Tommy Robinson: Justice for Nikki

In the following video Tommy Robinson interviews an English woman named Nikki Hurst who recently became a victim of culture-enriching violence. She lives in the town of Batley, which is more or less between Bradford and Leeds in what used to be the West Riding of Yorkshire. When I lived in Harrogate in the 1960s, Batley was still a normal working-class Yorkshire town, although neighboring Bradford already had a reputation for being full of “Pakis”. Now the whole region has been culturally enriched, and Batley has gone the way of Leeds, Dewsbury, and Keighley.

Here’s Tommy’s report:

While I was watching this video, it occurred to me that we have now passed the point where Britain might be prevented from making its final descent into Multicultural Hell. It’s just too late — there isn’t enough time left.

The country has been seeded with a large cohort of feral and fecund foreigners, and the demographics of the situation are bad news for the native English. Even if a majority of the white population were to wake up to their dire plight in the next year or two — which seems unlikely — what could be done to reverse course? The only possible outcome to a sudden and massive surge of public pressure to get rid of the culture-enrichers would be the onset of severe inter-ethnic violence.

I can’t really call it a “civil war”, because it doesn’t fit the customary definition of the term. “Race war” is closer. Or “sectarian strife”, except that the warring sides would be Muslims and atheists — do atheists constitute a sect? There aren’t enough Christians left to assemble a meaningful faith-based militia, so it would have to be atheists allied with Sikhs and Hindus against the Muslims. A nasty business.

The big question is whether believers in No-God can be motivated to defend their non-religion against fervent zealots who can’t wait to claim their supernatural harem in the afterlife.

It seems just as likely that native English culture will slowly fizzle out, with occasional outbreaks of protests and minor clashes, but over the long term “working the dying fall”.

God help the English.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

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  1. This is a bleak assessment indeed. I’d like to further qualify it by observing that belonging to a religion is not guarantee of resistance. Look at the Methodists, Lutherans, Menonites, Reformed Jews: all are fervently in favor of increased Muslim immigration.

    But, we do need a cultural cement. I don’t think it’s religious versus non-religious. I think it’s a love of country and nation versus a commitment to globalism and cultural Marxism…and perhaps a basic masculinity that makes you assert yourself, rather than rolling over and being concerned with what other people say.

    Certainly Robinson is the masculine lover of his culture. I hope by his example, he inspires the British, atheists and believers, to assert their masculinity and their culture. And, perhaps once the British assert themselves firmly, the invaders would actually go back to where they really identify with, more-or-less voluntarily.

    • Indeed, RonaldB. I’m an ordinary (?) Brit, 69, born in the North of England to nonconformist folk, Londoner by choice, politically “liberal” by inclination on such issues as health care and social housing, yet I find it an uphill battle to persuade mainstream “conservatives”, let alone fellow “leftists” of the dangers of importing people who despise our supposedly common values.

      • The only avenue for you and every Englishman to take back your country is make the first priority every Sunday to fill the Churches and the pews from sea to shining sea with UK male voices singing hymns and spirit filled Psalms. If not, every church one by one will be converted to a mosque. Why? because men refused to get on their knees before God. Each church conversion will embolden your foes and the acceleration of the inevitable events shall follow. Ask a Frenchman ask a Swede.

        • I understand what you are saying but from what little I know about Christianity in Britain ALL the Anglican/Roman Catholic hierarchy, its progressive, globalist clueless clergy are united in encouraging more mad Muslim immigration and deference to Islam. The last place I would want to be is in one of these churches with the bishop/priest/minister preaching to me on being welcoming and on the wonder of Muhammad.

    • RonaldB, “masculine” isn’t the right word to describe those who would stand up to threats to their native country. Many a woman has the inner fortitude to confront those who would undermine her native culture—Katie Hopkins and Anne Marie Waters come quickly to mind. I’m not sure what the right word would be, but the quality would incorporate strength of character, personal integrity, courage, loyalty, and a sure inner sense of identity.

