Enforcement of Sharia by the Metropolitan Police — It Doesn’t Get Any More Blatant Than This

The following video is difficult to watch. For one thing, it was taken surreptitiously (by cell phone, I think), and only the woman who recorded it can be heard clearly throughout. The rest of the time it’s touch and go on the other voices, depending on how much background noise there is. However, for the last ten minutes or so, when the police sergeant is talking, the voices are fairly clear.

It’s also difficult to watch because it exposes the awful reality of the Islamization of Britain. The context of the clip is that Muslims have been publicly praying in a Royal Park in London, which violates the law. I don’t have to tell you that the Metropolitan Police deliberately refrain from enforcing that law — nobody who’s been paying attention to the U.K. for the last few years would expect the law to be enforced against Muslims. However, in this particular case, the police officers first lie about the existence of the law. Then, when someone reads them the exact text of it, they explain that they have orders from above not to enforce the law against Muslims — they actually admit it.

The woman who recorded this footage obviously planned in advance for the encounter, and came prepared. And she’s a gutsy lady — at one point she’s surrounded by aggressive Muslims jabbing their fingers in her face and shouting at her. But she doesn’t back down or give in.

The police sergeant keeps asking her to give him her “details”, but she consistently refuses. Presumably she knows what’s likely to happen to an “Islamophobe” who reveals her name and address to law enforcement.

So here it is — Sharia in the parks of London, out in the open and in your face:

The text the woman in this video cites may be accessed at the Royal Parks website (pdf format):

Religious Activity in the Royal Parks

The Royal Parks (TRP) does not permit collective acts of worship or other religious observances in the TRP estate, either in their own right or as part of a demonstration, event or other activity. This includes spoken or sung communal prayers or other events that are primarily religious in focus. Exceptions are made for annual acts of remembrance at the regimental memorials in the Parks, which have taken place since the First World War.

As a public body, it is not the place of The Royal Parks to make value judgments between one religious observance and another. We must either permit all collective religious observances or refuse them all. Our approach is to continue to refuse all such observances on the grounds that they are not traditional park-related activities and the disadvantages to the public at large of allowing them would almost certainly outweigh the benefits to adherents of a particular religion or belief. The policy extends to the construction of structures within the estate with a religious significance.

Cultural events that do not include collective religious activity are permitted subject to the standard approval process.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

43 thoughts on “Enforcement of Sharia by the Metropolitan Police — It Doesn’t Get Any More Blatant Than This

  1. Someone please tell the Hari Krishna they can now do their thing in the Royal Parks.

    That I would love to see.

    • The Hare Krishna are too peaceful to be left alone by the cops.

      I mean that quite literally. Sad, innit?

  2. What would happen if a group of Christians were to engage in public prayer right beside the Muslims, at the same time?

    It would be an interesting experiment… it would need to be fully filmed, of course.

    • Yes, it’s an interesting question. In the normal course of events it wouldn’t happen, though. This is because that group of Christians would very likely be law-abiding people (they’d be respectful of the law of the land) who would say “Heh, we can’t pray there. We need to go to a private place, our own hall, our own church.” (etc.) This is part of the reason why societies (such as ours in the west) hang together (or in recent times have hung together): the people who comprise them are living together because they have certain ideas, beliefs (other than the religious kind) and principles in common.

      A problem arises when people who do not respect this consensus move in (and we have, indeed, overt instances of [“blatant disregard of laws”]Many of our new neighbours (the “New Germans”, the “New Brits” etc.) have little or no intention of respecting our laws. They follow (when it suits them) only “God’s Law”.

      Were our politicians aware of this when they asked/allowed these “newcomers” to move in? There might be no black and white answer but I put my money on “Yes”. I suspect they’re not stupid, “merely” deceitful at best and at worst, actively working against “their” populations, “their” countries. (Actually OUR countries – and of course they didn’t ask us if we’d like new neighbors.)

      So if we’re to see what happens if a group of Christians or others tries to pray in Hyde Park or one of the other parks, someone like Tommy R. will have to organise it. But then he’d get moved on or taken away for “provocation” or “inciting a breach of the peace”.

