The Day of the Victims of the Multicoloured Republic

K. from Germany, who translated the article below about the current state of Modern Multicultural Germany, includes this brief note:

This article by M. Sattler just appeared at PI News. The author doesn’t mince words, yet this time to an extent that could be used against us when quoted out of context. I take it as a sign of increasing awareness of the uncomfortable truth that it can appear at all, even in these circles.

The translated article from Politically Incorrect:

Today: The Day of the Victims of the Multicoloured Republic

by M. Sattler

[Photo (not shown): Family Father Thomas K. of Bergisch Gladbach, beaten to death for no reason by Turks one month ago]

On the first Sunday of October we remember the victims of the Multicoloured Republic. The number of the dead and raped, the beaten, threatened and humiliated has increased yet again this year. As always, the victims are almost without exception Germans, the perpetrators almost without exception invaders from the Middle East and Africa settled here by the state. What has become of Germany?

The Day of the Victims of the Multicoloured Republicis a day of commemoration, but also a day of protest against a dangerous, irresponsible social experiment, which demands its blood toll every day anew. The “Multicoloured Republic” project is no longer just an airy-fairy reverie of stoned hippies. In many places in Germany, it has become the gruesome, bloody reality whose extent is still carefully hushed up by the propaganda press.

Listing the names of all of past year’s dead and raped, beaten and humiliated, is hardly possible anymore — they are too many. The death on the way home as happened a few weeks ago in Bergisch Gladbach, the rape out in the road in broad daylight as occurred recently in Höhenkirchen near Munich, rape and death while jogging in the city park as was the case just now in Leipzig — all of this is a somber everyday routine in the new, multicoloured Germany of today. When have there ever been such violent, anarchic times in the history of Germany?

Not to be forgotten are the victims of emotional distress: All those who have to bear the invaders’ insults and abuse, who have to lower their heads in silence when being called “dirty pork eaters” or “German slut”. The female teacher standing in front of a class of bawling invader children who curses her profession, which she practiced once with much joy. The young woman opting for long pants instead of a skirt in summer out of fear of being groped by some random Middle-Eastern ne’er-do-well with his oily fingers. The young German applicant not getting the job in public service, because there is an invaders’ quota to fill, and our criminal state has returned to judging people by their race rather than their achievements. These people, too, are victims of the Multicoloured Republic.

About all these realities in Germany the propaganda remains silent. Of the German casualties of the Christmas Market attack in Berlin, which an Arab piece of filth is accountable for, we still have to cumbersomely gather the names from the internet. No mayor will ever name a street square after them — they are just dead Germans and not dead Turks*. The criminals in the chancellor’s office, the criminals in the cartel parties, the criminals in the publishing houses — they all are organizers of the great silencing, when the somber reality doesn’t fit into their jubilant, multicoloured propaganda.

Everybody may find his or her own way to remember the victims of the Multicoloured Republic today: A moment of silent contemplation, a thought towards their loved ones, lighting a candle in the window. Or less tolerant, less meek: An angry email to the Migration Office’s fine people who settle the invaders in our country. A sign of protest to the dear preacher’s daughter who preaches every Sunday about her Arab gold treasures, but never has a word to spare for their victims. This doesn’t make the dead come back to life, nor help a raped woman overcome her defilement. But the victims of the Multicoloured Republic deserve that at least one day a year we take the time to show: We have not forgotten you, we will never forget you, we know who the perpetrators behind the perpetrators are, and we accuse!

Translator’s note:

*   Refers to the now widespread renaming of public streets and places after foreign victims of crime and violence, and the fact that certain ethnicities enjoy elevated representation through this practice, which really is nothing other than virtue signalling by local politicians.

12 thoughts on “The Day of the Victims of the Multicoloured Republic

  1. PI (politically incorrect) has a lot of anti-Jewish, anti-American, pro-Putin blog readers/commentators. I know what I am talking about; I am not just making a glib comment.

