Against the Murdering, Thieving Hordes of Pakistanis (Part 2)

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The following essay by El Inglés is the second of a three-part report on the Pakistanis (previously: Part 1). It is being posted this week to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the publication of Surrender, Genocide… or What?, which caused the ejection of Gates of Vienna from Pajamas Media. For more on the memorable events of 2008, see this post.

Against the Murdering, Thieving Hordes of Pakistanis

Part 2

by El Inglés

Women and Girls — UK

To illustrate the broad psychic continuity that exists between Pakistanis in Pakistan and the Pakistani diaspora in the UK with respect to attitudes towards the gentler sex, we turn, of course, to the mass, systematic rape, enslavement, and torture of white British girls at the hands of Pakistani filth over recent decades in Britain.

It is not possible for us to identify the extent to which this phenomenon has exact parallels in Pakistan itself. For reasons that should be obvious by now, Pakistanis are not very forthcoming about such matters, and the radically different way in which girls and women are able to freely move around doubtless reduces the opportunities for Pakistani men in Pakistan itself to attack and deprave Pakistani girls in this fashion. Nonetheless, we will have more to say on this subject later on.

Returning to this phenomenon as it exists in the UK, we must first say that, for a considerable stretch of time, we closely followed developments on this most depressing of themes with a growing sense of horror. At times, this sense of horror threatened to overwhelm us. Detailed investigation of the current state of play would inflict on us a mental burden that we are not prepared to bear.

For this reason, those readers who wish to further acquaint themselves with our beliefs on and analysis of this matter are invited to refer to our earlier document A Consideration of Muslim Crime in the UK. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4). Those who wish to read more broadly on the subject will find an abundance of material online, including the excellent and far more up-to-date work Easy Meat, by Peter McLoughlin. Suffice it to say that the adult male Pakistani population of the UK seems to have spent the last three decades treating white British girls little better than ISIS treats captured Yazidi girls in Iraq. The joys of multiculturalism, reader!

Rather than retread old ground, let us adopt a new line of analysis to drive home the general point. It is often suggested that Pakistanis engage in the mass, systematic rape, enslavement and torture of white British girls because of a racial and/or religious hatred for the white infidels. We are not at all sure that this is true. A truly pestilential people must be a pestilence upon itself, eating its own intestines with gay abandon. And indeed, evidence has come to light that the extent to which Pakistanis prey on their own girls was being radically understated.

The Guardian newspaper, not conspicuously interested in the mass, systematic rape, enslavement, and torture of white British girls while it was being exposed by The Times, displayed a change of policy once it became clear that the problem was very real and very widespread. Desperate to defuse the angle suggesting that this epidemic of sexual abuse was somehow racially motivated, it started to suggest the possibility that the Pakis preyed on their own just as voraciously as they did on ours.

A little more reflection on the part of the editors of The Guardian would doubtless have made it clear to them that their claims, if true, would in fact establish that the Pakistanis were more of a pestilence than had previously been understood, not less of a pestilence. Nonetheless, in pursuit of this rather odd end, they did present us with a very interesting article, for which we thank them.

On August 29th, 2014, The Guardian published a piece by one Ruzwana Bashir, which readers are encouraged to read in its entirety. It laid out in detail her own experience of having been raped and sexually assaulted growing up in Skipton, in Yorkshire. What stands out more than the details of the sexual abuse itself is the response of the small Pakistani community in which she lived.

Bashir explains that, at the age of 10, she was sexually assaulted by a (Pakistani) neighbour. Many years later, she summoned up the courage (for which we commend her) to return to Skipton and testify against the man who had preyed on her as a child. Bashir writes:

When I first told my mother about the abuse I’d suffered, she was absolutely devastated. The root of her anger was clear: I was heaping unbound shame on to my family by trying to bring the perpetrator to justice. In trying to stop him from exploiting more children, I was ensuring my parents and my siblings would be ostracised. She begged me not to go to the police station.

Having laid out the horrors to which she was exposed by her Pakistani rapist and the warped cultural norms of the Pakistanis more broadly, she then, however, unaccountably jumps the shark by making the following eye-opening claim:

The Asian [i.e. Pakistani] community isn’t unique in having evil-doers, and the overwhelming majority of its men and women are good people who care about protecting others.

