds that were clearly illegal. The court-appointed attorneys were clearly in league with the plot, and it was only by obtaining a competent solicitor through international appeals, that the case was thrown out.

      So people without the funds for a solicitor are at the mercy of the goodwill of the police to interpret the law reasonably.

      So, a totalitarian state can exist within the framework of laws which can be largely ignored when inconvenient.

      • Well…wish we had the “favorite” feature because on our comment threads because this would be one of mine. One Christmas a few years ago, I couldn’t get the picture of Tommy suffering in jail while all the nobs were above ground complaining about all the parties they had to go to. It haunted me.

        • Tommy has been arrested again for filming the rapists on their way to court……………..come on people get off the couch!

          • Get off the couch and do what, precisely. Perhaps you could lead by example? I’m not being snarky, just pointing out that your exclamations don’t give us any useful directions…I’d be willing to follow them.

      • Exact.

        I posted below on one of my experiences, another in Spain was similar (and in co-ordination with French authorities to boot). Local police and local authority acting beyond law, to the point of adding hand scribbled threats to petitioned appointment ( ” if you don’t attend we will use force on you “) or threatening to break into house and take a child if I refused a signature ( social services would you believe) . Sure, you don’t know the case and it could be about anything, but I do know every detail and it is about nothing more than exerting power and covering past mistakes of authority. This is all recorded and with the courts.

        Anyway, the point is :

        These kind of people, and to me I can only think to label them brown shirts or Nazis or worse, they know how much scope they have, they know how to and actively distort to achieve their ends, whatever they are.

        So for example the police there asked me to drop a case I had launched or else they said they would find reasons to take me to court.

        The social services improvised throughout a meeting, inventing that I could not leave the countrt , threatening as above etc…. and at the end?

        “If you don’t agree you can take us to court ”

        For those that don’t know, to take authorities to court is tantamount to dedicating several years of your time and resources as well as being open to being targeted in that time, and all with unknown result – basically the equivalent of purposefully cornering yourself.

        Well I had enough wit to record all of this, signed against my will, completed the demands and then left the country as soon as acceptable to all (by their own recorded word), but not before leaving every detail with the courts.

        We then had to turn our backs on the country we had known for thirty years.

        Others are not so fortunate in being able to do this, and I say fortunate because others literally hang.

        My sentiments with regard are beyond words to describe.

        And why all this ?

        I am a quiet and private minded person, but if corruption or official misdeed comes my way, I challenge it openly and publicly, legally.

        That is why.

  8. They said she was being arrested for perverting the course of justice – so I can’t see that there’s any connection with what was said in the park. I’ll wait for further details before making up my mind on this.

  9. Uk police have become nazis in blue, enforcing marxist totalitariain state.

    Shecshoukd not have opened her door.

    Uk is finnished, uk cops are now the part of the pronlem, the enemy within.

    People in uk must rise up or perish

  10. Intimidating middle aged ladies is something they can handle. Probably had a special course in ‘Treating law abiding citizens like villains’.

  11. An update on this: She was arrested for a Homophobic Hate Crime in a supermarket car park. She had an argument with a homosexualist who took umbrage at the expression “have a gay day”. I’m not sure what is worse, arrested for questioning why the police don’t uphold the law when it is being broken by Muslims, or arrested for saying have a gay day. All one can reasonably deduce from this is that the British police are now the totalitarian arm of the British State. If there is an upside to this, the police and the state are surely goading us into revolutionary action some time in the future. Either that, or full blown totalitarian repression a la Communism/Nazism. Oh Lordy, the next few years will be nothing like the last seventy.

    • With any luck we will have a this time successful re-run of 1381 and not blow it at the last hurdle by believing anything that the Establishment says or promises. Let it be.

      • Why not have Queen Elizabeth put on her duster, grab her broom, mop and hose, and clean the House of all the filth and call for the exterminators to rid the environs of the bureaucratic rats, cockroaches and termites. After all, she is the Queen and God save her!

