Swedish Countess Who Escaped to Hungary: “There is no Public Safety. We Live in Fear.”

A Swedish countess whose mother is Hungarian has decided to relocate to Hungary because the flood of migrants was made life unsafe in Sweden, particularly for women. After she explained her decision in a TV interview, Countess Natalie was doxxed and her life was threatened. Now she has former soldiers as bodyguards.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

An article on the same topic, also translated by CrossWare, was published by the Hungarian news site 888.hu:

In Sweden the Muslims, and here the liberals, threatened the life of this woman

March 17, 2018
By Gellért Oláh

The Hungarian woman whose life was threatened, whose address was made public, and whose social media site was hacked recently moved home from Sweden because of the migrants. Countess Natalie previously gave an exclusive interview to M1 [Hungarian state television] about the attacks. She has been assigned former soldiers as bodyguards since then.

Countess Natalie has lived in Sweden for almost forty years, and moved to Hungary because of the deterioration of public safety. In an exclusive interview with M1 [television], she also described how regular attacks have become in Swedish cities, but the police ignore them.

The Hungarian-Swedish woman was threatened after the publication of the interview, her Facebook page was hacked, smear-campaign articles were released, and one of the liberal Internet portals even published her home address. After that, Natalie’s life was threatened, so she reported it to the police.

Countess Natalie is now protected by professional guards who are former soldiers, said Georg Spöttle. The security expert added: After speaking several times with a woman who returned from Sweden, they decided with a friend to provide her with personal protection. According to Georg Spöttle, because the facts listed by Natalie cannot be denied, her enemies are now trying to damage her reputation.

Georg Spöttle said: “This is a typical Leftist liberal smear campaign.” [This type of personal attack was the Communists’ favorite. They were the master of character assassination, and their intellectual descendants, the liberal-Bolsheviks, do it well, too. — Translator]

“Anyone who supports the government, anyone who is against migration, who wants a normal European life and who represents this view, they will try to smear and make life impossible for them,” he said.

It was not the first time that someone has been threatened for openly talking about the deterioration of public safety in Sweden because of migrants.

The Czech journalist Katerina Janouch wrote last year that because of the migrants, an increasing number of locals in Sweden are learning to shoot. In the Nordic state, the writer’s words were then called Russian propaganda by the Swedish Prime Minister, and criticized on Facebook. Among other things, he was quoted as saying that with her lies she pushed the cause of the xenophobic Czech President, Milos Zeman.

Video transcript:

00:00   You moved back to Hungary after how long?
00:04   Or more accurately, you were born in Sweden but after a long time you decided
00:08   to move to Hungary. How much time passed? —40 years.
00:12   Why? …
00:16   Because of the circumstances. The things happening in Sweden.
00:20   There is no safety at all.
00:24   With all those migrants they let into the country,
00:28   unfortunately the situation got worse.
00:32   So now it is in an unfortunate state.
00:36   For example, you can’t travel during the daytime on the metro in Stockholm,
00:40   where I lived, because the migrants sexually molest the women,
00:44   and nobody helps, the police do not come out.
00:48   You might sit in a coffee house during the daytime, and suddenly
00:52   five or six migrants run in, about 15 or 16 years old,
00:56   young boys, and threaten you with a knife.
01:00   They take your mobile phone and your bag.
01:04   The opportunity for work is becoming problematic, too.
01:08   There is no longer as much potential
01:12   as there was before. A lot of Swedes do not get jobs,
01:16   because they were given to them [the migrants].
01:20   I had a hard time finding a job in a hospital
01:24   last year in Stockholm, to be a student to become a medical doctor.
01:28   Finally I was lucky, and I got an opportunity, but
01:32   about 80% of my colleagues are migrants, Muslims,
01:36   from the doctor to the nurse, everyone. — Is this Stockholm?
01:40   Yes, in Stockholm, and this is a very famous university hospital,
01:44   the Karolinska and the Danderyds [hospitals], and a lot of
01:48   Swedish doctors can’t get a job in Sweden — they have to go
01:52   to Norway. A lot of Swedish nurses who
01:56   work in the hospital leave their jobs, because
02:00   they get sexually molested, even in the workplace,
02:04   so they leave their job. —These are confirmed cases? Yes, they are.
02:08   That is what is so sad and outrageous in Sweden. And that is the reason I am sitting here today.
02:12   Because these facts are not allowed to come out, but kept quiet.
02:16   These facts are only known there, locally.
02:20   On the television or in the newspapers, but not
02:24   reaching anyone outside. —What you mean, kept quiet?
02:28   It’s not coming out, so that other countries like yours,
02:32   the Hungarians, would be able to see
02:36   what is happening daily in Sweden.
02:40   This information never gets out, and they restrict
02:44   what can come out and what cannot.
02:48   When something happens every day in Stockholm,
02:52   more than 50% of the cases are not even mentioned in the news,
02:56   not printed in the newspapers, and this is a fact.
03:00   What kind of negative experiences did you have there?
03:04   Would you be able to share a couple with us? —Well, I am very sad,
03:08   because I grew up there, I am half Hungarian on my mother’s side.
03:12   I visited Hungary often, because I look at this country
03:16   as my homeland, too; I always loved to come here.
03:20   I was planning to come here to live next year, but my plans were accelerated.
03:24   And that is why I am here now, and why I moved home permanently.
03:28   The main reason is safety; that is why I am here.
03:32   It is sad when someone must leave a country
03:36   because they are not protected.
03:40   That is very sad, and I am not the only one
03:44   who had to leave Sweden. Many of my friends and acquaintances who left
03:48   Sweden — at the moment, there are some [friends]
03:52   who are planning to leave: families with children,
03:56   because in the schools the teachers are threatened with knives.
04:00   This is a daily thing, what is happening. It is not safe
04:04   for kids to enter the schools; they are not safe on the streets;
04:08   they are being robbed in broad daylight. They [migrants] threw
04:12   [Molotov] cocktails into houses and burned them down.
04:16   There were some families who died in circumstances like that;
04:20   that is a daily occurrence.
04:24   In Europe, and in Hungary, we only heard about
04:28   one actual case, and that is the Stockholm terror attack.
04:32   That was only a single attack, but there are more happening in the whole
04:36   country. There is Gothenburg:
04:40   yesterday they shot two men in broad daylight
04:44   on the street. You know nothing about that.
04:48   Malmö: shootings happen there every day.
04:52   You do not hear about that, either.
04:56   Yes, the only one you officially know about is what happened in Stockholm, but
05:00   you do not know what the people who live there go through every day,
05:04   in the workplace, in school, on the street.
05:08   If you go into a mall,
05:12   they come in and they [migrants] shoot… they hit you,
05:16   they threaten you. —For how long have you experienced such things?
05:20   Well… in the
05:24   last two to three years, drastically
05:28   more and more.
05:32   Things like this started happening. Before that, I did not see
05:36   or experience them. Yes, over the last two to three years.
05:40   —Is this a topic of conversations among the locals,
05:44   between Swedes? What they say to one another?
05:48   The problem is, nobody says anything, because they are afraid;
05:52   the people are afraid of them. Because if I
05:56   say something to a man who tries to sexually molest me…
06:00   On one morning it happened, when I was going…
06:04   I wanted to take the metro [subway] to the hospital,
06:08   and a man attacked me —
06:12   that was an immigrant man — and
06:16   I called out for help and nobody came, everybody was afraid.
06:20   That’s the problem. —But obviously there were some other men around you? —Yes, there were,
06:24   but they were just standing there looking, because there was a case where
06:28   they tried to intervene, and got stabbed for it.
06:32   They are afraid for their own lives. If someone calls the police,
06:36   the police say they will not come out, because they do not have the time for this.
06:40   I was able to run away from the place;
06:44   the problem was “solved”, but… I got lucky, but
06:48   there were girls, who were attacked and raped.
06:52   I got lucky, but the situation is that
06:56   the police are NOT COMING OUT!
07:00   Not too long ago, when a couple of [migrant] youngsters were riding around on their motorbikes
07:04   in a city and started throwing
07:08   explosives in the streets, people got scared,
07:12   and it also could have caused injury, if one of them hits you. People called the police
07:16   to come and they said:
07:20   We must understand them, because they come from a war-torn country,
07:24   and they are not mentally healthy, so just leave them be,
07:28   while the people should just go into a store or coffeehouse and ask for protection.
07:32   They do not come out. —Who said that to you? —The police.
07:36   The police are not coming out.
07:40   And police officers are leaving their jobs; this is a huge problem in Sweden now.
07:44   But in the media, in the newspapers in Sweden,
07:48   in the local news they say that they are leaving
07:52   their jobs because they are not protected, either.
07:56   Now they are building mosques in every city.
08:00   That is one thing, but next they want to broadcast
08:04   the imam’s call on huge loudspeakers
08:08   in their… how you say it…
08:12   the calls of their Islamic faith.
08:16   And they want everybody to listen to that every single morning.
08:20   You’re talking about the mosques, right? The mosques?
08:24   I do not know. I have never been a racist, and I am still
08:28   not a racist, but this is about forcing on us
08:32   people whose behavior is not acceptable.
08:36   Because they [migrants] terrorize and threaten us;
08:40   they take away our jobs.
08:44   There is no public safety. We live in fear.
08:48   This is not normal behavior; this is what it is all about.
08:52   This does not match with our
08:56   life [meaning culture], into our life.
09:00   They get everything from apartments to money, and
09:04   they have no honor;
09:08   moreover they turn against those who helped them. —Does Sweden help the refugees?
09:12   For example, with social accommodations? Yes, of course.
09:16   Sweden is still a rich country, and they have the potential to help
09:20   and in the past they had to accept them,
09:24   because they could place them. They were given apartments;
09:28   they were given money to live on,
09:32   until they could be placed in jobs.
09:36   The children were able to go to schools, but even then
09:40   they did not appreciate all that, and turned against us.
09:44   You suddenly decided to come home, but did you leave everybody else in your family there,
09:48   and why? And what is their opinion?
09:52   Some of my family are still in Sweden;
09:56   others have already left the country, so I am not the only one.
10:00   I have two family members who
10:04   moved to Australia; there is one
10:08   who moved to the USA. Among my friends,
10:12   most of them are moving abroad, too.
10:16   Not many of my family and friends who
10:20   will be staying in Sweden. Why did you decide
10:24   on Hungary? —Hungary today
10:28   is the safest.
10:32   Still… still. What is your basis for that?
10:36   Because the laws are different.
10:40   You did not let them in, into the country,
10:44   not like other countries. They are not here,
10:48   like in Sweden or Germany, or like we could see Vienna,
10:52   in Austria, what kind of things are happening.
10:56   That is why Hungary is safe, because they [migrants] are not here.
11:00   And as long as I am alive, I would like to live in peace.
11:04   I do not have to be afraid and look left, right and behind me
11:08   in my workplace, and can travel on the metro
11:12   without fear. I could go into my workplace and feel safe,
11:16   … how to say it…
11:20   The situation has changed so much,
11:24   because a lot of people are thinking: we will go there,
11:28   where the country is rich, where there are job opportunities,
11:32   where there is a lot of money, I can get a better income, my life will be better,
11:36   but when you have no protection… no protection —
11:40   there is no safety, how much
11:44   is that worth? — Thank you very much. —Thanks.

