The ISLAM Party: Sharia in Belgium

The ISLAM Party (it’s an acronym; see the video below for an explanation) was formed recently in Belgium, and its candidates are standing in municipal elections. In the following report from Belgian TV, a presenter talks to a leader of the party about a fellow party member whose treatment of the fairer sex has caused controversy in the media.

Many thanks to Sassy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Hello Mr. Tahiri, thank you for accepting our invitation
0:04   on RT France. The acronym of your party stands for the words
0:08   integrity, solidarity, freedom, authenticity and morality.
0:12   Is it immoral to look a female reporter in the eye?
0:16   This is the position of our leader who is completely free
0:20   to behave as he wishes in compliance with the Law of
0:24   the Constitution that allows it.
0:28   Do you have an opinion on exactly what occurred?
0:32   Why did he refuse visual contact with the woman?
0:36   It’s not that woman in particular, but in fact if we could
0:40   talk about the many women in Belgium who, as you know,
0:44   wear the veil or who dress in a specific way,
0:48   religious or not, they are forbidden
0:52   to pursue careers, to work in public service,
0:56   and when asked to remove that piece of cloth they
1:00   wear on their head, they are totally humiliated.
1:04   The cloth that is referred to as the hijab.
1:08   And so here the lady simply felt humiliated because
1:12   a man refused to look at her. So I’m trying to
1:16   understand why so many people and women
1:20   are being humiliated, whether in Belgium, in Europe,
1:24   and particularly in France. So, why all
1:28   the spectacle and media coverage for
1:32   refusing to look at a woman or
1:36   someone else? That’s it.
1:40   It’s my opinion.
1:44   Your Islam Party advocates Sharia and clear
1:48   separation between men and women. Correct?
1:52   Yes, it’s for the separation of the female.
1:56   It was simply a project for the 2019 Regionals.
2:00   So many women complained about
2:04   peak times. There are many men who
2:08   are poorly educated, perverts, and thieves
2:12   who take advantage of saturated public transports.
2:16   So, we thought of reserving a place in public
2:20   transport for women, children, and people
2:24   who are sensitive and weak, as well as the elderly
2:28   and the disabled. And if the person wants
2:32   to mix with other people, we don’t object.
2:36   It’s for the well-being of all
2:40   who use public transit.
2:44   Your party nominated several candidates
2:48   for the upcoming October municipal elections.
2:52   Your Sharia program, how to reconcile it
2:56   with the Belgian Constitution?
3:00   Quite simply, we published our 2014 Citizens’ Manifesto which
3:04   is 100% compliant with the Belgian Constitution and the laws of its people.
3:08   And for us, it’s our Sharia because words are like bags,
3:12   they take the shape of what we put in. You know well that
3:16   yesterday, Saudi Arabian women could not drive as per Sharia,
3:20   and today, they can. The same for gambling and casinos,
3:24   all forbidden. Scholars said it was
3:28   Haram and today they play poker.
3:32   And the same for concerts, etc.
3:36   You see, everyone puts what he wants in Sharia,
3:40   and we are also entitled to because there’s no
3:44   proper hierarchy in Islam, no clergy, thus anyone
3:48   can interpret it in accordance with the Constitution and
3:52   the Law of the Belgian people. It’s what we’re doing.

6 thoughts on “The ISLAM Party: Sharia in Belgium

  1. The female questioner is a pitch-perfect example of cognitive dissonance. Bubbling beneath that studied calm demeanor is a roaring lioness inhibited by the quasi-religiousity of European Union political correctness, that prevents her from cursing the hell out of that fool that has floated like an ocean full of [effluvia] onto the sacred shores of her homeland. Brings to mind the chorus from the anti-war song “where have all the flowers gone”. When will they ever learn….when will they ever learn.

    Post Script: Do not download the spell checking, grammar app Grammarly” it is extremely invasive and seems to be “inquisitive”.

  2. “You see, everyone puts what he wants in Sharia”, says Mr. Tahiri.

    What claptrap. If Sharia is an everlastingly flexible and extendable framework then Belgians can put what they want in it, like forbidding the niqab.

    The Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller”, offers no such flexibility. It does, however, list “Permissible Lying” (at r.8). This includes lying to non-muslims. For instance, it would include giving a lying account of Sharia.

  3. Acronym?
    Here is one in English:

    Impose Sharia Law on All Mankind – I.S.L.A.M.

  4. The choice for Belgium, and all countries with increasing numbers of Muslims, is between dictatorship and Islamic theocracy. Thanks Merkel, Blair Cameron and the rest of them. They have destroyed half a continent in two or three generations. Doubles all round!

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