Having made it abundantly clear that the entire Pakistani community in which she lived despised and condemned those who came forward to testify, Bashir beclowns herself with her contradictory claim that the overwhelming majority of the Asian (i.e. Pakistani) community are ‘good people.’ Just not in Skipton, apparently, where they are, to a man, evil scumbags.

Is Skipton a magnet for evil Pakistanis? Why do no members of the great galactic ocean of good Pakistanis seem to have settled there? If one flips a coin a hundred times in a row and it comes up heads every time, an enquiring mind will consider the possibility that it has a head on both sides. If you pick a Pakistani out of a hat several hundred times and get an evil scumbag every single time, an enquiring mind will draw its own conclusions.

Though blessed with wonderful green eyes, Ruzwana is clearly not blessed with an enquiring mind. No sooner had she established the consistently low moral character of the Skipton Pakistani community than she started adding to the endless sea of politically correct white noise we are exposed to every time the nature of these people threatens to push through into the public consciousness.

We will not criticize Ms. Bashir any further here. She obviously suffered horribly at the hands of her abuser and her community, and she does have the most wonderful eyes. For our own part, we consider it highly probable that the Pakistanis do in fact prey on their own every bit as avidly as they prey on everybody else. The Guardian may very well have been correct in this regard. It would, after all, explain a great deal. Indeed, it would lead us to a great epiphany.

We still remember our own moment of epiphany, when everything slotted into place. Here, we refer to the apparent outrageous overprotection of females in the Pakistani community, under which, it seems, they are to be chaperoned everywhere by male relatives at all times. Though it is tempting to see this apparent overprotection of females in the Pakistani as the outward manifestation of a peculiar patriarchal outlook, our moment of epiphany flipped this perception on its head and laid the truth bare.

Pakistanis insist on being so protective of their young women precisely because their behavioural norms are predicated on being in close proximity to large numbers of other Pakistanis, whether in Pakistan or in the UK. This necessitates constant vigilance to ensure that one’s young women are not depraved the instant they are out of sight.

Pakistanis know very well how they treat unprotected young women. The most damning evidence against them with respect to the sexual abuse scandals of the last several years in Britain is their own hyper-vigilance with respect to their girls and women. Pakistanis know themselves. They know what they are like. They know what they do to unprotected girls and women. Of course they endeavour to make sure their own female family members are accompanied.

One realizes that those British populations living in close proximity to areas of severe Pakistani infestation must, in this regard, gradually be being Pakified. The horror of it! I had the good fortune to grow up in the rural UK, where, as children, we roamed free without the slightest concern as to the possibility of being attacked or preyed upon by anybody. In the Britain of today, vast numbers of young children are exposed to every horror the ever-expanding horde of Pakistani jabberwocks can visit on them. The state takes twenty years to respond, if it responds at all.

No, if I had both a daughter and the misfortune to live in proximity to Pakistanis, I would never let her out of my sight unless I knew she was with male relatives who could and would protect her against marauding Pakistani filth. Which is to say, I would start to act like a Paki myself, at least in this regard. How else could one behave when surrounded by Pakistanis?

For our own part, we consider it highly probable that an outright majority of the adult male Pakistani population of the United Kingdom has actively participated in some fashion in the mass, systematic rape, enslavement and torture of white British girls. There are, of course, those who would object to this claim about the Pakistani population of the UK. How outrageous to suggest that so very many Pakistani men have raped, enslaved, and tortured white British girls! But a brief glance at the behaviour of apologists for the Pakistanis will make it clear that their outrage is misdirected.

How often have we heard it claimed that only a tiny minority of Pakistanis have been involved in this behaviour? Backing up this claim would involve: a) defining the term tiny minority, b) establishing whether one was referring to the entire Pakistani population or simply its adult male fraction, and c) establishing that, indeed, only a tiny minority of the population in question had engaged in this behaviour.

Needless to say, no defender of the child-raping Pakistani horde ever actually works through this three-step process as it rides to the defence of its precious mascot group. Rather, it simply recites the ‘tiny minority’ mantra. Nothing said in defence of multicultural orthodoxy ever has to be justified; it is simply thrown into the faces of people who are then dared to disagree.

