Mutti, Take Me Home From Camp Shahada!

The following video shows an appeal made by a young German woman who converted to Islam and made hijra to Syria to fight for the Islamic State (or at least get married to an ISIS fighter). As the Islamic State collapsed, she was captured by the Peshmerga and interned in a POW camp. Now she wants to come home, and appeals directly to Angela Merkel for help.

Nash Montana, who translated the video for subtitles, has these observations about the patois spoken by the young German Muslima:

Even though Nadja R. is a German-born German, she speaks the language like a retarded person. You might say she speaks “ebonics”, German-style. The kind of Islamized German that Muslims speak in Germany. She has totally taken on the low-IQ-speak and -think of Muslims.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

0:00   Dear Frau Merkel, my name is Nadja.
0:03   I was born in Augsburg, and I left Germany three years ago.
0:07   This year on June 19th, I left Raqqa
0:10   with the help of a smuggler.
0:14   I wanted to get into Turkey,
0:17   but then at some point
0:20   I was arrested by Kurds.
0:23   Since then for two months now
0:26   I have been here in a refugee camp
0:29   with my two little children.
0:32   In the meantime I have also been arrested,
0:35   and the situation here is very, very bad.
0:38   My children are constantly sick.
0:41   My son needs psychological treatment;
0:44   I myself need treatment, because the situation
0:47   is very bad due to sickness.
0:51   Please, I need your help, please help us.
0:54   I want to go back to Germany
0:57   with both my children. Please help us,
1:00   so that we can very soon come back to Germany.
1:03   I want my children to be able to grow up
1:06   normally, like all other children, that they go
1:09   to kindergarten, that they go to school.
1:12   I want to have my children professionally treated by doctors.
1:15   My son needs therapy, and… you don’t have to be
1:18   afraid of me in any way. I am totally not dangerous,
1:21   and I’m not a terrorist. I made a mistake
1:24   when I came here.
1:27   Please help me, so that I can get out of here with my two children.
1:30   Here it is unbearable.
1:34   Thank you.
1:37   An internet video shows Nadja R. in a Syrian camp.
1:40   She is a prisoner of Kurdish soldiers who fight against the Islamic State.
1:43   She is sitting on the floor, and one of her two small children
1:46   is lying in her lap. She left Germany
1:49   to marry an ISIS fighter,
1:52   and to live radical Islam in the ISIS caliphate.
1:55   There she gave birth to two children. And now that her dream
1:58   of the good life in the caliphate has exploded, she wants to go back.
2:01   A reporter from the weekly paper DIE ZEIT filmed her
2:04   at the camp. In the video she speaks her words directly
2:07   to Chancellor Angela Merkel.
2:10   Please, I need your help, please help us.
2:13   I want to come back to Germany with my two little children.
2:16   And please help us so that we can very soon
2:19   come back to Germany. I want my children to be able to
2:22   grow up normally, like all other children, that they go
2:25   to kindergarten, that they go to school…”
2:28   Nadja R. has a German passport.
2:31   According to the Hessische Rundfunk [local state broadcaster], the bureau of foreign affairs has
2:34   initiated appropriate measures in order to get her to Germany.
2:37   Is Nadja R. a terrorist?
2:40   She says no. But what she told the ZEIT reporter
2:43   indicates that she is not distancing herself from radical Islam.
2:46   On the contrary: She thinks that the Islamic State
2:49   is losing its battle
2:52   because it wasn’t strict enough.
2:55   Change of scene: A snack bar in a small city in Baden-Württemberg,
2:58   near the border with Hessen.
3:01   Before Nadja R. connected with the Islamist scene,
3:04   this is where she lived, and had three children with her first husband.
3:07   The family doesn’t want to be recognized; they don’t want to give interviews.
3:10   One of her relatives says only this much:
3:13   We actually don’t want to have anything to do with her anymore.
3:16   She left everybody here with bad intentions.
3:19   She hasn’t treated her children very well;
3:22   what I’m saying is, she treated her own children badly,
3:25   and so she shouldn’t just come up with this scam
3:28   about her children, when she never even cared about the children she had here.
3:31   Child protective services has removed custody from Nadja R. for
3:34   her three children from her first marriage.
3:37   She disappeared in 2011 from the small city and went to Frankfurt.
3:40   It’s possible that after her return from Syria this is where she will come back to.
3:43   Whether she then will have to face legal consequences is still an open question.
3:46   The Frankfurt public prosecutor is not willing
3:49   to disclose any information concerning the Nadja R. investigation.
3:52   The federal ministry of the interior explained that the
3:55   security administration generally knows that
3:58   the threat potential from returnees is considerable;
4:01   at what level Nadja R. should thus be categorized has yet to be seen by the administration.

