Following the Multicultural Rules

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from the Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung:

“Colorful” Just Washed Out

How an author is caught up in the brambles, how we seek out our provocateurs and why the Antifa was silent.

The Week in Review
by Hans Heckel

The American writer Laura Moriarty is going through hard times. She actually wrote the novel American Heart to chastise the racism and hard-heartedness of the white majority population toward minorities, and to call for improvement.

The plot: In a somber future, US Muslims must live in camps. The fifteen-year-old narrator, Sarah, is not bothered by this, because she finds it basically right. When an ethnic Iranian girl named Sadaf, who has fled the camp, crosses her path, she intends to report her to the authorities immediately.

But then there is a miraculous transformation. Sadaf turns stupid Sarah into a critical thinker and the two manage to reach Canada. The habitual racist Sarah becomes the savior of a persecuted person. Everything is good, and the readers participate in Sarah’s learning experience.

Kirkus Review, a magazine for discussion of books, was charmed and gave Moriarty’s book a star, which is considered a great distinction. Everyone was happy.

But not for long. Culturally sensitive observers, in their outrage, attacked the book, the author and the magazine. Portraying a white girl as a savior who stands by a Muslim girl — that’s racism. Kirkus Review reacted as courageous publishers do in these times, when “civil courage” wells up everywhere. Cowed, they pulled the positive review and took away the book’s star.

Moriarty is deeply affected. Should she perhaps have reversed the roles? Muslim female saves fleeing non-Muslim from the misery of the camp.

Oh for heaven’s sake! She would have fared no better. First, the non-Muslim author would have presumed to know what a Muslim girl thinks and feels. That is called (cultural) “appropriation.” And that, according to the latest anti-racism rules, is a very serious infraction of acceptable customs. Second, non-Muslims would be the victims and Muslims the perpetrators who put non-believers into camps. Such a thing cannot be allowed, even in a fantasy novel, and no, we do not want to talk about the fate of the Yazidis in the Sinjar Mountains or the cry “Jews to the gas” raised by radical Muslims three years ago in a certain West German metropolis.

Laura Moriarty has recognized the hopelessness of her situation. The message of the critics is that, basically, she is not allowed to write this story.

So, girl, write other stuff! Specifically, pure “white” stories with nothing but Western players for a white public, period.

That should work, right? Ha! But now we hear the thundering rebuke: Authors who, mostly unintentionally, arrange it so that “minorities” don’t appear in their stories are palming off their hidden racism on you.

Better just not to write anything anymore? That would be the tidiest solution.

The victory of anti-racism is evident in the leaden stillness, penetrated only by fearfully contorted pseudo-intellectual babble. Many people — especially younger ones — are less afraid of speaking total nonsense than of unwittingly stumbling upon some politically incorrect formulation.

To avoid that, it is necessary to choose carefully, not only your words, but also the object of your criticism. After a sleazy film producer has been denounced for molesting women in the USA, we read in Germany too, of female celebrities whom men are said to have approached inappropriately, often years ago. A retroactive wave of outrage is sweeping across the land. Only now and then is it interrupted by casual reports of women in parks or on the streets, who are harassed, beaten up (to the point of being hospitalized) or raped, by men or even whole hordes of men. Police in Leipzig are recommending that women no longer jog alone, following the particularly brutal rape of a woman over 50 years old, in broad daylight.

But that doesn’t really interest us very much. We get excited about the way a retired diplomat greeted SPD politician Sawsan Chebli. Or that — as recently revealed — in 1983, a ZDF producer laid his hand on the knee of announcer Birgit Schrowange and stroked her neck. Or so she says. And we say we believe that. The Schrowange story, at least, is disgusting. But somehow the enormous attention we pay such incidents is surprising, when simultaneous reports of bestial rapes only cause national uproar if the woman in question nearly dies.

Isn’t our perception a bit askew? Of course, we know why. The knee groper was a German, while the monsters in the parks are described almost exclusively as “southern”-looking types or “black Africans.” Occasionally, the perpetrators — like the Nigerian recently in Munich — turn out when arrested to also be rejected asylum seekers, who should not even be in the country.