Very well, we disagree. To reiterate, we claim, with much more justification than our opponents enjoy in making their own claims, that it is highly probable that an outright majority of the adult male Pakistani population of the United Kingdom has actively participated in some fashion in the mass, systematic rape, enslavement and torture of white British girls. To rephrase, every time one sees an adult Pakistani male in the UK, it is, in our estimation, more likely than not that one is looking at someone who has actively participated in or aided and abetted the mass, systematic rape, enslavement and torture of white British girls.

If a tree falls to the ground in the middle of a forest, does it make a sound? If a piano falls on the head of an adult Pakistani male in the UK, does it make a big red splatter mark out of someone innocent or guilty of the rape, enslavement, and torture of white British girls? More likely than not the latter, I would suggest. If defenders of the child-raping Pakistani horde wish to hear proof of this claim, first let them seek out proof of the claims of the tiny minority brigade. Once we see this evidence of good faith on their part, we will engage with the matter further. Until then, we suggest that an outright majority is implicated.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

We have, in the past and in this document too, criticized the notion of the tiny minority as used by apologists for Pakistani evil. To close this section, let us demonstrate how to use the term coherently. During that period of time in which we actively researched the way in which untold numbers of Pakistani jabberwocks were raping and destroying young British girls, we often asked ourselves the following question: is there any indication at all that any Pakistani in the entire country is, in any useful way, on the side of the girls in question?

Let us clarify the question. Bearing in mind the sheer scale of the abuse inflicted on British girls by Pakistanis, it is clear that even those Pakistanis who were not directly involved in the abuse would often have had an awareness of what was going on. To what extent did these people inform on their fellow Pakistanis? To what extent did they provide the police with some form of cooperation? To what extent did they testify in court or provide evidence?

Reader, no such indication exists or existed, as far as we are aware. The sole ‘contribution’ of the Pakistanis to dealing with the ISIS-style mass, systematic rape, enslavement and torture of British children was to wheel out the occasional Pakistani talking head to squirt out squid ink on some news program as some new case came to light. Said talking head would chunter out a few bromides as to how there were wrongdoers in all communities, and that would be that. Behold, the ‘contribution’ of the Pakistanis to solving the plague that they are upon us!

As already noted, we have spent a significant amount reading about this matter, including the investigations, prosecutions, and convictions that eventually came forth. As far as we are aware, not one Pakistani anywhere in the entire country who was in a position to provide useful information to the police with respect to the behaviour of their fellow Pakistanis ever did so. Such people are the unicorns of culturally-enriched Britain; they may be out there, but evidence that they are is extremely hard to come by.

Reader, we venture to suggest that they do not, in fact, exist. That is to say, they constitute the true tiny minority of Pakistanis, that tiny minority that placed the welfare of desperate, tortured girls above the welfare of its fellow Pakistanis. For in truth, they appear not to exist at all, and there is no minority tinier than zero.

To conclude: if every other claim we made about the pestilential nature of Pakistanis were purely false, their collective insistence on raping, torturing, and enslaving every white British girl they could get their hands on would still qualify them as the enemy population they so clearly are. The additional information we present herein may, therefore, take on an element of redundancy. We present it nonetheless.

Islam — Pakistan

We now come to the vexing subject of Islam. This is not a document about Islam, but the Religion of Peace could hardly be allowed to escape our attention entirely. To what extent the evils we have examined so far in this document grow directly out of Islam is a question we will not attempt to answer here. We will, however, review a few phenomena that unquestionably spring directly from Islam as it is practiced and understood in Pakistan. This will help us refresh ourselves on the depth of the evil that we are planting in Britain through allowing Pakistani immigration.

Asia Bibi Blasphemy Case

Asia Bibi is a Pakistani Christian woman who was sentenced to death for blasphemy in 2009. A farm laborer, Asia became involved in a verbal dispute with a group of Muslim women in June of that year, a dispute which soon escalated to accusations of blasphemy against the founder of the Religion of Peace. Apparently, Asia had drunk some water out of a cup that was used by Muslims, which the Muslim women objected to, as they considered Christians impure. By her own account, Asia said “I believe in my religion and in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Mohammed ever do to save mankind?

