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  1. Just great Baron..My motto: Always wait until tomorrow to do what can be done today..Now tell me why I have only .59 cents (msic) in the bank..What’s that in Euros?..A buck?..Ha..And yes and yup Thank ya kindly..(You too Dymphna!)

  2. Waffen SS or EU! And on that note, is anyone with historical knowledge going back to the 1930s able to distinguish between the former and the latter?

    If you are one of those folk who do not see the connection between the Waffen SS and the forthcoming Eurocorps SS, being portrayed as PESCO, could you please provide me with your evidence for such thinking?

    • Waffen SS was the first all-European army.
      Even countries that were not at war ‘sent’ volunteers.

      PESCO is just a word -actually some European armed forces are integrating German units. So, PESCO has been worded when things were on the move along time ago (see Bundeswehr, July, 14 1994, Paris)

  3. Re: “If you are one of those folk who do not see the connection between the Waffen SS and the forthcoming Eurocorps SS, being portrayed as PESCO, could you please provide me with your evidence for such thinking?”

    During the Second World War, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem – an ardent pan-Arabist and devout Sunni Muslim – was on the run from the British and French after helping to lead various revolts amongst the Arabs in Palestine and Iraq. He fled northward to Italy, briefly, and then on to Berlin – where he was greeted warmly by the upper-echelon of the Nazi Party, Mussolini having cabled Berlin ahead of him.

    Sheik Husseini received an audience with Hitler himself, and also formed close relationships with a number of members of the National Socialist hierarchy, including SS-Gestapo head Heinrich Himmler and his presumed successor, Reinhardt Heydrich, the notoriously brutal ‘Butcher of Prague.”

    The regime gave its new guest a lavish home in the Berlin suburbs, as well as a chauffeured car and a small staff of servants, as well as a generous living stipend. In return, Husseini began broadcasting pro-regime propaganda on a radio show designed to influence public opinion in the Arab world and Middle East in a direction more-sympathetic to Berlin and Nazism.

    Even by the standards of the Nazi Party, Husseini’s hatred of the Jews was near-legendary – and he was known for his constant inquiries into the “progress” of the extermination of the Jews and other undesirables, as well as his exhortations to “go faster” in implementing the “Final Solution.”

    In addition to his other activities, Sheik Husseini helped his colleague and friend, SS-Gestapo chief Heinrich Himmler, recruit, organize and train a new, all-Muslim unit – the 13th Mountain or “Handschar” Division of the Waffen-SS, which latter attained infamy for an especially brutal series of atrocities in the Balkans.

    Husseini survived the war and became a respected elder and mentor to younger leaders in the pan-Islamic movement, such as PLO-Fatah leader Yasser Arafat. Husseini’s grand-daughter married Ali Hassan Salameh, the head of the Islamic terrorist group “Black September,” which later terrorized the 1972 Munich Olympic Games – an act Sheik Husseini lived long-enough to witness before his death in 1974.

    One cannot help but reflect on the eerie similarities between the now-distant past of WWII and the present trajectory of events in Europe, in particular as regards the suggested formation of a military force for the European Union, and present trends in demographics and immigration.

    If present trends continue, western and northern Europe will be majority Muslim within a few generations – perhaps sooner. Even in the present day, the most-popular names for male infants in many European nurseries are “Osama” and “Mohammed.”
    That means the EU itself will be predominantly Muslim.

    If the EU is successful in establishing its own independent military force, then who does it propose to man this force, if not Muslims themselves, who now make up more-and-more of the population of the European Union?

    The steady Islamization of the EU begs the question: For what purpose will such an EU military force be used? To protect native Europeans from external threats, or to repress dissent, rebellion and resistance by native Europeans in the new Islamic caliphate and super-state to come?

    The new EU “army” looks/sounds like nothing so much as a new version of the 13th Mountain “Handschar” Division of the Waffen-SS, revitalized for the 21st-century. Were he present, Sheik Husseini would certainly be proud…

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