Gergely Gulyás: “In Hungary There Will Be No Mosques”

Fidesz is the ruling political party in Hungary, whose leader is Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Gergely Gulyás is the leader of the Fidesz parliamentary group, and also one of the party’s five vice presidents, which kind of makes him Mr. Orbán’s second-in-command.

In the following clip from a TV talk show, Mr. Gulyás discusses Islam with the popular journalist Zsolt Bayer. Prior to this excerpt the two men were talking about the most recent New York jihad attack, when eight bicyclists were hit and killed by a mujahid in a rented truck.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

14:46   … but, one thing is shown
14:50   by this latest tragic terrorist attack [the New York truck jihad]:
14:54   Wherever radical Islam
14:58   finds its way in and is allowed to settle, such events
15:02   could occur at any time, at any minute.
15:06   And now, when Europe is in the middle of such a conquest,
15:10   their emphasis on freedom of religion — let’s make it clear,
15:14   nobody wants to limit the individual freedom of religion — but to make it communal,
15:18   in the case of Islam, national security issues must be
15:22   must be considered, because if someone is not doing that,
15:26   then they can just make regretful statements about radicalization,
15:30   and many such large terror attacks could happen.
15:34   And the fact that the Islamic State is losing in
15:38   the present war will make the situation worse, not better,
15:42   because their soldiers will be coming to fight here.
15:46   Yes, but then I will bring up the question — I do not want to put you
15:50   on the spot, so if you like you can say pass —
15:54   … Where the mosques are, there is the trouble.
15:58   That is correct! So in Hungary there will be no mosques. This is how we can
16:02   react to this. There are some initiatives [to build mosques].
16:06   We must clearly say, that in this situation,
16:10   concerning our safety, it would have negative consequences.
16:14   We are sorry if someone is the loser of this situation, but we can’t change
16:18   our point of view, because this is not only a case of religious freedom, but
16:22   a question of a nation’s safety. —Yes, and let’s say,
16:26   we see it in all of Western Europe and in the United States — as was proven
16:30   with this crazy Uzbek, and in Western Europe has the same situation,
16:34   which the intelligence services have been talking about for years.
16:38   They know very well which mosque, which imam
16:42   radicalize the young Muslims. In Germany…
16:46   the terrorist attack last December was exactly about that.

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  1. If Merkel’s parasitic “Nafris” realised that WW3 is about to start that will all but destroy EU societies and end the welfare, they will leave. I never thought I would actually welcome a global conflict but it is better than living in a Communistic hell called “Europe”.

    Oh the joys of “Diversity”!

    Burkas and Hijabs
    Thought crime and sharia

    A societey on the rocks.

    This is the “Left’s” ‘legacy’.

    I hope they fry in Hell.

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