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In the U.S., “race” can sometimes be difficult to define precisely, perhaps because we are less inhibited than any other country about marrying outside our tent. And we’ve been like that since John Smith was courtin’ Hiawatha — though, in reality, it was more often Jacques or Pierre than it was the English who were likely to marry among the Indians. Pardonnez – “native Americans”. See Louisiana for the embodiment of that cultural difference.

Whatev. Jordan Peterson is always worth listening to no matter what the subject, even if he often says the Nazis were far-right. I do wish some Canadian could apprise him of his mistake. Socialism is socialism is tyranny, and it’s always a Leftist scheme. The far right prefers tyrants of a different flag.

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    • There are no quiet evenings at Schloss Bodissey. They’re all devoted to maintaining this website. Every single one of them when we’re here. Which is 97% of the time.

      The remaining 3% is devoted to doing my nails or reading flower catalogues…e.g., after perusing a few of them for ideas, and visiting the plant nursery today the B dug holes for new columbines while I watered our straw bales (almost ready) and planted nasturtiums and kale. Today the weather was perfect: high 60s. Four days from now, it will be 90 degrees and all the Spring flowers will hit fast forward. Sigh.

      Maybe I’ll look at it then.

      • He was on the bill Maher show recently. That made me sad because mayor is beneath contempt. He missed an opportunity as many conservative or the right pundits do almost daily-rush, Savage, etc.-in letting stand an opening litany Of lies that mayor and his flock of liberals squawk about. Persecuting journalists, being racist, etc. It might not of made a difference except for the one shows audience, but it would’ve been nice if he reminded them of the lies and their projection in so far that it was Hussein who has logged a large and growing number of crimes.

    • Woops. That’s not the whole Longfellow poem “The Song of Hiawatha”, but only an excerpt. If you have a spare two hours, here’s a recitation of the whole poem (by an Englishman who pronounces “Michigan” as “Mitchigan”):


  1. I always like listening to Peterson. It’s not surprising his 2 hour lectures are packed.
    The point about Jewish over representation, was interesting and is confirmed in the extraordinary way Jews are over represented in the ranks of Nobel Prize winners. Out of a population today of I believe only 5 million people, it’s a staggering achievement. Some might even say, God’s blessing is never revoked.

  2. Well… there is someone arguing him here:


    A recent globalist agenda link you posted emphasized that Jewish banking was only part of the cabal and being used as a distraction by the rest for their nefarious ends… maybe, but I think anyone Jewish will also agree that that does not absolve anyone of any responsibility, nor of our own leaders in the west either, nor our very selves even. It is one thing to talk of and criticize that which seems unjust, but it is another to go ahead and try to make a community and its world that is good, fair and worth living in.

    It should not be a sacrifice but a willing adventure – whether the western world is distracted, oppressed, or depressed is another question, but it is certainly no longer at ease with itself.

  3. And what an amazing country the Jews have made…. A place so resilient it can withstand attacks by much greater forces on all sides, while making an oasis of peace and wealth in the middle East. Where the ultra-Orthodox Jews walk next to bearded Islamists and burqa-clad women, and for some reason (the IDF?) Peace prevails… and this tranquility can be felt all round as I sit here on the Mount of Olives, in East Jerusalem.

  4. The Nazis were absolutely far-right notwithstanding that their party was called socialist, which it wasn’t in practice, it was economically like the Nordic countries today with most industry privately owned and the government interventionist in the economy, but not controlling it. It’s self-deception to imagine that the Nazis were not more similar in nearly every way to the right-wing of their own time and the right-wing of our time.

    Don’t take this as an anti-right screed, which is not the intention. I’m just someone who dislikes whitewashing. We have to be honest about the way things are, all the time.

    • I just wonder what you mean by far right? Do you mean that an organization is far right if it is racist? Well the progressive Democrats back around 1912 or so were very racist; and even earlier the KKK was an organization created by Democrats, actually they are an offshoot of the Masons, but their creators were Democrats. Also, the Jim Crow laws were created by progressive Democrats at a local level in the south.
      Also, socialism does allow private ownership, with lots of government regulation. That is what distinguishes it from communism. The Nazis used government environmental regulations to confiscate businesses or drive them out of business when it suited them, just like the socialist mayors of Detroit. Unlike those mayors, they didn’t have fifty years to run their country into the ground economically, they had other ways of ruining things. Detroit is an example of the triumph of socialism on U.S. soil, though maybe something will be done to change things with the bankruptcy receivership, or whatever they call it that is now in place.

    • It depends what parameters you use to define left and right. Is the right tradition, or capitalism in its true private enterprise sense, is central banking communistic or dictatorial, is majority rule social or oppressive….etc. all these themes can be looked on in different ways, depending where you are looking from. I think ( in true sense ) anarchy and the simple concept of freedom/libertarianism are about the only ideologies that escape political classification, that leave the most room for individual action and expression…but they are not really organised and so are more of a philosophy.

      So if you look at the Nazis from the perspective of a native, they might be clearly socialistic as opposed to imperial rule. To someone they disagree with they will seem like a nationalistic dictatorship and far right.

      I won’t argue or discuss this as the reality of the day was surely made of many different overlapping ideas, many shades of loyalty, and we would argue or tie ourselves in knots trying to reach one conclusive definition.

      Here is a link I posted a while back


      where the comments section heads into a strong lengthy discussion of whether the title is correct.

    • The distinction between the political left and right was pertinent to the French Assemblee Nationale immediately before their revolution. It no longer is.

      Pournelle’s Axes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pournelle_chart) describes the differences between the sogenannte left and right now. Both Democrats and Republicans are statists. I disagree with the late Doctor Pournelle about the placement of liberals. I say they are personality cultists (ref: Obama) and that makes them irrational.

      • In politics rationality is judged as the collective experience and result, because policy implies the force of law as opposed to specific individual voluntary actions or contributions.

        In a persons own world rationality is their personal judgement as to what is better for them first, and is therefore completely subjective. So liberal welfare get a kick out of being what they think they are – rational to them but irrational in terms of wider reasoning to others.

        A society where people independently look after their own best interests will move towards a form of natural local and wider cooperation and understanding as that is what is most rewarding. The day that becomes formatted and an outside authority is handed opinion and power over the evolution of the arrangements is the day that it all becomes interrupted. Monopoly is failure as we know there must be two poles for a flow to take place.

        There are advantages and disadvantages to any approach, but personally, and in my own best interest, I find that the more power that is pre-claimed by others on a collective basis, the less my own world is understood as of value.

        My world, that is what counts to me as I have nor want any other. If people are denied creating their own security to life, one that is worth defending at personal cost and outside the reach of any collective opinion , then the foundation of any nation might as well be cast onto the oceans, where people’s lives are not their own but forever at the mercy.

        I say that in prefering the mercy of the ocean to that attempted by some of my fellow beings.

  5. They say you can judge a man by whether you would want him alongside you while storming a machine-gun nest. Well, if I ever had to storm a PC nest, this is the guy I would want beside me, without a doubt.

    I think his ability to summon eye-watering statistical data at the drop of a hat while thinking on his feet is quite extraordinary. As one who can never recall details of the journey by which I have reached a certain conclusion, I would kill to have him beside me.

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