  3. Beyond belief…this woman is brave.
    Laws??? What and for whom??

    Great work. Thanks

  4. The actual location in this video is Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, Marble Arch, London.

    Muslims have been terrorising people here since the 1990s,

    It’s very dangerous, I saw muslim crowds attack a heckler in 1998.

    I was there, the cops did 0.

  5. The British police use Runnymede Foundation’s (RF)
    truly pernicious list of what supposedly constitutes ‘Islamophobia’.

    “According to this definition, the eight components of Islamophobia are:
    1. Islam is seen as a monolithic bloc, static and unresponsive to change.
    2. Islam is seen as separate and ‘other’. It does not have values in common with other cultures, is not affected by them and does not influence them.
    3. Islam is seen as inferior to the West. It is seen as barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist.
    4. Islam is seen as violent, aggressive, threatening, supportive of terrorism and engaged in a ‘clash of civilisations’.
    5. Islam is seen as a political ideology and is used for political or military advantage.
    6. Criticisms made of the West by Islam are rejected out of hand.
    7. Hostility towards Islam is used to justify discriminatory practices towards
    Muslims and exclusion of Muslims from mainstream society.
    8. Anti-Muslim hostility is seen as natural or normal.

      • One problem area is the assertion that Islam is monolithic. In fact, Islam has some very beautiful splits that can be used to great advantage by non-Muslims. Israel takes full advantage of the Sunni – Shi’a split between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iraq and Iran were natural counter-balances before genius George W. Bush decided to topple Saddam Hussein, ultimately adding Iraq to the Iranian sphere of influence.

        Of course, you don’t want either Shi’a or Sunni inside your borders. Keep them all out, but use their natural proclivity for tribalism and treachery to your own advantage.

    • Very very true.All those points.I have copied and placed it as a screen saver for my cell phone

      • can we have that written on two stone plates, to be handed out on a mountain top near a flaming bush? ( No blasphemy intended).
        Honny soit qui mal y pense.

    • This truly is a pernicious list.

      Number 6: “Criticisms made of the West by Islam are rejected out of hand.” is especially problematic. Islam is given agency, as though it were a person, acting from human motivations. I thought that the modern-day collective of believers in Islam was made up of individual followers who all act out a range of human behaviours. Yet we are told that it is Islam that criticizes the West (not individual Muslims) – and we are Islamophobic if we reject these criticisms. So Islam is here treated as a monolithic entity – which violates Number 1 which states that it’s Islamophobic to see Islam a monolithic bloc.

      There are more problems here than I can shake a stick at.

  6. In our country, conspiracy theorists tend to accuse Britain of instilling “hate laws” and models of neurotization of society, and even of implanting Islamization.
    Example: Lord Judd, who oversaw Chechen militants.

    And now I see that those who are behind these processes are not even interested in their own citizens. Even the children they threw to be devoured by Muslim gang rape.

    I think it’s such a tradition.
    Back in the last century there was this terrible story, as British children were sent to Australia almost into slavery.
    I read quite a lot of English classics in my youth – ordinary British people have always been expendable. Nothing has changed.

    • This is an excellent point. The British establishment has always been utterly contemptuous of ordinary British people – they were more concerned with the plight of black slaves than they were with the terrible living and working conditions of British workers, the NHS came about because the establishment was concerned at the poor physical quality of conscripts to the WWI slaughter, British children little more than slaves during the industrial revolution,,,

    • “Ordinary British people have always been expendable” sums up the state of affairs in the UK today. It’s a depressing thought, more so when we realize that the wars of the past centuries were supposed somehow to have led the UK into a free, liberal, and enlightened state, one where all are treated equally before the law.

      What has happened to the British people’s respect for law, for their belief in following rules, fairness, and all that? Perhaps the ordinary Brit still does believe in those ideals, but the integrity of the police service has obviously been compromised.