Let’s imagine for just a moment that the reverse is true. With gruesome regularity, some German man has beaten, humiliated or even murdered a woman from Africa or the Near East in the park. Then what would go on in the country? What would the compatriots and co-religionists of the victims have to say? Or the countless asylum supporters and anti-racism organizations?

In the Bavarian town of Waldkraiburg, 80 mostly Turkish or ethnically Turkish people demonstrated in front of the local facility for initial receipt of asylum seekers. The cause: A 37-year-old Turk had been in the park with his wife and two daughters and encountered asylum seekers from the facility. A black man had hit on his 14-year-old daughter. When he tried to protect his family, a beer bottle was thrown at him and a stone at his daughter. The family fled to the nearby house of his mother-in-law. They had been followed by 30 to 40 black men.

Thereupon the man called for a demonstration via Facebook, demanding “that something be done about violence by asylum seekers.” The local paper reported that someone else had said that people had had enough of provocative looks, vulgar behavior and noise harassment from the asylum seekers, and no longer felt safe.

Strange… If indigenous Germans (best of all, Saxons!) had demonstrated like this, the reports would have gone out all over the country: “Racist mob intimidates refugees after incident” or something like that. Nothing of the sort this time.

And something else was missing. Where was Antifa and their initiative, “Waldkraiburg is diverse”? Just days before, they had called for a great day of action against the “big brown cesspool.” Not a word about that. Well, maybe they couldn’t think of a twist to put on it to make “German perpetrators” responsible for the whole mess. As soon as they have, we’ll hear from them.

14 thoughts on “Following the Multicultural Rules

  1. There is a proverb: the wisdom begins with the proper definitions of terms. Saying the truth, straitforward and defining who’s who and what’s what. Too blind, too deaf the people are. (Adagio: I don’t believe in the german spirit. The major [mess]ups of the 20th century belong to them in vast proportion. Why should be different now? They are the proper nation, endowed with above average intelligence, work, power, and discipline, combined with a perfect stint of obedience and a good portion of gullibility. It’s the perfect place, with the perfect hosts. Add the “guilt” flavour and the grand chefs can happily cook a new era.)

    • “wisdom begins with definitions of words…” Neither do I believe in the German spirit. In 1982 someone brought me { I poor spirit, did not know much at that time about how advanced Scandinavians were, and had left the rest of the world behind in pitch darkness of the Dark Ages} .

      They had just started to accept muslims from everywhere. They preferred women candidates to those belligerent males, who did not know how to solve problems for being short sighted. Invasion was a trickle from Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan . . . Then it turned into a flood. They were so happy they were so muslim humanistic.

      Some say that nuclear bombs and rockets or spaceships were favored to the west by smuggled German scientist into USA and the Soviet Union. Even many of those “criminal scientists” were pardoned against lending their expertise in making ballistics for the respective country.

      But the problem with humans is very strange: When it come to understanding islam and their evil goals and intentions The Germans and the rest of Europe blind themselves so that they see their evil deeds as rough diamonds with a shiny facet. Muslims actually expect condemnation after each atrocity. They are disappointed by the infidels every rime. Invariably.

      Will there be a horrible consequence to the precarious mess created by the western stupidity. No b y the infidels’ immorality

      If someone is not proud of his her faith, culture, society, people …. bu be proud of how enriching islam is …

      They are Traitors, base, immoral, and lowlife creatures.

      • Lets be clear! It is not “western stupidity” but traitors working to eviscerate Europe. Most people are fa from “stupid”, Politicians know full well what they are doing.

    • The said guilt (no quotes intended) literally permeates the German society – that is my feeling after staying there some time and conversing with my German colleagues here in the US. The main thing is “not to be called Nazis”; some operate with “humanitarian duty” towards the migrants and mock the “right wingers”.