34 thoughts on “Mutti, Take Me Home From Camp Shahada!

  1. I guess Nadja didn’t get the memo that Mutti could care less about native-born Germans…too bad…

  2. At 16 years of age this girl is too young to condemn for her actions. The blame for this girl’s stupidity lies fairly and squarely with the state and those who designed and enforced its indoctrination process that is deliberately designed to divorce the native German from their German heritage.

    Those who are to blame were once termed as Traitors – a word one doesn’t get to hear much of these days even though we are completely surrounded by them.

    • Where does it say she left at 16 in the text. somehow I didn’t see that? Moreover she was already married in Germany and left her children behind. It does not sound like she left as a teen with 3 kids, but our translator can tell us more…

    • Nowhere does it even say she is 16 years old. This is a grown woman who had been married with three children before she left them and took off. She has lost custody of the three children from her first marriage. I do not know where you have your information from.

      • I have doubts she is native german. Some slips of her tongue let me think of someone whose mother tongue is rather oriental. No German born and raised in Augsburg would pronounce like that.
        Her proclaimed germanness is a typical muslim scam to get back here to practice jihad.

        • well, turns out the little lady is of Lebanese background, has been force married to a Lebanese at the age of 14, with whom she had 3 children and whom she left at the age of 26. If anything, this is a tale of enormous sadness and yet another example of how Islam breeds sickness.

          I found an article that describes some background details and I’m working on it, it should be done later today and be posted.

    • She can never be allowed to return. She proved herself to be a turncoat and can never be trusted again. Once back in Germany she will dump her kids somewhere (again) and go underground.

    • Listened to the stuff; no mention of “16”. Also, the relative you can here, does not speak with the accent of the Baden-Würtemberg/Hessen region but for me sounds like a Turk. Her grandparents (or parents)
      came as “Gastarbeiter”, I asume.

  3. This woman deserves nothing, but her poor innocent children deserve a better family. Adopt the children out in Germany and arrest the “mother” as soon as she returns to Germany. She is valuable to the German police, she knows a lot about the German Islamic cells. If they let her live in the EU again, she cannot be a free person with travel rights ever again. She is a traitor and a deserter, she probably should be imprisoned for life. Her loss of freedom and severe punishment should be a lesson to all European potential Islamic-bride wannabes.

    • The last thing some unsuspecting German family needs is the islamic family of the two children to come calling one day.

    • Those children should stay there with her. We don’t need her traitor genes overhere. We got plenty already.

  4. I think if she wants Merkel to welcome her back immediately, “with open arms,” she’ll need to say she’s a radical Islamist. That’ll get her a home in Germany, food, a guaranteed income, free transportation, free medical, free education… and, of course, a waiver to disobey German laws.

  5. The German ‘ebonics’ is a result of her being among the ‘ebonics’… Every man and woman tend to pick up accent of the people he or she is in company with, it’s perfectly natural.

  6. BTW: There is a theory out there that some women dream of being raped and abused, due to some genetic reasons. If it is true, this woman might simply be a victim of destroying the manly-macho-man culture in the West. The theory goes like this: Manly macho muslims have a halucinogenic effect on the girls with rape fantasies only because there is actually no rape culture in the west. The results of ‘following their instincts’ are in this case devastating.

    • Barn-

      I’m not sure the theory needs to be taken that far.

      Women are generally attracted to men who display masculine characteristics.

      Great, until you look around the West and note how progressives have used the Leviathan state to turn most men in metrosexual nu-males.

      Of course, the immivaders will look manly by comparison.

      In turn, the immivaders will be less selective about female partners because they did not grow up with media bombardment that they should be dating supermodels.

      • I agree. Although if you let me to take it a little bit further, I think there is also a kind of Stockholm Syndrome going on with these crazy women who leave Germany for Syria… I doubt it came from their little heads, but I believe it was forced down on them from their ‘man’.

        I heard one talking about how the most extreme pro-immigration individuals are actually college girls who have had good sex with black students from Africa, and have not experienced anything as good with us poor Europeans… So I believe is this case also.

        • I don’t even know how to respond to this.

          It sounds as though my European brothers need my advice on how to keep their women satisfied.

  7. Well, it is the duty of and the only justification for the state’s existence to take care of its own and ultimatively help them out of unsolvable quagmires, even if self-inflicted and whether or not they made a disgrace of themselves. If only the state would be consistent in that, it could be almost believable. This current state though is very responsible for creating the bubble of delusion this silly goose and those like her grew up in. Now get them home and while whacking them properly, whack yourself at least as much. Guess which part won’t happen.

