Syrian Culture-Enricher Finds Romance in a Berlin Park — With a Pony

This article by Egri Nök was published earlier today at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Berlin: Syrian Rapes Pony On “Children’s Farm” in Public Park

by Egri Nök

An original translation from Berliner Morgenpost.

Zoophilia Case in Berlin

Man allegedly sexually assaulted pony in Görlitzer Park

A babysitter with a young child saw the scene, photographed the man and saw to his arrest

November 10, 2017
by Sebastian Geisler

A young man allegedly sexually assaulted a pony of the “Children’s Farm” in Görlitzer Park. An employee of the institution confirms this to Berliner Morgenpost. The incident occurred on Friday of last week around 3pm. Amanda F. (name changed by our editorial staff) described the incident to Berliner Morgenpost. “My babysitter took a walk with our son through Görlitzer Park. They had to witness the man sexually assaulting the pony.” Her babysitter told her about the incident, and also spoke to the so-called “park runners”. She did not want to comment on the incident. The scene was too traumatic.

The employee of the children’s farm tells Berliner Morgenpost that the babysitter quick-wittedly took a photo of the man as he was committing the deed, and immediately contacted employees of the children’s farm. They consulted the “park-runners” who are there to ensure safety in the Görlitzer Park. The employee called the police. The young man realized that his deed did not go unnoticed, backed off of the animal, and disappeared in the park for awhile.

The man received a house ban and a police complaint

The “park runners” searched and found the man based on the photo, and held him until the police arrived. Police then recorded the man’s personal particulars. “We banned him from the premises,” says the employee. “Should he return, we will report this. We have never had an incident like that before.” They filed charges with the police. The police confirmed the charges for violating the animal welfare law, and “causing a public nuisance through sexual acts” against a 23-year-old native of Syria.

The children’s zoo is particularly popular with young children. They have two ponies, two donkeys, half a dozen sheep and goats, and ten each of chickens, ducks and rabbits. “All year round we have such positive things happening here,” says the employee. “It is a pity that now we are being associated with such an incident.”

The punishment for “causing a public nuisance” in Germany is, according to paragraph 183a of the criminal code, imprisonment for up to a year, or a fine. Violating the animal protection law is punishable by a prison sentence of up to three years, or a fine, if the animal was caused significant pain.

Translator’s note:

*   “Park runners”: after giving up all attempts to get the drug dealing in Görlitzer Park under control, the city of Berlin now employs Turkish and Arab street workers, who patrol the Görlitzer Park to engage in dialogue on an equal footing with the 180-200 drug dealers (largely refugees from African countries) and encourage a friendlier atmosphere (Tagesspiegel: Auf Augenhöhe mit den Drogendealern).

20 thoughts on “Syrian Culture-Enricher Finds Romance in a Berlin Park — With a Pony

  1. Does Sharia Law permit zoos? If so, what is the average life of an animal housed in a Sharia zoo?

    I’ve read (in psychology books devoted to the Affective reactions ALL humans have hard-wired at birth) that one of the nine universal Affects is termed Disgust/Dis-Smell. It would seem that for Islam this hardwiring has been replaced in their men with one called “Any Orifice on Any…” well, I was going to say ‘any living mammal’ but I fear my categories would be too narrow – i.e., ‘living’ and ‘mammal’ might not be included.

    We’re dealing with something akin to those messed-up Reavers in the “Firefly” series…

      • Perhaps. But there was a fatwah a few years back – in Iran, maybe – that if a man used his farm animals to increase his carnal knowledge, he could not then use them for food. He was permitted to sell them in another village, however.

        • Arent’ these Mohamedanians ever so sensitive to the well-being of their love-objects:

          There is this fatwah from the (fortunately) late Ayatollah Khomeini – I think it’s authentic, will post the link below:

          “A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. If the penetrates and the child is harmed, then he should be responsible for her subsistance all her life.

          This girl, however, would not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister”…

          • This might not make the required standards for comments and I should warn, links below discuss sex and sexuality in Islam, from the Ayatollah’s Blue Book to the habits of the prophet, so I won’t be surprised if it doesn’t appear, anyway, here Mark Steyn quotes from the Ayatollah Khomeini’s ‘Blue Book’ in his piece, ‘the Shagged Sheep’:
            “‘A man who has had sexual relations with an animal, such as a sheep, may not eat its meat. He would commit sin.’
            Indeed. A quiet cigarette afterwards as you listen to your favourite Johnny Mathis LP and then a promise to call her next week and swing by the pasture is by far the best way. It may also be a sin to roast your nine-year-old wife, but the Ayatollah’s not clear on that.”