The viciousness of the response to the altercation seems to have been in part prompted by property-related disputes, which constitute common pretexts in Pakistan for the oppression of Christians. Nonetheless, the substance of the accusation later made by the Muslim women was that Asia had engaged in blasphemous behaviour.

Soon thereafter, a mob came to Asia’s house and started attacking her and her family. No counter-mob drawn from the great galactic ocean of moderate Pakistanis was present at the scene. Apparently the tiny minority of psychopathic Muslims has learnt to time its mob attacks for when the great galactic ocean of moderates is on coffee break. Asia had to be rescued by the police, who took her into custody. Eventually she was sentenced to death.

Asia described her sentencing thus:

I cried alone, putting my head in my hands. I can no longer bear the sight of people full of hatred, applauding the killing of a poor farm worker. I no longer see them, but I still hear them, the crowd who gave the judge a standing ovation, saying: “Kill her, kill her! Allahu Akbar!” The court house is invaded by a euphoric horde who break down the doors, chanting: “Vengeance for the holy prophet. Allah is great!”

Clearly, the sentencing was timed to coincide with yet another coffee break on the part of the great galactic moderates, with only generic Pakistani dirtbags being present in the courthouse. It is most peculiar.

Asia is still in jail. It is unlikely she will actually be executed, but her case provides insights into the nature of the Pakistani Muslim mindset that we would do well to learn from.

Assassination of Salman Taseer

Our second theme in this section follows directly on from the first. In Islamabad in 2011, Salman Taseer, the former Governor of Punjab Province of Pakistan, and a man who was apparently one of the relatively few decent-sounding Pakistanis in the country, was assassinated. He was killed by his own bodyguard for speaking out against the death sentence passed on Asia Bibi, and for making critical comments about the blasphemy laws more generally.

Mumtaz Qadri, the murderer, was a member of the Elite Force of Punjab Province, which is apparently responsible for the protection of VIPs. He had reportedly told colleagues about his murder plans in advance, which did not lead them to intervene in the killing before it could take place. This clearly warrants immediate execution in the Religion of Peace, which was administered by that traditional Islamic utensil, the AK-47.

According to Wikipedia, several hundred people attended Taseer’s funeral, the turnout obviously being somewhat dampened by the hundreds of Islamic clerics who said that it was a sin to mourn for him. In contrast, tens of thousands of people are said to have turned up to the funeral of his murderer, post-execution. The relative popularities of the two men are profoundly puzzling given the undeniable existence of the great galactic ocean of moderate Muslims.

The fact that, as of February 2017, there was a shrine to Qadri’s memory in Islamabad, with a mosque and a seminary due to follow, which is continually being updated and is visited by thousands of people every week, tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Pakistan.

Intriguingly, when we were researching for this essay the background of this unusually decent Pakistani, we discovered that he was born to a Pakistani father and an English mother. Though he grew up in Pakistan and his mother had at least nominally converted to Islam, he had virtually no contact with the Pakistani side of his family during his youth, and was raised in a largely Christian environment and attended a Christian school. Let us not be accused of not mentioning the decent Pakistanis! Can we be blamed if they turn out to have been something other than culturally Pakistani all along?

The killing of the governor apparently sent a shock wave through Pakistan, with many Pakistanis realizing for the first time that their country was inhabited by, of all people, Pakistanis (!) and therefore had the characteristics one could expect of any place so inhabited, which include, but are not limited to filth, psychosis, rape, brutality, madness, savagery, and sectarianism.

Mob Killings of Shama Bibi and Sajjad Maseeh

The oppression of Christians and other religious minorities in Pakistan has come up more than once so far in this document. Depressingly, we turn now to yet another diabolical instance of Islamic psychopathy against the infidel.

Shama Bibi and Sajjad Maseeh were killed by a group of normal Pakistanis, which is to say by a mob of frothing psychopaths. The size of the mob that eventually ripped their house apart to get at them was put at 1,200 by some observers.

