9 thoughts on “Pat Condell: A Message to the Social Justice Bed-Wetters at YouTube

  1. I have great respect for Pat. However he often seems to restrict himself to the topic of the hijrah short-term preying on infidel women, the “women of (their) right hand”

    Just as important medium-term is the predation on white indigenous males: the hijrah – fresh from Africa and Araby- occupies the Stuttgart or Hamburg street pavement wall to wall in slouching six-packs.

    They pose a killing threat to any infidel male harbi, habitually alone or as a provocative boyfriend-girlfriend pair at best.

    Killing an infidel woman means max. 20-30 unborn kuffar up to her menopause, killing a male means potentially millions. The brave, defamed and threatened Turkish-German author Akif Pirincci has written on this at length.

    Now the Berlin women’s march of ca 500 just now was successfully blocked by ca 900 SJWs, gender ratio unknown. Even allowing for the SJW ideology prevalent in big cities, I ask myself what goes on in the heads of SJW women. After all, they too must get accosted on the street by Allah’s footsoldiers too, unless they wear hijab, which as far as I know they do not (yet)

    I think Julian Assange’s comment, that US voters voted for Clinton precisely because of their snobbery/class war against those they identified as voting for Trump, is a clue: there is a video of a middle-class German woman in rural Germany sneering at AfD demonstrators by saying to the camera” just look at them, they get social welfare benefits”. (presumably she feels superior ie morally generous, knowing that German welfare benefits go to migrants who have not paid a cent into the funds in the German pay-as-you-go system: all employees have monthly payments deducted from gross salary for age pension/unemployment/health)

    So the lesson might be that as long as closing the borders against the hijrah is seen as low-class, the Clinton phenomen0n as described by Assange will prevail.

    I hope I am wrong.

  2. Good point about the danger to the males.

    It’s not just the women who get assaulted, it’s the men too. Sure, the threat of sexual violence against women is a big concern, and I don’t want to downplay it in any way, but how many men get assaulted and beaten on a daily basis in Europe now?

    It’s not really the mens fault. If you get jumped by a pack of five or ten feral culture-enrichers, what can an average man do? One-on-one, personally i’d put my money on me, but against five? You’d need to be a world class martial artist to be able to protect yourself against an onslaught like that, or well armed and proficient in the use of that arm.

  3. Given that it’s difficult to get a defensive firearm anywhere in Europe, I would like to point out that in days gone by (I don’t know exactly how many) the women of Japan used to carry a knife known as a Tanto in their attire for the very use discussed by Pat.
    In some places, of course, even knives are forbidden (the UK is one such place, where lockable knives are defined as “offensive weapons”) so it really is up to the native inhabitants to practice for their own well-being, what could be construed as “civil disobedience”. As the Rule of Law is no longer really applicable, because the real Law has been totally politicised, it looks as if women need this implement to defend themselves – as ugly as the outcome of an “incident” might be. Looking at it from another angle, if a substantial proportion of the female (and perhaps even male) population were to carry such implements, it will be up to the UK government to build more jails… many more jails.
    The medium to long-term consequences of all this would most definitely be “interesting”.
    Easy for me to say, and no doubt difficult for those who have such a decision to make…

  4. It’s quite amazing how the censorship spreads.

    So LiveLeak is up. Interesting.

    Bitchute seems fairly “safe” for now.

    We’ll see which platforms resist “pressure” the most. That will be telling.

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