    Come to think of it, they are also anti-Catholic, anti-Evangelical and of course anti-Islam. Sometimes, I feel like going in there and asking (and I think I have already done it!)– “So, what is it you guys want to save modern Germany for through a potential civil war anyway…?”– German Music? like Rammstein whose main singer thankfully (sorry fans!) just fell on his head or something during some sicko, deranged performance, or legalized prostitution, or nude beaches, saunas, pools etc, maybe cute polka dancing ( do they even still do this there?),
    German beer & wurst( but can get it anywhere around the world now), churches and cathedrals( why? you don’t attend them), German cars (
    how can you still be proud of this now shady industry–)…Black Forest
    Cake ( not a good cake), Madrigras/Carnival? Ok, Maybe. But it is all
    feast and no fast, so the historical greatness and mystery has gone out
    of it.
    I could keep going, but you get the picture.
    Sorry, but I guess I prefer Austria and Switzerland, the people just seem nicer, and more down to earth there.

    • I have German family. Germany is a country like any other with its own unique culture. It has every right to practice it however it wishes.
      If we apply your criteria to UK for example?

      I happen to like English Composers like Vaughan Williams, Old English sausages, English folk music and we have every right, as do the Germans to celebrate them. Your criticism is un warranted. Take away the things you criticise above and Germany itself will disaapear.

      Music, food, language, dress and traditions are the very expression of any country. Shame on you!

      • I’ll see your Vaughan Williams and raise you an Elgar. Not so sure about the English folk music though; too many people singing through their noses..

    • At first sight, this smacks of a well-used leftist tactic of smearing the messenger to discredit the message. Very disappointing.

    • Gretel you can ask your brother Hansel about German music. 🙂
      there is a bit more there, not only Rammstein.

      on more serious note –
      – certainly Germany is essential and central to civilization
      – certainly Merkel and her circle committed crime against country and people
      – certainly, victims deserve to be remembered
      – certainly, some unpleasant types will try to capitalize on these emotions
      – certainly, many of us have wisdom and humanity to see it all as it is

    • I have been a regular on PI news for 7 years now and never found something anti- jewish there.So ,Gretel, if you do find an above mentioned thread, let me know.
      Btw, they always have links to haolam, news from Isreal and jewish life in Germany. I am very vigilant about antisemitism. They have no very rigid censorship on opinions at PI which sometimes allows a nut to post his/ her nonsense, but it would be against their policy declared as pro Israel.

      • Thanks Herb, but there are numerous anti Jewish and American comments there all the time, and I am not the only PI visitor who thinks so. There was recently a thread a couple weeks ago on Alice Weidel interviewing with an Israeli confirming AFD is pro-Israel. You should have seen the
        hate coming out from the commentators though. I watched this thread closely for hours. By the time comments were closed 48 hours later, a couple people were banned, and almost all
        the anti Jewish stuff was deleted by the moderators. I watched it for hours and so did my German friend. The moderators were very busy on that thread. I have probably spent some 500 hours on that politicsl news site over time
        and I read a lot of anti-American and Jewish blaming there. As an American who has
        lived, worked and/or studied in Germany, Switzerland and
        Austria, I can tell you that the Germans are the harder to deal with in general, if you are an American.

        Of course, my
        description above is meant to poke fun of Germans and does not at all mean I have no clue about their historically great culture, indeed, I have an advanced degree in it.

        • Interestingly enough, the virulent anti-Jewish stuff seems fairly uniform across the West, based on the comments I end up deleting here. The USA, Britain, Scandinavia, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland, Russia, Australia, etc. — distributed fairly evenly amongst them.

          Germany has no lock on Jew-hatred, that’s for certain.

        • I gave up reading ” fdesouche”, our french homologue site, for the often vulgar antisemitism of the commenters, often joined by antiamericanism, antigermanism( they are still trapped in WW I. terminology: les boches) and what have you. GoV to me is the antijihad site with the finest intellectual level and widely free of chauvinism.

  2. It’s always interesting to glance over reader’s reactions under such articles … it indicates a lot about the sentiment of the time.

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