    • So wishing someone a “gay day” (happy day) is now an arrestable offence?! Or is this just an excuse to get her for the Hyde park incident? Either way, Britain’s in a bad state…

  12. Been through similar in France, false arrest at home without judicial authorisation (if it existed) presented as required by law, pacific stance of myself asking same in conversation – reason for presence and authority to threaten arrest on denial of entry given there was no circumstance warranting. First thing in morning, door then forced and cuffed in front of children who were completely panicked . Oh, no charges or accusation, released only after signing form waiving any responsibility of police.

    Reason – accusation of a neighbour against the mother of the children, without further prosecution. Result on family not good.

    You would not believe until you get targeted this way, for whatever reason.

      • It is its business, it does not exist without devouring the population, once the feudal vigilantes have nothing much left to protect people from they turn on the population itself to justify their position – power corrupts.

        Family are barrier to their absolute authority, plus they like involving themselves where there is that fresh activity – high energy for the taking…easy, as a family is outward bound, busy, and has defenceless members that can be used as leverage by use of threat in the name of higher authority.

        At the least state will wear down family by making it defend itself where instead it would be projecting its future.

        So you see in the west a lot of unnatural conformity in society, people who do not think openly or are knowingly restricted in their views and approach to life.

        This is all corrosive, even if it is made to seem like some great ideal of communal reality.

        • That began in the 1950s and 1960s with rock ‘n roll to listen to, fast food outlets to congregate at, and schools telling children that faith in Christ was irrelevant and that they should have faith in themselves and their abilities. Now it’s 60 years after and what do we have? How about a dystopian nightmare that resembles the bedlam of the asylums of the 18th and 19th centuries. Now who would want to live here, especially since the inmates are now running (or was that ruining) the place?

  13. The only solution is to have a new religious group which organizes itself along the principles of ethno nationalism.

    A lot of the posters on this site as old christians, so I don’t need to spell out (ARYAN) what this means but the young understand, and are embracing it.

    The counter to Islam is not to try and get them to be less religious, but to infact become MORE religious.

    Involving the sacred becomes neccessary as it is only through the belief of benevolence both of the Ancestors and Valhalla that Indo-European Civilization is saved from becoming a biological extension of Africa.

    Africa is projected to account for a staggering 83% of the nearly 4 billion net additional humans that will be added to the world in the next 85 years.

    Listen to the following passage which the Guru has spoken with his tongue. The Panth (Tribe) becomes destroying the Turks (Muslims).

    If someone needs a little push, here’s a list of the Race Treachery of Christianity right back to antiquity.

    Commit to Weapons Worship, nothing else matters.


  14. When a clever and sarcastic retort is probable cause for arrest, the situation is very grim. I feel very sad for this woman. She is obviously brave, clever and outspoken, a terrible combination of attributes when your nation has morphed into an insane totalitarian state in a relatively short period of time. At the moment, as an American, I enjoy far more freedom of speech than this poor woman. But for how much longer? We are all faced with terrible choices. Some of us must make those terrible choices sooner than others. Leave? Resist? Submit? Just remember that some things are worth fighting for. Some things are even worth dying for.

    • What a b****y disgrace!
      Jobs worth police harrassing and bullying a woman in her
      Own home and for what? CORRECTLY pointing out that
      Park regulations were being flouted and ignored?

      Sack these officers and the equally useless park warden too!

  15. It is no doubt relatively safe for those police officials and judicial officials to attack elderly ladies and to monitor websites. They avoid risk and can advance their careers.

  16. This shows a state violation of a woman’s home, her person and her dignity. Justified only if she was armed & noncompliant. She was neither.

    Can you post a follow-up giving the perpetrators’ precinct, any further harm they or their colleagues inflicted on the victim after filming ends, the location and circumstances of the alleged offense referenced by Paul Weston and the identity of the allegedly gay accuser if known. Also whether the victim needs any help.

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