Zsolt Bayer: “Western Civilization is Digging Its Own Grave”

Zsolt Bayer is a well-known popular Hungarian TV host, and a long-time associate of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The video below is the first of two parts taken from one of Mr. Bayer’s recent shows. This one is a monologue about the migration crisis in Western Europe — which Hungary shrewdly avoided — and the plight of Western European Jews. Part 2 will feature a discussion between Mr. Bayer and Mr. Orbán.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript (times from the original program):

09:04   …and what is happening? [in Europe]
09:08   We will see it soon, because my colleagues will display behind me
09:12   the relevant videos… As you know,
09:16   the big question about all that is:
09:20   How long can be tolerated? How long…
09:24   will Western European societies tolerate
09:28   that they have to live like this?! Me… As we were looking at Paris,
09:32   …for me, Paris…
09:36   is my dream, since my early teenage years, and one of
09:40   my favorites. I do not know why, just somehow it happened that way.
09:44   I loved the French culture; I love it still. My numerous
09:48   favorite writers are French, from Victor Hugo
09:52   to Albert Camus, which is quite a big spectrum.
09:56   I love their poetry,
10:00   the symbolists. I adore their architecture and I love Paris,
10:04   where I have been many times. And when we were sitting
10:08   on the wrong side of the [iron] wall, and longed to be there,
10:12   and sometimes we were able to visit; then after the fall of Communism
10:16   visited there more often, I would have never thought
10:20   that freedom, what we were dreaming about here,
10:24   at one time would mean this…
10:28   This is freedom, people? Freedom would mean
10:32   that soldiers with machine guns would stand on every corner?
10:36   That freedom will mean — as my friends told me, who were in a diplomatic mission to Brussels,
10:40   and they placed their children in some local
10:44   school, obviously for diplomats,
10:48   where all the children of diplomats go, and
10:52   the kid is going to school in such circumstances that not just
10:56   in front of the school, but all along both sides, the road is closed
11:00   with armored military vehicles and all the parents have an ID card
11:04   that proves the kid goes to that school; that’s the only way in.
11:08   That would be freedom? That’s what they dreamed about,
11:12   the people of Western Europe? That they will go around the street like that?
11:16   That this will be the only way into Saint Peter’s Square?
11:20   That they will even look into everybody’s backside, too?
11:24   This is what we really waited for? How long can one tolerate this?
11:28   But the big question is, why are they tolerating it?
11:32   and… while we are on Paris…
11:36   and Western Europe and terror…
11:40   then we will watch another video, because
11:44   that is a very peculiar case and a brings up some
11:48   very peculiar questions, namely… I think you already heard about this the other day
11:52   AGAIN, because this is not unique situation:
11:56   a Muslim murdered an old Jewish lady.
12:00   He murdered her bestially, because she was Jewish.
12:04   He stabbed her, then beat her to death and finally burned down her apartment.
12:08   There are some protests, let’s watch it…
12:16   …As you can see,
12:20   the Parisians are marching, but
12:24   let’s ask the question, just between us!
12:28   What has happened in Europe since 2015,
12:32   three years now, is this hair-raising
12:36   flood of people from the Middle-East and
12:40   Black Africa. And 95% of
12:44   the migrants are Muslims,
12:48   and the leaders of Brussels and Western nations decided
12:52   …by hook or by crook,
12:56   they will shove down the throat of Western nations
13:00   that “this is good”. We have to “love this”,
13:04   we “must live with it”, and anyway, the “Muslims are so lovable”.
13:08   And I only say this because I would like to ask you
13:12   To just think about it for a minute:
13:16   if before 2015
13:20   they had killed a Jew, in Paris — or anywhere else in Europe —
13:24   just because he/she is a Jew. Think about it!
13:28   Just think about it for a minute, what would have happened there!
13:32   Think about it, the size of the
13:36   indignation and protest,
13:40   how the media would have reacted,
13:44   tirades about how anti-Semitism is raging,
13:48   the Jews have to flee again… I think
13:52   …they would have marched shoulder to shoulder
13:56   in the streets of Brussels or Paris,
14:00   the full Western European political elite — like they did in the case of Charlie Hebdo —
14:04   I think you all remember, back then not just a couple of Parisians
14:08   would have taken to the streets, but Angela Merkel, too,
14:12   all of them, to show that they would not allow
14:16   anti-Semitism and would defend the Jews, but now
14:20   for some mysterious reason this has not happened. Someone killed a Jew.
14:24   She was not the first, but the umpteenth.
14:28   Over and over we hear the news that Jewish kids
14:32   are bullied by Muslim classmates,
14:36   are threatened and beaten, and you will be surprised:
14:40   the Western political elites are not marching out to protest against it.
14:44   The newspapers are not full of these issues.
14:48   The editorials are not about this. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?
14:52   Remember those times when ten or fifteen
14:56   years ago, in Budapest, even then it was true in all
15:00   the news… if in Budapest someone in the street
15:04   were to say to a rabbi: “stupid Jew”,
15:08   even the New York Times would have had to kneel down from indignation over what is happening