      As others have suggested, one option here is for Christian prayers to be organized, carried out in the same spot, by the same number of worshipers, for the same length of time, on the same day of the week, and the same time of day. Police response would be elucidating. And, if this public Christian prayer time conflicted with the Muslim prayer time, police might have a problem on their hands.

  7. So it is time to walk your dogs ,eat a bacon sandwitch,and pray as close as possible to theses foreign defectives,they only do this because we are not prepared to defend OUR public spaces.

  8. I intend to send a copy of this video and the Royal Parks ordinance to the Royal Parks, my MP, Saddiq Khan, alleged mayor of London, and Cresida Dick, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, with a demand to know why the law is not being enforced and the police instructed to ignore the infraction.

    • I’ve been trying to narrow it down a bit. The policing of the Royal Parks is the responsibility of the Royal Parks Operational Command Unit. They are the branch of the Met to complain to. This gives their website address but I couldn’t get it to work:


      This gives their address (which is in Hyde Park) and their phone number:


      I also found the suggested changes to the park regulations which the police sergeant was (presumably) referring to. As you can see they have nothing to do with religious activities:


      • Thanks for that information. I also intended to research the enabling legislation for the park regulations, as there seemed to be some doubt as to the precise legal position and police powers of enforcement.

        However, events seem to have moved on somewhat as the police subsequently appear to be making some attempt at enforcement, albeit half-heartedly.


        The title of the video is misleading. The police are not enforcing an outright ban – as the Regulations seem to require – they are merely ‘requesting’ the Muslims not to pray in the park.

        An amazing result for the courageous lady in the first video though. I honestly didn’t believe her brave protest would have even this result. We need to lend our support by continuing to lobby the Royal Parks for enforcement of their own rules.

        A small victory perhaps, but nevertheless a very hearnening one.

      • Why narrow it down? As many people as possible should pester as many offices as possible if you’re hoping to have any effect at all…

  9. Congratulations to this woman. She’s got…well, you know.

    There must be other ways to highlight this discriminatory law enforcement.

    For instance here are the regulations on dogs:


    Dogs are allowed at Speakers Corner where this video was filmed. I don’t know if it is a myth that Muslims have to start their prayers all over again if a dog (or a woman or a pig) walks in front of them. I wish I lived within reach of London so I could find out. Even if it isn’t so I think you could expect some mobbing and finger jabbing at the very least if you did it (a black dog would be best since Mo said they are devils).

    Whose side would the police come down on, those acting in accordance with the park regulations or those contravening them?

    Or a dog walker might let their dog off the lead by the edge of the Serpentine. When challenged they could say “But I was under the impression that the regulations are no longer being applied here. Just look over there”.

    A couple of Christian choirs would add to the proceedings too.

    • I think we should keep it religious, as that is the basis for our complaint of discriminatory enforcement, or non-enforcement (however see my response to your post above). An outdoor Christian prayer meeting. The choirs would be a nice touch too 🙂 , as well as providing a melodious counterpoint to the Islamic mumbo-jumbo.

  10. This is worrying on more than one level : first these Muslims have no need to pray here, they are doing it in an attitude of triumphalism like all bullies they are trying to find out how cowardly we are ; secondly its obvious from the response of the police that a decision has been taken high up to allow these people to do as they please which throws light on the authorities behaviour with regard to the wide spread refusal to protect white girls from gang rape in almost all of the towns in Britain.

  11. The Muslims know that they are a protected species in the West, and are going “hell for leather” to let it be known. They have turned badgering into an art form, and this, along with playing the eternal victim, has paved the way for them to install/ instil Islam into every level of Western society.

  12. When it comes to ethnic minorities, particularly muslims, law enforcement in the UK is at best selective and has been for the last 30 years. The only way out of this situation is to remove the muslims but first of all, the people must remove the politicians and there is little chance that this will happen. The people have been repressed for far too long.

  13. London isn’t it a financial capital of the world? They sold the land to the petrol sheiks, nothing really new. Then, when there were no more lands to sell, they sold their gods, culture, traditions and the future of their people and children. The cops do what they are expected to do by their managers, it is just their work duty to punish the infidels. The law will be updated according to sharia, hadith and quran, but that is a slow process. The city mayor of London is a lawyer famous for defending islamic terrorists. So that is what the future looks like in eurabia capital cities: the balcanization of a continent.