Hat tip: Steen.

31 thoughts on “Swedish Countess Who Escaped to Hungary: “There is no Public Safety. We Live in Fear.”

  1. Horrific.

    Although someone needs to remind this woman that Muslims are not a race, so it is not possible to be racist against them.

    • That’s as lame a defense as DR3 (Democrats ‘r real racists). The very term “racism” is a canard used exclusively against people of White, European, and overwhelmingly Christian origin. It is NATURAL to prefer your own to strangers. It is NATURAL and God-ordained to put one’s own children before others. To feel and express such natural preferences for one’s own family, race, or nation does not automatically imply hatred for the other (although the more one learns of how other races behave towards one’s own, dislike and a desire for separation naturally follow).

      To somehow attempt to disqualify a globalist’s argument or behavior by claiming that “x” isn’t a race or racism is to grant legitimacy to the very term and intrinsically justify the accusation made against one in the first place. “Racism” does not automatically equate to hatred or violence or mass murder, but until Whites stop cowering with fear about being so labeled, it will continue to result in their victimization and death.

      • Exactly. I made the same point back in 2011, here.

        I’m glad you reminded me of it. That essay is worth reposting.

      • Your points do not change the fact that Muslims are not a race.

        The issue is that Muslims, along with their leftist allies, have managed to bamboozle large swathes of the Western population into believing that Muslims are a race.