They were accused of having defaced the Koran. It appears that, in fact, the illiterate Shama was burning some belongings of Sajjad’s deceased father which were said to have contained certain pieces of paper with Koranic writings on them. Whether this is true or not is not clear. Either way, the poor woman would presumably not have recognized the content of any such writings and clearly had no form of ill intent with respect to the religious sensibilities of her neighbours.

Once the requisite mob had been whipped up and the unfortunate couple locked in their house by their employer, said mob then proceeded to rip the thatched roof off the house and drag the couple out. Some reports indicate that their legs were preemptively broken to make sure that they would not be able to escape. They were then set fire to and thrown into a brick kiln. Shama was four months pregnant at the time.

We note again with interest that, although psychotically evil Pakistanis constitute, we all understand, only a tiny minority of the population of Pakistan, this tiny minority is capable of generating huge mobs in arbitrarily selected locations in approximately the time required to make a cup of tea, whereas the huge majority of normal Pakistanis is completely invisible, does nothing whatsoever, offers no evidence of its existence, generates no counter-mob whatsoever and seems to play no role in determining the nature of the country. It is all most peculiar.

Mob Killing of Mashal Khan

Of course, it goes without saying that once one starts to look at the Pakistani university system, once starts to encounter the more educated, liberal, Pakistani middle class, and therefore people who, broadly speaking, adhere to more modern, liberal, pluralistic values that we would recognize as being very similar to our own.

Hang on, let’s try that again. Of course, it goes without saying that once one starts to look at the Pakistani university system, one encounters yet more Islamic psychopaths who can erupt into psychopathic rages at the drop of a hat, and start shooting, beating and stamping people to death. There, that makes sense now.

Mashal Khan was tortured, shot in the head, and beaten with clubs by a mob of students and members of the Religion of Peace at Abdul Wali Khan University. There is video on the Internet of his naked body being stamped, trampled and beaten long after he was already dead, though the reader is assured that only those with strong stomachs should even consider looking at it.

It shows a frothing rabble of somewhere in the low hundreds of people finishing off the unfortunate Mashal, thereby establishing the moderate and tolerant nature of a religion known to be moderate and tolerant because of a mosaic created by some Arabs in Andalusia 1,000 years ago, which is simply breathtaking, you really must see it, the Muslims are the most wonderful people, and the paella across the street is simply heavenly, darling.

The mob, which apparently consisted of both students and staff (there go the tuition fees!), had got it into its head that Mashal, by all accounts a devout Muslim in reality, had made blasphemous postings on social media, where he had referred to himself as a humanist and expressed his horror at certain aspects of religious oppression. Another one of the genuinely decent-sounding Pakistanis, reader, stamped out like the stain he was obviously considered to be.

The more one looks at the case, the more complicated it appears. Apparently Khan had made repeated criticisms of the university administration on a variety of grounds, and was considered a serious problem by them. It appears quite plausible that the decision to suspend him on the basis of a supposed blasphemy investigation was made solely for the purpose of whipping up a mob against him.

Regardless, we note that the mechanism used to create this Pakistani feeding frenzy was, predictably, the Religion of Peace. Accusations of blasphemy are commonly hurled at enemies in Pakistan for precisely this reason. The effectiveness of such accusations will quickly become clear to anyone who spends any time investigating the grisly fate of poor Mashal, who, as we have noted, sounded like a genuinely decent sort. We reiterate for the record that decent, open-minded Pakistanis are not the problem. It is the other 99.4% that worry us.

Islam — UK

Here, we remind the reader that the following examples of Islamic psychopathy on the part of Pakistanis in the UK are by no means supposed to constitute an exhaustive list of such behaviour. They are simply intended to be illustrative of the continuity of thought and behaviour between ‘British’ Pakistanis and Pakistani Pakistanis.

Murder of Asad Shah

The oppression of Ahmadis, not yet mentioned in this document, is worth touching on here. The Ahmadis are, from the infidel perspective, a heterodox Muslim sect to be found mainly in Pakistan and Bangladesh. They are brutally and viciously persecuted by the very same ‘regular’ Muslims they so mysteriously wish to be considered a part of.