            In Islam, masturbation is nearly always a sin and men who indulge apparently;
            “Will Find Their Hands Pregnant In The Afterlife”
            That could make eating raisins very tricky indeed.
            The Huff-Po article tells us “the Qur’an makes no mention of it, leaving Muslim scholars and clerics to make their own interpretations.”
            Which is odd because that’s meant to be the same reason bestiality is supposedly not forbidden, because there is no mention of it.
            Odd, one should be forbidden while the other is not but par for the course I suppose, for an ideology almost guaranteed to produce, not only numbers of sexually repressed, confused and frustrated individuals but aggressive ‘testosterone bombs’, who view many women as little more than prey.
            The Qur’an compels Muslims to follow the example of the ‘perfect man’.
            Raymond Ibrahim explores: “The Perverse Sexual Habits of the Prophet”.
            Highly embarrassing stuff although some of the tales, would probably have more than a few leftists extolling his ‘progressive values’.

    • Hard to say.

      There were two quite sizeable zoos in Algiers, but that country is not a full Sharia state.

      They definitely lack the Dis-Smell Affect though. Then again, over time, one barely notices the constant stench of diesel fumes and stale urine everywhere.

  2. This is beyond!!, Where is this country heading?? Pls. Somebody explain?, what kind of savages German government invited is just a nightmare, I feel very sorry for generations to come , it’s disturbing..

  3. “Syrian Culture-Enricher Finds Romance in a Berlin Park — With a Pony”

    This very Baronesque headline just cracks me up….cannot resist:

    PS: I do have a little video where the (halal?) object of that muslim’s love is a car-exhaust pipe. It’s only the deep respect I have for this site (and possibly GoV moderation) which stops me from posting it here 🙂

  4. The poor, sweet pony too, has lost its innocence.

    I assume the mother of the child who had to witness this will sue the zoo. I would, this could affect the kid negatively in the long term. Hopefully, the kid doesn’t have a great memory.

    My German friend keeps telling me how well educated the Syrians newcommers are, maybe this kind of thing is part of their education as youngsters back home.

  5. …. “we have never had an incident like that before” ….

    They had best get used to it ….. and worse. Indeed, there was a report some months ago in the Moroccan press of 15 young ones being checked/treated for rabies after their ‘affairs’ with a rabid donkey!

    Animals (preferably alive), little boys and girls, tree trunks ….. anything will do when a sexual emergency arises !!!!!!

    • naughty, discriminating zoo! Sheep, goats, ponies?
      And what about camels for the bigger boys?
      Did the animals go through a serious vet check before their employment?
      Were there animals of diverse sexual orientation to satisfy every demand?
      Ferals for the s&m orientated?
      Questions over questions.

    • I think the German authorities should have prostitutes on call for such issues. They could provide a van with a bed in back in case of emergencies. I have to say however, that the pony was asking for it due do the way it was dressed.

  6. Germany will not deport this savage. If he would molest an animal what makes you think he would not molest a small child? He was in a public park children’s zoo in the middle of the day God only knows what he would do in private. He is 23 years old; send him packing. He is military age; should he not be defending and fighting for his family in Syria? Itis easier to go to North Europe, collect welfare and bugger ponies in the children petting zoo?

    What is it with Islam that pushes all feeling of shame out of the souls of these creatures? They should post a picture of him on every lamppost within 200 yards of outside the Mosque he goes to with a cover story attached explaining his story, name and he is a member of their flock. The Germans would not even put his name in the news story how to protect molesters, rapes, and other “best of people” followers of the ways of Mohammed. If he goes to trial and is found guilty will the Germans make his name known? Why should they house and feed this animal in a German jail for a year? Deport him: I am sure there are a lot of dead animals in the Syria roadside war-torn country he could bugger to his heart’s content.

    • It’s simple – Islam forgives all sins as long as the believer murders an infidel.

      It’s Mohammed’s version of selling indulgences.

  7. Cultural misunderstanding perhaps, he saw a sign for a ‘petting zoo’.

    Be sure not to miss the little footnote at the end describing how the Germans deal with immigrant drug dealers in a public park – they have OTHER immigrants they hire to ‘engage’ with the drug dealers to create a ‘friendlier atmosphere’. I think I have lived too long. I don’t even understand remotely what they are saying and doing.

    • Good grief! What has become of Germany? Sweden is as bad or worse, so many rapes in schools they don’t even report them anymore. What is the difference between a Muslim and an animal? I don’t know, either.

  8. Germany, UK, France and Sweden seem to be abandoning respectful care for their own people, in favor of allowing foreign savages to come, to live (and BREED!) on taxpayers’ work, and to turn their new host countries into the same morbid, violent, hypocrisy-filled shitpits they claim to be fleeing.
    Muslims’ behavior convinces me that islam is a TERMINAL DISEASE on humanity.

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