  14. I lost it when a Metropolitan Police Officer actually said “All Laws are discretionary.”
    No they are NOT. I was a Police Officer for 28 years, I enforced the Law without fear or favour. The officers shown in the video have obviously been instructed to DISOBEY the enforcement of a legal requirement that ANY religious observances in the Royal Parks are prohibited. To me this is dereliction of duty.
    I note that those opposing the woman trying to have the law enforced are all male and all are behaving in a very intimidatory manner, shouting, gesticulatingand mobbing.
    If those officers had been under my command they’d both be facing discipliary action.

      • May I suggest some research on the inroads the Muslim Brotherhood has made into America? Start with Minnesota.

        Then read Steve Coughlin’s book; it should be on the sidebar. What you hope would be the case is not, sad to say.

  15. And you’ll notice the bobby trying to get the passer-by to give up their name and address – as if they need that in order to prevent a criminal act. Good to know if you ever intend to rob a bank, eh. Put down warning signs outside saying there’s a dangerous gas leak – no passers by, therefore no crime. The bobbies won’t be able to arrest the robbers.

    Seriously though – this sort of thing goes on all the time. I recall in Malta a few years ago, there was a bunch of Muslim fellows who took to praying in the middle of the street, on the promenade at Sliema. People started walking their dogs at a particular time of day, and it was the dog-walkers who were moved on by the local constabulary.

    There was an article on the Times (of Malta) about it. I sent in several comments saying that these Mohammedans were praying while facing towards the town of Valletta and in fact, St. John’s Co-Cathedral. This made their actions not just harassment, not just a public nuisance, but blasphemous. And the Maltese authorities were allowing this to happen – of course those comments were not published on the local paper.

    It was pathetic, and disgusting. Given the island’s history.

    I haven’t been back to Malta since.

  16. I am tired of Muslim [derrieres] in my face in British parks or blocking entire streets in France. I know when I am being bullied and tested.

    • I am old enough to remember a time in the UK when exposure to Muslims was, for the vast majority of the population, limited to a showing of the ‘Sinbad’ films on the TV at Christmas.

  17. British men need to grow a pair at least as big as that lady has. If it’s just one guy every now and then then the police has enough force to bring him down. But if it’s thousands of men all day and night, every day and night, eventually there won’t be enough officers and judges to take care of them all and either the laws will be enforced against everyone or the long overdue deep clean of Britain will finally take place. And same with France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and especially Sweden.

  18. The Police who regularly patrol that park are well aware of which regulation the muslims are violating; to simply give the woman the rule book and say, “find it”, is a dereliction of duty and totally disingenuous.

    Why she did not bring a copy of the regulation with her is anyone’s guess. Freedom of speech is not allowed in the UK. A copy of the regulation needs to be sent to the police to put them on notice and a copy to their chief also putting him on notice that they are expected to follow the regulation.

    Gone is the Brit stiff upper lip. The Brits are now sheep. There was a song, “Rule Britannia”. where the last few words were “Britains will never ever be slaves” Too bad they already are. [redacted]

  19. The fact that Mohammedans are allowed, fait accompli, to pray in the Royal Park as a result of police blind eye relaxation of the rules against the religious activity of praying means that people of any religious persuasion can pray there too. The police will either stop non Muslims praying for fear of antagonising Mohammedans or they will allow any faith to pray as long as peace is maintained. This situation needs to become a test case as to how the Crown applies the Rule of Law.

  20. Well, if the cops are told not to really enforce the law, and they aren’t…I think the Christians should go all out. Next time these guys are having their prayer session, get ready for the re-enactment of the burden of the cross. During our weekly downtown public market, one Christian group carried a big white cross down the middle of the street with the faithful following the journey. It’s solemn religious theatre in a way.

    I see brother Cadfael following the group procession in his scratchy monk robe.

    Maybe some good friends with mastiffs along for the ride.

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