The most extreme example of their persecution to date in the UK is the March 2016 murder of Asad Shah, an Ahmadi then resident in Glasgow. We clearly remember reading the first reports of the his murder. According to these reports, Shah had been stabbed and stamped to death on the pavement outside his shop. It transpired that he had been killed by one Tanveer Ahmed, a ‘British’ Pakistani from Bradford who had driven up to Glasgow especially for that purpose.

Asad Shah had apparently made online postings which devout Muslim Ahmed had interpreted as being blasphemous in nature. In Islam, as any fule kno, this means you are supposed to be stabbed and stamped to death. It has been speculated that his seasonal Easter wishes to Christians, conveyed online, may have played a part.

According to the Daily Express:

The Muslim Council of Scotland has called for calm following the tragedy.

Director Salah Beltagui said: “People are really shocked and very, very distressed that something like this has happened. After this event, our message is that everyone should keep calm and try to get together in recognition of being human beings. There’s a real feeling of sadness and anxiousness within the community. [The one stamping people to death, or the one being stamped to death? — Ed.] Hopefully we can all learn from it.”

Speaking for ourselves, we have learnt a great deal from it. We have learnt that the ‘British’ Pakistani population is in fact simply a Pakistani population that has, to a reasonable degree of approximation, the psychological characteristics of Pakistanis in general, and is therefore an existential threat to everything it comes into contact with, be it a thirteen-year-old white girl or an Ahmadi shopkeeper. Poor Britain, so contaminated with such degenerate Pakistani filth! And for what little it is worth, poor Ahmadis, unable to escape the reaches of such filth even in Scotland.

For those who remain unconvinced, we were told the following by the BBC, on March 1, 2017:

But in Pakistan, Ahmed is developing a growing number of supporters who see him as a “defender of Islam” for having killed someone they believed to be disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad. On Monday evening, about 400 gathered outside his family’s home in the city of Mirpur, in Pakistan-administered Kashmir for a rally in his honour. The crowd chanted slogans praising Ahmed as “brave” and “courageous”. One man attending said: “Because of what he did, the whole of Pakistan knows who he is.”


A full listing of all the evil Paki dirtbags who have been hoovered up by the security services for plotting to slaughter British people in Britain in the name of the Religion of Peace would be far too long and boring to be worth including in this document. As such, we will focus on a single case to make a general point about how well integrated these wonderful people are into the bosom of British society.

Many readers will remember the liquid explosive bomb plot of 2006. Even those who do not will almost certainly have been affected it, as it was the reason that the great brains behind airport and airline security have been confiscating your shampoo for the last decade if you forget to put it in your checked luggage at the airport.

For those who have forgotten, most of the people convicted of having been involved in this plot were ‘British’ Pakistanis. Not Japanese Pakistanis, or Russian Pakistanis, Congolese Pakistanis, or even Bolivian Pakistanis. No, those Pakistanis pale in comparison with the most representative representatives of the degenerate, evil, pestilential, global Pakistani diaspora, who are, we insist, to be found in the United Kingdom. Let no one suggest that their Pakis are worse than ours. On our honour, it is not true. Our Pakis are the very worstest, and we defy any man to say otherwise.

Let us refresh ourselves briefly on the details of the plot. A group of Muslims, including a number of Pakistanis acting as its ringleaders, were formulating plans to smuggle bomb-making materials onto a number of airliners to make bombs in the toilets and blow the planes up. Though we take the intent seriously, the plot itself was clearly about as realistic as attempting to bring down a stealth bomber by shrieking curses at it. Nonetheless, the would-be martyrs were roundly punished, receiving extremely long prison sentences. They will have had more than enough time to gloat over the inconvenience suffered by all and sundry since as a consequence of new hand-luggage restrictions.

Attempts to Implement Sharia Law in the UK

The Right Honorable The Lord Ahmed has two accomplishments to his name. The first is being a Paki, an accomplishment of admittedly dubious worth. The other is having been runner-up in the 2008 Ridiculous Title Competition, having being squeezed out at the last moment by Emperor Most Celestial of the Tang Dynasty Derek Fletcher. This generic Pakistani infiltrator, when not otherwise engaged crashing into people on the motorway or muttering about Jewish conspiracies, is also noted for attempting to embed sharia law ever deeper in UK society.

