Ocular, Not Jocular

I went to the retinologist’s today to get a shot in my left eye, the latest in a series of treatments for last month’s flare-up of wet macular degeneration.

It’s not fun, granted. But the symptoms receded a few days after the first shot, and haven’t recurred. So all I have to do is endure one more in a series of monthly injections, and then the doctor will assess whether I need any more, or can have a break for a while.

My eye is sore, but I feel pretty good, all things considered.

3 thoughts on “Ocular, Not Jocular

  1. Try having shingles of the cornea. The pain is the worst ever. The happiest moment of my life was when they gave me morphine in the ER. For years I looked weird with a shrunken left eye. Five years later I have no feeling on the entire left side of my face, no feeling in the left eye and the daily headaches (left side) will never go away. Thankfully I have a genius eye doctor and surgeon and can see (one more operation yet to go). I don’t care how I look anymore because I am so thankful I can see. I offer the suffering up for those who do not see, cannot see, will not see Christ, His Blessed Mother and the Truth of the Catholic Church.

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