      • Valiantry maybe?

        But you understand that to some people (not meaning RonaldB) , if it is coming from a woman it does not count ( females are taken as subservient) . There you are faced with masculine violence, and bluntly, women tend to lose. That does not mean they cannot lead or support the combat, that they are not more adept in certain situations, just that masculine is what it is, is what it is understood as by an opponent. I suppose there is room for women to earn that kind of respect also, but you would have to fight (as in fight) for it. As male I would rather it be males that carry that burden… but maybe chivalry is sexist nowadays 😉 ?

        If we were wise enough as a collective, there would not be this circumstance.

        Obviously not.

  2. You paint a grim picture, Baron—but it’s one that I agree with. I’m a native born Brit but I have a deep sense that my ancestral home will not exist in any recognizable form for much longer. I wish it were otherwise. Like you I just can’t see how Britain can be saved. Instead what we observe is an aggressive and rapidly growing minority asserting its supremacy at every turn while the majority, made up of low fertility indigenous Brits (yes, there are such people), apologizes, compromises its culture, and accommodates threats and intrusions to its native way of life.

    Worse than those though is the apathy and incompetence of the authorities, as is well illustrated by the outrageous case of Nikki. From where do such craven qualities spring?

    • Utterly disgraceful! If an Asian Woman were attacked by 3
      Caucasian males it would be headline news throughout MSM and
      No police expenditure spared until they were arrested.

      No doubt the local Muslim population would have taken the
      Opportunity to riot and bleat about islamaphobia too.

      My heart goes out to this poor lady and I am thoroughly ashamed
      Of the cesspit of a country we have become.

      Meanwhile the hapless Theresa May has blown a visit from
      The most powerful leader in the world – A true Anglophile,
      Donald Trump extended a helping hand after Brexit and this
      Useless woman was more interested in appearing PC and
      Liberal and not upsetting the diversity apple cart.

      Tough on crime and terrorism? She couldn’t knock the skin
      Off a rice pudding or wobble a blancmange unless her
      Equally bland spouse helped her.

      • If it were a Muslim woman attacked by white males it would be headline news in Dry Gulch, Utah.

  3. Virility. The word is virility. It is a virtue, and thus transcends sex. It is contrary to the vices of effeminacy and sloth, which also transcend sex. Effeminacy is an unwillingness to do anything unpleasant, and sloth is an unwillingness to do anything difficult.

    So, yeah, the U.K. and the entire post-Christian west is well and truly finished, barring supernatural intervention. The focus now is on the micro level. Individuals and small family groups.

    • Ann

      ‘Virility’ is an excellent word to describe what the West has lost in recent years.

      Thank you for chiming in to share it with us.

  4. 1. there will be apartheid.
    2. it will be managed on the terms of the winner.
    3. the winner will be the (generalized) West.

    “the word” you are looking for, is “Westerner”.
    the doctrine and the aim-settings of the West are summarized in Amsterdam declaration.
    it is largely secular humanist.
    it neither forbids self-defence nor other ways of limiting incompatible tendencies and groups, – if not contradictng declaration itself.

    the whole question is time scale, and losses.

    everyone should learn how to boycott and resist Islam, postmodernist shamans, white trash nihilists, etc..
    people BTW already do it, – instinctively and en masse, – so, the goal is to bring shape, legitimacy, and domination to the pro-civilization movement.

    • Secular humanism is the ideology that has allowed the West to decay to the sorry the state it is in today.

      • rather inconsistencies in implementation.

        – tolerance to organized religion (Islam),
        – tolerance to destructive ideology (demagogical collectivism), and
        – tolerance to Nietzschean nihilism

        it is nowhere in SH, that one should tolerate incompatible a-holes.