15:12   in Europe, that “Oh my God, the next step is the gas chambers,”
15:16   the “Jews will be deported”… Do you remember this?
15:20   Now everybody is keeping their filthy mouths shut!
15:24   …and playing possum… Of course, now the job is different.
15:28   Now the Jews do not matter; they can even be killed.
15:32   Now they must shut up, because now the Muslims must be cherished.
15:36   Come on, let’s not bring to light that
15:40   the Muslims are really… really and
15:44   how to say: “deadly”
15:48   threats to European Jewry.
15:52   This cannot be said, otherwise, how will we integrate them [Muslims],
15:56   accept them and love them? This is so foul!
16:00   The whole thing is so disgusting; moreover
16:04   so transparent and screaming of fakery,
16:08   and now we find out that these [the Left] used the Jews,
16:12   and anti-Semitism as a
16:16   sordid political bat, that they never cared about
16:20   what is really happening with the Jews. Nothing matters to them!
16:24   Now that the Jews are in trouble, now that they are really threatened,
16:28   nobody deals with it. When fifteen years ago in Budapest
16:32   somebody might have said something like “stupid Jew”, then the blue helmets from
16:36   the UN almost invaded us. Well, that is good to know, too!
16:40   And we must remember this for life!
16:44   And when we see such things and see such pictures,
16:48   its worth remembering
16:52   that while this is what is happening in Western Europe,
16:56   in the meantime the Hungarian Prime Minister and the Serbian Prime Minister are handing over —
17:00   in Szabadka [Subovica] — the freshly-renovated synagogue, built with Hungarian money.
17:04   With the tearful thankfulness of the local Jewish community.
17:08   If there is one place in Europe
17:12   where neither the Jews nor others would have to be fearful,
17:16   that’s with us! You know…
17:20   Central and Eastern Europe, they can come here, because here
17:24   nobody would threaten them. And let’s not forget…
17:28   …if you think it through,
17:32   …Maybe it was in the news on Thursday,
17:36   that a Swedish Member of Parliament,
17:40   who once spoke — yes, that’s right — spoke
17:44   in the Swedish Parliament in defense of Hungary,
17:48   praised the Hungarian Prime Minister, now on Thursday
17:52   announced he will emigrate to Hungary,
17:56   for his safety,
18:00   and he wants to live a European life.
18:04   Very good, let him come! He should come, too,
18:08   and it would be time to announce officially
18:12   that from the South African Republic we await with great affection
18:16   those white Boer settlers, because there
18:20   people are experiencing a reversed apartheid!
18:24   The whites are threatened daily there,
18:28   murdered by black, wild,
18:32   animal-level gangs. They break into
18:36   white farmers’ properties, torture them,
18:40   murder them, the women are raped…
18:44   The world is silent about that, too! After all, who cares? They are only whites!
18:48   Is a crime against whites ever counted?
18:52   Any atrocities or apartheid? Oh, come on!
18:56   This is what is happening in South Africa; let’s say it bravely!
19:00   We are lovingly awaiting them. These [Boers] are amazingly knowledgeable,
19:04   stupendously hard-working, agricultural
19:08   professionals, very well-established experts. They should come.
19:12   Let’s give them land, let them settle here and
19:16   work here. We await with love everybody from
19:20   anywhere in Europe, the Jews if they feel their lives are in danger.
19:24   Here they can live in peace with us; nobody will hurt them,
19:28   no atrocities will be committed against them.
19:32   We will refuse to let in one type only: the illegal
19:36   migrants from the Middle East, the Far East and Africa.
19:40   Those should NOT come! Thank you very much;
19:44   they should stay home — everybody has a homeland —
19:48   they should live there and maybe it would be time to create order there.
19:52   Maybe it would be time for Europe and the developed Western world to realize
19:56   that if this continues, it will be the end,
20:00   because Western civilization is digging its own grave,
20:04   instead of saying: let’s set up a
20:08   Marshall plan for these regions.
20:12   Let’s create a worthwhile life there for human beings.
20:16   Let’s help in this, so that they could stay home,
20:20   could live at home, because it is not a good prospect
20:24   for the whole world to suddenly just move to Europe.
20:28   Because they will not fit in here; people, you understand this?
20:32   And it is completely stupendous, if you think about it.
20:36   If you take walk back down memory lane,
20:40   to around twenty or twenty-five years ago —
20:44   All of those so-called
20:48   “Greens”, who today are
20:52   Green politicians, are fainting with joy about
20:56   the millions of migrants flooding into Europe, and how wonderful this is,
21:00   and they say these people [migrants] will produce the retirement funds for the older generation,
21:04   So these Greens, twenty or twenty-five years ago
21:08   were wailing — rightly — about
21:12   how bad it is in Europe,
21:16   the demographic situation,
21:20   because Europe is so overpopulated.
21:24   They wanted to start programs such as
21:28   China’s with the single-child policy,
21:32   because Europe is full, they [the Greens] said.
21:36   Can’t have so many people in a continent, they said.
21:40   Now the very same people are saying: if the number of births is down,
21:44   let’s flood it with millions of people from somewhere else, for example from black Africa,
21:48   because those millions can somehow fit…
21:52   These… these… Oh these…
21:56   these are, these, these…
22:00   Let’s live our own lives, at least that has meaning.