      • I agree. I recall an argument I had with my then MP – he was canvassing on the street of my small town – I put forward my position relative to his, he called me a “Racist!” I replied that of course I was a racist, I always put my kith and kin first. What’s wrong with that? I asked. He was unable to reply the (expletive redacted!)…

  2. I just don’t get it. It’s bad enough that her own country betrayed her, but to have Hungarian liberals harass her is more than I can comprehend. What sort of world do these liberals want? It’s not enough to say Socialist. Do they really desire chaos in the streets? To have to continually fear for their own lives? What could inspire people to smear this woman’s MILD testimony? I just don’t understand.

    • There is no “tolerance” or finding “middle-ground” with progressives/liberals. None.

      Look what they did to Venezuela. No apologies.

      You have to understand they are on the same path as Stalin. They have no regard for human life at all. Their thought patterns are absolutely totalitarian in nature. Look how they behave on college campus towards those who hold a differing opinion. It’s one step short of a lynch mob and in some cases it is a lynch mob.

      The Muslims are just a tool and excuse for them It’s same strategy they used with much earlier with the women’s movement, then the gays, ethnics, etc. People to them are props to be used.

      Lastly consider them your future executioners. They are just a step or two away from that if given official sanction by the state.

  3. Muslims are not a race. Muslims are members of the Human race; just like all of us. BUT; Islam is a calling…and Muslims are a special Breed of human { just like different breeds of dogs }. A Muslim Breed that follows the rules and diktats which calls all ” non Muslims ” Kaffirs and condones the rape and murder of non muslims. The “peaceful muslims ” are simply people who are not active in the social atrocities….but still approve of them; or they would abandon the muslim teachings. Do not worry about this…..a more sinister group of Evil Principalities is just using muslims to create chaos and destroy our humanity which is what they really hate .

        • There is good and evil in this world.
          Good is God.
          Evil is Satan.
          Satan is master of this world for now.
          It wants all of humanity at each others throats and will use every possible means to that end.
          Satan and his supernatural minions are those principalities.
          Pure and simple, they want us all dead.

  4. I like this woman. Finally a Swede with common sense. I am now fighting Medicare (a stupider program is hard to image) but many foolish Americans are fond of it. Just shows you that a fool is born every moment. Only a fool would believe it is a good thing and now it seems that having tested the foolishness of the American (and Swedish and German, etc. people) with this “free” health-care tropes it proves to the elites that people have a strong ability to be lied to and hence we get the Muzlims.

    But is this country lucky or what? MAGA.

    • Government-run health care is, at best, clumsy and over-priced. I know three doctors who’ve retired ten years early rather than deal with the bureaucracy.

  5. Muslims are sinister. They are not special and should not be allowed any special privileges to deny us freedom of speech. They infiltrate western countries with the intention to make it intolerable for anyone who refused to follow their sinister way of life.

    [Intemperate solutions redacted]

  6. I’d sympathize with these fleeing Swedes if they’d done something to stop their elected politicians. But they’ve done nothing, so I’m mute in their defense.

    • And what choice did they have in their politicians??

      In the US, we were given a choice between Hillary and Donald. While I remain grateful that Hillary lost, Donald Trump wasn’t my choice, though I did vote for him to save my country from a criminal. But that’s not a real choice.

      Exactly how much choice did the average Swede have, anyway? Your lack of compassion for their situation is appalling. Hope I’m never drowning if you’re the one on the shore deciding whether or not I deserve help.

      • What she said is : if you with your own will jump in the water then definitely she will not save you.

        What she said is that there are different forms of resistance except stupid election.That the Swedes should become resistance itself every day in every way.
        I agree, Swedes are cowards and they do not diserve any pity .
        There will be many Swedes that will flee and they will transmit this socialistic way of thinking to places they will move into.
        Like a disease.

        • Exactly. I’ve lived amongst Euro ex-pats of every variety, and they all attempt to pawn malignant politics to their new host nation. If she wants sympathy, go back to Sweden and do something about this problem. We Americans know how it’s done.

      • Exactly, it’s a brainwashed society, waking up in a bad dream and finding it’s real.

