Tommy Robinson at Speakers’ Corner

As promised, Tommy Robinson appeared this afternoon at Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park to read the speech that Martin Sellner had planned to read. Mr. Sellner (a leader of the Austrian Identitaires) and his American girlfriend Brittany Pettibone were detained for three days when they entered the UK, after which they were deported:

11 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson at Speakers’ Corner

  1. I’m amazed, and heartened, that this happened at all, despite much jostling; it seems that the police did their jobs and allowed Tommy to speak.

  2. The current British Royal Family must resign their position(s) immediately. All monies and assets are to be confiscated, all titles are hereby removed. Vacate and remove all personnel Items from State owned houses. The Real British Royals are Tommy Robinson and Family!

    • Hear, hear. The rich and middle classes are useless in the fight against Islamism…the rich because they’ll just [go] off to somewhere else, the middle classes because they’re too stupid. Only ordinary, working British people have the grit, determination, and strong bull detector to see things how they really are. They want answers about Telford, everyone else obsesses over Russia. Tommy is a true hero, he embodies skin in the game. God bless Tommy!

  3. Glad to see they’ve got Tommy’s security sorted now. He seems re-energized back to his EDL best.

  4. I’m deeply heartened to witness this challenging effort successfully concluded with the aid of some very brave and burly MEN who secured and ushered Tommy Robinson safely to and from Speakers Corner.
    Greedy as I am, I’m anxious to see more patriotic Brits brazenly step forward en masse to illustrate the threat from the Muslim community is limited to their demographic percentage. Brits still have the demographic advantage – but not for long. Time is of the essence.
    Well done, Tommy. We are so very proud and in awe of your courage, integrity, patriotism and unwavering persistence.

  5. Having followed for years the jaw-dropping state persecution of Tommy Robinson – the quintessential British Bloke – I have suddenly lost all interest in Prince Harry’s wedding or cute pictures of little George and Charlotte.

  6. After watching ten minutes of the footage, it suddenly began to feel like a little piece of history was happening before our eyes. It felt like the start of something.

    Could this be the moment when private dissent became public? Is it even be possible that the incredible support for Tommy Robinson could grow to a level that would make a move into politics impossible to resist? Could this brave, self-educated working class hero become the Enoch Powell of the 21st Century?

    And from there… ?

    • Bear in mind that Enoch, popular as he was, didn’t have much political impact after his famous speech… do we therefore want Tommy to be the new Enoch?

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