        I’ll tell you more, the guys who eventually finished terrorists in Toulouse, Bataclan, Orlando, London and everywhere – they are likely all secular people. Types like British FLA.
        responsible, compassionate, rational people, that’s it.
        nothing else needed to start correcting the situation, – and in the West, we are the dominant group.

        • Ah, I understand now.

          Just like the USSR and every other communist state are not ‘real’ communism because they fail to live up to some fantasy ideal that is impossible in the real world.

  5. Yesterday I watched Midsomer Murders to get a healthy dose of English village nostalgia.

  6. Witness the denial of justice in the Kate Steinle case.

    Even worse, her own parents agree with this denial of justice because it allows them to virtue signal for immivaders and against Trump.

    • Mea culpa-

      I think I may have misattributed the virtue signalling in this case. I think a juror expressed the sentiment, not the parents. I will try to find a better source.

      • *Sigh*

        My mea culpa was premature.

        Ms. Steinle’s degenerate mother had this to say about the case:

        ““For Donald Trump, we were just what he needed — beautiful girl, San Francisco, illegal immigrant, arrested a million times, a violent crime and yadda, yadda, yadda,” her mother, Liz Sullivan, told The Chronicle. “We were the perfect storm for that man.””

        How is it possible for child-hating filth like this to exist in our beautiful world?

  7. You close with “God help the English.”

    That’s good. It is the necessary first step: prayer. Your article correctly laments the loss of faith and even belief in the very existence of God among your countrymen. Recovering it as a nation is essential. Without it, you will certainly perish.

    After that a healthy second amendment would come in handy, too.

    • The parallels are all through the Old Testament. When the Israelites abandoned Yahweh, and started “whoring” after the Baals, the Asherim, etc., Yahweh used the Persians or the Assyrians as an instrument of His will to sack Jerusalem and carry the faithless Israelites off to Babylon or wherever.

      How will the distant future view our time of wanton hedonism and faithlessness, just before the collapse of our own Tower of Babel? Will the culture-enrichers be seen as agents of God? Or will the analysis be mechanistic, cause-and-effect, entirely materialistic?

      I don’t know the answers. All I know is that I can see the patterns of behavior moving in parallel to those distant days, towards an unspeakable climax.

  8. There seems to be an overwhelming pessimism in this forum that Europe is beyond stopping “its final descent into Multicultural Hell.” I disagree wholeheartedly.

    While Great Britain and Europe (and likely the US as well) appear to be beyond any peaceful preservation of their indigenous ethnic and cultural identities, I don’t think that, in the end, Brits and Europeans are going to endure being ground into the dust by the new foreign overlords for long without awaking to the reality that there has been an invasion (complete with the reigns of government having been transferred to newcomers who are hostile to the indigenous population). At that point, I suspect that the weight of the boot treading on our necks will become more uncomfortable than the threat of being called “racist,” “fascist,” or whatever other dread epithet used to swindle us into self-subjugation. I am confident that, at that time, Britain, Europe, and even America will rouse themselves to rise from the dust and reject the foreign oppressors. Yes, I believe that national sovereignty will rise again, and the formerly free peoples of the great nations of the Earth will reassert themselves by whatever means are necessary.

    The war will be as ugly as it is inevitable. All will suffer. It is the epitome of tragedy that we, as a nation, allowed ourselves to be kowtowed into inaction until things reached the point of near-surrender in a stealthy and silent war waged against us, because it is precisely this complacency that will lead to the conflict that will soon be upon us.

    The dark clouds of war are gathering. It is not the fall of Britain and Europe that is inevitable, but rather that which is inexorably approaching is tragic and horrific bloodshed as the ancient inhabitants of the British Islands and Europe (and the relative newcomers in America) finally awake to reassert their right to existence.

    I have full faith that Britain, Europe, and America will soon awake and rise to the challenge. They will not allow themselves to be escorted silently into the night. The invaders will be repelled, and sanity and balance will be restored.

    At this point the real questions are how to prepare now to be victorious, and to how to minimize the carnage on both sides…

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