3 thoughts on “Zsolt Bayer: “Western Civilization is Digging Its Own Grave”

  1. My opinion is, as inspiring as Zsolt Bayer is, he is making several fundamental, possibly fatal, mistakes.

    Mistake 1: Hungary would be better off if it allowed a mass immigration of white Swedes who are fleeing from the Islamization and Africanisation of their country. Suppose the new Swedish immigrants carried the same value profile as the Swedes who constantly voted in the multi-culture governments? The Hungarians would be importing a voting electorate who would elect pro-immigration officials.

    Mistake 2: Hungary would be better off it it allowed a mass immigration of white, Boer farmers from South Africa. These are the people who elected a South African government that voluntarily chose to cede power to the black nationalist party. Would they carry the same political profile when they immigrated to Hungary? It’s a life-or-death decision for Hungary, so it would seem prudent for Hungary to study the question scientifically.

    Mistake 3: It is the responsibility of Hungary and Europe to provide development funds to African and Muslim countries so the mass migrations would be unnecessary for the inhabitants. Economic opportunities would then exist for them in their own countries. The mistake is not only assuming the responsibility of “have” countries to provide tax dollars for the development of Middle Eastern and African countries. The mistake is assuming that these countries would be able to use “seed” money to develop advanced economies of their own. The likely fact is, these countries are not going to have advanced economies unless they go to a minority government like that of Rhodesia under the whites or of South Africa under apartheid or Lebanon under a Christian minority government.

    By assuming the responsibility of a national government for people outside its own borders, Zsolt Bayer is moving to a global perspective rather than a nationalist perspective.

    One other mistake is to focus on what’s happening to Jews as a special class. It’s the same mistake people in the US make by criticizing Farrakhan for making anti-Semitic comments as a reason for condemning him. Farrakhan makes vicious attacks on whites every day of the week. But, the media have to dig out his anti-Semitic remarks to find reasons to dissociate from him. How about taking his teachings on whites on their own merit, and forget about his anti-Semitism, which is simply frosting on the cake.

    • Although I do not know, I would expect that the Boer farmers were not in support of ending apartheid, this seems to have been a characteristic of the English-speaking urban population.

      • Take a look at this.

        To summarize, Simon Roche, an organizer for Sudlanders, which is an organization devoted to preparing South African whites for the coming genocide war by blacks, talks about how the Afrikaners voluntarily gave up the government, not because they were forced to by the world boycott, which was not fatal, but by their own Christian values.

        There was nothing wrong with their values, but they misinterpreted the terrible consequences of giving up power in favor of democracy, rather than doing good by maintaining control.


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