    • [ad hominem redacted] you are trying to slip in here K.
      First you claim albeit subtly that society is to blame for her treasonous behavior. The typical left wing argument.
      Then you go on downplaying the issue by using words like bubble, delusion and silly goose. As if she is a little kid making a minor mistake. Give her a good spanking and all will be well again. Yeah right.
      Then you end with a “call for action” by ordering us “Now get them home”
      “Order now and you will qualify for our 10% discount”
      It reads like a bad salesletter.

      Do I have news for you. She is a 26 year old adult who knew exactly what she was doing when she turned her back on her adopted country and became a traitor.

      [ad hominem redacted]

      • I don’t know man, I find K’s comment perfectly reasonable. She is already being punished for being stupid, and former stupid people tend to become the heaviest fighters for wisdom. If I were the chancellor of Germany, I would listen to her demands, and spank her heavily after her arrival back home, showing her face on front pages for months to come, so that the next girl would be warned…

  8. She will be accepted back and she will be received with free house, money, car…if she take also the muslim children with her, so they can have a normal life in Germany…as all muslim children in Germany, they will beat, rape german children in school. They are the future of Germany.

  9. Abandoning her German family to take up with radical islamists garners her no sympathy from me, not that that matters. Seems to me that when she embraced ISIS at that point she essentially gave up her German citizenship. I do believe anyone who goes to support ISIS, whether by taking up arms or letting down their panties, deserves to be stripped of citizenship.

    Note: She says she left Raqqa and wanted to go to Turkey. She does not say: go to Turkey to try and return to Germany, does she? No. Not until she was arrested and ‘encamped’ did she decide to try this sympathy card.

    I do not agree that she should be allowed to return to Germany or Europe. She is not to be trusted and while it is a shame about her current children, what concern did she ever give to her first children? If she was able to desert her German family to take up with beheaders and torturers what does that say about her?
    And I wonder where her ‘husband’ is. I wonder, could he have already ‘migrated’ to the EU and be waiting for her there? How could one ever know?
    Leave her and her children where they are. She made her decision 3 years ago. End of story.

    Well, did some googling of Nadja Ramadan and found an article from
    At the end of the article a Nadja Ramadan is written about. :

    28-year-old German-Lebanese woman who went to Lebanon at 6 yrs of age, forced to marry at 14, had three children. Divorced at 26 and married a Turkish German man and had 2 children. Moved to Isis territory in 2014 but now just wants to go back to Germany. Husband is in jail, her passport was seized.
    If this is the same woman from the video it could explain the language ‘ebonics’.

    However, nothing I read has altered my opinion.

  10. There’s a line in the film Platoon that springs to mind, “if you’re looking for sympathy Nadja it’s between s*** and syphilis in the dictionary”

  11. She should not be allowed to return.

    I am reminded of a scene in Tom Kratmans “Caliphate” where in the last Interlude the german woman wants to emigrate to the USA because Germany has become too much muslim.

    Then the employee of the US consulate shows her some pictures where this woman is supporting the destruction of Germany and then he tells her: “You supported this. Your mind is contaminated. And as you raised your daughter, she is also contaminated. And we don’t want contaminated minds.”

    She wanted Islam, so she should be forced to stay there and enjoy Islam to its fullest.

    The only thing she should get is a free passage to either Iran or Saudi Arabia.

  12. If every Western country fails to stop the spread of this cancerous disease the host dies. Have you ever felt sympathy for a virus or a cancer cell? That is what the bleeding hearts and the soft Merkel minds are asking of us.

    On 9th November I have an appointment to excise and kill some young, nice looking cancer cells in my hand that are currently happily growing and minding their own business. If I hesitate and do not destroy them now, they will grow to adulthood and kill me.

    There is no difference.

  13. According to some media reports she was 14 when she was the victim of a forced marriage with a cousin. With age 26 she left he husband for more radical Muslim-groups and later went to ISIS with her kids.
    This and her strong accent suggest that though she was born in Germany she also has a migrant background.

    And here it is – her family (or at least one parent) comes from Lebanon.,-is-rueckkehrerin-aus-weinheim-im-fall-nadja-r-bitten-polizei-und-innenministerium-um-geduld-_arid,303471.html

  14. People have to learn to live with the choices they make in life. She willingly chose to go to Syria and support IS.. Her contention is that ISIS lost because they weren’t strict enough. Now this nightmare of a woman is playing the victim card… […]!! There is a saying, “you made your own bed, now lie in it”. Leave her where she is, stripped of German citizenship. It is ridiculous that she suddenly decides that she is a poor german again.

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