      • That is all so true. One didn’t have to like Trump to vote against Clinton. And everything she has said since the election just proves that America dodged a bullet in 2016.
        As for Sweden, I guess the politicians believe they are immune to the depravations of the enrichers.

        • Let’s hope they are not immune to the (eventual) wrath of their own people.

      • Count on me to always defend (or rescue you from drowning) both Baron and yourself.

        I’m just tired of the wealthy fleeing their destroyed societies with no responsibility at all.

        • You have a point. How welcoming is was this woman of the ‘invader’ – and how does she feel about leaving her compatriots to face the music?

          • Spot on, she’s sounds like a complainant on lack of services aboard a Titanic life boat. I’m in SoCal, where many of my French, Scandi, German and Italian acquaintances have equal scorn for their former country’s situation and my Trump-Pence stickers.

  7. A sad and touching story, though I’m glad the Countess was able to repatriate to a safer and more sensible nation, and her own at that. It’s madness that trumped-up Eurocrats from [deprecative adjective] countries like Junker and the villainous Verhofstadt should presume to try to force nations in the Visegrad group to admit hordes of these unruly and dangerous barbarians.

  8. Thank you again for sharing what’s going on inside the European gulag. But for GoV, we might never hear of these things.

  9. So here is the answer – not sure if it will be published.
    Theoretically speaking – You could start smuggling weapons into your country – use criminal networks if necessary. Where there is a buyer there is a seller. Look to the IRA for an example of what to do.
    Form cell based resistance movements – no central leadership. Local,local,local.
    [Detailed intemperate recommendations redacted]
    You must be “all in” realizing that if caught you may spend the rest of your life in prison. Don’t get caught.
    And don’t forget the traitors in your own midst who have caused this to happen.

  10. “Because they [migrants] terrorize and threaten us; they take away our jobs.
    There is no public safety. We live in fear.”

    What a nightmare! That’s probably the most damning denouncement of Sweden today that I’ve ever heard. No wonder the leftists, (friends of George Soros?)and Muslims are after her. I noticed the Police ranks have a few vacancies, perhaps they will fill them with migrants. That would complete the subjugation of the once proud Swedish nation.

    • Agree with you Baucent plus some. 🙂

      “Because they [migrants] [Swedes] terrorize and threaten [doxx] us; they take away our jobs.

      And the fear = brainwashing the Swedes have freely accepted as the feminist, political correct, diversity enriching, that controls all.

      There is no public safety. We live in fear.”

      Any one that is contrary is doxxed, loosing their jobs, homes, friends, and endangering their families.

      As above a number of commentators touched on the blindness of the ones that want to repeat this under the “social justice warrior”[narsissitic] “virtue signalling with “welcome refugee” signs.

      Many young European backpackers that I meet are very much brain washed to the tolerance of the intolerant.
      It is very difficult to get them to read, study what the facts are, like from koran, hadiths, imam, etc., and become very dismissive of the source of truth, and up hold the EU and Merkel etc.

      There listening processes seem to rely on trigger buttons that then follow a pre-programmed thinking of processes, which seem to be very bound up, in not to consider other information.

      I find that quite a few are spreading, immigrating, and now seeking a trough to feed in, a good wage, often teaching or university and now power in media and politics, with some now gaining power in our government.
      The same thinking, of globalization, “welcome refugees”, making it all so wonderful in their elite “virtue signalling”, and the siren call of “I am the man from the government and I am here to help you”. with some sprinkling of tax payers money that buys and influences others.

  11. These people are not compatible with Europe.

    Islam is still at war with everyone and every people who are not islamic, but this fact is unknown or if known simply ignored. People have difficulties to believe in such a tremendous badness. The islamic people are regarded as basically friendly people like you and me – and they are, not only sometimes. But who knows what is behind their minds?

    Deception is a measure of islam and lying is always allowed if it helps islam. Even Turks say, the people from Arabian countries lie as much as can be. Islam is coming under the cover of the religious freedom (like, by the way, the scientologists, too) to Europe, but the islam is not divisible. It is all, religion, politics, law. It is a complete ideology, once invented by gangsters.

    Who does the invitation of these “gangsters” help? It is a curious alliance of left-wing extremists, those who own the big money in the world, the Arabs of course, and all those who want to see the economical, maybe even military, structures in the (capitalistic) western European countries, the EU, broken.

    We will get civil war situations in western Europe.

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