  2. It’s really sad for Germans , a specially for young German kids to grow up , this awesome culture they used to have it’s almost gone , I don’t think the Germans are real patriots at all , they don’t care to protect the country…I think this is the end for good life in Germany and in generaly inbEurope ..

  3. “You are under arrest. Would you like to proceed under international law, EU law, Sharia law, or shall we settle things right here and now?

  4. One thing that the Germans haven’t lost is the word ‘schadenfreude’, and Oh! how delicious it is to see a ham-fisted, virtue signalling gutmenschen like Laura Moriarty become virtually hog-tied by her own self-righteousness.

  5. I should say I do not like racism myself. But the ongoing fight against racism has turned into a fight against common sense. In fact, it often takes the form of fighting against reality. The same goes for feminism. It has reached a stage at which it can no longer be satirised – it is too absurd for satire.

    This is a logical result of utopianism. Those who believe in a possibility of building a perfect society based on an intellectual model – be it Marxist, Nazi or the fashionable Multicaltural+Feminist+LGBT Friendly+Secular Democratic (but Islam and Sharia Friendly) one (perhaps, the silliest of them all) – have a simplified and distorted idea of man and the world.

    And they try to force the real people and the real world to conform to their simplified and distorted picture. When people and the world do not live up to their expectations, the utopians are surprised and angry. They use persuasion and when that does not work, resort to violence, sometimes of most horrible sort.

    The worst example I know is Kampuchea under the Khmer Rouge. But the supposedly “great” French Revolution of 1789 was pretty bad too and it set the pattern for subsequent utopian revolutions. It was French revolutionaries who put “enemies of the people” on barges and sunk them. This method of mass murder was successfully used by Stalin (it seems he knew his history well). It was also French revolutionaries who declared a war on the Catholic Church and tried to establish a neo-pagan cult of the “goddess of reason”. Lenin and Stalin waged an even more ruthless war on the Orthodox Church, though without the “goddess of reason” cult, which they rightfully deemed too ridiculous.

    Thus, although different utopians have different utopias and sometimes have bitter fights among themselves, they have the same objects of hatred: traditional religion, traditional family, traditional morals, traditional culture, traditional art – in a word, all things which are real and which have stood the test of time.

    They see the flaws of all those things, which exist in reality, and want to destroy them in order to turn the world into a paradise, which exists only in their minds. Whatever this paradise might look in theory, in practice it usually resembles a vision of hell. But utopians are blind fanatics and they try hard to believe that the hell of their making is heaven on earth and throw a tantrum every time somebody disagrees.

    Thus, the prospects of the modern Western world are rather frightening. Its political system, mainstream media, education, culture and even many supposedly Christian denominations have been hijacked by politically correct utopians who, with fanatical fervour, destroy the very foundations of European civilisation. They have good intentions, which will make an excellent pavement for the coming hell on earth.

    And there seems to be no force that would be capable to stop them.

  6. I spent two blissful weeks in Waldkraiburg with a host family, Herr und Frau Kieslich, at age eighteen in the summer of 1972. What a sweet place it was, full of friendly Bavarians. The description above brings home to me the wretched transformation of the European continent in a personal and deeply moving way.

  7. For a genuine ‘learning experience’, the Laura Moriartys of today’s world need to read a book of actual ‘critical thinking’, such as, “The Girl Who Beat ISIS”, by Farida Khalaf.

    This courageous young Yazidi lady was still a teen when Muslims invaded her home village. Her father had had the prescience to buy an AK firearm against just such an event, but fell for ‘gun control’ (sound familiar?) when Muslim authorities demanded all of them to be turned in, or else.

    Once disarmed, Muslim authorites then separated the men from the women & little children. The most desirable young women and girls were taken away to become sex slaves. It was years before she learned that her father and brother had been shot with the rest of the men.

    Despite repeated rape and beatings, Farida maintained a spirit of righteous resistance to evil, and a determination to escape from the hut out in the desert where she was imprisoned with other girl victims. How a group of them managed to do so makes this book so compelling and inspirational for those favoring freedom and fairness.

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