A Knife Attack Against Two Children by a Culture-Enriching Schoolboy in Hamburg

The following report by Egri Nök was published earlier this afternoon at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Hamburg Dad: Turkish Classmate Stabbed My 12-Year-Old Son, School Did Nothing

by Egri Nök

This Hamburg dad had enough and is calling out the school for doing nothing. An original translation from Bild:

Knife Attack on the Way Home From School!

Classmate (12) stabs Luca (12)

[Photo caption (not shown): Stabbing-victim Luca (12, name changed) at the scene of the attack. To this day, he feels scared and embarrassed.]

By Sören Haberland
April 08, 2018

Hamburg — School is out, and on their way home from the district school, Luca (12, name changed) and a friend quickly go to the kiosk. But they get attacked. The attacker demands their phones and money, then stabs his victims with a knife.

The attacker is still a child too!

Luca can’t forget the scenes how his Turkish classmate Ahmed (12, name changed) threatened him: “He held a jackknife to my chest. When I did not hand over my phone, he immediately stabbed me. I got stabbed in the groin, four times.”

The smart phone in his pocket halted the knife. Luca’s buddy fends off stabs to his chest with his bare hands. In the end, the perpetrator makes the boys lie down, kicks them, and collects their mobile phones.

Lucas’ father Toni (45) immediately alerts the police. Eight officers search the perpetrators’ apartment the same day, and find the weapon used in the attack. Police confirm the incident to Bild. A spokesman: “Investigations are still ongoing.”

And the school? “They did nothing at all! They are s****ing their pants”, laments the father, Toni. The underage offender was suspended from school for eleven days, but returned to a parallel class, and his schoolyard ban is not monitored.

[Photo caption (not shown): The father Toni (45) is fighting for his son’s right to attend school happily and safely.]

Ahmed is no unknown quantity. Just a week before the deed, he allegedly showed up at the schoolyard with a realistic-looking gun and threatened to shoot teachers. And this was reportedly not the first time he caused trouble.

Almost two months after the deed, the school finally reacted. Ahmed was suspended and attends a different school now. It is a relief for Luca. But the problem has only been relocated.

9 thoughts on “A Knife Attack Against Two Children by a Culture-Enriching Schoolboy in Hamburg

  1. It’s not against 2 children it’s 1 child.
    I mean they s time… that does not mean they may not be many more
    Correct that

  2. Kind of a dilemma for the authorities.

    The government brings in millions of immigrants with a completely different value system and a strong disposition to sociopath behavior that is very resistant to change.

    The administrators always take the course of least resistance: ignore any problem until it explodes and then push it on someone else. The only real solution to the problem of little killer Ahmed is to ship him and his family back to Turkey or wherever they came from. The loyalty of the school officials is not to the Germans but to their own advancement. The officials also want to avoid any confrontations with identity groups like Turkish Muslims.

    We can see parallels in the US sanctuary cities. Look the other way when a crime is committed, rather than entertain the possibility the illegal alien should simply be deported. Avoid offending any of the myriad identity group organizations the illegals like to form in order to extract more welfare and more privileges.

    • “Kind of a dilemma for the authorities.”

      Yes, I see the authorities becoming go-betweens, siding with the ‘immigrant’.

    • yes, my own experience in 37 years in a school: superiors chose the course of least resistance. Did I report antisocial behaviour of a student, it ended the way that I was the one to put the blame on, not being master of the things in my class. […]
      I do not dare to figure this happening to my child. I immediately thought of a prie bar.

  3. Bah humbug! Yes, the good old communist trick, of blaming the victim
    U get stabbed, raped, assaulted, u report it, they investigate you, label you as a troublemaker, this phenomounen ive seen in eastern europe, commie countries.

    Incredible, and now in western europe its going on.

  4. Based on the reports I heard, school’s reaction is similar to the school shooting case in Florida. Ignore the minor discipline problems until they get worse, then wonder why tragedy happens.

    I work in education, so I will tell you why tragedy happens. As an educator, you set expectations. Any time you interact with students, they read your presence and context of what you say. For students of rough backgrounds, this can cause violence if not handled properly.

    • I wouldn’t regard bringing a gun to school and threatening to shoot teachers with it as a minor issue. The police should’ve been called straight away as the kid at the very least needed a professional assessment.

      This is like selling a car knowing that the brakes don’t always work.

  5. Okay “Dad.”
    Do you know where the kid lives? Who his family is?
    Take it from there.

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