Having been so fortunate as to escape the Muslim latrine of Pakistan and get into a civilized country built by white people, High Lord of Albion, Worthy Successor of King Arthur, Noble Bearer of Excalibur, Protector of the Shires, and High Druid of Snowdonia, The Right Honorable The Lord Ahmed now wishes to turn Britain into Pakistan. To this end, he occupied himself with trying to prevent the Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders coming to Britain, and away from the House of Lords more specifically.

Geert Wilders, a man who contains within himself more human value than the entire Muslim population of Pakistan, has spent many years under the threat of lethal violence due to his opposition to the encroachment of the Religion of Peace upon his country and people. Lord Ahmed holds this against Mr. Wilders, and campaigned to keep him out of the UK when he was publicizing his film his film Fitna in 2009. Failing that, he very much wanted to keep him out of the House of Lords, where he had been invited to show that film by Baroness Cox, a UKIP peer.

Ahmed apparently threatened to surround the House of Lords with a mob of ten thousand Muslims if Geert turned up there. He denies the accusation, though the reader will understand that we are not inclined to accept his denial. It is worth noting that the High Druid of Snowdonia has since been ejected from the Labour Party for various claims he made about Jewish influence in the UK. You can take the Pakistani dirtbag out of Pakistan, but you can’t take the Pakistan out of the Pakistani dirtbag, it seems.

Coming up in Part 3: The “Pakis Out!” Project

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17 thoughts on “Against the Murdering, Thieving Hordes of Pakistanis (Part 2)

  1. Excuse the oxymoron, but the issue is not Pakistani culture. The amazing, mind-numbing phenomenon is the continued prevalence of Cultural Marxists who continuously justify this abomination under the guise of Multiculturalism. For them there is no difference between a truth teller and a racist, in fact, the words are synonymous. Before you start shipping out any Pakis, you must first decide what to do about these useful idiots, and that is going to be difficult, considering that they are in government. Travel Warning for El Ingles: step foot in the UK and Amber Rudd will be gunning for you.

    • Actually, the primary goal of cultural Marxists is not multiculturalism but the destruction of Western culture. Multiculturalism is simply a front, exactly equivalent to feminism, gay rights, trans-gender rights, and all the rest of the advocacy groups that have as a primary objective the destruction of traditional culture.

      But, I think your qualification is ill-considered. The best place to begin is…anyplace. If you can begin to deport Pakistanis, it will ipso facto damage the cultural Marxists, probably more than deporting the cultural Marxists would damage the Pakistanis remaining in England.

      • I told people forty years ago that we would lose our freedom to “rights” movements.

      • You’re “righter” than you think, IMHO.

        The cultural Marxists like Islam for the same reason. They think that it can destroy Western culture.

        They like ANYTHING that can destroy Western culture. That’s why the “patriarchy” is okay when it’s non-Western, for example.

    • Calling them “useful idiots” is a yuuuge euphemism, or a complete misnomer rather. They are the fighters with one goal in mind: destruction of the West. The are acting willfully and no tool suitable to accomplish their goals is alien to them.

      In a sense, this is a war – not in its “classic” variant as we know it from history, but no less insidious. The change of society, better say its demise, is transpiring slowly and gradually – one step at a time.

      The article/essay above contains utterances which are causing figurative crucifixion nowadays – e.g. ” You can take the Pakistani dirtbag out of Pakistan, but you can’t take the Pakistan out of the Pakistani dirtbag, it seems”. Such a statement is a lightning rod for ire of all Cultural Marxists: whoever utters it is immediately labeled as “racist”, xyz-phobe, fascist, bigot – name it.

      We are beyond the point of a peaceful return. The situation will be resolved at its escalation point by means which are far from the peaceful ones – which reminds me of Jefferson’s statement: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”.

      • ” Such a statement is a lightning rod for ire of all Cultural Marxists…”

        The connection between the semantics (meaning) of a statement and the emotions it generates from the cult-Marxists grows weaker all the time. In other words, cult-Marxists will criticize and denigrate anyone who disagrees with them, barely needing a pretext anymore.

