AfD Representative in the Bundestag Denounces the Rohingya “Refugees” Scam

In the clip below from the Bundestag, Jürgen Braun of the AfD speaks out against the focus on the Rohingya “refugees” in Burma, quoting Aung San Suu Kyi to highlight the association of the Rohingya with Islamic terrorism.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen,
00:10   dear colleagues. The left-green world vision of the old party [i.e. the Greens]
00:15   is pretty strange. For decades there was one [female] hero
00:20   in Asia, for decades she was a courageous woman. Aung San Suu Kyi received the Nobel Peace Prize
00:26   despite military dictatorship; she was imprisoned for many years under house arrest.
00:30   Western politicians and media were trying to outdo each other in praising her.
00:35   And then suddenly she’s not trendy. She fell out of favor.
00:40   The admirers turn away: Aung San Suu Kyi is suddenly doing everything wrong.
00:46   The reason: she allegedly does not care about a certain group of people
00:51   that was suddenly called Rohingya. She even refuses to use the battle cry “Rohingya”.
00:56   On the contrary, she says something unheard of:
01:01   Aung San Suu Kyi said in November during a big conference
01:05   of Foreign Ministers in Myanmar — please listen carefully;
01:08   you can still learn a lot from this holder of the Nobel Peace Prize —
01:11   “Illegal immigration means spreading terrorism and violent extremism.”
01:16   And I repeat it gladly,
01:21   because perhaps so early in the morning you might have problems with hearing it:
01:26   Yes: “Illegal immigration means spreading terrorism and violent extremism.”
01:31   So says not only Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi.
01:36   Last night we heard it from all other fractions in unison:
01:41   “Freedom of religion always concerns all religions.
01:44   Nobody has the right to single out one group exclusively.”
01:47   Therefore it can never be question of the rights of Christians alone. The protection
01:52   of Christians? That doesn’t work at all! And what are we hearing today? — It’s only about one
01:57   particular group, the so called “Rohingya” There you are suddenly on their side!
02:02   There you are suddenly on their side! It is obviously about spreading Islam
02:07   Throughout the world! Christians or Buddhists are for you second class. Not to mention the reality.
02:17   Not to mention the reality. You have put the so-called “Rohingya” on the agenda today.
02:22   In the past four years members of this group have attacked Buddhist villages, and
02:27   they mowed down the entire police precinct with guns.
02:32   Where is your heart where Buddhist inhabitants are concerned?
02:38   Who is the victim and who is the perpetrator? The left-green hyper-morality
02:43   can only spread simple words in very loud agitation, just as it has now yet again.
02:48   Yes, Herr Hofreiter, you are the best. I know it.
02:53   The complicated reality is too far for you, and then you confuse…
02:58   then you especially gladly confuse the cause with the effect, Herr Hofreiter! This is a classic
03:03   of left-green hyper-morality!
03:08   Islamic groups would like to conceal from you or play down their violent acts,
03:13   also right there in Myanmar. In the name of Islam you can obviously kill people without complaints
03:19   from the old parties.
03:24   Most facts concerning the situation in Myanmar, the former Burma, or Birma are undisputed.
03:29   The people in the border area of Bangladesh and Myanmar had to experience increasing violence
03:34   Hundreds of thousands increasingly congregate in refugee camps. The Burmese military acts against
03:37   supposed or real rebels; but also paramilitary attacks from Islamic terrorists are undisputed.
03:44   Humanitarian help for the people in the refugees camps should
03:49   be a top priority for us. However, Bangladesh should also take refugees: this country refuses
03:54   to integrate their migrants. Hans-Bernd Zöllner, one of the greatest specialists on the region,
04:00   warns about your one-sided perspective. Muslim rebels
04:05   attack Buddhist security teams and the military strikes back.
04:10   This is the essence of his statement. I can understand the Prime Minister well. What is wrong with
04:15   the Prime Minister of Myanmar’s handling it in a different way from our federal government?
04:20   If you want to suggest to Burmese people… to Burmese people
04:25   that Islam belongs to Myanmar, then say it please, and stop spinning.
04:30   Who is using the battle cry “Rohingya” most loudly?
04:35   Ataullah Jununi: the undisputed leader of the Muslim rebels, who was born
04:41   in Pakistan and radicalized in Mecca. He received military training, and he ignited the civil war
04:46   to create an Islamic state in Buddhist Myanmar. Donations from Saudi Arabia and others have funded
04:52   this [military] campaign. These are obviously your friends, dear politicians from the old party.
04:56   Is it possible
05:01   that once again the left-green stench clouded your vision of reality?
05:06   Is it possible that the Burmese Prime Minister knows better what is right for her country
05:11   than we do, here, far away from her, in Berlin?
05:16   [Better than] Andrea Nahles or Angela Merkel? Is it possible that
05:19   Aung San Suu Kyi understands in her own country better
05:22   than Claudia Roth and Heiko Maas, to mention the true spirits of the green-left politics?
05:27   Oh, at last stop imposing your left-green vision of the world on foreign peoples!

5 thoughts on “AfD Representative in the Bundestag Denounces the Rohingya “Refugees” Scam

  1. Oh dear, Herr Braun, you’ve rather overstepped the mark, I’m afraid. Far, far too much truth and honesty here, far too many FACTS. Those on the other side of the political fence there in the Bundestag must surely have either (a) insulted you, (b) tried to discredit you, (c) refused to lower themselves to even answering such an outrageous, extremist/racist/Nazi as yourself, (d) some combination of some or all of the above.

    But please, Herr Braun, keep telling it as it really is.

  2. What makes me want to tear my hair out is the never ending desire of Western nations to take on the burden of every displaced/disgruntled person on the face of the earth; particularly muslims…
    There are 57 muslim majority nations on earth. Why isn’t it their burden?
    What is the OIC doing to aid and resettle these people and why aren’t Western nations speaking out loudly and clearly that they need to step up to the plate?

    • The notion that “We are all Muslim brothers, united under the banner of Islam” tends to somewhat unravel upon closer scrutiny, even if one excludes the Sunni/Shia/Ahmadi sectarian divide. Anyone who has seen the contempt in which the Saudis and other Arabian Gulf nationals hold their Third World ‘guest workers’ – whether or not they are of The Faithful – will know precisely what I mean. This contempt is usually heartily reciprocated, and I have yet to meet a Northern Arab or Egyptian who didn’t consider himself superior in every way to the Gulfies. Even the other Gulf Arabs generally dislike the Saudis, and tribal rivalries still run deep between say Bahraini and Qatar, and even Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

      The various Kingdoms, Sheikhdoms and Emirates pointedly excluded displaced Palestinians, or at least severely restricted their numbers. The notable exception to this being the Kuwaitis, whose hospitality and generosity was rewarded by Palestinians guiding Sadam’s tanks and troops to their key installations during the invasion. I need hardly comment on the current Kuwaiti position on Palestinian immigration, since also adopted by most of the other GCC states. After the fall of Sadam, most of the Gulf quickly stopped granting visas to Iraqis when they realized they were being swamped. And speaking of the GCC, we also have the current embargo of Qatar, by four of its fraternal members.

      The Saudis are carpet-bombing Yemen and commiting all manner of atrocities there, with Western complicity.

      The Indonesians dislike the Malays, who return the compliment, and neither of them are partial to Arabs or Indians, whether Muslim or not.

      Dar al-Islam? I don’t think so.

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