17 thoughts on “Pat Condell on Progressive Cultural Marxism and Common Purpose

  1. An important element of the ‘Muslim Rape Gang’ phenomena that has been grossly over-looked. The 10 or 15 members of the gang, young men involved in ‘grooming’, drugging and enslaving kaffir girls ‘enjoy’ their own merchandise at will but THOUSANDS of Muslim men from 15 year old boys to prominent ‘imams’ in their sixties, important businessmen etc. pay to rape these children. A sizeable percentage of the adult male Muslim population in a place like Rotherham have paid and used these kaffir children. Not only is it not ‘shameful’ it is religiously sanctioned.

    • You are right. The handsome Romeos in their flash cars do the entrapment by deceit and drugging. The network of taxi drivers and hotel proprietors provides the reception structure. Police, some of them muslim, give the girls the cold shoulder, or claim that evidence has been “lost”.

      The Slave Market takes place by mobile telephone. Customers pay: the owner has his money-spinner. Once trapped, the sex-slave is kept captive by violence and terror, such as being doused in petrol and threatened to be burnt, being forced to watch another girl being brutally raped, being told compromising photographs will be made public, and so on. Sex slaves are part of Islam (https://libertygb.org.uk/news/islams-sex-slaves-britain).

      The “grooming” technique is today’s substitute, in Britain but not Iraq, for the historic taking of captives by violence: it is just that in Britain the violence comes later, after the deceitful entrapment (https://www.libertygb.org.uk/news/jihadi-pirates-who-took-british-slaves).

      The Romeos are the sharp end of a huge pyramid network of facilitators and customers, extending far beyond local areas. Rotherham is the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are Sheffield, Bradford, Keighley, Dewsbury, Oxford, Aylesbury, and many others.

      In Sharia the muslim has the right to take kaffir girls: “It is their punishment for disbelief”, said Maulana Bulandshahri. There is no age of consent. Sharia supersedes inferior man-made law:

      “If we are practising muslims we are above the law of the land”,

      said Mustafa Carroll of Texas Council of American Islamic Relations.

      The “grooming” phenomenon is but one of the areas where the ideology of Islam conflicts with the West. It is part of the slow-motion war that goes persistently unrecognised by government. The State continues to treat this phenomenon as multiple isolated examples of criminality. Not so. This is Islam using rape and humiliation as a weapon of war: “Britain has always been Dar al Harb [the Realm of War]”, explained Anjem Choudary to a disbelieving and scowling Stephen Sackur on BBC Newnight.

      This persistent lack of recognition amounts to a cover-up. Girls should keep their mouths shut for the sake of community cohesion, according to muslim MP Naz Shah. The State response is inadequate: kaffir girls continue to be raped and trafficked by muslims.

      • Is it possible that also English “white” politicians are benefiting from this evil system? Could it be that politicians and police chiefs have been snared in “honey traps” And then blackmailed? Is this the reason politicians always sides with the muslims?

      • Mike-

        This is why allowing the Ummah to join the police is the height of insanity.

        They will ALWAYS cover for their co-believers over the infidel.

  2. Thanks Pat. The Open War draws closer. I can see no alternative. The longer the Whites wait, the greater the toll.

  3. Pat move to the US where you will be welcome and we have a FIRST AMENDMENT. If it can protect the ANTAFA hate speach it can protect you. Just say you are being politically persecuted in England and you need refugee status and a green card. Welcome!

  4. That’s the truth she telling, the truth all Europeans getting very frustrating and hurt by politicians and police who they don’t doing absolutely nothing to protect own people , pls . More people like Him .,

  5. My, my ! What startling similarities ( of both description and actions ) to Germany circa 1938 -1944 and Russia circa 1929 – 1955 !

  6. As usual, Pat nails it. People everywhere in Englanistan and beyond, wonder why the police are so bad at catching thieves, rapists and killers but so good at harassing people for having opinions the left don’t like. About time some politician in the mainstream took up this cause.

  7. That has to be one of Pat Condell’s best video’s ever – and the competition is stiff. In a sane Britain, Pat Condell would be regarded as a living national treasure.

    Just think only a few decades ago Britain was led, and I use the word advisedly, by Margaret Thatcher; she wouldn’t have tolerated this dangerous nonsense. Theresa May and David Cameron “conservatives” – good grief!

    When Pat Condell and Paul Weston are no longer here, who will be telling the truth about Britain? Tommy Robinson does good work, but his working-class accent means a sizable cohort of people will never take his message seriously.

  8. There’s a simple solution to the problem of Islamic sexual predators.

    In Sydney, in 2000 a Lebanese Muslim rape gang preyed on Anglo-Celtic women. In 2002 after the arrest and trial 9 members of the gang received a total of 240 years in prison, the ring leader will be released in about 2035.

    I haven’t noticed any news reports about Muslim rape gangs since that time. Coincidence?

    Still it’s not a good idea to be complacement, the PC mania is virulent here in Oz as well.

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