        For example, cult Marxists always attack Trump as a racist. The accusation has no intersection with reality, and they absolutely don’t care about the intersection. It’s the “feeling” they’re looking for.

        It’s a go-for-broke strategy. The cult-Marxists, and the Jewish, college-educated Sanders supporters (but, as they say, I repeat myself) bring themselves and their racial-identity allies to a frothing fever pitch against Trump. It’s a numbers game then. Can they get enough of themselves into critical states to swing the electoral college? Rational argument plays absolutely no part in the equation. When you have emotion-based platforms, there is absolutely no basis to judge them rationally.

    • Climber said,
      Very well, Basil, if the perpetrators are a tiny minority, I call for their [posterior anatomical regions] to be strung up by the rest of the Pakistani Muslims. Hey Muslims! string them up no matter how many perps there are.

  2. Muslims of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh are in fact victims of Islamic aggression and are the descendants of Hindu and Buddhist women who were raped and enslaved by Arabs and Turks and forced to become Muslims. It is high time they revert back to their ancestor’s culture by adapting the Sanatana way of life and start living a civilized life.

  3. Thank you for the graphic information, Ingles.

    The Ahmadis are an interesting facet of Islam. There are many reasons why they are considered heretics and persecuted by more traditional Muslims, but when push comes to shove, the Ahmadis always defend traditional Islam and Muslims from outside critics. One would think that the Ahmadi sect represents a sort of voluntary fail-safe mechanism for Islam. If the cult of Islam ever seems likely to be expelled from civilized countries, the Ahmadis will pop up and say “you can’t make indiscriminate actions like that against Muslims. We’re Muslims and we don’t murder women or apostates or even infidels.” Which is true, although their women wear garbage bags like traditional Muslim women.

    I don’t see any evidence against the notion that Ahmadis voluntarily suffer the abuse of other Muslims in order to ensure keeping a bridgehead of Muslims and Islamic teachings inside infidel lands, if all else goes to pot.

  4. Just a clarification. The use of the misnomer ‘rape gangs’ covers up the fact that these gangs are almost always criminal enterprises involved in pimping these young girls. I would suspect that the majority of Pakistani males between the ages of 15 and 70 in UK have stood in line for this religiously sanctioned rape of young kaffirs. Also, Pakistan itself is the HIGHEST per capita user of hardcore internet pornography in the world.

    • “Also, Pakistan itself is the HIGHEST per capita user of hardcore internet pornography in the world.”

      What is the source of this information, please?

  5. Thanks for this. So those Pakistani demons are not racist because they equally awful to their kind, but they are certainly very sexist and extremely sectarian.

    This means that they are much WORSE than what has been made out.

    For the sake of humanity Islam needs to be wiped out for good.

  6. I always wondered about pakistanis. Such atrocious stories come from there about how they are so quick to inflict their barbarous judgement at just a whiff of a rumour about someone burning the koran or insulting mohammed.

    That poor women who was filmed, literally being torn apart by an angry mob, who was finally finished off by a gigantic rock as she lay helpless on the ground while the onlookers were filming it with their phones, the young couple thrown into a furnace and the young 14 year old girl who had to be flown out of the country for her safety.

    If there hadn’t been such an uproar about her case, she would now be dead. The mentally disabled man who was dragged from jail and torn apart, who couldn’t even read or write. There are so many more cases, and I pity anyone who gains an enemy there, as it can sign their death warrant.

    I’ve long thought the whole country should be [taken out] as it seems to be an overall mentality, that is totally evil and barbaric. It would be no loss at all to the world.

  7. Overall excellent quality as expected from a genius like El Inglés.

    Suffice it to say that the adult male Pakistani population of the UK seems to have spent the last three decades treating white British girls little better than ISIS treats captured Yazidi girls in Iraq.

    Let’s take this entire matter just one tiny, ineetsty teentsty step further…

    ISIS is waging WAR on the entire Western world . Capiche?

    Would somebody please explain what difference there is between the sexual jihad happening to those “Yazidi girls in Iraq” and those “white British girls”?

    Personally, my answer is ZERO.

    Golly gee wilikers … shucky darn, and holy gol durn!!!

    Does this mean that there exists a Global State of War™!?!?

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